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Gunslinger 5E Guide

The article below gives you all the available information about the Dungeons and Dragons Gunslinger class. So, we have got you all covered with the Gunslinger 5E features, abilities, skills, and archetypes. For detailed information about the class, read the article below and learn about the know-how of these hyper-intelligent warriors.

The Gunslinger 5E

In the previous article, we have discussed everything about the class, Artificer and now it’s about time that we move forward. Therefore, today we will discuss the know-how of the class, 5E Gunslinger. The Dungeons and Dragons Gunslinger is a remarkable breakthrough and hyper-intelligent warriors. As a result, each crafter lying under this category has different approaches and attacking styles like some might have a piece of incredible knowledge about the battlefield, carving the real combat with their proficiencies.

Also, some become exceptionally dangerous if they are at a closer range, destroying their enemies. Moreover, they are known as hyper-intelligent crafters as they can kill/destroy their foes without them feeling the sense of terror. These gunslingers are terrifying in their own attacking methods, so don’t cross them as you might get killed without realizing.

Doesn’t this remind you of DnD ranger fifth edition with their robust personalities, ready to pounce on their enemy?

Now, let us move forward with the class features, subclasses, feats, skills, and abilities of the 5E Gunslinger. The weapons these gunslingers hold are their reflections, deadly and horrifying. Since none of the force members is similar to each other, that contributes to the advantage of this class. Once they get proficient with their weapons and the knowledge of the melee, they can be deadlier than ever. So, without further ado, let us dive right into the features and other know-how about the gunslinger 5E pdf.

5E Gunslinger Guide: Features

The Matt Mercer Gunslinger has features to look into, which gives you base idea about the class and they are:

  • Fighting style: The fighting style is one of the player’s brilliant abilities that you choose for it. Also, it influences the choice of firearms that would appeal to you in the game.
  • Archery: Archery is an absolute and obvious choice for the ranged builds, where it is a massive deal for receiving +2 to hit while the 20th level player could expect a +11 to hit.
  • Defence: If your player belongs to this class, then AC won’t matter to you as much it is crucial for the melee fighters because you will be playing at a specific range in the game.
  • Duelling: Also, using a single pistol will cause a +2 damage.
  • Great weapon fighting: There is a possibility that you will get a musket, but we cannot define this feature with this one weapon.
  • Protection: Your players are not a tank.
  • Two-weapon fighting: The pistols allow you to fire four shots without reloading it, and with specific simple management and settings you can avoid the reloading method in a melee. Hence, this feature makes the possibility of dual-wielding pistols. However, the two-weapon fighting cannot fix the right proportion for the players to fight in combat as the calculations don’t work that way. Anyways, you can still perform the two-weapon conflict without using the fighting style, and the Archery will give you a better damage outcome.

Dnd Gunslinger Abilities, Skills, Feats, and Weapons 


Although the dnd Gunslinger has Dexterity as the most crucial part, but they still need wisdom for grit points.

  • Str: A Dump stat.
  • Dex: Dexterity is everything a Gunslinger needs. Grab it as faster as you can.
  • Con: Essential for any adventure lover.
  • Int: It’s a Dump stat.
  • Wis: Wisdom is the second most important to a Gunslinger as it gives you more Grit Points.
  • Cha: Again, a Dump stat.


The dnd 5E Gunslinger has the following skills, from which you may choose any two.

  • Acrobatics
  • Athletics
  • History
  • Perception
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Insight
  • Stealth
  • Survivor


Meanwhile, the following fighter Gunslinger 5E feats will surely give you an insight about what the Gunslingers are at, and they are:

  • The Gunslinger fighter 5E are crossbow experts.
  • They are good at dual wielding, but it is only applied for the combat weapons.
  • Also, they’d be much proficient and skilled in martial arts, but most of the manoeuvres work best with ranged actions.
  • Lastly, they are very well-versed with Sharpshooter skills as it may boost the damage results, especially if you opt for Archery.


The following critical role gunslinger weapons are required for the Gunslingers as it may help them fight on the battlefield, and they are:

  • A light crossbow
  • Two simple weapons
  • Martial weapons
  • Palm Pistol
  • Musket
  • 12 bullets
  • Leather Armor
  • 20 bolts

D&d Gunslinger and its subclasses

So, let us move ahead with the subclasses of d&d Gunslinger. They are:

Firearm Proficiency: The firearm proficiency is one of the crucial qualities your Mathew Mercer gunslinger players would inhibit. But you have to wait until you complete two levels with other weapons.

