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Entertainer Background 5e | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2024)

Entertainer Background 5e
Entertainer Background 5e

The entertainer background 5e should be one of the backstories you should consider while contemplating the final choice. Entertainer 5e is fun, whimsical and exciting for one and all. The name of the backdrop says it all, so let’s move forward with the particulars.

You’ve been in the show business for as long as you can remember. Being in front of an audience, entertaining them and leaving them mesmerized by your performance is something you live for.

Your poetry has the power to evoke emotions of joy and grief in the audience, your music soothes them, your dance leaves them in awe, and your humour gives them fits of laughter.

Being an entertainer is all you know and wish to do as this is your art and lifestyle in the D&D entertainer story.

Entertainer 5e Attributes

  • Skills – Acrobatics, Performance
  • Tool Proficiencies – Disguise kit, one type of musical instrument
  • Languages – None
  • Equipment – A musical instrument (one of your choice), the favour of an admirer (love letter, a lock of hair, or trinket), a costume, and a belt pouch containing 15gp.

Features of 5e entertainer background

  • Routines of the performer – An artist is the jack of all trades; therefore, you must be an expert in a maximum of 3 patterns, which you can choose from the table or roll a dice.
d10Entertainer Routine
  • By popular demand – You have risen to fame because of your successful performances, which makes it easier for you to find venues to perform, such as the tavern or inn, a circus or a theatre also works. As long as you satisfy the audience, you’d be provided free food and accommodation of decent quality. Your glory would reach far and beyond, and people in the town would start recognizing you.
  • Variant: Gladiator – A gladiator is no less of an artist than any other in the D&D entertainer background. Their combat skills could be an attraction for the people, and instead of sticking to your art of war, you could even include skills of a tumbler or an actor. The feature “by popular demand” would come in handy as it’d get you gigs to show off your abilities in areas that appreciate combat, like the gladiatorial arena or a secret fighting club. You can exchange your musical instrument to a strange weapon such as a trident or net as your tool proficiency for the Gladiator background.

5e Entertainer Suggested Characteristics

Some of the DnD 5e entertainers attributes that are recommended to make your characters more flamboyant are as follows –

d8Personality Traits
1.I have an anecdote for every situation.
2.I take delight in collecting local rumours and spreading them in a new place.
3.I’m always in search of “the one.”
4.I have a talent of diffusing people’s tension, which leads them to not be angry with me for long.
5.I enjoy a good insult, even if I’m the target.
6.I feel jealous if I’m not the centre of attention.
7.Perfection is all I aim for.
8.My mood changes as quickly as my song key.

Ideals Entertainer

d6Personality Traits
1.Beauty: My performance makes the world better. (Good)
2.Tradition: The stories and songs of the past shouldn’t be left behind as they teach us invaluable lessons. (Lawful)
3.Creativity: The world requires new and bold ideas. (Chaotic)
4.Greed: Fame and money are what drives me. (Evil)
5.People: The smile on people’s faces when I perform satisfies me. (Neutral)
6.Honesty: Art should reveal your true self and reflect your soul. (Any)

Bonds Entertainer

d6Personality Traits
1.My instrument reminds me of someone, and that’s why it’s my most treasured possession.
2.I intend to get back my stolen instrument.
3.I desire to be famous, and I’ll acquire it by any means.
4.I have an idol in the old folktales, and I measure my actions against him.
5.I’ll go to any lengths to prove my superiority to my rival.
6.I’d do anything for my old troop members.

Flaws Entertainer

d6Personality Traits
1.I’ll do anything to gain fame and popularity.
2.I have a soft corner for pretty faces.
3.I can’t go home due to a scandal that haunts me till now.
4.I made fun of a noble once, and I’m still escaping from being caught by him.
5.I’ve trouble controlling my words and get in trouble because of it.
6.My friends don’t rely on me, even if I make efforts.

Classes in Entertainer Backstory

Barbarian Entertainer

The DnD character background of Barbarians could have been given the responsibility of retaining their tribe’s cultural authenticity through their songs and fables, and they could even inculcate some of the values themselves by looking up to an ancestor. Entering the civilization would be a new experience for you, and you might miss your roots.

