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Tabaxi 5e | Race For Dungeons & Dragons D&d – Guide(2022) 5th Edition

Tabaxi 5e

Mechanically, the Tabaxi 5e is extremely powerful, having a combination of genetic characteristics that lend itself nicely to stealth and penetration. They prefer to thrive in courses with excellent skills. Thus, their two racial ability capabilities can supplement those professions’ existing unique talents.

Tabaxi Racial Traits

The d&d tabaxi qualities are listed below, but you may study them to learn about their essential characteristics, including age. What tongues it can talk, compose, etc., and its length and the pace with which this d and d tabaxi can travel, etc. Here is a thorough tutorial to yuan-ti pureblood and additional information about that now.

  • Ability scores: Your Charisma and Dexterity scores can both be improved by one.
  • Tabaxi Age: This tabaxi age has the same life expectancies as humans. Tabaxi race 5e has a Tabaxi lifespan comparable to people.
  • Alignment: The 5e tabaxi are seldom evil; instead, they favor unpredictable alignments.
  • Cat’s Claws: You can climb at a pace of 20 feet, thanks to your claws. Furthermore, your claws were excellent tools, and you might use them to perform unarmed attacks.The benefit of such weapons is that you inflict cutting force equivalent to 1d4 + the Strength modifier if you strike them. Which is usual for an unarmed blow rather than bludgeoning damage.
  • Cat’s Abilities: You are skilled in Stealth and Perception.
  • Darkvision: In the darkness, you have such a cat’s sharp perceptions, which is, of fact, the extraordinary perception. This cat’s acute eyesight qualities include the capacity to see in terrible light inside 60 feet of you while it is awake.
  • Tabaxi Feline Agility 5e: You should act swiftly with the assistance of speed and skill because they only enable us to travel. You can move twice the pace for the round duration, although this only occurs if you travel during your round in battle. You won’t utilize this characteristic again till you travel 0 feet on a few of their rounds.
  • Languages: You should be able to talk, perform, and analyze in English as well as one additional language of your choosing.
  • Tabaxi Height: Tabaxis is about 6 to 7 feet taller in general than people and is quite slim. Your dress size is moderate.
  • Speed. Your essential walking speed is 30 feet.

The 5e tabaxi possesses the characteristics mentioned above.

Tabaxi 5e Race
Tabaxi 5e

Tabaxi Stats

  • Race Name: Tabaxi
  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Tag(s): Tabaxi

Tabaxi 5e General Info

  • Patron deity: Cat lord, Tezca, Nula
  • Vision: Darkvision
  • Activity cycle: Any
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Average: Tabaxi lifespan Same as humans
  • Tabaxi Homeland: Nexal, Maztica
  • Language(s): Common, Tabaxi
  • Favored climate: Warm
  • Favored Terrain: Jungles


  • Average height: 6′ – 7′
  • Average weight: 200–250 lbs.
  • Hair color(s): Yellow to red
  • Eye color(s): Green, yellow

Tabaxi vs. Kenku

There is a massive overlap between the Kenku and the Tabaxi. Their aptitude score rises are comparable, and they receive equivalent skill proficiency. Nevertheless, slight variations here between two allow one to outperform another depending on the demands of the subclass.

Which Classes Complement 5e Tabaxi?

DEX and CHA are a powerful combo for a range of classes. Tabaxi have Darkvision, excellent mobility, and Perception and Stealth skills, making them ideal for stealthy compositions. Any hero who enjoys flying around the field, particularly some who enjoy getting up close with his opponents, will also profit.

Tabaxi Artificer

To achieve efficiency, artificers must have INT.

Tabaxi Barbarians

rely heavily on STR bonuses to be successful. It is unfortunate since the mobility possible options by Tabaxi Feline Agility and Cat’s Claws may be highly appealing to Barbarians.

Although, many Tabaxi player race 5e has a 2 CHA boost, most Bards could get by with the +1 CHA, mainly if they utilize the Tabaxi’s DEX advantage with a melee build. Bards also value skill proficiency. Thus Tabaxi’s two free skills are highly appealing.

Tabaxi Cleric

As a whole mage class, Religious leaders rely heavily on a WIS advantage to perform well. Clerics can build on DEX. However, the absence of WIS is probably too significant of a disadvantage.

Tabaxi Druid

To achieve efficiency, druids require WIS.

Tabaxi Fighter

DEX-based Fighters may use Tabaxi because archery and delicate weapons use DEX to distract STR. On the other hand, CHA is like most Fighters, and Rogues can generally accomplish CHA-related activities with a Rogue.

Tabaxi Monk

DEX is the Monk’s most excellent score. The Tabaxi’s mobility choices combine with the Monk’s characteristics to give them the most elegant characters in a battle. CHA, on either hand, is typically a dumping statistic for Monks, who should prioritize DEX, WIS, and CON, giving no place for other qualities.

Tabaxi Paladin

Paladins are among the best Tabaxi classes. Since they enjoy building AC and casting abilities with CHA. Just need some STR for weapons and armor, some CON for hit levels and CON saves, and you’ve got yourselves a very well Paladin.

Tabaxi Ranger

While DEX is an essential factor for Rangers, they would like to see WIS or CON as supplementary skill score increases. The increased flexibility and available talents are beneficial.

Tabaxi Rogue

Tabaxi design with the Rogue class. DEX and CHA were precisely something that most Rogues need, plus skill proficiency, climb speed and

Tabaxi Darkvision all fit together nicely. A Tabaxi Rogue with two free ability proficiencies may easily be competent in over half of the talents. To add it off, mixing the Rogue’s Cunning Action with Dash as a bonus action. The Tabaxi’s Feline Agility allows a hero to travel up to 120 feet in a single corner while striking!

