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31+ Best Sims 4 Shoes CC & Mods (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Shoes CC

A fashionista’s dream come true, The Sims 4 Shoes CC transports you to a virtual realm of style. This blog explores The Sims 4’s fascinating custom content (CC) world devoted to shoes.

Take your Sims’ wardrobe beyond what can be found in-game with a carefully chosen selection of shoes that range from comfortable sneakers to stylish stilettos. 

Discover the endless creative possibilities of the Sims 4 modding community as they create and share a wide variety of shoes that let you add unmatched flare to your Sims’ wardrobes.

Discover the newest trends, unearth hidden treasures, and master smoothly incorporating CC into your games. Select the ideal virtual footwear to turn your Sims into style icons!

Top 32 Sims 4 Shoes CC

1. Jius-sims CC Sneakers Shoes:

Jius-sims CC Sneakers Shoes

To add flair to your female Sims outfit, Jius-sims has a four-piece sneaker set. This collection has two pairs of platform sneakers and two pairs of low-top sneakers.

The hefty platform shoes are available in 18 swatches, but the other shoes have 25 swatches, offering a wide variety of color choices. Your Sims can invariably appear stylish with this assortment of fashionable and adaptable shoes for various events.

2. CC Watch Heels:

CC Watch Heels

You can up your Sims’ style ante with CC Watch Heels, a pair of high-heeled sandals with watch strap heels. Your Sims will remain fashionable with this design, a reproduction of the highly sought-after Giuseppe Zanotti X Christian Cowan partnership.

There are four eye-catching colors to choose from for the CC Watch Heels, which provide a sophisticated touch.

3. Jius-sims’s Retro Collection, Part I:

Jius-sims's Retro Collection, Part I

Embark on a nostalgic trip with Jius-sims’ Sims 4 Retro Collection Part I. The exquisite satin pumps emanate a timeless charm reminiscent of the iconic 1950s era and are the collection’s outstanding items.

They come in various colors, and these pumps are a wardrobe essential for your Sims since they provide the ideal balance of contemporary design and retro glitz.

4. Jolene Mule Shoes:

Jolene Mule Shoes by xldkx-cc

Explore the fine craftsmanship of xldkx-cc’s Sims 4 Jolene Mule Shoes. These meticulously crafted Sims 4 CC sneakers are modeled after actual shoes.

With their gorgeous appearance and five colors, the Jolene mules offer the ideal mix of comfort and style, making them an excellent option for Sims looking for a cosset-friendly yet dressy look.



Present your Sims to the Chrome Heartz Uggs by Merch Sims—a stylish and comfortable shoe combination. With 15 colors, these adorable boots will provide diversity to your Sims’ ensembles.

These Uggs are available in the shoe section of CAS or as décor in Buy Mode. They are appropriate for both male and female Sims, with variants for toddlers and children.

6. Platform Wedge-Heeled Mules:

Mermaladesimtr - Platform Wedge-Heeled Mules

Mermaladesimtr’s Sims 4 Platform Wedge-Heeled Mules add sweetness to your Sims’ appearance. These chic sneakers come in 15 colors and are ideal for giving your Sims’ regular ensembles a contemporary edge.

The platform design and wedge heel ensure comfort and style for Sims of all ages, from teens to elderly.

7. MIRO’s Slip-on Loafers:

MIRO's Slip-on Loafers

The MIRO slip-on loafers with a heart-shaped chain ornamentation will keep you stylish. These glossy patent shoes are the newest trend in fashion, and with ten samples, you can match your Sims’ style to the ideal color.

Thanks to the sophisticated black heart-shaped chain design, these slip-on loafers are a statement piece in any wardrobe.

8. Jius-sims: Shoes Retro Collection Part 2:

Shoes Retro Collection Part 2

With the Sims 4 Shoes Retro Collection Part 2, Jius-sims never fails to captivate. We are introducing Platform Sandals, Leather Loafers, Leather Pumps, and a cute pair of Knitted Socks in this collection.

The Loafers provide a classic touch, and the Leather Pumps and Sandals radiate retro charm. The Knitted Socks are a warm addition that rounds out a fashionable and varied set for your Sims.

