15 Best Sims 4 Belly Button Piercing CC & Mods (Downlaod) 2024

Sims 4 Belly Button Piercing

There has been a lot of custom content introduced in the game that is specifically for your sim’s appearance and would alter their personality in a huge way.

So the Sims 4 belly button piercing is one of the new additions that you’d absolutely love and enjoy trying out on your sims. Here are all the custom content that you can download as per your preference. 

Does Sims 4 Have Belly Button Piercings? 

Yes, there are several custom content for your belly button, so let’s take a look at all the belly piercing content that content creators have come up with to accessorize your sims in the best possible way. 

1. Belly Button Piercing

Belly Button Piercing

This belly button is quite a subtle one, but it makes your sims more gorgeous. It’s available in 19 styles and colors, such as yellow, blue, pink, purple, and so on. With this minimalist tummy ring, you can match them with their outfits and look pretty the entire day.

2. Bellybutton Piercings

Bellybutton Piercings

Now, this option isn’t as simple as the previous one because it demands attention with its four silver piercings in varied styles and designs. It’s a pretty modern and elegant look, which would look amazing on any female sim and compliment their personality to a T.

3. Mia8 Ts4 Piercing F03

Mia8 Ts4 Piercing F03

Here’s another cc, which offers a single piercing in the middle of the belly button and is available in 9 different colors. The piercing resembles a maple leaf and appears quite delicate, so sims who embody a similar trait or the ones who can carry this style should undoubtedly go for it.

4. Cascade Belly Piercing Custom Content

Cascade Belly Piercing Custom Content

The name of this cc is entirely accurate because the piercings featured in it look like a cascading waterfall with four piercings in a vertical line. They are available in white, black, silver, and golden color, so choose the one that you like or keep switching it up from time to time.

5. Star Belly Piercing Custom Content Set

Star Belly Piercing Custom Content Set

You might have already guessed what this belly piercing looks like. This custom content comes with a star shaped piercing, which is a favorite of every player because it can pair with any outfit and doesn’t steal the attention away from your sim as well. It’s available in white color only and is worth trying out.

6. Mandymayari Tummy Ring

Mandymayari Tummy Ring

We’ve covered the star shaped option, and now it’s time to talk about the excellent heart shaped belly chain along with a tummy piercing, which exudes a cool and hot vibe and makes your sim look stylish and fancy. It’s the perfect belly button ring if you wish to glam up your sim and make other sims’ heads turn.

7. Heart Belly Piercing

Heart Belly Piercing

Think of this cc as a simpler version of the one above because it features a single belly button ring in a heart shape, which is perfect for romantic sim or those who want something cute but sexy as well. This option can serve both purposes.

8. Star Piercing Pack

Star Piercing Pack

This is one of my favorite cc belly button rings because it offers a star shaped belly ring, which resembles a shining star because of the way it hangs from the piercing. There are 14 swatches available for this option, and it is HQ compatible as well. What more could you want?

9. Belly Button Piercing

Belly Button Piercing

The next cc on our list is this unisex tummy ring, which features a flower that both male and female sims can carry off. It offers two shades of colors, and there are a total of 10 color combinations that you can opt for. You can search for it in the Rings category.

10. Venus Skin with Navel Piercing

Venus Skin with Navel Piercing

Sometimes, a basic navel piercing can be enough to draw people’s attention because, as they say, excess of anything is harmful. Therefore, this cc by Pralinesims comes with 4 different female body skin versions, and all of them include a small belly button ring.

11. Daiya Belly Piercing

Daiya Belly Piercing

Did you ever think of getting a gemstone pierced in your belly button? If not, then here’s your chance to try it out on your sim and choose from the 16 colors available in gold and silver material. Trust me, this navel ring on a good body with abs would look heavenly, and you’d become obsessed with it.

12. Anchor Belly Button Piercing

Anchor Belly Button Piercing

You cannot miss out on this gorgeous and fabulous navel piercing, which features an anchor and comes along with a bikini so that you can keep your piercing on full display. You can get it in black, silver, white, and gold because these colors can complement any bikini color.

13. Zara Belly Piercing

Zara Belly Piercing

At first glance, this belly ring might look like an ordinarily curved barbell piercing; however, when you look at it carefully, you can see a stone studded at the bottom of the ring to make the design pop out. You can try it out in 5 different colors, and they are suitable for teen sims to elder ones as well.

14. Tear Belly Piercing

Tear Belly Piercing

As the name suggests, this piercing is designed to resemble a teardrop and is one of the sexiest and most breathtaking custom content among all others. It’s available in 26 swatches of gold and silver, so click on the link to download it right away.

15. Duo Belly Piercing

Duo Belly Piercing

If you’re not satisfied with just one piercing, then you can get a double navel ring, which is suitable for both male and female sims, so you can rest assured that your sims would grab all the limelight with this option.


Sims 4 belly button piercing is one of the most sought after accessories in the game because of the way it makes your sim look all cool and aloof while also adding a sexy quotient to their personality. Summertime is the best time to get these piercings because your sims can get a chance to show off their creativity in their beach body.

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