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Uthgardt Tribe Member Background | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2023)

Uthgardt Tribe Member
Uthgardt Tribe Member

Want to fulfill your soul’s desire for wanderlust? Then you are in the right place at the right time. As a uthgardt tribe member, you’ll get to explore unknown mystical lands, and make allies with different people. So read this article of barbarian tribe member background and envision the character at its best.

Background of Uthgardt Tribe Member

Despite your arrival in these well-renowned lands, you were not foreign to the customs practiced here. You share the same integrity as others and thus have to face no repercussions. You’d rather invite cordial cooperation among those who aspire for supremacy. You are well versed with the ideals of the Uthgardt tribe, just like a legitimate member.

As a barbarian tribe member 5 tradition is the key concern of your people; they never let go of their old ways. These traditions are the sole reason why your tribe hasn’t collapsed like the rest, who are not just ravages and ruins due to the chaos that assembled them. The temptation to live a settled life has been following for generations now. The people now have started dealing in exchange, maintaining peace, and even building their towns and cities. Maybe they are getting inspired by the Far Traveller background?

Becoming a chosen one in the Uthgardt tribe opens new possibilities for a person. They seem to rise their totems around other members of the tribe and become a living example of power. They have to keep recollecting their origin, like where they came from and what defines them. The chosen guided its members by keeping the old ways alive, and influenced people as they abandoned their soft ways of civilization.

You grew among the settled people, but now they have abandoned you as they are now walking along the former’s path. You might belong to the community and keep following their ways. Still, you have a vision to bring honor to your people, by becoming an adventurer and achieving heights.

Uthgardt Tribe Attributes

  • Skill Proficiencies – Athletics or Acrobatics, Survival Tactics
  • Tool Proficiencies – A musical instrument or artisan’s tools.
  • Languages – As per your choice (the dialect of Illuskan, famously known as Bothie)
  • Equipment: A hunting trap, a totemic token or pair of tattoos marking your loyalty to Uthgar and your tribal totem, pair of traveler’s clothes, and a pouch enclosing ten GP.

Detailed Information

Race – Human
Regions - Savage Frontier, Northwest Faerûn
Language – Bothie
Deities - Uthgar and the various totem beasts, Tempus, Chauntea, the Gods of Fury
Common Classes – Barbarians
Average height - Tall for a human
Hair color– Black
Eye color- Blue
Typical build - Large


On a more critical note, the Uthgardt never counted on the “civilized” folks living around the Northern side’s edge. They were just a raid source for them and never really shared any form of intercommunication with their tribes.

Despite the giants being a part of their community, their disgust for them never ceased. However, the orcs’ hatred was above all else.

Feature and Classes

Barbarian Tribes of Faerûn

The outlander origin is parallel as he originally belongs among the tribes of Faerûn and connects his source to the barbarian sections.

You hail from Reghed Glacier situated along the northern lines of Icewind Dale. Also, you are a barbarian with blonde hair and have masqueraded yourself as Rashemi. Your savagery and hidden faced sorcerers are renowned.

There’s a possibility that your hometown Chondalwood is among the elves community. It might be in the human clans Chult residing in the twisted jungles and hate sorcery.

Suggested Characteristics of 5e uthgardt tribe member

Some characteristics are mentioned below that you can use and modify them according to your identity’s suitable needs.

D8 Options For Personality Traits
1.Wanderlust is the reason behind my far adventures from home.
2.I'm overprotective of my friends and keep a keen eye on them for their safety.
3.I ran twenty-five miles once without looking back to deliver the warning to my people of an incoming orc horde. I would still do it if I can
4.Every problematic situation teaches me a lesson. It's nature's way of telling me to survive.
5.I never bother about money or manners as they can't save you from dying.
6.I remain preoccupied with things by extracting them or sometimes breaking them.
7.Animals are more comfortable to be around than humans.
8.Wolves raised me.

Uthgardt – Bonds

D6 Options For Bond
1.My kin, lineage, and my people are my key concern though distance sets us afar.
2.Any rebellion against my home is a personal injury to me.
3.I will avenge my people off and will bring catastrophe against those who destroyed my clan.
4.As I'm the only person left alive in my tribe, the legacy of carrying it forward falls upon my shoulders.
5.I have visions and will do anything to prevent them from happening.
6.It's my responsibility to have offspring to continue my clan's legacy.


D6 Options For Ideal
1.Change: Life reflects seasons, as it's continually changing, and the change must take place with us well. (Chaotic)
2.Greater Good: Every individual is responsible for bringing happiness to the tribe. (Good)
3.Honor: If any dishonor gets inflicted on me, then it dishonors my community too. (Lawful)
4.Might: The strong always rule. (Evil)
5.Nature: Natural world is more central than a constructive one. (Neutral)
6.Glory: Glory should be won through the battle to honor my people and my land (Any)


D6 Options For Flaws
1.I get easily tempted by intoxicants like ale, wine, etc.
2.Without risk, life is lifeless.
3.I hold grudges against the ones who contradicted and questioned me.
4.I have a hard time trusting people belonging to some other race and ethnicity.
5.Violence always is my central action against any threat.
6.I believe that the strong are not responsible for saving the weak. It's the natural way to make the strong prevail and perish the weak.

