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Inheritor Background 5e | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2024)

Inheritor 5e

Walk into the midst of powers and magic by becoming inheritor 5e and also restore balance into the world through your abilities. You must dwell into the character’s conscious by understanding inheritor background 5e and opening the passage of an unknown world.

However, don’t confuse these magical abilities with the ones that Dungeons and Dragons Acolyte possesses. 

Inheritor 5e Details

You own an object of great value, and it’s not a coin nor wealth but something way beyond. You’re the only one with this precious object. This inheritance might have come your way through your family as the 5e interior or your friend, a mentor or someone else. Unlike those with the Charlatan background, who are making their way in the world on their own. 

Also, due to your d&d 5e inheritor background this revelation of your possessions has turned your life upside down. It has set you on the path of adventures full of thrill and dangers from the ones who seek to usurp your inheritance.

Inheritor 5e Skill Attributes

  • Skill Sets: Survival, Arcana, History, and Religion insights
  • Tool: Gaming set or a musical instrument (as per your choice)
  • Languages: Abyssal, Infernal, Celestial, Primordial, or the Sylvan.
  • Equipment: Firstly, an explorers kit, inheritance memento, pair of traveler’s clothes, proficient tools, and a pouch containing 15gp

Inheritor Features

A DM helps you with your quests, since he’s a dnd interior by giving you insight into the various history, negotiations, etc. with enemies and learning their true nature and skills. For instance, a magic item whose real potency is only in the DM’s knowledge and changes over time.

In the same way, the power of your inheritance may be invisible at first but can unravel over some time. So you can choose the perfect set for your legacy from the table below and by taking the help of your DM to embark on this quest.

d8Object or Item
1.A document such as a map, a letter, or a journal
2.A trinket
3.A trinket
4.An article of clothing
5.A piece of jewelry
6.An arcane book or formulary
7.A written story, song, poem, or secret
8.A tattoo or other body marking

Suggested Characteristics of d&d inheritor

The bond you share is either related to your possessions or from whom you receive this inheritance. However, all your ideals might get influenced by the knowledge of your estate, and it’s powered once you get it.

Personality Traits

d6Personality Trait
1.As a simple man, you work hard and appreciate hard work.
2.The revelation of your new powers has made you believe that you are the chosen one.
3.You remain optimistic about your new adventures.
4.You look down upon others and are boastful due to your newly found powers.
5.You reminisce your past days and deny your destiny.
6.You are optimistic about your powers, but you miss your past.


d6Options For Flaws
1.You exaggerate your powers and always look for trouble.
2.You have difficulty distinguishing between dream and reality due to your powers.
3.You have difficulty controlling your powers and shoot out cantrips without meaning to.
4.You are petrified by your powers and use them only when there is an absolute need.
5.You powers accompany dreadful nightmares that go beyond your control.
6.You fear closures due to your dangerous powers.


d6Options For ideals
1.You were gifted with these powers so that you can save the world from catastrophe. (Chaotic)
2.Your abilities are for helping others and spreading goodness. (Good)
3.Powers are nothing without being assertive. Fear should live in your enemies. (Evil)
4.Your powers exist to bring order to this lawless world. (Lawful)
5.Find your destiny to discover greatness. (Any)
6.Your muscles are still reaping, and you are determined to reach your full potential. (Neutral)


D6Options For Bonds
1.You are grateful for your muscles and feel indebted to the one who bestowed them.
2.You protect your close ones through your powers.
3.You intent for power to get praised by your family.
4.You are always in search of the one you lost when you were young.
5.You seek vengeance against the one who has given you these powers and thereby destroyed your life.
6.You assist those going through hard times as you know what's it's like.

Variant The 5e Inheritor: Corrupted

Your powers did not come to you in handy. They were accompanied by pain and loss of control over yourself. Moreover, you faced an altered reality like your eye color turned unnatural, skin glowed lightly, and crystals covered your whole body. Your body is against any non-magical part, and because of that, you keep your distance.

Inheritor Background 5e
Inheritor Background 5e


Thus, we hope this article gave you efficient knowledge about the inheritor background 5e and prepared you for the unknown lands. Now, after knowing all about inheritor 5e, you can truly reach the pinnacle of your powers by using them at your full potential.

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