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Sims 4 Easy Steps To Fix Script Call Failed Error (Complete Guide) 2024

The Sims 4 Script Call Failed

Playing The Sims 4 and getting the dreaded “Script Call Failed” error might be annoying and leave you looking for a fix. The majority of the time, this error message denotes problems with your game’s data files, system preferences, or broken mods and custom content (CC). Players frequently observe issues with doors, furniture, or other interactive game features when this error occurs.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the causes of the “Script Call Failed” error and provide step-by-step instructions for fixing it. We have you covered with thorough troubleshooting procedures to get your game back up and running correctly, whether you’re dealing with out-of-date mods, mod compatibility problems, damaged game files, overlay settings interference, or troublesome installation files. 

Script Call Failed: What Does It Mean?

Script Call Failed: What Does It Mean?         

The error message “Script Call Failed” denotes problems with your game files or perhaps damaged system settings or mods. While running across this error, you can experience issues with doors, furniture, or malfunctioning custom content (CC). 

Entries, for instance, could vanish or display other relevant problems. Consider doing the following actions to address this to fix the issue and make your game more functional.

Why are my Sims reporting that the script call failed?

The following are the causes of a failed Script call:

Outdated or damaged script modifications

The “Script Call Failed” issue may appear if there are mods present that haven’t been updated to function with the new material.

Mod compatibility problems

The error may be caused by mods created for Sims 4 versions earlier than the most recent one.

Missing or damaged game files

The error may appear if there are damaged or missing game files, which would interfere with the game’s operation.

Interference from overlay settings

The Sims 4 may be affected by overlay settings on gaming platforms like Steam and Origin. These options can be disabled to fix the problem.

Outdated or incompatible display drivers

Using obsolete or inconsistent display drivers may be hampered by playing a game properly.

Incorrectly set installation files

The “Script Call Failed” error can also be brought on by problems with the game’s installation files, such as corruption or damage.

‘Script Call Failed’ Error in The Sims 4

1. Fix the Sims 4 game files

Fix the Sims 4 game files

If you’re having trouble placing or interacting with furniture in The Sims 4 and getting the “Script Call Failed” message, there may be a problem with the game files, such as corruption or missing files.

This can happen due to poor installation, which may have been impacted by issues with the internet connection during the download, such as inconsistent download speeds, packet loss, or brief network disconnections.

You may fix your Sims 4 game files fast and easily by using the file repair feature offered by the Steam, Origin, and Epic Games launchers.

Customers of Steam:

   a. Open Steam and go to your game collection.

   b. In the list of games, find The Sims 4 and right-click on it.

   c. Click “Properties” and “Local Files” in the left-hand menu.

   d. Select “Verify Integrity of game files”.

For users of Origin:

    a. Start the Origin Launcher, then select “My Game Library.”

    b. Right-click on The Sims 4 and choose “Repair.”

For users of the Epic Games Launcher:

    a. Launch the Epic Games Launcher, then select “Library.”

    b. Right-click on The Sims 4 and choose “Manage.”

    c. Select “Verify” from the menu.

Any corrupted or missing game files will be examined and repaired throughout the file repair procedure. The launcher will provide a message once the repair is finished letting you know how it went.

Restart the Sims 4 game after fixing the game’s files to see if the “Script Call Failed” error still occurs. If the problem persists, investigate alternative remedies to fix it.

2. Disable Custom Content and Script Mods

If the “Script Call Failed” issue is still present, it can result from incompatible or malfunctioning mods and custom content (CC). Disable modifications and CC to see if the error disappears to confirm if they are the causes.

  • Launch The Sims 4 on your Windows computer.
  • In the Start menu, select the three-dot Options button.
  • Choose “Game Options” from the left menu and click on the “Other” category.
  • De-select “Enable Custom Content and Mods” and “Script Mods Allowed.”
  • To save the changes, click “Apply Changes”.
  • Restart the game and interact with the furnishings to see if the problem still occurs. If that stops happening, it means that the modifications or CC were to blame for the problem.

3. Remove the Incompatible Mod or Custom Content

If the issue is fixed by removing mods and CC, determine which particular mod or custom content is at fault. This can be achieved by gradually removing mods and cheat codes while testing the game between each removal.

