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Outlander Background 5e | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2024)


Being a part of the wilderness, you’ve grown accustomed to a life without humans and technology. In outlander background 5e you enjoy your solitude and understand the ways of the wild like no one else. The outlander 5e provides you with numerous features and variations as well.

  • Skills – Athletics, survival
  • Languages – One of your choice
  • Tool mastery – Any type of musical instrument
  • Equipment – A staff, a hunting trap, a trophy from an animal you killed, a set of traveler’s clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp.

5e outlander – Features

Origin – You can choose any of the following occupations given in the list below.

D10 Origin
6.Bounty hunter
8.Tribal nomad
10.Tribal marauder

Wanderer – They can memorize maps and directions giving you an upper hand in every terrain and landscape, but it’s not like they’d have a GPS in their head. It might not apply to radically changing terrains such as the Underdark and extraplanar locations based on the measure to which they’ve changed.

It’s also possible that it applies only to the wild and not the rest of the world. You can also get food and water for you and five other people if the place offers them to you.

You’d come across various other back stories whose core would be exploration such as Sailor Personality Traits, so make a well planned decision.

Outlander background 5e recommended attributes

5e outlander background

The back-stories laid out for you in the DnD 5e Outlander background are as follows –

D8Personality traits
1.My wanderlust took me away from home.
2.I’m protective of my friends.
3.I warned my tribe once of an orc horde by running 25 miles non-stop.
4.I observe nature and learn lessons from it.
5.I’m disinterested in money and manners.
6.I’m always fidgety and play with things and break them at times also.
7.I prefer the company of animals than humans.
8.Wolves raised me.

Ideal Outlander

D6Personality traits
1.Change: Life is constantly changing, and we need to change with it. (Chaotic)
2.Greater good: It’s every member’s duty to make the tribe happy. (Good)
3.Honour: If I disgrace myself, my whole circle is dishonoured. (Lawful)
4.Might: The strongest are made to rule all. (Evil)
5.Nature: Nature is essential than human developments. (Neutral)
6.Glory: I must earn prestige for my clan and me in battle. (Any)

Bond Outlander

D6Personality traits
1.My tribe is my reason for existence, even if they are far away.
2.Any injury to my home in the wild is a wound to me.
3.I will take revenge from those who harm my land.
4.I’m the last member left of the tribe, and it’s up to me to make us a legend.
5.I see visions of impending danger and would do anything to stop it.
6.It’s my responsibility to have offsprings who continue the legacy.

Flaw Outlander

D6Personality traits
1.I’m addicted to ale, wine and other intoxicants.
2.There’s no need to be careful if you want to enjoy life.
3.I harbour hatred towards people who wronged me.
4.I’m apprehensive of members of other tribes, races and societies.
5.My answer to any challenge is violence.
6.I can’t save those who can’t protect themselves - survival of the fittest.

Outlander Classes traits

Barbarian Outlander

A barbarian and an outlander are like the perfect match if you’re looking for something like being a tribal warrior. But there would be hundreds out there choosing the same. You need an out of the world backdrop to stand out.

You could also choose to be a bandit or robber who flourishes on the raids that happen in society. But discuss all the questions of what, why and how with your DM.

D6Personality traits
1.I’m immensely loyal to my friends.
2.I’m quite inquisitive and would interfere in things to see what happens.
3.I’m a big risk-taker.
4.I enjoy sharing my stories of the wild, exaggerating at times.
5.Comforts of the world make people weak.
6.I’m affected by nature and its signs.


Bard Outlander

A bard might venture into the woods for inspiration for their next song, or they might be exiled for making fun of the king. But they are a treasure of tales, so make sure to incorporate some exciting stories during cc. You can’t go wrong with a bard outlander as everyone loves them.

d6Personality traits
1.I have a story for every situation.
2.I shy away from crowds whenever I can.
3.I’m disinterested in social cues and agree to a lot sometimes.
4.I was raised by a bear and taught by a school bird.
5.I prefer sleeping out in the open.
6.I’m addicted to the applause after a performance.

Cleric Outlander

A priest or nun with this backdrop might be preaching to the villages, working for the wild gods or returned from a distant religious place. Think about your faith’s link with your time in the wild and many more such questions.

d6Personality traits
1.I do an act of kindness every day.
2.I kill only if it’s necessary.
3.I don’t follow the church’s teachings and discovered my faith in the wilderness.
4.I treat every task as equal and do them with sincerity.
5.The wild taught me that evil exists and wants to destroy us.
6.I prefer answering quickly to avoid speaking much.

5e Outlander Features

Druid Outlander

The foremost thing you need to work on while creating this character is their backdrop involving why they went to the wild or why they returned. It’s central to the character-building process, so make it exciting and relatable.

d6Personality traits
1.I value every life and refrain from eliminating them if possible.
2.I observe every strange custom and habit of the “civilized.”
3.I greet animals first and then humans, out of formality.
4.I prefer trying everything at least once.
5.I invent my own words for things.
6.I relish telling a joke I heard from an oak tree at every chance I get.

