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Warlock 5e guide

Dungeons & Dragons is a game that lets you do things that you cannot do in real life. Moreover, this game is something that involves adventures through the tall mountains, making pacts, fighting bugbears, and so much more. Also, in this particular game, the Warlocks are among the most versatile beings or classes. So, in this particular blog, we will discuss more the Warlock 5E or the 5th Generation DnD Warlocks.

In essence, the 5E Warlock class is perfect for the players that require boosting the overall combat skills by making use of magic or focusing their skills by being a spellcaster. However, there are several things that you need to understand before transforming into a warlock in the game. Let us know more about this class before you make a decision.

Warlock 5e Table

Hit Points

A warlock gets a 1d8 Hit Dice per level, and Hit Points (first level) = 8 +  Constitution Modifier. However, at the later levels, Hit Points are equal to 1d8(or 5) + Constitution Modifier per its level.


A warlock gets the following proficiencies: Light armor, Simple weapons, Wisdom & Charisma Saving throws, and any two skills (from Arcana, Deception, History, Intimidation, Investigation, Nature, and Religion).


Following equipment are given to a warlock at the start of the game:

  • Light Crossbow and 20 bolts, or any simple weapon.
  • Arcane focus or component pouch
  • Dungeoneer’s pack or scholar’s pack
  • Leather armor, two daggers, and any simple weapon.

Otherworldly Patron

This feature makes a warlock a WARLOCK. At the start of the game, you get to make a deal with an otherwordly being, giving you additional features as detailed later in this blog.

Ability Score Improvement

As the name suggests, this feature increases any one ability score by 2 points, or you can increase two ability scores by one end. You can only use it five times per game: once at the 4th level, 8th level, 12th level, 16th level, and 19th level.

Mystic Arcanum

A gift from your patron. Using this, you can cast a high-level spell without wasting any spell slot.

However, there is a limitation on its use. You can only use one 6th level spell at the 11th level (of your Warlock), one 7th level spell at the 13th level, one 8th level spell at the 15th level, and one 9th level spell at the 17th level.

Eldritch Master

The last feature for warlock class. This grants you the ability to revive all your used spell slots with the help of your patron.

LevelProficiency BonusFeaturesCantrips KnownSpells KnownSpell SlotsSlot Level
1St+2Otherworldly Patron, Pact Magic221St
2nd+2Eldritch Invocations2321St
3rd+2Pact Boon2422nd
4th+2Ability Score Improvement3522nd
6th+3Otherworldly Patron feature3723rd
8th+3Ability Score Improvement3924th
10th+4Otherworldly Patron feature41025th
11th+4Mystic Arcanum (6th level)41135th
12th+4Ability Score Improvement41135th
13th+5Mystic Arcanum (7th level)41235th
14th+5Otherworldly Patron feature41235th
15th+5Mystic Arcanum (8th level)41335th
16th+5Ability Score Improvement41335th
17th+6Mystic Arcanum (9th level)41445th
19th+6Ability Score Improvement41545th
20th+6Eldritch Master41545th

Warlock Guide 5E: Abilities, Skills, Weapons, and Feats Abilities


The Warlocks functions on Charisma unless your character is not opting for “Hexblade” instead of taking up “Pact of the Blade.” More abilities that this class inhibits as follows:

  • Str: It is a dump stat for warlocks, but the combat can use it a bit to prevent grapples and other related troubles. However, if your character is a heavily armored warlock, you might use some strength, but it is still more comfortable with hexblade as you can concentrate on Charisma.
  • Dex: The Hexblades use Charisma to attack and damage; hence don’t need dex but other warlocks still need 14 Dexterity points to boost their AC.
  • Con: Every character requires hit points, but warlocks don’t need them as they can rely on the Fiendish Vigor for boosting hp points. But one should not skip on Constitution.
  • Int: It is a dump stat for warlocks if you don’t have any knowledge skills, but in case one has, then they can use it a bit.
  • Wis: Warlocks only need wisdom for saves.
  • Cha: Charisma is the prominent ability of warlocks as they use it for Spells.


