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Folk Hero Background | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2024)


The article below gives you a brief about the Folk Hero 5E background with its suggested characteristics. Read the following article to know how to incorporate this background to your character. 

Folk Hero 5E

Today’s discussion is about the Folk Hero 5E background, which depicts the characters of the bottom social class. They are destined to suffer from many hardships during their course of the journey in the game. The people in their hometown have seen a fighter in them, who fights against tyrants and monsters.

These characters are larger-than-life heroes who battle epic villains and start their adventuring career in Dungeons and Dragons. These folk heroes define themselves as the characters that perform selfless acts singlehandedly, without any magical powers for weaponry. They do not back out from facing the consequences even if it haunts them for the rest of their lives. 

  • Skill proficiencies: Survival and animal handling
  • Tool Proficiencies: Any one type of artisan’s tool and land vehicles.
  • Languages: None
  • Pieces of Equipments: A shovel, a set of everyday clothes, any one type of artisan’s tool, an iron pot, and a belt pouch of 10 GP.

Folk Hero Background 5E Feature: Defining event

The Folk Hero background 5E characters generally opt for a simple profession amongst the peasantry like a farmer, servant, woodcutter,etc. Still, something happened that changed their lives forever and made them the hero of the people.

This table discusses the defining events that marked your character for incredible things, and you need to choose one of them.

Also, if you like this character then I’m certain that you’d also fall in love with the D&D Courtier who rises to fame through their talent.

D10Defining event
1.They stood against the tyrant’s agent.
2.They saved people during a natural calamity.
3.They fought with a terrible monster.
4.To help the poor, they stole belonging of a corrupted merchant.
5.They formed a militia to fight against the opposing and invading Army.
6.They invaded the tyrant’s castle to steal weapons and provide them to people for protection.
7.They trained the peasants to use the farm equipments as weapons, when in a war.
8.They led a symbolic act of protest against the unpopular decree made by God, which was rescinded later.
9.A celestial or a similar creature gave them a blessing and revealed their secret origin.
10.They have good leadership qualities and were always commended for their heroism, so got recruited for a Lord’s Army.

5E Folk Hero Feature: Rustic Hospitality

Your character represents the civilian class, where they are comfortable living with the villagers. If the villagers think that you’re in danger, they’ll find a place for you to hide. Also, they can cover you from the law but won’t sacrifice their lives for you in the 5E Folk Hero.

Suggested characteristics:

The social class of 5E folk heroes is a virtue rather than remorse and the villagers play a crucial role in their lives.

D8Personality traits
1.They don't judge people by their words, but actions.
2.They always help people in need.
3.They are very passionate about what they have set goals for, and they won't mind whatever comes in their way.
4.They always play a very fair game and try to find a solution that fits everyone.
5.They believe in their abilities and tried to boost others’ confidence as well.
6.They do not believe in thinking before acting upon something.
7.They think using long words in the sentence is being smart.
8.They always want something on the other to happen in their lives as they get bored quickly.

Bond Folk Hero

1.They have a family, but they don’t know about their whereabouts, and they hope to see them soon.
2.They will always protect the land they have worked and loved.
3.An arrogant Nobel has won give them a horrible beating, so they take revenge from every other bully they come across.
4.They believe that the tools they carry are the symbols of their past life, and they do not want to forget their roots.
5,They protect people who cannot fight for themselves.
6.They wish that their childhood love should also be there on their journey to pursue destiny.

Ideal Folk Hero

1.Respect. They believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.
2.Fairness. They believe that nobody is above the law and should be treated in those preferential terms.
3.Freedom. The Monsters of society should not be allowed to oppress people around the world.
4.Might. They believe that one should become vital to make sure they have what is wanted and deserved.
5.Sincerity. They believe that pretending is not for them.
6.Destiny. They believe in fate, and they think that nobody can ever steer them away from their higher calling.

Flaws Folk Hero

1.They believe the Monsters who have the control of their land wants them killed.
2.They believe in destiny, and hence they cannot see their shortcomings and the failures.
3.They don’t want to go back to their homes because they have to face the people near their houses who know about their shameful secret.
4.They have a weakness for drinks, especially the hard ones.
5.They think that things would have been much easier if they were a monster who is lording over other’s land.
6.They have trust issues with their allies.

The 5E Folk Hero Background with classes

The below section will lead you towards the combinations of the various classes and our 5E Folk Hero background. 