You can recite poems in the tavern and earn gold and a place to stay. You have the liberty to make your character a metal rocker, part of a punk band or yodelers. The gladiator variant revolves around the journey of your character to the fighting arena.

d6Personality Traits
1.Every battle of mine is a song sung by my axe.
2.My culture is above everything, and I must preserve it.
3.I fight and sing for the sake of fame and glory.
4.I don’t have friends, only admirers.
5.My performance self is quite different from my real one.
6.I wish for a quiet life, but I can’t leave showbiz.

Bard Entertainer

Bards are born to be artists, and this background perfectly suits them. They are the master of ballads and songs. You might have sought this adventure because of an admirer who reminded you of your good old days or to prove your love. It might also be to collect more epics and stories to turn into songs.

A gladiator and a bard seem like a strange combination, but it isn’t. You can earn prestige and honour by using your skills as an artist as well as your martial art skills. But focus on why and how they acquired these traits.

d6Personality Traits
1.It’s time for me to regain my status as a legend.
2.My love for art drives me, and money or fame isn’t my goal,
3.My old days of touring have introduced me to some places I can perform in.
4.Being famous is a burden. I have to stay disguised wherever I go.
5.My true love is my admirer, but the circumstances keep us apart.
6.I travel to spread my fame everywhere.

Cleric Entertainer

Those who believe that clerics can’t be entertainers they have another thing coming for them. Clerics aren’t brooding or serious at all times; they can also mesmerize the audience with their personality and preach at the same time.

Music could be a part of their worship, and their art could represent the goodness of God. As a gladiator, you’d worship the martial gods and your way of proving your faith would be through winning battles.

d6Personality Traits
1.My music is a way of paying respect to the gods.
2.My holy symbol consists of a hymnal, and I sing in battle often.
3.I was introduced to this path after I heard the soothing music coming from the temple.
4.Battle pleases the gods, and that is how I worship them.
5.Music is the cornerstone of my faith, and I’m nothing without it.
6.Art is as influential as faith.

Druid Entertainer

Druids are shape-shifters which given them an upper hand when it comes to entertaining the people. You can also incorporate some aspects of the bard and cleric to spice things up. In the gladiator feature, emphasize your connection with nature and how it adds to your combat skills. You’d have to work hard to make your character interesting.

d6Personality Traits
1.I don’t think I belong in this profession, but people find me funny.
2.I love the wonders of gold and all that it buys me.
3.My predator nature comes forth when I’m in the arena.
4.You should live life like there’s no tomorrow.
5.I sing the song of the forest to anyone who pays attention.
6.I learned to speak by reading poetry, so now I speak in couplets.

Fighter Entertainer

A gladiator and a fighter are like a match made in heaven. You can be a street brawler or an honour-bound fighter, anything you wish. You might not be of noble birth, but you live life king size. The bonus social skills also come in handy.

An artistic path could land you in excellent parties, and you can use your charms on the guards by bribing them with a well-placed word or a blade. Deliberate as to from where they gained these skills so that the story has more depth and eases the job of the DM to bring exciting twists.

d6Personality Traits
1.I’m an expert at fighting and a fantastic lover as well.
2.I don’t make a lot of friends as many of them have died.
3.My art gives me a perspective regarding the violence in the world.
4.The discipline of my art hones my martial skills.
5.The feeling of victory is superior to everything.
6.Some people call me boastful, but I’m just a good artist.

Monk Entertainer

Monks in Japan and other such countries have martial art skills as an added benefit, which makes them a master of both art forms. Their discipline from combat skills can be applied in their artistic lifestyle also, leading to more money.

They could also be a part of the circus, which taught them class skills. But monks had a sheltered life in the monastery, and they aren’t aware of the ways of the world.

d6Personality Traits
1.I learned all the street smartness from circus life.
2.I desire to master all art forms.
3.My art provides me with calmness and tranquility
4.The motive behind my pilgrimage is to find a famous performer who’d teach me.
5.My abilities as an artist give me an excellent cover.
6.Nothing beats entertaining a crowd.

Paladin Entertainer

Paladins have a charming persona giving them an edge over the other people. Their artistic skills, combined with their personality, can influence the spectators, especially on a public platform.

Their music might be seen as a link to the natural world, or an elf paladin might discover that their wish to express beauty in everything is possible through this path. A dwarf paladin, on the other hand, could motivate fellow warriors by composing battle hymns.