9. Rain Boots:

Jius-Sims' Rain Boots

Get ready for any weather change with Jius-Sims’ Sims 4 Rain Boots. These CC boots, inspired by Hunter boots, are available in two gender-specific models, each with a fantastic 27-swatch pack.

These functional yet stylish rain boots will keep your Sims’ feet dry in style and ensure they are ready for any sudden rainstorm.



Use the SM Sims Idalia Shoes to showcase your Sims’ uniqueness. With their adaptable style and twelve lovely colors, these preppy shoes will make your Sims seem chic, whether you are attending events, parties, or casual get-togethers.

Your Sims can embrace their feminine side and look adorable thanks to the attractive color options.

11. Jius-Sims Leather Sandals:

Jius-Sims Leather Sandals

Add luxury to your Sims shoe collection with the Jius-Sims Sims 4 Leather Sandals. Rich, opulent textiles combine with a traditional form to create these gorgeous sandals.

With their heels and adjustable ankle straps with buckles, these CC shoes are a great addition to any sim’s wardrobe, giving a classy touch to various ensembles.

12. Cherry Sandals for Toddlers:

Thea Buonarotti's Cherry Sandals for Toddlers

Discover how adorable Thea Buonarotti’s Sims 4 Cherry Sandals are for toddlers. These charming shoes are ideal for accessorizing your small Sims. They can be found in the Sims 4 CC earrings category.

The whimsical Cherry Sandals design guarantees that your kids will look adorable and attractive even when dressed in the newest trends.

13. Winter Boot Set:

Jius-sims Winter Boot Set

With the Jius-sims Sims 4 Winter Boots Set, prepare your Sims for the chilly winter months. Four different styles of boots are included in this collection: platform-high boots, chunky knee-high boots, winter flats, and fur heels.

Every boot style has a different color scheme, so you may mix and match them to fit your Sims’ tastes and attire.

14. Madlen Glitter Angel Heeled Boots:

Madlen Glitter Angel Heeled Boots

You can show off your style with the Sims 4 Glitter Angel Heeled Boots by Madlen. There are countless ways to style these stunning boots because they are available in three distinct heights.

With a hint of glitz and sophistication, the sparkling wonders are ideal for your Sims’ wardrobe, enhancing their appearance for various settings.

15. Chelsea Boots:

Christopher67's Chelsea Boots

Add versatility to your Sims’ outfit with the adaptable Sims 4 Chelsea Boots by christopher67. These chic boots have twelve color options, which go well with dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants. The Chelsea Boots, with their classic and refined style, are essential for any Sim seeking to elevate their outfit.



The MIRO SIMS Love and Love Loafers will make a chic statement. These stylish slip-on loafers with a heart-shaped chain design are an excellent option for your female Sims.

These loafers combine sophisticated style with adorable design, offering a variety of alternatives to go with your Sims’ ensembles. There are ten swatches available.

17. Male Shoes:

Jius-Sims - Male Shoes

The Sims 4 Male Shoes collection by Jius-Sims will help you give your male Sims a more stylish look. This collection, which comprises single-buckled leather shoes, casual shoes, suede ankle boots, leather slippers, and suede loafers, features a variety of chic, traditional, and contemporary designs.

Your male Sims can go out confidently wearing these adaptable and stylish shoe alternatives with various swatches.

18. Madlen Sandals, Model Number MJ95:

Madlen Sandals, Model Number MJ95

Wear the Sims 4 Madlen Sandals by MJ95 to adorn the feet of your Sims. These large sandals with a leather feel and six distinct colors give your Sims a distinctive and fashionable edge. These sandals are a summertime need for Sims who wish to show off their cutting-edge fashion sense.

19. Watermelon Shoes CC:

SM Sims's Watermelon Shoes CC

With the Watermelon Sims 4 Shoes CC from SM Sims, you can give your Sims’ wardrobe a lively and cheerful feel. These juicy platforms come with 20 to 30 swatches so that you may personalize your Sims’ appearance.

They are meant to be used with a height slider mod. There is a linked option even if you don’t have a height slider mod.

20. Crocs:

Jius-sims's Crocs

Utilize the Sims 4 Crocs by Jius-sims to delve into the contentious yet well-liked realm of Crocs. These Crocs are available in an incredible 30 colors, which will surely please everyone.