Barbarian Folk Hero

The barbarians can help the folk heroes as they also belong to the Origins far from civilization and their heroic acts add to their status. They’d embrace this d&d folk hero status as their stories will begin from the common origins to the new you.

However, you need to choose a defining event that will determine whether they could perform the heroic acts selflessly or not. 

d6Personality Traits
1.They believe they can die because of their pride.
2.They reiterate their heroic deeds every time they get a chance.
3.They always help people in need.
4.They don’t like to get praises for what they do as they believe, whatever they did should have been done.
5.They love food.
6.Every day they feel they are compelled to boost their heroism because of their past deeds.

Bard Folk Hero

Bards having the dnd folk hero background may raise many questions about their fame. Therefore, you could elaborate the storyline from the beginning to their fame as this class can control the news in a medieval setting.

Bards weaponize their opinions, but a folk hero might be a perfect blend as it can cover the heinous acts performed by this class. Other bards are usually fighting for the betterment of the world and its people like a real freedom fighter.

d6Personality Traits
1.If people saw them out of their costumes, they won’t recognise them.
2.They fight for the people against the injustice they have been caused.
3.They have knocked over many kings with appreciative words.
4.They believe that every conversation is a fight, and they can win it with words.
5.They always want to be a centre of attraction and secretly hates when they don’t get the required attention.
6.They believe that their fame is a mistake, but now they are too engrossed in the lie that they can’t reverse it.

Cleric Folk Hero

The clerics are known to have a direct connection with God who connects the mortals with the divine. The cleric folk hero combination will add a moral background to your character and strengthen that divine connection.

This background works better with clerics as they stand up for the people, which is indeed a selfless act. The clerics don’t forget their roots, and they might get a political opportunity to earn people’s respect. 

d6Personality Trait
1.They believe that they have to spread justice around the world that their God has directed them to do.
2.They believe that they would get closer to the divine powers V help the people around them.
3.They think that they are destined to be wherever they are.
4.They think that they have had the voice of their God at the defining event and never since then.
5.They do not like when the peasants overwhelm them with the request of healing.
6.The act according to their fame in every new town because they have earned it.

Druid Folk Hero

A Druid can discover its origin story from the folk hero background itself as they have a natural connection with the world. For instance, they stood up to control a natural calamity like stopping a flood.

The background makes your character a relatively ordinary person before the defining event changed their life. A druid dnd 5E folk hero might serve the world as a healer by spreading the old faith of increasing the growth of crops and livestock. It could benefit their community as the peasants are emotionally attached to their lands, in general. 

d6Personality Trait
1.They connect more from the people they are a part of rather than the natural world.
2.They believe that it is they have to help anyone they can.
3.They believe that they relax when they practice their craft.
4.They don’t feel comfortable with all the attention their fame has brought them.
5.They love entertaining the peasants with the small features of magic they know.
6.They love beer, and they have a favourite bar where they could get it.

Fighter Folk Hero

A fighter folk hero usually would take the military part. Still, to defend their soldiers, they could also stand up against the ranking officer. This shows their courage that makes them the hero amongst the other men.

The relationships could lay a better foundation for the back-story as you need a good storyline for your DM points that would benefit in the campaigns.

d6Personality Trait
1.They feel guilty when they are the only person to survive from their troupe.
2.Danger the discipline that they have learnt from the training and dislike breaking it.
3.They have a definite scar that they got from their heroic deeds and often try to hide it.
4.They run away from the authorities after taking a stand against them.
5.The mixture that they don’t spare the act of injustice.
6.They love to show off their skills and will do so whenever they get a chance.

Monk Folk Hero

A monk folk Hero could also be a better option for your character like other martial artist. They would protect the world from trouble makers but in a priest style. Choose a suitable defining event that makes your martial path more exciting. 

d6Personality Trait
1.They find peace in a battle.
2.They left their monastery to explore the world, but they didn’t know how dangerous it would be.
3.They defended their ministry when others refuse to act in that way.
4.They are fond of the peasants they have saved and often gift them something or the other.
5.They love to eat food and often gets pissed off when somebody interrupts them while taking a meal.
6.They often act like a fool but don’t let anything get by them.

Paladin Folk Hero

A paladin will nicely fit into the folk hero background as nothing is more appealing than a knight fighting monsters to protect the world. They could easily fit into this archetype with the high fantasy campaign that benefits your player to get more DM points. Paladins can build on their defining event where they realize the darkness and the chaos that threatens the world around them.