Gunsmith: This is a kind of gunslinger matt mercer player that uses Tinker’s tool, which is very much crucial for your character as it will come handy when you need to repair your firearms. Therefore, the more you fight, the more useful it is to you to improve the broken firearm.

Adept Marksman: The gunslinger subclass 5E, Adept Marksman at 2nd level, gives you a total eight trick shots in your whole game career, which is again very much crucial for your character as it helps you to destroy and damage your opponents with the help of firearms. Also, you will learn additional trick shots when you reach 7th, 10th, 15th, and 18th level. Moreover, each time you know a new trick shot, you can replace it with the different one.

  • Grit points: This critical role subclass gives you a lot of grit points equal to the number of your wisdom modifier that helps you improve your abilities. Moreover, you can recharge your grit points shooting endlessly at an inanimate target until you succeed. Also, you can regain them after you complete a short or long rest.
  • Trick shots: They are as follows:
  • Bullying Shot: You can make use of this shot in case you want to make a powerful blast using your firearm. Furthermore, you can use grit to force the object to produce a charisma saving throw against your skilled shot, which in turn saves DC and makes the creature frightened.
  • Dazing Shot: It can help you make your opponent dizzy if you spend a grit point, and to which the creature would make a constitution saving throw that could either benefit or hurt them.
  • Deadeye Shot: With the help of this, you might gain an advantage from the attack you forced on your opponent if you spend a grit point.
  • Disarming Shot: This shot will make you expend a grit point, which in turn helps you in attacking your opponent with hands. Thus, one hit would make the creature usually suffer and almost causing it to produce a strength saving throw. Moreover, you can make them release one object from their hands and push it at least 10 feet away from them.
  • Forceful Shot: It’s an extension of the one above. With its help, you can expend one grit point and attack the opponent with the firearm and force them again. Also, the creature will suffer from average damage and emit strength saving throw. Moreover, the object in its hand will be pushed 15 feet away.
  • Piercing shot: When you attack your opponent with the firearm, then it lets you expend one grit point and helps you in attempting a fire against multiple enemies ahead. Thus, it will cause average damage to the creatures and will give the attack roll a disadvantage against every opponent.
  • Violent shot: It makes you expend a grit point while you attack with the firearm and helps you make it more volatile. Subsequently, add the additional weapon as you may lose a grit point in determining the attack.
  • Winging Shot: This shot makes you spend your one grit point and help you by toppling the moving target, which might cause average damage to the opponent. Moreover, it might produce strength saving throws or may get knocked prone.
  • Quickdraw: It was the time for flint-lock weaponry, and hence the people used to carry a lot of loaded pistols to the battle and keep on switching between them instead of reloading a single gun in the middle of the fight. Similarly, in dungeons and dragons, the weapons are drawn quickly than filling and hence it is a better idea to use this feature when you reach the desired level. Moreover, it gives you more proficiency points as well.
  • Rapid Repair: You have the quickdraw option, so in case your pistols got stuck then quickly draw another one and repair the older one when someone is at your guidance.
  • Vicious Intent: The Vicious Intent helps you double the critical range, which in turn helps you with the increase of grit points
  • Haemorrhaging Critical: This game is all about causing damage to your opponents as it makes you win the game, so you will get the critical hits at 19 or 20, which you would enjoy frequently

Gunslinger Bravado: Now, at 3rd level, this warforged gunslinger subclass aims to imitate the archetypes, which are Commando, CQC, Desperado, Marksman, and Preacher. In addition, you must select any one of them, and your choice will allow you to possess the features of the archetypes chosen at the 3rd level, also, again at 7th, 13th, 15th, 18th, and 20th.

