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How To Stand Still In CAS In The Sims 4? (Guide) 2023

How To Stand Still In CAS In The Sims 4

Many players face problems when trying to make their sims stand still in the CAS column. Many creators came up with a solution for this problem. The only reason why people face trouble with this glitch is that when they are editing and customising their characters, they keep moving. Hence, it can be bothersome if your characters are not standing still when working on them.

To see all of their features and their bodies, you need the characters to be in a still position. Keep reading this article if you want to eliminate movements and make your characters stand still in your CAS column

Mod to make your characters stand still in CAS:

There is a mod to make your characters stand still and enable no moving in CAS. A modder named MizoreYukii created this mod. This mod is a fantastic creation that can solve your problem instantly. Many people have used this mod in the past, and it has excellent reviews from everyone. More than 1,60,000 users have downloaded this mod already. If you wish to download it too, you can do so via this link:

Mod to make your characters stand still in CAS:

There is also a stand still in cas toddlers. There are two versions of this CC. However, you cannot download both of them at once. Therefore, you will have to choose between the Shimrod stand still, and the shooksims stand still mod. Both of these mods are great and have some different functions. We have listed the functions of both of these mods below:


The cc will eliminate all your Sims’ movements when they are in the CAS column. This cc will make sure that your sims are standing still when working on them and don’t jump around all move in any manner. A great thing about this mod is that it will allow your Sim to move only when you want it to. Therefore, when customising their walking styles, you can make your Sim walk to check these animations.


This model will also eliminate any unnecessary movements that your sins do in CAS. However, one different thing is that you can ask your Sims to react whenever you want them to. This feature means that they will only move on your command. Not just animations, but they will also do various poses so that you can see your customisations better. This mod makes it so much smoother to work with CAS.

How to install the standstill mod in Sims 4

Follow the steps below if you want to know how to install the standstill mod:

  • Firstly, you need to download this mod from the official website.
  • Save the mod files in a zip folder.
  • After that, unzip your files.
  • Save these unzipped files into your Sims four mods folder.
  • Whenever you add a new CC to your game, remember to clear out your localthumbcache so that there are no glitches or conflicts when using your mod.

We hope that this article helps you solve your problem with the Sims 4 stand still in CAS.

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