They are considered to be the ultimate saviours of civilization, and the relationships can become crucial in your character’s development.

d6Personality Trait
1.They believe that the first Holy fire was burning within them, at their defining event.
2.They think they can’t line up to the stories that people have made about them.
3.Their relationship with their secret admirers disturbs them.
4.They believe that they have a bright future that God has made for them.
5.They dislike those who assume to know them because they know about their reputation.
6.They are compelled to live up to the image that the peasants have created for them.

Ranger Folk Hero

Rangers are considered to be at the edge of the civilization and wild, and the folk hero background will perfectly blend with it. Your character’s bravery before the defining event is the reason why your player stands up against the trouble makers. A folk hero ranger will benefit your character with humble beginnings that will turn them from a hunter to a fighter.

d6Personality Trait
1.They love to be the centre of attraction.
2.They always try to avoid going to town because they are forced to shake hands with people and kiss babies.
3.They loved to reiterate their heroic stories, and they would do whenever they get a chance.
4.They always try to repay the kindness they have got.
5.They look down on the authority and will challenge it whenever they get a chance.
6.They would like to go to a town where they are not known.

Rogue Folk Hero

The rogue folk heroes make an exciting combination as this class has defined skills than morals, and it’ll make your character unique. Your character might have a heart of gold before the defining event, and they join the path of crime.

These characters obviously won’t turn for self-sacrificing acts but will sure fight the enemies of the world. Your player’s relationships with the other fellow peasants will lay a good foundation for their back-story. 

d6Personality Trait
1.They use their fame like any other weapon.
2.They love to keep a record of their admirers, so they don’t forget them.
3.They believe that they can do everything with a charming smile and a quick blade.
4.They believe that their stories of glorious battles are exaggerated.
5.They write letters to their mothers and she thinks that they are the money changer in the capital.
6.They don’t like attention and want to stay anonymous.

Sorcerer Folk Hero

A Sorcerer can blend in this background as they could serve the creator by standing against their abusive lords. Your character’s class and experience both will determine and leave hooks for the back-story of your player. 

d6Personality Trait
1.They like being the centre of attention.
2.They always worry that they cannot live up to the stories that people tell about them.
3.They often miss days when they were ordinary peasants.
4.They keep a record of those who have helped and hurt them.
5.They don’t trust people who are in authority.
6.They are determined to fulfil their goals.

Warlock Folk Hero

Warlocks are the natural folk heroes as their deeds of heroism can be the first act in the service to their patron. Warlocks are mostly defined by the relationship with their patron and folk heroes by their community. These characters made a pact with an archdevil to save their village from the terrible plague or a divine creature.

Warlocks are mostly secretive about their pacts, but their community celebrates it as a pride. In due course of their journey, they make two major choices, which accept the agreement or stand for the people.

d6Personality Trait
1.They’ve always made sure that the people they love are still happy.
2.They always worry about their secret pact that it will come to light soon and everybody will know that they are a fraud.
3.They draw strength from the community that raised them and not from their patron.
4.They believe that an angry mob is the most potent weapon.
5.I love being the centre of attention and will tell everyone who listens to their deeds.
6.They have not seen much of the world, but they would like to explore it if it is exactly like the stories have told them.

Wizard Folk Hero

A wizard folk hero becomes an extraordinary combination as they have a cloistered life engaging them with ancient tombs instead of people. But, a wizard must have an origin as they may have even defended a village at no personal cost.

They can also provide magical services to the peasants so that they benefit from a mending spell, or enjoy a firework show. These characters need to have a better relationship with their community. 

d6Personality Traits
1.They dislike the rituals and the palm that the wizard college has demanded because they prefer to live a simple life.
2.People don't like them when they about the subtleties of Arcano-agriculture.
3.They have recorded all 17 versions of this story, and can you then tell you how many are correct.
4.They always repay the kindness that people have shown to them.
5.They don’t forget their roots as they are still best with farming despite all the magical training.
6.They get deep satisfaction when they help others.

These were some of the Folk Hero 5E suggested characteristics, including their bonds and flaws. But if you wish to be on the other side of the coin and scrutinize folk heroes instead, then choose the Anthropologist background. Visit us for more related content.

Folk Hero Background
Folk Hero Background

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