The following pointers contain the warlock’s skills, and they are:

  • Arcana (Int): It is one of the most crucial skills for warlocks in dungeons and dragons.
  • Deception (Cha): As the warlocks function on Charisma, which is a Face skill, then deception is also very crucial for them.
  • History (Int): It is a situational skill but is inoperative for many game campaigns.
  • Intimidation (Cha): Again, Intimidation is crucial for face skills because warlocks mainly condition themselves with Charisma.
  • Investigation (Int): Warlocks don’t have enough intelligence to provide justice to this skill, but it can still come in handy.
  • Nature (Int): Again, a knowledge skill that is helpful as Nature helps your character to find the creatures, which would eventually diminish as you go higher in the game.
  • Religion (Int): Religion is also one of the most crucial knowledge skills in dungeons and dragons.


Before moving ahead, you must know that only Blade Pact warlocks require weapons, which means only Hexblades can use them. Although your weaponry choice doesn’t matter much, as Pact of the Blade gives you chances to change your armors unless you have a magically bound weapon. In that case, you can choose any weapon according to the situation.

Hexblades, on the other hand, are proficient with shields, and with its low hit dice, it is a better option any day. The whip is also a better option as it is one-handed, and you don’t have to be at your enemies’ reach to attack with it. Moreover, you can hold the shield in your other hand.


Meanwhile the following pointers contain certain specific feats, which are crucial and essential for you to know. They are:

  • Alert: Warlocks get few spell slots and hence if they go first, then they will have the upper hand in getting their effects up and running even before your enemies can react.
  • Actor: As being Charisma as a significant ability, this feat can further allow you to improve your skills more.
  • Crossbow experts: Warlocks are exceptional when it comes to crossbows.
  • Great Weapon Master: This class is undoubtedly great at using heavy two-handed weapons.
  • Lucky: They are a part of one of the luckiest classes, which benefits everyone.
  • Resilient: Warlocks are resilient as they have Constitution as their saves, and hence it improves concentration.
  • Polearm Masters: This class is proficient in making use of their polearms.
  • Tough: Hexblades can get considered as tough as other warlocks don’t have higher hit points.

DND 5E Warlock: Protection

With the DND beyond warlock, the prime objective should be to stay up and running while keeping alive the party members as well. Also, depending on the patron you have selected, it might be bad or good for you. If you have decided to get yourself a stronger ally, you need to offer protection as well. Similarly, this rule applies to paladin guide 5e wherein your patron would be the deciding factor of your future journey.

Now, there are several ways to do the same:

  • Select Patron for Life: Warlock DND states that you should select a patron that is for life such as undying, archfey, as well as celestial patrons to serve as helpful characters. Apart from this, the spell list also includes healing, revival, as well as protection spells.
  • Kill Enemies: On the other end, you can choose to hone your existing skills as a warrior & protector. Here, you can select patrons such as Fiend, Hexblade, or the popular Great Old to be strong in your approach. They can also help you select the squishier members for your party.

Warlock DND Combat Mode

The 2nd objective in the Dungeons and Dragons game is to actually kick ass & be in the combat mode. Here is how it can be done.

  • Select the spells & invocations wisely: Now, this particular advice in the warlock DND game goes without a doubt. It doubles up if you are a Tome warlock. So, make sure you consider the DM’s campaign while selecting the spells. Try to select the spells that can help weaken or harm the enemies.

To provide direct damage, you can opt for a popular combination for the warlocks that are the Hex, which should be followed by the eldritch spam blast. Also, keep in mind that having the Hex around provides bonus actions. Moreover, with the help of proper invocations, one can really amp up the one thing known as “Eldritch Blast.” With the Eldritch Blast, it isn’t always necessary to have the spell slots to be present in reserve. While you might not be leading any ambush, you might actually want to lead combat with a spell that produces casualty.

