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Sims 4 Decade Challenge: Tips & Rules (Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Decades Challenge

The Sims 4 Decades Challenge will take you on a thrilling trip through time. Your Sims’ life is shaped as they adjust to the constraints and conventions of the age, as each period has its own distinct set of rules. Immerse yourself in the dynamic laws of each era, from the 1890s’ traditional practices to the 2010s’ modern liberties, and see how your Sims handle shifting social mores.

The task covers several generations, and when the children of your Sims mature, they are free to experiment with the laws of the new era. Experience the challenges and victories of every age, from the emergence of new technologies to the difficulties of war. 

Take on The Sims 4 Decades Challenge to see your Sims’ extraordinary journey as they adjust to and prosper in the ever-shifting currents of time.

What is The Sims Decades Challenge?

What is The Sims Decades Challenge?

Set the game in the 1890s and create rules appropriate for that period to begin The Sims Decades Challenge.

1. Follow particular guidelines for each decade as you play through the generations, moving ahead in time.

2. Keep going until the 2010s, when you’ll have finished the Challenge.

What Are The Decades Challenge Rules?

What Are The Decades Challenge Rules?

Players go through various eras as part of The Sims 4 Decades Challenge, each decade having its own rules. Your Sims must adhere to the particular laws of the decade they are in during the Challenge, but once their child reaches adulthood, they are free to do so. The guidelines for each decade of the Challenge are as follows:

The 1890s:

  • Sims can only date Sims with the same ethnicity and of the opposite gender.
  • Sims must cook and light with fireplaces and candles instead of electricity.
  • There is only one option for romantic connections; Woohoo encounters are prohibited; “Try for baby.”
  • Women who stay home with their children can make money via gardening.
  • Female children are only permitted to leave the home after they marry.
  • Heirs must be male, though their husbands may inherit if there are only female offspring.
  • Only wooden furniture; no showers, only baths are permitted.
  • The only ways for Sims to earn money are through painting, gardening, or carpentry.

The 1900s:

  • Indoor plumbing is permitted, but showers are not.
  • Sims can make use of furniture and electrical illumination.
  • Sims have access to photographs.
  • Wall decor is acceptable.
  • Jobs are now accessible for male Sims, and a performing (musical) career is now possible.
  • Among the objectives are reaching level 5 in the culinary arts and level 6 in the business profession.

The 1910s:

  • Male teen Sims must serve in the military before adulthood, with a random number determining their fate.
  • Male Sims can only start working once they’re adults, but you can imitate a leave of absence during a conflict by having them over.
  • Walls painted and carpets are acceptable.
  • If they are young adults, male Sims who marry female Sims must also serve in the military.
  • Male Sims can pursue careers in business, cooking, entertainment, and painting.
  • Male Sims who have served in battle must possess qualities such as being gloomy, hot-headed, or lazy.

The 1920s:

  • In this day and age, women can inherit.
  • Women might pursue careers as musicians or painters before having their first child.
  • Male Sims have two professional options: criminal justice (Boss Branch) or culinary arts (Mixologist Branch).

The 1930s:

  • Due to the Great Depression, all Sims lose their employment; for the first two weeks, they may only earn money by scavenging.
  • For extra difficulty, bills can only be paid once the water and electricity are turned off.
  • Adult Sims must possess qualities like melancholy, unreliable, or meanness.

The 1940s:

  • Male teenagers who play Sims must fight in a war, with a random number determining their fate.
  • Male Sims can only start working once they’re old enough to go to war.
  • Female Sims are required to work and can be athletes (bodybuilders), artists (masters of honesty), mixologists in the kitchen, or entertainers.

The 1950s:

  • TV viewing time is limited, and the cheapest PC is only permitted for writing. 
  • The first male and female offspring are sent to battle when they reach adulthood.
  • Sims who participated in conflict are given characteristics from the World Wars.

The 1960s:

  • Sims are sexually active without always becoming parents.
  • Same-gender relationships and multiracial relationships are both permitted.
  • Careers as an astronaut and a secret agent are now possible.

The 1970s:

  • Drafted Sims must have Survivor qualities and become Conscripts or Volunteer Nurses. 
  • The first two offspring of the family are sent to war through the cowplant. 
  • Homes can use furniture and better television.

The 1980s:

  • Children born in the 1980s may exhibit features of ambition, snobbery, perfectionism, or self-assurance.
  • Video games and cell phones are permitted, and at least one Sim needs to be operational.

The 1990s:

  • Accessible devices include laptops and mobile phones.
  • Sims must stay in a safe house they built in their basement for three days.
  • The fad of this decade is play dates.

The 2000s:

  • TVs with flat screens are permitted.
  • Male Sims can take time off from work after having a child.
  • All professions are accepted.

The 2010s:

  • Same-sex unions are permitted. 
  • To finish the task is the objective.

Players can experience the dynamic laws of each period in The Sims 4 Decades Challenge, accepting each decade’s extraordinary possibilities and challenges. Enjoy the historical tour and see how your Sims adapt to social mores!

Sims 4 Decades Challenge Mods

Using cheats or mods that give an unfair advantage can detract from the Challenge’s intended difficulty and authenticity. The Sims 4 Decades Challenge is meant to be a demanding and immersive experience. One mod, nevertheless, comes highly recommended and can significantly improve gameplay without jeopardizing the Challenge’s integrity.

