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Cloistered Scholar 5e Background | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2024)

Cloistered Scholar 5e
Cloistered Scholar 5e

Cloistered scholar 5e will enchant you through their impeccable use of knowledge to control the universe. So read this scholar background 5e and learn various incantations and unlock secret knowledge by immersing yourself in it.

Background of Cloistered scholar 5e

As a kid, you were always curious whenever your buddies were egotistical or unruly. In your formative years, you lay the first stone to one of the Faerûn’s institutes of learning. Moreover, as an apprentice, you understood that knowledge is the most precious treasure than gold. Therefore, it’s time to depart from your dwelling, not to quest for the current legend but to expand knowledge.

If you’re planning on gaining omniscience just like the Sage specialty, then it’s better to rethink and plan ahead. 

Primarily 5e cloistered scholar of Faerûn’s types of wisdom is candle keeping. Furthermore, the library is in want of laborers, and they surge through the ranks to the roles of greater accountability. Since you’d be a candle keep’s owner, you are committed to the curatorship of whosoever would be a complete body of the myth.

Embraced by the scholars of the crypt of sages, you boost your knowledge and alleviate distinct places and those who yearn your expertise. Subsequently, you might have aided Herald’s Holdfast and the catalog to sustain the information which arrives day-to-day from across the Faerûn.

Skill Sets

  • Skill Proficiencies: History, also your option of choosing one from among Arcana, Nature, and Religion
  • Tool Proficiencies: None
  • Languages: Any two as per your choice
  • Equipment: First of all, the scholar’s cloaks in your sanctuary, a writing rig (tiny pouch with a quill, ink, crumpled parchment, and a neat penknife), a borrowed catalog on the subject of your cure.

Suggested Characteristics of dnd cloistered scholar

Your bond got virtually attributed with the niche where you understand hope through the adventuring lessons in your life. Additionally, your intent pertains to how you perceive your quest for knowledge and the truth, like the Hermit feature. For instance, a capable motive in itself, it might be contrary to the preferable end.

D8 Options Personality Traits
1.I use polysyllabic statements that disseminate the opinion of extraordinary erudition.
2.I've browsed every text in the realm's vastest libraries – and I enjoy to boast about it.
3.I'm habitual of helping out those who are not as quick as I am, and I patiently decipher anything and everything to others who come seeking my help.
4.There's nothing I like further than a decent difficulty.
5.I'm receptive to every viewpoint of an argument before I make my conclusion.
6.I enunciate slowly when I'm talking to ignoramuses, which almost everyone is compared to me.
7.I am uneasy in social confrontations.
8.I'm optimistic that people are continually trying to embezzle my secrets.


D6 Options For Flaws
1.I am effortlessly diverted by the vow of knowledge.
2.Most people scream and flee when they encounter a demon. I stand still and take observations on its anatomy.
3.Untying an ancient mystery is worth the expense of civilization.
4.I ignore obvious explanations in favor of entangled ones.
5.I utter without really reckoning through my words and always invariably end up offending others.
6.I can't maintain a secret to recoup my life or anyone else's.


D6Options For Ideal
1.Knowledge: The path to capability and self-improvement is through wisdom. (Neutral)
2.Beauty: What is elegant points us beyond itself toward what is right. (Good)
3.Logic: Emotions must not haze our rational thinking. (Lawful)
4.No Limits: Nothing should restrain the infinite possibility of intrinsic in all existence. (Chaotic)
5.Power: Knowledge is the aisle to power and supremacy. (Evil)
6.Self-Improvement: The motive of life is to study for the refinement of oneself. (Any)


D8 Options For Bond
1.It is my undertaking to nurture my pupils.
2.I have an ancient text that clasps terrible enigmas that must not fall into immoral hands.
3.I endeavor to preserve the library, institute, scriptorium, and monastery.
4.My life's struggle is a series of tomes connected to a specific arena of lore.
5.I've been scouring my whole life for an explanation to an inevitable question.
6.I traded my soul for wisdom. I hope to do tremendous deeds and earn it back.

Cloistered Scholar Personality Traits

Features: Library Access

Similar to dnd 5e cloistered scholar, one should endure everything in interviews and fees to access the common archives of yours. However, through the library’s dominance, and your status as a d&d cloistered scholar you have unrestricted access to the library. It contains repositories of fable. They are extremely valuable and possesses a magical or a secret permit to grant anyone an instant passage.

With scholar background 5e, you also have an insight into your cloister’s personnel and bureaucracy. You also know how to navigate all those connections with ease.

Additionally, you’re inclined to have preferential hospitality at different libraries across the Realms, as the courtesy exhibited to a scholar.

Cloistered Scholar 5e
Cloistered Scholar 5e


Finally, we hope this article on scholar background 5e has readied you for the character of cloistered scholar 5e. Playing this background will be a heavenly experience as it deals with cosmic powers and uses knowledge as a weapon. Also, explore 5e Backgrounds on gameizmo which are distinct from this one.

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