Even though your tribe now isolates you, you still believe in the morals they uphold and continue practicing them. Like you vow never to cut down a tree or harm a living thing. You’ll not even tolerate seeing someone doing the same in your presence. The ancestral mounds of your tribe, are all that you will protect and respect as they are sacred to you and your people.

The value of you as an individual deems upon the fact of your bond with your members. Your beliefs, ideals, and philosophy are what make you a part of Uthgar culture. You follow the tribe’s philosophies as it’s personal and does not violate your code of honor. It defines your existence and your people’s ethos.

Uthgardt Tribes and Their Territories

Below you’ll come across the territories of the Uthgardt which’ll provide you with rich details about their available regions. You retain the freedom to choose your preferred affiliation as it suits you.

Their culture’s survival and history stemmed deep upon the fact regarding their site of settled ancestral mounds. But these holy sites have existed since time immemorial, but the outcome of fortunes has instead been static. Below are some stated territories and their consequent classes.

  • Blue Bear: The destruction of Blue Bear, located among the far stretch eastside was more than a hundred years ago. They recently emerged from the forests and took the ancestral mound along the lines of the stone stand. One can see a moon pass on the south and forests around the north side. These blue bears have reestablished their holds on these lands again and have returned to prominence. But they keep wary of the hell gatekeep and associates it with taboos.
  • Black Lion and Red Tiger: Situated near the northern side of the Blue Bear lands resides the Black Lion and Red Tigers. Their ancestral mound settlement around Beorunna’s Well of the Glimmering Wood. This place was occupied under them just a few hours ago, who have now ratified their claim here rather than living a life of a nomad. Some feel uncomfortable living a settled life and therefore continue living as nomads. They frequent Beorunna’s Well and live off as hunters by selling leather and furs that they find in forests. They also have remarked Beorunna as their holy site, and they try to make the best of things through that.
  • Sky Pony: In the faraway lands of Glimmerwood, also known as Moonwood, is where the tribesmen of sky pony reside. This population is a victim of division, but those who have stayed have successfully found a permanent place to live. They have built a steady foundation just like Beorunna’s Well. But envy overtakes these settlements who launch a raid on them because of the insult they face upon their emulation. They raid them with the help of Pegasus and commit arson to destroy their livelihood.
  • Tree Ghost: Into the forests’ deep trails exists the Grandfather tree and the old ridge of the tree ghosts inhabitants. The tree ghosts separated from Blue Bear ages ago and started, living in the forests. They might be discovered around the Grandfather tree or have remnants of them alive. Sages speculate that blue bears might be the tree ghosts living in solitude and fighting for survival by reaching the totem’s call.
  • Great Worm: It’s located around snow-capped mountains of the north. With a spike of the southern world in the circle of Evermoors exists the Great Worm population who have the cliffs heritage of worm craven. They are indifferent and notorious, and they can’t raid or get raided for twenty years as it goes against the Spine Mountains’ morals.
  • Black Raven: A taboo place like World Mountains with people freely roaming the globe is the Black Ravens. Its known for their fanatical stance in the old ways of practicing their beliefs. They originally belong to raving rock and have their race heap placed inside the mountains. For many years they’ve been sending raiding parties to Silverymoon, mostly targeting caravans arising from Mithral Hall.
  • Elk: Most of the pebbles amid Evermoors are the lineage knoll belonging to the elk civilization. The primary profession of these elks was riders, and they were prolific in them. Their fame spreads as far as Nesme and Mithral Hall, but the elks have demolished many decades using excessive force. But these people have reemerged from the dead and mostly carry their duties as hunters and foragers. They are masters because of their survival tactics and in their ability to repulse any threats against Evermoors. They provide a layer of protection by repeatedly engaging themselves to become guides for the nonnatives.
  • Thunderbeast: The thunder beast folk had disappeared for decades. Whenever their annual pilgrimage to their chieftain tool place, the thunder beasts dived into the deep grounds of High Forest. Since then, no one hear or saw them.
  • Gray Wolf: Various lycanthropes made the grey wold tribe but came upon the Selenite crusade’s destructive hands. The curse of the drive brought massive catastrophe upon their lives, killing thousands. Other societies provided refuge and means of survival to them.
  • Griffon: The griffon culture faced unfortunate events whenever they rose against the Luruar allied forces, who accompanied monstrous giants and orcs. They are now extinct.
  • Red Pony and Golden Eagle: According to the tales of red pony and golden eagles, societies vanished centuries ago. However, we can’t rediscover their remnants yet. The last recall is in the proximity of the one stone, like the sky pony people.
  • Heritage: You possess knowledge not only about your own culture as a barbarian tribe member 5e but also of others. From the north’s far stretches to the south’s light rails, you have intricate knowledge about their terrains and natural resources. You also have experience of those places essential for your survival, like producing food and providing shelter. And due to your insight, you can forage there whenever you want. You know, this reminds me of the D&D Archaeologist  with their magnifying glass looking for artifacts. Doesn’t it? 
Uthgardt Tribe Member
Uthgardt Tribe Member


Understanding uthgardt tribe member is challenging, but your insightful thinking helps you to survive the chaos of your ravished community. So we hope  this article of barbarian tribe member background provided you with the necessary details about the character.

After exploring the barbarian tribe member background, you must prepare yourself to dwell among the lands of elves, orcs, and Pegasus and find your purpose to leave a legacy. If you wish to try out other escapades, you can always rely on Gameizmo

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