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How to Install Master Controller on Sims 3 (Updated) 2023

Sims 3 Nraas Master Controller

The Nraas master controller has become an essential part of the Sims 3 game for a lot of players. It helps players maintain several mods at once. Players can install this easily without any hassles to deal with it. With the Sims 3 master controller, you can increase the sliders to the maximum allowable level. This would obviously be applicable in the “Edit in CAS” only. It will allow around 100 sliders in each facial panel of CAS. In this master controller, you also get the option to increase the maximum range of the sliders themselves.

All you need to do is search the term “Sliders” within the documentation menu. There are various other features you can explore. There is an optional component that was provided to players. You can use the “Master Controller” interaction off the Sims menu.

They will automatically choose the Sim to be the recipient of any action you want. Besides this, your players will have the ability to select another Sim. However, this will have to be done via the Computer menu or the City Hall menu.

Apart from the above features, the Nraas master controller also has interactions that allow you to manage the entire population of your Sim town. One element that you need to keep in mind is that you need to do all this manually.

The automated component does not work here. This is because sometimes the automated interactions interfere with the gameplay. Manual interactions will not interfere with the game without your specific commands. 


What does Nraas Master Controller do? 

There are so many things you can do with the Sims 3 master controller. Here is a list of things you can do after installing the Nraas master controller :\

  • Your Sims can now have multiple personalities thanks to the master controller. The highest number of personalities you can now have is set to 21. However, there are various variants you can experiment with in the game. 
  • The Nraas mastercontroller will allow your Sims to cheat through various skills and successfully reach level 10 of the skill. 
  • If your game happens to have a town without a lot of Sims, you can handle this easily. The master controller will allow you to create temporary Sims and pollinate within the city. You can then control the population of the town according to your needs. 

Apart from these, here are a few features within the Sims 3 nraas master controller that you can use : 

  •  CAS editing
  • Genetics transfer
  • Repair Broken Things
  • Clean Things
  • Family Funds Add-up or Reduction
  • Make households Active
  • Long-term Relationships
  • Invite Over other inactive Sims to wish to befriend
  • Send Sims back to their homes
  • Pollinate the town or End the pregnancy
  • Check and change the Sims statuses.

How to install Sims 3 Nraas Master Controller?

Simply follow the steps listed below, and the Sims 3 master controller download will begin. 

Set up your mod framework 

It is crucial that you have the proper files within the mods folder on your PC. Without suitable files, there is no chance that the aster controller will work. Download the files.

Download the master controller framework from the above official website. This ensures that you will have all the files needed for the smooth functioning of the mod. 

Once downloaded, unzip the file and extract the files. Next, drag and drop all files from the folder into the mods folder of your PC that is used for The Sims 3 game. 

Update your game if you are not on the recent patch.

It is absolutely crucial for you to have the latest version of the Sims 3 game. Any older game version will not allow the mod to run smoothly. To check the version of the game, open the game launcher. 

The patch level will usually be mentioned under the game version. Ensure that it is not latched to 1.67 or 1.69. If it is, then go to Game updates and update the Sims 3 game. The latest patch will be installed soon. 

Go to the official Nraas master controller website

On the official website, you can install the Nraas nav Sims 3 properly. 

Click on the Download button

On the page, you should be able to locate the latest patch and then download the file. The file will then be downloaded to your PC. 

Extract the mod files

The mod files can then be extracted from the folder, and you should be able to see a file named: NRaas_MasterController.package

Select the .zip file on the desktop. 

After you have finished the previous step, save the .zip format file on your desktop. Here you will have to select the folder and unzip all the contents from within the folder. 

7. Move the packages

Move the extracted files into the Packages folder within your Mods folder. This will make it easier to locate the mod and keep things organized. 

8. Launch the game.

Once the Sims 3 nraas master controller download is over, restart the game and select a Sim. Experiment with the new mod and learn all its features. 

How to handle any issue with the Sims 3 Nraas MasterController download? 

Players are bound to face some issues during installation. Here are a few ways to handle any problems you might encounter with the installation :

  •  Ensure that you delete all duplicate files or outdated files from the MOds folder present within the PC. Outdated mods tend to interfere with the aspects of the game and will not allow your Sims 3 master controller to launch smoothly within the game. 
  • Cross-check the patch level number multiple times. Ensure that it is the correct and required patch level. If the patch level is not what is required, then the mod will obviously not function. 
  • You should delete any cache files from the Sims 3 Nraas master controller folder. Any files associated with EA should also be deleted, as this may interfere with the gameplay. 

What is Twallan’s master controller?

Twallan’s master controller is the best Nraas Sims 3 master controller. With this mod, you can cheat through many game aspects that were not possible before. 

Here are some of the features available in Twallan’s master controller.”

  • AccessAccess the full version of CAS easily.
  • This will allow you to change a lot of your Sims’ traits, age, career, etc., without any problem.
  • With this mod, your Sims will now be able to have a baby instantly.
  • The household funds of your Sim can be changed to go up and down.
  • Twallan’s master controller allows you to add NPCs to the household instantly. You will also have the power to remove NPCs from the household. 
  • With a complete reset, broken objects and Sims can be brought back to their original state.
  • You will be able to change the slider settings easily.
  • This master controller lets you shift and change the game controls to suit your personal style and preferences. 

One thing you need to keep in mind is that this Nraas master controller is only available for Sims 3. Nraas Sims 4 master controller is not available. If you try to use this in Sims 4, then it will not work for you. A similar scenario occurs if you try to run this in the Sims 2. 

How do I enable master controller on Sims 3?

Once downloaded, interaction for the “Nraas \ Master Controller “will appear in the object menu. However, please note that specific interactions will appear only on particular objects. These might occur only when you click on the City Hall or on the Computer Menu. 

Here are two distinct ways to enable the mod:

  • Access it via the City Hall or Computer Menu. Via this approach, you should be able to select any Sim within your town to interact with and control. You will be asked to specify a filter. That will help you and the game to narrow the number of Sims listed.
  • You can select a Sims specifically. This will hence automatically run the interactions on the Sim. 

A few interactions are available under certain circumstances only. This is necessary, as it might cause some havoc if not done. For example, the interaction to select “Baby Gender” will be made available only if the Sim you control is pregnant. 

I would like to have specific interactions directly appear under the “NRaas” menu; how do I do that?

The Nraas Master Controller has a deep menu that can sometimes get hard to understand. Many interactions within this mod require players to click several times to reach them. 

There is a “Hot Keys” option available within Settings to make things easier to use for those who use it regularly. 

Here is how you can set this up quickly:

  • Go to the Nrass Master controller Settings and look for “Hot Keys.”
  • You will next be shown a list of interactions that are available within the mod. In this list, the interaction with “True” written next to them will already be set as “Hot Keys” for the mod. 
  • Next, select the interaction you wish to make “Hote Keys.” Press on Accept, allowing you to toggle the hotkey status for these interactions. 
  • You can go deeper into the menu by selecting the entry and pressing Accept. The list window will switch to show you the level of interaction instead. 

After the above process, you should be able to see the interactions directly under the “Nraas” menu in the game. 


The Nraas master controller is a must-have for your Sims 3 game. It shall make your game plate highly interesting and allow you to explore various new aspects within the game. The mastercontroller is not available in the Sims 4 nor in Sims 2. The Sims 3 nraas master controller will not function in the other games. Ensure that you download the updated version of the mod to avoid bugs and interference while playing.

Twallan’s master controller is also a mod that needs to be noted, as the benefits offered within this mod are pretty amazing. There are so many things you can do with these Master controllers. Experiment with the mods after the Sims 3 master controller download.

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