  • Shut off the game on your Windows PC (Steam/Origin/Epic Games Launcher) and any related background activities.
  • Click the Start button and type “This PC” to launch it.
  • Locate the “Electronic Arts” folder by clicking “My Documents” and then “My Folders.”
  • First, open the “Mods” folder, then the “The Sims 4” folder.
  • Restart the game after each mod/CC removal to start.
  • Play the game and interact with the furnishings to look for “Script Call Failed” errors.
  • Remove your mods in tiny batches if you have many of them to help you find the problematic one(s).
  • Once the offender has been identified, go to the mod/CC website to obtain a replacement or an updated version, then add it to the mods folder.

Note: To ensure all mods are compatible, repeat the process if necessary. The “Script Call Failed” many mods or CCs may bring on problems.

4. Back up your Electronic Arts Documents Folder

If updating mods/CC or removing them fixes the “Script Call Failed” error, you can prevent it from happening again by backing up your Electronic Arts folder and following the proper security steps while updating your mods/CC.

  • Give your original Electronic Arts folder a new name to help you distinguish it, such as Electronic Arts Old.
  • Open Origin and check if you are connected to the internet by selecting “Go Offline” from the Origin drop-down menu.
  • Go to “My Game Library,” right-click The Sims 4, and choose “Repair.”
  • Launch the game after the repair is complete, navigate to “Game Options,” and confirm that script mods and custom content are enabled.
  • If you haven’t already, check the boxes for “Script Mods Allowed” and “Enable Custom Content and Mods.”
  • Apply the modifications and quit the game.

Your old, renamed folder should appear as “Electronic Arts Old” in Documents alongside the brand-new “Electronic Arts.” The Script Call Failed error ought to be fixed as a result, and it shouldn’t recur.

However, you’ll see that the “Mods” section in this updated Electronic Arts folder lacks any mod files. You must manually check for the latest versions of CC and mods by downloading them once again if you wish to continue using them. 

All of your recently downloaded mods should be unzipped and placed in “Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods” (avoid touching or pasting anything into Electronic Arts Old). Alternatively, you can fix your CC and broken mods.

5. Fix Your Faulty Mods/CC

It’s time to fix your mods and CC if you want to keep using them to avoid getting the Script Call Failed message. You can still utilize your old mods from the Electronic Arts Old folder you renamed after backing up your Electronic Arts folder because starting from scratch can be intimidating. 

Fix Your Faulty Mods/CC

Then, you may only remove and replace the modules to blame for the Script Call Failed problem.

  • You can attempt to complete the task manually by copying small batches of content from “Electronic Arts Old > The Sims 4 > Mods” to “Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.”
  • Every time you start the game, look for errors to find problematic files.
  • It’s vital to copy in tiny batches because copying several files will make it more challenging to figure out which one is the problem.
  • As an alternative, you can trace problematic files that might be the source of the Script Call Failed error using detector mods or apps. Trey Importer and Better Exceptions Mod are two choices.
  • Trey Importer identifies the mod or CC that is the source of the issue and allows you to remove it, which resolves the problem. The Sims 4 Trey Importer tool is available for download. Similar work is done by Better Exceptions Mod, which assists you in finding broken mods and CC so you can either update or remove them.

6. Install The Sims Once More

You might think about restoring the files to their standard settings or reinstalling the game if none of those mentioned above solutions works and the Script Call Failed problem still appears. This ought to be your last option.

  • Always back up your Sims 4 folder to protect your game progress and game files before reinstalling.
  • Give the Sims 4 folder in “Documents > Electronic Arts” a new name to help you distinguish it, such as Sims 4 Old.
  • To create a new folder, start the game.

Test the new folder to see if the error has been fixed, and if necessary, restore your original folder holding your game backup data.

To avoid data loss, always back up your game files before updating or reinstalling the game.


In The Sims 4, the “Script Call Failed” error can be irritating, ruining gameplay and breaking doors, furniture, and custom content (CC). Finding the correct answers requires understanding the various causes, such as out-of-date mods, mod compatibility issues, missing game files, overlay settings interference, out-of-date display drivers, or poorly set installation files.

This manual includes a step-by-step procedure for dealing with the “Script Call Failed” error. We’ve covered a variety of options, from fixing game files via Steam, Origin, or Epic Games launchers to turning off custom content and script mods for troubleshooting.

We also looked at manual techniques and functional detector modules like Trey Importer and Better Exceptions Mod to detect incompatible mods or CC, back up and update the Electronic Arts folder, and fix broken mods or CC.

Reinstalling The Sims 4 can be a last resort if all else fails, but always back up your game files to prevent data loss. With these options available, you can now fix the “Script Call Failed” error and resume having a flawless and enjoyable Simming experience. Cheers to simming!

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