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7+ Best Sims 4 Spiral Staircase CC & Mods (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Spiral Staircase

With the captivating addition of spiral stairs in The Sims 4, you may explore new limits in architectural innovation. These distinctive architectural features give your virtual dwellings a dynamic twist while elevating form and function. 

This blog delves into the intriguing realm of spiral staircases in The Sims 4, examining their potential for design, their ability to save space, and their effect on the overall aesthetics of your virtual home. 

Find out how these beautiful spiral stairways function as a dramatic focal point in addition to connecting various levels of your Sims’ houses.

Join us as we explore the alluring charm of spiral staircases in The Sims 4, whether you’re an experienced Sims architect or a novice looking for ideas.

Top Sims 4 Spiral Staircase Mod

1. Project Spiral: Functional Spiral Staircases, Version 1b

Project Spiral: Functional Spiral Staircases, Version 1b

Introducing Project Spiral, the update that enhances your Sims gameplay with working spiral staircases! These stairs provide a new animated traveling experience between floors, so say goodbye to the traditional elevator teleporting mechanism.

Project Spiral is easy to use, compatible with the basic game, and blends perfectly with your Sims world. Its design prioritizes both functionality and beauty.


a. Animation During Teleportation:

Experience the visual appeal of your Sims traveling up and down the spiral staircase with lifelike movements.

b. Base Game Compatibility: 

Project Spiral integrates seamlessly with the base game; no extra packs or expansions are required.

c. Friendly to Users: 

The stairs are as easy to install and use as EA ladders and steps. Once placed, the sims will use and navigate them naturally.

d. Upcoming Updates: 

Watch this space for more stair heights to complement varying wall heights and provide further design options.

e. Adaptability: 

Add as many spiral staircases to the layout as possible. The floor cutout mimics how EA ladders and steps behave by automatically adjusting.


1. The mods require downloading and extracting the files to either a root or primary mods folder.

2. Before launching the game, clear your localthumbcache. For help, consult the given instructions.


1. Drag the stairs from your save Before removing the mod files from your folder.

2. After uninstalling, do a routine cache cleaning.

How to Utilize: 

1. Find our names in construction mode by searching using keywords like “spiral” or “staircase.”

2. Locate the stairs and select your favorite swatch by going to Appliances > Misc.

3. The script and game will take care of the rest if you place the steps where you want them.

Current Concerns & Notes:

  • There is visual support for the wall height that is the shortest. With higher wall heights, Sims can still use the stairs.
  • From Child to Elder Sims, animations are accessible; toddlers teleport now, but spirits will be added later.
  • Pets teleport instead of having animations as of yet. Animations will take the place of teleporting in a later release.
  • There is a little bit of animation leg cracking while entering or leaving. However, this is being worked on.
  • A cutaway remains after deleting the staircase, necessitating manual elimination. We are looking into a way to automate this process.
  • Problems with floor cutouts in EA that cause basements not to display correctly. We have no control over the issue.
  • CC Authors: Although custom cutouts are impossible, we are considering other options.
  • Current Stairs & Swatches:
  • LittleDica’s Industrial Spiral Staircase is part of the download.
  • The Radiant, translated from TS3, will have additional options and swatches in upcoming versions.

CC Creators: Building New Spiral Stairs:

Using a clone of one of our spiral staircases, import your meshes and textures while preserving the overall geometry of the entrance and exit.

Although alternatives are being investigated, custom cuts still need to be supported.

Reported Conflicts:

None at all; this entirely customized mod is made not to interfere with other game features.



Syboubou cleverly used the tuning from Ravasheen’s Uplifting Elevators Mod to create a set of spiral stairs. This set includes four two-part stair variations that your Sims can use to get things done. These portals move Sims up and down more effectively than animated stairs do. 

All you need to do to have fully functional stairs at your disposal is to place the upper and bottom pieces. See Syboubou’s Tumblr for comprehensive building and installation instructions. It is important to note that the stairs file download link is unavailable now.



Syboubou shows off her inventiveness again with a second set of unique, contemporary spiral stairs. Ravasheen’s Uplifting Elevators Mod is required for maximum operation, just like her other works.



Another set of helpful spiral stairs by Syboubou that give your Sims’ dwellings a distinctive touch is included in the Oh My Goth! Collab collection. The place to go for a detailed look at the complete set and more details is Syboubou’s Tumblr.



Severinka presents two sets of spiral stairs meant for children’s bedrooms that also double as shelves. These stairs can be downloaded together with the entire spiral staircase CC set. They come in white and a single wood tone.



Pocci provides a five-color, elaborate, metal spiral staircase with holes for ornamental objects. Inspired by a staircase in The Sims 3, this design has been altered to give your Sims’ living areas a distinctive touch.



Shinokcr presents a striking trio of low-profile spiral staircases in three hues. An additional shelf is also included in this set, and it is made to fit beneath the typical in-game stairs.


The addition of spiral staircases to The Sims 4 opens up new possibilities. The Version 1b mod for Project Spiral transforms gameplay by providing animated floor transitions. These stairs become the center of attention in virtual homes because they are base game compatible, simple to use, and visually attractive. 

With the Cyfi and Curiosities Cabinet sets, Syboubou’s collection offers four distinct versions, expanding options even more. Stairs that double as shelving in Severinka’s Victoria Kidsroom offer usefulness, while low-profile and aesthetically pleasing solutions come from Pocci and Shinokcr. 

For fans of the Sims, these modifications expand the possibilities for architecture by providing both style and use. Use your imagination to create stunning spiral staircase upgrades to enhance your Sims’ living areas.


Will Sims 4 get spiral staircases?

Yes, some mods allow you to add working spiral stairs to The Sims 4; some include “Project Spiral” and unique designs made by Syboubou.

How do you make twisted stairs in Sims 4?

There currently needs a direct option for twisted stairs in The Sims 4 base game. As an alternative, though, “Project Spiral” mods offer animated spiral staircases.

Can you make split stairs in Sims 4?

Split stairs are not an integrated component of The Sims 4 base game. Solutions in modding and custom content might be found, but it all depends on what the modding community offers.

How do you do Grand Staircase Sims 4?

In The Sims 4, foundation and standard steps are needed to create a grand staircase. To make the illusion of a vast staircase, use foundation components to create different levels and attach stairs. To give staircase options a more opulent appearance, custom content or mods may improve them.

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