Area of Effect

According to the warlock DND, the warlocks do not have access to a lot of the AOE options. However, spells such as Hunger of Hadar and Create Bonfire, when combined together with the repelling blasts, can actually make your foes fail to drive away from the terrain. Remember, you might only hold the action up until the foe leaves your spell affected area. Also, you might call the allies and shove your opponents back into the AOE.

Remember to do these things as a pact of the Blade 5E

  • Fight Smart: When fighting as a warlock, it might actually be tempting for you to select a damage inflicting spell. So, you might actually be better selecting something that disorients, weakens, or even scares the opponents. Minor fear and illusion tend to be a great example of the same. In terms of warlock optimization, the perfect warlock combo will get you an ability to check through the magical darkness. Consequently, it can also create havoc amid the allies. However, it might actually be necessary for the warlock to escape/hit the foe with the Eldritch Blast.
  • Use the Weapons You Have: All the players get access to a weapon. So, basically, you aren’t just any simple spellcaster, you actually are a warrior. Make sure you use your weapon. In case you have access to a round for prep, make use of the same as well. Opting for a true strike might help as well.

Warlocks Pacts: Utility

Apart from the combat, you might ask, how well will being a warlock fare? Well, this depends on the character as well as the stats. With a particularly high Charisma, it is sure that the character you have might become the party’s face. Alos, if you go ahead and plan to get this done via the correct background, you can also serve an additional utility right outside of the combat. Do not shy away from stepping forward and talking sweet to the people and stealth around to simply eavesdrop.

When starting as a D&D warlock, make sure you aren’t afraid to select a spell that is of the non-combat type. As your spellbook is low in terms of space, you mustn’t actually feel obliged that you need to stuff the same with offensive spells. For instance, the potential to scare, charm people, or even turn invisible tends to be something darn hardy. When combined with the “Mask of Many Faces,” one can help you avoid several combats via clever usage.

Warlock Patrons: Spell & Abilities Selection

Your warlock character’s patron tends to play a critical part in the features, spells, & invocations they might have. So, keep in mind that you need to select your options wisely.

However, when at the 3rd level, your warlock invocations will come across another crossroad that can help shape the warlock archetypes as warriors. So, there are a total of three different pact types & how they could affect the character.

  • Pact of the Chain 5E: By transitioning into a warlock with the help of the chain pact, you have managed to gain an ability that allows you to summon familiars. They will do all your bidding. In general, your familiars tend to be otherworldly & can easily give you amazing advantages during battles and adventures.
  • Pact of the Tome: In case your patron has provided you the grimoire, it will contain 3 cantrips that come from different spell lists. Furthermore, these cantrips cannot be acquired from the warlock build spell list. They also don’t acquire the spell slots. For the length of time, you have the tome with you; there will definitely be the presence of spells.
  • Warlock Pact of the Blade: With the Blade pact in the warlock handbook, you acquire the ability that allows you to summon the pack weapon whenever required. Subsequently, with the use of a ritual, the warlocks can change the pact weapon to bring in any magical & non-sentient weapon that is your choice for the day.

As the warlocks level up, the character tends to gain invocations, grows mystic Arcanum, or patron features. Make sure you keep a close eye on the growth of skills and characters.

What are the Eldritch Invocations?

If you are wondering what the eldritch invocations 5E are, it can be unearthed while you are completing your occult lore study. With these invocations, you get access to forbidden knowledge and spells that can imbue you the ability to know more about magic. But if your invocations come with prerequisites, you need to meet your patron to learn about the same.

Best Warlock Spells 5E: The Complete List

If you are wondering what the best warlock spells are according to the levels, here is a complete list for you:

  • Cantrip-The Eldritch Blast
  • Hex-First Level
  • Invisibility-Second Level
  • Hypnotic Pattern-Third Level
  • Dimension Door-4th Level
  • Synaptic State-5th Level
  • Mass Suggestion or Mental Prison- 6th Level
  • Finger of Death- 7th Level
  • Feeblemind or Maddening Darkness- 8th Level
  • Imprisonment or Foresight- 9th Level