Fighter Outlander

A fighter turned outlander you might end up robbing or smuggling people to make a living. Or your weapon skills could make you a guide or a hunter. This is how fleeing soldiers survived throughout history. There are innumerable options out there for you to choose from. Keep some answers ready regarding your martial skills.

d6Personality traits
1.I enjoy sharing stories of how I fought with three bears and a cave troll.
2.I can talk non-stop about weapons, unlike my silent demeanour.
3.I have a souvenir from my time in the wild, and I always have it with me.
4.I don’t take baths.
5.The wild taught me to get what you want, even if it’s at the cost of others.
6.I’m often lost in thought and don’t pay attention.

Monk Outlander

A monk is somewhat similar to a hermit background 5e, but their way of living is different. They might have travelled around the world, propagating their teachings. Create some defining moments that shape why the character is the way they are.

d6Personality traits
1.I forget about others while practising my mantras aloud.
2.I hardly remember what personal space is anymore.
3.I prefer testing my strength now and then to be prepared.
4.I have a voracious curiosity about the world.
5.I enjoy breaking things down to understand how they function.
6.I’m doubtful about people who can’t survive on their own.

Paladin Outlander

A paladin might have ventured into the woods to escape from the lurking evil and became a bandit, trapper or wilder to survive. The primary question is why they became a knight?

d6Personality traits
1.I turn to my faith in troubled situations.
2.I mistrust city folk and always bargain the price.
3.I don’t waste time on social cues.
4.I prefer listening to speaking.
5.I like sleeping outside or in a barn.
6.I always keep up with fashion trends.

Ranger Outlander

Rangers are nature’s babies, so outlander is the perfect match for them. But there are a few fundamental scenes you must develop regarding your martial skills, survival expertise etc. Everyone needs a reason behind an adventure, what’s the logic behind your character’s decision.

d6Personality traits
1.Wolves raised me.
2.I have a deep wanderlust. and I hate staying at one place for long.
3.I don’t trust people easily, but once I do, it’s forever.
4.I wish to be the first one to discover something massive.
5.I avoid the company of people.
6.I like touching things, especially delicate ones.

Rogue Outlander

A rogue might be going around, robbing things from rich people and being a marauder. You might have these skills to survive in the wild or for your quest, so focus on your reason to be an outlander and the purpose of your adventure.

d6Personality traits
1.I keep my possessions close at all times.
2.In my effort to fit in, I mimic people’s accents.
3.I focus on my welfare over others.
4.I hide my belongings under rocks, in trees etc.
5.I don’t understand what’s wrong with a crime.
6.I store food that would last for at least a week.

Sorcerer Outlander

When you hear the word sorcerer, the first thing that comes to mind is magic. They might be sent to the wild to control their powers or because people feel nervous around such magical beings.

Neither you nor your character in Haunted background is afraid of using magic. Include some survival skills, decide why you returned, and you’re ready to go.

d6Personality traits
1.I enjoy lighting small fires when I’m bored.
2.I always speak on top of my voice.
3.I love jokes and enjoy them way too much.
4.A crow is my best friend, and I taught it to swear.
5.I hide my powers as I’m scared of them.
6.I like exploring new places.

Warlock Outlander

The backdrops of a warlock and sorcerer can mingle at times. It might be that you retreated to the wilds or returned to look for your patron or came across them while in the wilderness.

Your decision to be away from civilization, and your pact with the patron could be linked. Figure out all these nitty-gritty specifics as you move along.

d6Personality traits
1.I take my time trusting people.
2.I enjoy the pleasures of finer things in life.
3.I deliberately make people uncomfortable to avoid them.
4.I’m clueless as to how to make a good impression, but I try.
5.I observe the function of delicate things.
6.I follow a rigid routine.

Wizard Outlander

A wizard might choose to live in the wilds to search for a peaceful place to conduct experiments. A necromancer might be annoyed with the people around him or an evoker who needs space to cause explosions would resort to this option.

d6Personality traits
1.I write notes about every place in my spellbook.
2.I think out loud without filtering my thoughts.
3.I have this urge to prove myself at every point.
4.My sole aim is to uncover the secrets of the universe.
5.I care about the welfare of my friends deeply.
6.I prefer eating the food I found myself.

Outlander 5e staff

  • Outlander staff is an added bonus for you.
  • It helps you when the Outlander DnD 5e background doesn’t provide any weapon. A non-weapon staff can assist in arcane focus or in some other way.
  • Your character can enjoy excellent staff which is handy and simple to use as well if your persona gains the power to cast such spells.
  • The D&D 5th edition Outlander will offer you a walking stick.
  • Walking sticks are enough for clear spells casters to work them with.
  • This DnD Outlander costs 5gp.


The Outlander background 5e would be an excellent choice for your character as it brings a variety to the table, which you can’t get enough of. So check out Outlander 5e for yourself. Check out Gameizmo to learn more regarding these games.

outlander background 5e dnd

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