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Elemental Evil Player’s Companion Pdf | Download – Full (2023) D&D

Elemental Evil Player's Companion Pdf
Elemental Evil Player's Companion Pdf

The elemental evil player’s companion pdf is one of the manuals that gives players the most emotion of D&D. They will face the adversaries and dangers from the dark power, Elemental Evil inspired by the princes of apocalypse. 

This guide will bring you many interesting choices, including new magical spells, new characters, and new races to appear.

What is inside the D&D player’s companion free pdf download?

From the thrilling adventure, Princes of the Apocalypse, Elemental Evil’s looming threat now arrives at the Forgotten Realms. This brief 25- pages guide provides many new options for player characters in that fantastic campaign. 

Not genetically evil, elemental power can be mastered by those with both cruel and benign intentions. The Elemental Evil Player’s Companion provides everything that a player needs to build a character tied directly into the Elemental Evil storyline.

New race prospects include the aarakocra, deep gnome, genasi, and goliath. In addition to this, a plethora of new spells put the elements directly at your command.

This supplement is specifically meant to support the Elemental Evil–Princes of the Apocalypse adventure product.

Chapters in the elemental evil 5e pdf free

This is a short book with only two chapters covering four new races for players to choose from for their characters, and the second covering 43 new spells.

  • Races
  • Spells

Races in the ee player’s companion pdf

Three new races have been affixed to this supplement in addition to those in the Player’s Handbook: aarakocra, genasi, and goliaths. A gnome subrace—the deep gnome—is also included. 

Aarakocra Isolated in high mountains atop tall trees, the aarakocra, sometimes called the bird folk, summon fear and wonder. Many aarakocra aren’t even inherent to the Material Plane. They hail from a world beyond—from the limitless vistas of the Elemental Plane of Air. 

  • Speed: A little slower with 25 feet walking pace, but that will not matter because of your capacity to fly.
  • Talons: Any random weapon you choose up will do more damage than your talons. You get to chop a rope with this when you are captivated and disarmed.
  • Flight: Outside of combat, many challenges will be trivialized or more comfortable with the help of your fly speed. Especially during the initial levels, you will detract your friends a few times.

How do you use aarakocra in your world?

A few hundred ages ago, the aarakocra dominion was captured by the Ararsian Empire. There was a strived revolution that met a bloody end no more than half a generation ago. To mark the rebels and their families, the Empire clipped their wings, taking away their liberty. The system conformers kept flying. Now new rumors about the Staff of Regeneration have surfaced. The artifact can restore lost limbs and may serve as a symbol for another uprising.

Deep gnome

the elves most commonly found in the lands of the surface world are Forest gnomes and rock gnomes. Guarded and suspicious of outsiders, svirfneblin (sub-race of gnomes) are cunning and taciturn but can be just as kind-hearted, loyal, and tender as their surface cousins.

Special powers:

  • Superior Darkvision
  • Stone Camouflage 
  • Gnome Cunning

How do you use deep gnomes in your world?

Allow it and come up with an exposition later. Maybe a mad mage who was into drow tried to create a gnomish variant. A god or Wish spell could have conferred a couple of gnomes these abilities to thrive in a calamity. You should see it as an event to create a new and compelling story together with a player.


Some are extraordinary beings who, with the power of manifestation, and through an accident of birth, carry the planes’ capability in their blood. The genasi are one such soul, the offspring of genies and mortals.

The sub-races of genasi are:

  • Air 
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water

How do you use genasi in your campaign?

Genasi are connected to the elemental planes, but there are so many ways for them to come into existence. Members of other races can transform into genasi by reducing themselves to vital sources of elemental energy. There is no true genasi society but rather individuals scattered here and there. However, in Frostfell, there is at least one village inhabited by genasi. They are trying to endure in a world dominated by frost giants and other perils.


Goliaths wander a barren realm of rock, wind, and cold. Their bodies look as if they are cut from mountain stone and hence, render them great physical power. And their hearts are brewed with the cold regard of their frigid realm, leaving every goliath with the obligation to earn a place in the tribe or die trying.

Their powers are:

  • Natural athletes
  • Stone’s endurance
  • Powerful blind

How shall you use goliaths in the adventure?

The goliaths are very reclusive, and there is little chance to interact with them without explicitly seeking them out. Hobgoblins are their sworn adversaries because they live in nearby territories and know no character by goliath standards. There are all sorts of tales about goliath legends, but few of them are true.


The spells let you harness the power of the four elements. Your DM concludes whether these spells are available at character creation, discovered in a treasure trove, you stumble upon them in an old-fashioned library or another storehouse of magical knowledge. Similarly, a whole appendix is dedicated to magical items in the Ghosts Saltmarsh guide.

Types of spells:

  • Cantrips
  • Investiture 
    1. Flame
    2. Ice 
    3. Stone 
    4. Wind

Where can you get elemental evil 5e pdf?

You can get this guide for free on various sites, but if you prefer a printed copy, then it is available on the Amazon website at a very reasonable cost.

Product details:

  • Authors: Wizards RPG Team
  • Release Date: 16 April 2015
  • Format: Softcover Color Book


The elemental evil player’s companion pdf is a perfect collection of elemental evil themed new races and spells (and one feat). It is highly cost-effective and provides you a chance to have an extraordinary escapade in the forgotten realms. You won’t regret uniting this to your collection.

Have fun playing!

Elemental Evil Player's Companion

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