Tabaxi Sorcerer

DEX softens the category, while CHA has been Sorcerers’ most significant ability level. The majority of the racial characteristics are extremely movement-focused, with some good examples.

Tabaxi Warlock

Tabaxi Warlocks enjoy the same advantages as Sorcerers.

Tabaxi Wizards

They require INT to be successful.

Names for Tabaxi D&D 5e stats

Every tabaxi has a unique name, whether tabaxi rangers, tabaxi warlocks, rogue tabaxis, or even tabaxi miniatures. The clan chose the characters based on a complex equation that includes astrological, prophesy, family history, and other mystical considerations.

Clan titles are on a geological formation in or near the group’s area. We’ve included some sample tabaxi surnames from this line below, along with their names in parentheses.

Tabaxi names

Smoking Mirror (Smoke), Skirt of Snakes (Snake), Seven Thundercloud (Thunder), Left-Handed Hummingbird (Bird), Jade Shoe Qade), Five Timber (Timber), and Cloud on the Mountaintop are all Tabaxi names (Cloud).

Snoring Mountain, Rumbling River, Mountain Tree, Distant Rain, and Bright Cliffs are the Tabaxi Clans.

Tabaxi Obsessions

D8  My Curiosity Is Currently Fixed On

  1. a god or planar diety,
  2. a monster,
  3. a lost civilization,
  4. a wizard’s secret,
  5. a mundane item, and
  6. a magical item.
  7. a specific place
  8. a legend

D10 Quirks Tabaxi Quirks

  1. You pine for your tropical home and moan incessantly about the chilly weather, even in the summer.
  2. Unless necessary, you never wear the same clothing twice.
  3. You have a slight fear of water and despise getting wet.
  4. Your tail continually exposes your true feelings.
  5. When you’re happy, you purr loudly.
  6. You always have a tiny ball of yarn in your hand and fidget with it.
  7. You’re perpetually in debt because you spend your gold on extravagant parties and gifts for friends.

Tabaxi Builds

TABAXI BUILDS 5e is incredibly versatile, but you can create whatever you can dream of. But here are a few designs that make use of Tabaxi statistics and skills that may inspire you.

Culture Of Tabaxi

  1. The tabaxi constantly appears from afar, no matter where your quest leads you. Tabaxi is supposed to be nomads, stopping in the present out of interest and restlessness.
  2. The Tabaxi you encounter on your journeys is all fundamentally on the go, following their interest where it may lead them.
  3. Tabaxi is great Dexterity-based paladins due to their boost to Dexterity and Charisma. Paladin builds with high dexterity may be remarkably successful.
  4. A Tabaxi monk can function extremely effectively; with their capacity to rush combined with the stride of the air from the priest, these cat humanoids could zoom across the fighting field.
  5. Wandering the forest to guard their kingdom against the young green monster that has just made a home.
  6. Tabaxi rogues are great, especially if you pick the barbarian warrior Tabaxi character sheet and take full use of the +1 Dexterity boost.
  7. A tabaxi bard can obtain a significant advantage over other troubadours, especially if they attend a combat-oriented bardic institution like the sword or the college of whispering.
  8. Tabaxi dnd 5e warlocks benefit significantly from the d&d tabaxi characteristics, exceptionally if you choose the pact of the sword. The +2 Dexterity boost is critical for warlocks to get in and swing their blade.
  9. A Tabaxi 5e monk can function extremely effectively; with their capacity to combined with the stride of the air from the monastery, these cat humanoids can zoom across the fighting field.
  10. If you’ve heard the expression “Khajiit has goods if you have currency,” you even have a fair idea of what dnd tabaxi folks.
  11. Neko catfolk distinguish by highly light animal characteristics, which often consist of a pair of catlike ears and a tail. But may also include cat eyes, whiskers, and claws in rare cases.
  12. Tabaxi has far more feline agility 5e than other adorable depictions.
  13. Thundercats Hooooo! Surprisingly, when designing a dnd tabaxi persona, these 80’s symbols are not that far off the truth.
  14. Almost many d&d 5e tabaxis continue in ancient remote Tabaxi homeland, satisfied to live in small and close clans. They search for craft items, food and primarily keep for themselves. Besides that, most majority of tabaxi 5e are dissatisfied with one’s lives.
  15. These wandering d&d 5e tabaxies are volatile animals, exchanging one love or interest for another as the urge hits.
  16. Most tabaxi encountered beyond their country are motivated by your cast’s curiosity, although not all of them turn explorers.
  17. These tabaxi operate in small numbers, reinforced by an elder and a more seasoned tabaxi who could teach up to four young ones in discovering their way about the environment. They continue to go from village to town in the tiny and colorful carts.
  18. The tabaxi, like a dwarf or an elf, may have motives and quirks that differ while having the same heritage. It would be best if you utilized charts to create any of your characters.


Tabaxi 5e, with Darkvision and a fast climb speed, can get to areas that some other races may find difficult to access. Take advantage of your unique mobility talents to catch foes off guard or to escape potentially harmful circumstances.


Is 5e Tabaxi a playable race?

Yes, the Tabaxi are a featured group in Volo’s Guide to Creatures.

Which Tabaxi 5e book has Tabaxi?

The Tabaxi are a selectable tribe in Volo’s Guide to Creatures.

What class is best for Tabaxi?

Paladins are among the best classes for Tabaxis since they enjoy building AC and casting abilities with CHA. Just need some STR for weapons and armor, enough CON for damage levels and CON escapes, and you’ve got oneself the well Paladin.

Is there a Tabaxi language 5e?

The Tabaxi speech evolved from the Payit language. It has nothing to do with the Tabaxi nomenclature of the Tabaxi community of Chult. Tabaxi was among the understandable tongues said by the Tabaxi race 5e of people in the Chult forests.

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