For the Decades Challenge, Deaderpool’s MC Command Center is a requirement. As a time-saving measure, this compelling program automates several game-related tasks that would otherwise require manual management. These are some of the main characteristics of this mod:

1. Lifespan Customization

The MC Command Center makes it simple to change how long each stage of a Sim’s life lasts. This lets you personalize the Challenge to suit your interests and synchronizes the aging process with the timeline of the given decade.

2. Pregnancy parameters

The mod can alter pregnancy parameters, giving you more flexibility over family planning in various historical periods. This is particularly helpful in upholding historical accuracy or confronting limitations.

3. Relationships possibilities

The MC Command Center provides more relationship possibilities, enabling you to experience era-forbidden loves if you want to explore different narratives. The Decades Challenge may limit relationships based on the era’s societal conventions.

4. Occult Restrictions

Depending on your chosen decade, you might want to limit the appearance of extraterrestrial creatures like vampires or aliens. You can control the frequency and appearance of using the mod.

5. A Variety of Other Capabilities

Besides the abovementioned capabilities, the MC Command Center has many other settings and options that can be tailored to your particular Decades Challenge playthrough.

You may control several gaming components more efficiently by using the MC Command Center, resulting in a task that is easier and more fun to complete. However, it’s important to use discipline and refrain from utilizing additional cheat mods that can dilute the Decades Challenge’s intent and spirit. 

Accept the Challenge as it is meant to be taken, and let The Sims 4 Decades Challenge enrich your trip through time with the MC Command Center.

Changing The Sims 4’s Decade Challenge’s Rules

Changing The Sims 4's Decade Challenge's Rules

A rich and immersive gaming experience is provided by The Sims 4 Decades Challenge, which includes visual adjustments and significant rules that affect your Sims’ lives throughout the Challenge. 

Players can change specific elements to suit their preferences and playstyle better because it is a self-imposed challenge. Consider implementing the following adjustments into the Challenge if you want to give it additional depth and realism:

1. Battle-Related Consequences: 

You can add more effects for individuals returning from battle to imitate further how war affects your male Sims. Consider adding a period of emotional instability or despair following their return that will impair their daily interactions and mood in addition to the necessary feature.

2. Female Sims in War: 

Include female Sims in the big wars to broaden the Challenge’s reach. Consider extending this to other wars, such as World War Two or the Vietnam War, since you’ve previously mentioned the oldest daughter serving as a volunteer nurse in the Korean War. Each battle experience could present different difficulties and opportunities for your Sims to grow as people.

3. Inheritance Laws: 

Modify the inheritance laws to consider how society has evolved. Consider altering the customary male heir norms of earlier times by enabling female Sims to inherit the family’s legacy and fortune in later ages.

4. Relationships and Marriage: 

The Decades Challenge might first place limitations on relationships and marriage based on historical accuracy, but these limitations can be gradually loosened as society advances. As the years pass, be open to same-gender weddings, multiracial couples, and even non-marital partnerships.

5. Employment Opportunities: 

As the problem becomes more complex and affects later decades, embrace the evolving workforce. Provide male Sims with the choice to become stay-at-home fathers or pursue roles often held by women while allowing female Sims to explore a broader range of employment alternatives.

6. Support Off-the-Grid Gaming: 

Use Sims 4 lot features that permit off-the-grid living in past generations to increase the Challenge’s realism. Encourage the usage of off-the-grid fixtures like outdoor latrines, candles, and fires to evoke prior eras’ rudimentary technology.

Remember that the Decades Challenge is a creative project, so you can customize it to reflect your preferences for vision and storytelling. By making these improvements, you may improve the Challenge’s storyline and provide a more engaging gameplay experience that spans the cultural and social development of the 20th century.

How do I complete Sims 4’s Decades Challenge?

To complete the decade’s Challenge in The Sims 4, proceed as follows:

  • Establish particular guidelines for each decade starting in the 1890s.
  • Adhere to the decade’s laws up until the youngster reaches adulthood.
  • Adopt new regulations as we enter the next decade.
  • Repetition of the procedure for every generation.


Players are immersed in each century’s changing laws and social mores in The Sims 4 Decades Challenge, which takes them on an exciting trip through time. Experience the pleasures and challenges your Sims encounter as they adjust to the ever-changing times, from the constricting 1890s to the dynamic 2010. 

Players can change certain features to add depth and realism, even though adhering to the Challenge’s criteria offers an authentic and compelling experience. Remember to avoid cheating and gaining unfair advantages to preserve the Challenge’s integrity. As your Sims change, embrace the MC Command Center mod to improve gameplay and take the historical tour!


Which Sims 4 mod is essential for the decade’s Challenge?

The MC Command Center by Deaderpool is the essential mod for the Sims 4 decades challenge. Managing connections and occults and setting lifespan and pregnancy parameters are among the time-saving activities made more accessible by this.

What may be distilled from The Sims 4 Decades Challenge?

Playing through many periods, each with its own set of laws is part of the Sims 4 decades challenge. Players begin in the 1890s and advance through time, adjusting to shifting social standards and limitations with each new generation.

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