This backdrop could go in two directions. Your belief in god and religion would either become stronger, or else you might write improper sonnets about gods. Music, drama and poetry are an ingrained part of any ritual or culture, so it’d bode well with your backdrop.

d6Personality Traits
1.I’m on a journey for justice and magnificent tunes.
2.I use music as a way to fight the darkness.
3.Entertainment provides me with a way to worship the gods.
4.My oath holds me back from being with my admirer.
5.I never mock the gods; I only speak the truth.
6.I learned the power of my song and sword through my fey.

Ranger Entertainer

Rangers might not be interested in the art of entertainment as a career choice, but use it as a cover to continue their bounty hunting instead. Your social skills might earn you gold from your bounties by negotiating a deal or access to restricted areas.

They have a way of sneaking in anywhere, unnoticed and also fit in with the circus crew. They can use animals to make their act more exciting.

d6Personality Traits
1.My animal companion and I perform an act famous all over the kingdom.
2.I entertained the king and queen but was cheated off my wealth.
3.Bounties don’t suspect me until it’s too late.
4.I have a recurring thought about whether I should focus on my music and leave the adventures.
5.I can’t remember the names of all the admirers in each town.
6.My martial skills can be demonstrated through my art.

Rogue Entertainer

Rogues attain a false identity 5e in a way and can be performers like the bards, but beneath the façade, they steal gold from people’s pockets while they are enjoying the show.

If you plan to steer clear of the criminal backstory, it’s possible. You could properly enjoy life. Their motive to travel around could be a search for romance or other desires.

d6Personality Traits
1.People tip me out of pity, mostly.
2.Your silverware isn’t safe anywhere around me, better hide it.
3.There is only one inn I’d never steal from.
4.My adventures are in the effort to prove myself to my admirer.
5.I’m a natural charmer and can charm anything.
6.The most satisfactory jobs are the ones where the person is unaware of the robbery.

Sorcerer Entertainer

Sorcerers fit the category of a magician by leaving their spectators spellbound. It might be that you turned to this profession after your powers were attained.

You’d gain a lot of experience in the circus with other sorcerers and learn to control your powers. Also, your connections in the story are essential but focus on whether they are a part of your party or non-player personae.

The gladiator variation offers you extra powers, but your aim should be to answer questions such as how did you enter this career, do you enjoy it and what is it that encourages you.

d6Personality Traits
1.I belong in the limelight.
2.I do everything with flair.
3.I’ve embraced a persona which I maintain even with my closest friends.
4.I consider my life as a performer ordinary.
5.I like being the reason behind someone’s smile.
6.People undermine my skills in the arena until they are proven wrong.

Warlock Entertainer

The pact responsible for giving you your powers could be the one that introduced you to your patron. It might be that you were held hostage by your enemies and in return for your freedom, made a pact with you.

Every warlock is different based on the choices they make to gain power. Their greed for attaining power like the wind leads them to rely on their patron. Think about the logic behind you choosing this power.

d6Personality Traits
1.I’m doubtful about my decision to make a pact with my patron.
2.I looked for my patron because I deserved more.
3.My only desire is for everyone to be afraid of me.
4.My performance saved me from damnation.
5.My patron motivates me to act but to what extent?
6.I’m loyal to those near to me.

Wizard Entertainer

Wizards can be a mix of a bard by retaining their skills of singing ballads but also hold onto the wizardry. Since wizards aren’t endowed by charisma naturally, they’d have to use other elements to captivate the audience.

They could be magicians or illusionists who entertain the people by creating illusions. The central question is how they gained these skills.

d6Personality Traits
1.I dedicated my life to create a happy balance between art and magic.
2.My life as a wizard started after being in the entertainment business for years.
3.Those who are expert in science and art are a real genius.
4.I push my limits during my performance.
5.I have a compelling admirer whom I’ve never met.
6.I’m not very amusing off stage.

Entertainer Background 5e


The entertainer background 5e is everything you expect it to be and more. It takes a fun twist in every storyline making each one of them an exciting option to consider. So here is all you must know about entertainer 5e. Look forward to more such entertainer DnD backgrounds.

Also, if you’re thinking that this is the only BG with an artistic aspect, you’re in for a surprise. The DnD Guild Artisan is also a fun and creative backdrop. It’s beneficial to know more about latest features and games on Gameizmo as well, so go for it.


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