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Gladiator 5e | Gladiator Background 5e In DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2024)

Gladiator 5e
Gladiator 5e

The article below gives you a brief about the 5E Gladiator and its personality traits. Please get to know about this background through our content before you incorporate your character’s background.

The gladiator background 5E gives your character righteous and rugged characteristics to improve your game. Read more to learn more about this background. 

5E Gladiator

The characters in 5E Gladiator participate in the armed combat against other gladiators, wild animals, etc for the audience’s enjoyment. Sometimes the martial skill competitions like archery contests, chariot races, etc. through dangerous obstacles precedes the armed combat.

These combats are held in public arenas if sponsored by the government or in underground sports clubs to benefit the criminal organization. These characters become Gladiators willfully, after being forced into slavery or perhaps be criminals too who are punished for being in the arenas but succeeded in the end.

The dnd 5E Gladiator combats are deathly in some areas, but in other enlightened places, it’s nothing but mock battle, audience’s entertainment. Even if the fight is on a stage, the audience will be unaware of the actual nature of the sport as for them it’s choreographed, only sponsors and the fighters knows the truth. 

For those whose idea of entertainment doesn’t involve bloodshed, we’ve got you covered. You can go for the Entertainer Personality Traits for a fun prospect.

These Gladiators can also be independent who has won freedom or be a participant travelling the world to prove themselves in public combat. 

  • Skill Proficiencies: Performance and Athletics
  • Tool Proficiencies: Land vehicles and disguise kit
  • Pieces of equipment: A gladiator costume, a trinket that includes a title belt, ornate sash, badge, or trophy from a competition your character won. Also, an unusual weapon, including a net, scimitar, or trident, is an attribute. Moreover, you need a purse containing 15 GP.

Arena types of gladiator background 5E

Every dnd 5E gladiator has its ways to fight in the battle. Some use fists, but others work with magic and weapons.

D6Personality traits
1.Fight Club. They have knocked people’s heads off with their bare hands but don’t talk about fight club more.
2.Magic. They have a vivid knowledge of arcane and has seen many die.
3.Pit Fighter. They fight with weapons in a crowded area where it’s easier could sense death and fear.
4.Coliseum. They fought with opponents in the test of honour and strength, but there is no pride in killing lives.
5.Tamer. They have killed many creatures either on their own or in teams but still heard many screams’.
6.Duelling. Their speciality is to fight one-on-one; the men and beasts have fallen on their feet.

Gladiator 5E Feature: Ring Name

The Gladiator 5E might be behind your fame or infamy because of their skills, and hence they get a feature called, “Ring Name”. It protects your identity from the outside world as it gives you a nickname that might be either fictional or a descriptive title.

These characters develop this ring name as their stage personalities by adding some quirks or gimmicks. It attracts the audience and makes their performance more memorable.

You can work with your DM to know the details of this personality.If you’ve read the Urchin background, you’d see the resemblance of transformation in both BGs. 

Your second identity is your character’s ring name. People might not recognize them when they travel in regular clothes but will treat them like celebrities, when their stage name calls them.

Also, their fans will shower them with lots of gifts, food, and even a place to sleep. However, they might also be a challenge with opportunists who try to defeat them in combat.

Suggested characteristics of 5E Gladiator Background

The 5E gladiator background makes the characters more boastful and outspoken. They take pride in whatever they have achieved, but their personalities might differ on and off the stage. 

The section below is all about d&d gladiator background and its personality traits, ideal, bond, and flaws. 

D8Personality Traits
1.They tend to dislike any one type of wild beasts they have once fought with, which includes bears, wolves, lions etc.
2.They try to hide their genuine showmanship with a theatrical decoration.
3.They speak about themselves in the third person.
4.They always use a short catchphrase in combat whenever it is possible.
5.They always try to insist others to either call them by their ring names or never and will correct them in any case.
6.They might have grown up nearby the present arena but act like they are from a foreign land.
7.They tend to use large and complex words while speaking, even if they don’t know their meaning.
8.They tell stories about their past combats even to the people who have heard it a couple of times before.

Ideal Gladiator

1.Freedom. Once they gain their independence, they might not submit again.
2.Championship. They turn every other activity into a competition and always thrive at it.
3.Exaltation. When the crowd cheers them by their names is when they feel the vigour again.
4.Justice. They believe that every man has to pay for their evil deeds, but they make sure the people who hurt them pay first before its time for them.
5.Comradery. They will always put friendship and fraternity of their fellow gladiators above all.
6.Anonymity. At times they get tired of all the fights and want to put their past behind them.

Bond Gladiator

1.Their enemies whom they have once insulted in combat arena might have sworn revenge against you or vice versa.
2.They oppose the government who is responsible for their gladiatorial life.
3.They might also vow to protect the family of the other fellow gladiator that you once fought within the combat arena or against it.
4.They might also try to escape the gladiatorial service but would then be brutally pursued by their old masters.
5.The organization or the government who is responsible for their gladiatorial life is now indebted to them because of all the profit they gained with fighting.
6.They were separated from their families when they were forced into the gladiatorial life, and now all they want is to return to them.

Flaw Gladiator

1.They got engrossed in their gladiator persona that now they have a hard time separating from their stage personality.
2.They tend to ignore the other peripheral matters while attaining a single goal.
3.They boast about themselves a lot and can also be insulting to others.
4.They at times get overconfident because of all the success they had from the theatrical performances.
5.They feel like frauds at times because they think that audience will soon get to know that their half of the victories was fixed.
6.They always have a hard time trusting people as they think that everyone is using them in some of the other ways.

These were some of the features and traits of the gladiator background 5E in the article above. Also, make sure you know ample about the 5E gladiator to choosing it as a background of your character. Make sure to read about other articles on Gameizmo.com to not miss out on anything

Suggested characteristics of 5E Gladiator Background
Gladiator Background 5e

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