  • Ability Score increase: Once you reach the 4th, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th levels, then you get to increase any two ability scores by one. Also, you may increase any one ability score by 2, but can’t if it crosses 20.
  • Extra attack: At 5th level, you can attack twice at one go. At 11th level, you can strike thrice at a single time.
  • Special Ammunitions: As you reach the 6th level, you can craft two ammunition shots for 50gp cost while dealing with 1d6 of the desired damage type. Similarly, at 9th level, it is incremented to 100gp price, dealing 1d8. Also, at 17th level, it is upgraded to 200gp for three craft ammunition, dealing 1d10.
  • Evasion: At 8th level, you dodge specific effects of the area. You are now enabled to the product, where if you succeed at the Dexterity saving throw, then you take no damage. However, if you fail, you only take half damage.
  • Quick Movement: The 10th level increments your speed of the base walking by 10 feet, and with that, you may use Disengage action.
  • Tools of the table: Likewise at the 11th level, you may select the weapon as an identifying mark for your fame, which has been with you for over a month.
  • Low profile: The half cover will be counted as three-quarter for your character.
  • Feral senses: Once you’re at the 18th level, you gain the preternatural insights that help you fight your opponents you can’t see. Moreover, you can sense your opponent from 30 feet away.

Commander: The commanders are the best beautiful characters for the battlefield. They are made for bringing victories as they behold the genius and supportive qualities that help in boosting the morale of the teammates and demoralize the opponents.

  • Battlefield influence
  • Moralize- You choose your allies who can hear or see you, and by that, you can boost their morale. Consequently, your companions will receive +1 bonus of saving throws, damage rolls, and attack rolls. You can use this feature twice. Also, at 7th and 13th level, it is increased by 1 and 2, respectively.
  • Demoralize- You can demoralize your opponents by selecting some of them, who can hear you or see you. So, you must attack them and with one failed save; they get -1 on their bonuses.
  • More features are listed below that is beheld by every commander in the game, and they are:
  • They have a good Commanding Presence.
  • Moreover, they stand as one for the team.
  • A great command in Guiding Shot is their proficiency. 
  • Also, they can lead a Militarized Mobilization.
  • They are the Master Commander of the whole team.

CQC: These characters will take a bullet for the team. As a result, they are the Close Quarter Combatant experts who lead the battle in the front row, dealing with the damages caused and taking hits instead of the other teammates. The features of this archetype are as follows

  • They have an Armored Brute to defend themselves.
  • The characters master at Combat Conditioning.
  •  Crowd Control is their mastered skill. 
  • They act like the Riot Shield for the whole team.
  • The personae lead their troop as Master Combatant.

Desperado: This archetype has the most deadly daredevils, who can fight the opponents with one-handed firearms, either single-handedly or in pairs. Therefore, the features of the Desperadoes are listed below

  • They have a Duelist fighting style.
  • The characters are marvellous at Two-gun fighting.
  • Their unique style is famous.
  • They have dominant taunting skills.
  • The personae are Fearless.
  • Their characteristic is Sharp eyes, and can kill in the blink of an eye

Marksman: The marksmen are the caretakers of the teammates, who prefer to assist their allies from a distance but watching the whole combat from a safe position. So, the features that are beheld by Marksmen are as follows:

  • The marksmen always wear a Sniper’s Mask.
  • They have Marked Quarry and are very determined towards their goals.
  • Their fame is through their proficiency in Arcane Infused weaponry.
  • The players are good at Interrupting Shots of their opponents.
  • They also have Sharp eyes, and are the Master Marksmen for their troop.

Preacher:  The preachers are the great devotees, who combine the Gunslinger’s studies with utmost devotion to their God, which allows them to cast spells. Thus, the essence of cleric guide 5e is manifested in this subclass. The features that are inhibited by them are as follows

  • They are a firm believer of Religious studies.
  •  Their legitimate knowledge about Spellcasting, Spell Slots, Spells known for 1st level and higher, Spellcasting Ability, and Spellcasting Focus makes them valuable.

Matt Mercer Gunslinger Class Table

1st+2Firearm Expertise, Weapon Forging
2nd+2Adept Marksman, Swift Reload
3rd+2Gunslinger Bravado
4th+2Ability Score Improvement
5th+3Extra Attack
6th+3Special Ammunition
7th+3Adept Marksman Improvement, Gunslinger Bravado Feature
8th+3Ability Score Improvement, Evasion
9th+4Special Ammunition Improvement
10th+4Adept Marksman Improvement, Quick Movement
11th+4Extra Attack, Tools of the Trade
12th+4Ability Score Improvement
13th+5Gunslinger Bravado Feature
14th+5Low Profile
15th+5Adept Marksman Improvement, Gunslinger Bravado Feature
16th+5Ability Score Improvement
17th+6Special Ammunition Improvement
18th+6Adept Marksmen Improvement, Feral Senses, and Gunslinger Archetype Feature
19th+6Ability Score Improvement
20th+6Gunslinger Bravado Feature