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Pirate Background 5e | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2024)

Pirate Background 5e
Pirate Background 5e

Being a pirate sounds like an exciting challenge, doesn’t it? Robbing ships, attacking the crew and acquiring tons of gold and other jewels seem like a good deal. Therefore, the pirate background 5e provides you with all the features and benefits that would make this dream come true. It doesn’t get any better than 5e pirate.

Details about Pirate background 5e

Before becoming a pirate on your own, you were taught the rules of this world by a fierce pirate. You are primed to step into the shoes of your teacher and have already become a dreaded pirate. You’ve robbed and killed more ships and crews than one can imagine. These actions of yours have made you infamous among port towns.

You’ve spent the majority of your life at sea, and you’re well versed with its language. D&D pirate background is a variant of sailor 5e which gives a good spin to the game and a chance to be the opposite of a sailor with good repute.

You are determined to be everything that the Sailor backdrop isn’t whereas the Faction Agent Personality Traits are all about upholding their beliefs. Tough choice, right? 

5e Pirate Attributes

  • Skills: Acrobatics, intimidation, and deception
  • Tool Proficiencies: Navigator’s tools, vehicles (water)
  • Languages: Thieves cant language you knew and another language of your choice.
  • Equipment: a flask, grappling hook, and a sword.
  • Position on ship: There are specific responsibilities you are expected to fulfill. Look at the table to know the jobs available.
D6Place In the crew
1.Captain – you’re the leader on the ship, and your word is the law for others.
2.First mate – you’re like the right hand of the captain. Loyalty is your biggest virtue.
3.Boarding party – your speciality is close combat and to generate fear in your rivals.
4.Slave – you are in the lowest rung of the crew, and your job is to clean and maintain the ship. You are well acquainted with every corner of the vessel.
5.Cook – you have the magic of turning ship food into something edible.
6.Ambassador – you are the face of the ship. You promote and spread the good name of the boat on land and other vessels. You have a way with words that makes you the perfect candidate.

5e Pirate Background Features

Ill repute

Your bad reputation precedes you everywhere, which is why people are afraid of being near you. You get away with minor felonies every time; they are a child’s play for you like the Sailor feature. But no one’s invincible, and you might cross paths with authorities who are after you to see you pay for your past actions.

No honour

Your backdrop isn’t something you’re proud of, a place where everyone was trying to move ahead than others. You have gained the skill of reading people’s intentions well. You have a trump card of insight checks (Wisdom) which is exclusive to this DnD 5e pirate background.

Pirate DnD Suggested characteristics

Knights can’t be a figure of virtue or justice, but they have conduct they faithfully follow which can’t be questioned by anyone. Therefore, here is a list of their attributes in DnD pirate you might want to note.

D8Personality traits
1.I always know what to do when things go south.
2.I take time in trusting others as those who seem virtuous have the most to hide.
3.I don’t consider the odds of any situation.
4.I always remain calm and keep my emotions at bay instead of letting them overpower me.
5.My friends are aware that they can rely on me in any circumstances.
6.I exaggerate the truth for a fun story.
7.I love sailing to new places and making new friends over ale.
8.A tavern brawl is the only way to know a city according to you.

Ideals Pirate

1.Honour: I don’t betray others in the same trade. (Lawful)
2.Charity: I rob the rich to help those in need. (Good)
3.Greed: I’ll go to any lengths to become wealthy. (Evil)
4.Freedom: Sea is symbolic of freedom for me. You can go anywhere and do anything. (Chaotic)
5.Mastery: I’m a predator, and I’ve my eyes on every ship out there. (Evil)
6.People: I don’t believe in ideals; I’m dedicated to my crewmates only. (Neutral)

Bonds Pirate

1.My loyalty is tied to my captain; everything else comes later.
2.The ship is the only constant in my life; crewmates come and go.
3.A lover caught my eyes in the harbour town once and stole me from the sea.
4.My eyes are set on getting back what was taken from me.
5.I aim to be a legendary pirate.
6.The life of someone I loved was lost because of me, and I’ll never repeat that mistake.

Flaws Pirate

1.A person is in prison for something I did, but I don’t feel any remorse.
2.I’ll either forget a plan or ignore it.
3.If I come across something precious, I’ll acquire no matter how.
4.I never back down from a challenge at any cost.
5.I tend to keep loose coins and trinkets whenever I see them.
6.My pride would be the end of me.

The drunken pirate

This is another exciting aspect of this backdrop which is all yours to try. Before any misunderstanding ensues I should clarify that you weren’t a drunken pirate from the start.

You were sober before you stumbled upon a bottle of liquor and all else is history. All your problems seem to vanish when you’re drunk and so you never left it. One day your ship crashed and till now you wander there in search of something or someone.


  • Skills: Persuasion, performance
  • Tool proficiencies: Navigator’s tools, vehicle (water).
  • Languages: Drunken slurs and thieves’ cant if the DM allows.
  • Equipment: 2 bottles of ale, a bag with 6 empty bottles, pirate’s garb tri fold hat, an empty wallet, a sword that reeks of alcohol.


Drunken sea dog

You don’t remember how to function soberly and you can only work under the sway of alcohol. You have the chance of asking your DM a question after failing a con which he can answer as vaguely or specifically as he chooses.


Pirates are like legends of an unknown past. Their existence has always been a question for all, but pirate background 5e gives you a chance to be in their shoes.

All those adventures and mysteries are just one step away in 5e pirate. And like Jack Sparrow said, “It’s not so much the destination as it is the journey,” and this journey would be a wonderful one.

Pirate Background 5e

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