These CC Crocs offer your Sims a versatile and vibrant footwear option appropriate for various situations, regardless of whether you are an avid follower or a curious explorer.

21. Dainty Sandals with Daisies:

Jius-Sims Dainty Sandals with Daisies

With the Sims 4 Dainty Sandals with Daisies by Jius-Sims, you may embrace the pleasure of summer. These delicate and cute leather shoes with flowers are ideal for highlighting your Sims’ manicures because of their charming style. Give your Sims’ footwear collection a hint of nature this summer by adding a splash of color.

22. Collection Of Vacation:

JIUS SIMS Collection Of Vacation

With Jius Sims Vacation Collection 05, you can ensure your Sims are prepared for exciting vacations. Check Slingback Heels (18 swatches), Leather Loafers (12 samples), Leather Heeled Sandals (15 swatches), and Flat Sandals (35 swatches) are all included in this set.

This collection guarantees your Sims may explore and partake in various activities while on vacation, offering comfort and flair.

23. Boots for Werewolves Pack:

Trillyke - Boots for Werewolves Pack

Use the Sims 4 Boots for Werewolves Pack from Trillyke to round off your Sims’ appearance. Comfort and style were two design criteria for these robust and fashionable boots.

With a large platform that adds height and confidence, these boots come in various colors and textures to fit every taste, from traditional to contemporary.

24. Bed & Musae – Adorable Slippers:

Bed & Musae - Adorable Slippers

The Sims 4 Adorable Slippers by Bed&Musae will provide your Sims with elegance and coziness. With 12 colors to select from, your Sims can create the ideal outfit with these fashionable shoes.

These slippers offer comfort and a hint of elegance, making them perfect for relaxing at home. Add socks for increased coziness and warmth.

25. Party Set Shoes CC:

Jius-sims Party Set Shoes CC

Add some glitz to your Sims’ attire with Jius-sims’ Party Set Sims 4 Shoes CC. Two platform sandals, one platform loafer pump, one platform pump, and a knit sock are all included in one box.

Every item has a different amount of swatches, so there are plenty of alternatives to suit your Sims’ tastes. With this assortment, your Sims’ outfit gets a little more glitz and variety.

26. Charm Duo Pack:

Madlen's Charm Duo Pack

Use Madlen’s Charm Duo Pack to up your Sims’ shoe game. Sturdy Oxford shoes and adaptable ankle boots give any ensemble a polished and relaxed look.

The ankle boots are available in two styles: one with socks and the other without, providing countless ways to dress them up or down for various events and seasons.

27. CC Shoes Vans:

Drt77's CC Shoes Vans

The Sims 4 CC Shoes Vans by drt77 will satisfy your addiction to Vans. These 12-color-way CC Vans are an exact copy of the vintage Vans skater sneakers. These stylish shoes, which fit both male and female Sims, provide your Sims’ wardrobe a dash of skater flair while keeping them cozy and looking good.



With the Momentous Heels by Offline, take center stage. Fifteen swatches of scorching, fire-styled heels—available in both CAS and Decor versions—are included in this unique shoe collection.

These Momentous Heels are a must-have for stylish Sims, whether they’re accessorizing their home or making a fashion statement.

29. Marshmallow CC Shoes:

Jius-Sims - Marshmallow CC Shoes

The Marshmallow Sims 4 CC Shoes are gorgeous and fashionable shoes from Jius-Sims that you can use to dress up your Sims. Use 20 to 30 swatches to personalize your Sims’ appearance, whether with house slippers, platform slippers, Crocs clogs, low-top sneakers, or knitted socks. These shoes are comfortable and stylish, with various alternatives for every occasion.

30. Buckle Boots:

Simtone - Buckle Boots

The Sims 4 Buckle Boots by Simtone will give your Sims outfit a stylish look. These incredible buckle boots come in ten eye-catching hues and have fashionable buckles for a sleek, contemporary appearance.

Your Sims may wear these boots confidently all day long because they are made to be comfy and sturdy. They are a stylish and adaptable accent to any outfit.

31. Peep-Toe Heels CC:

Madlen's Peep-Toe Heels CC

Use the Sims 4 Peep-Toe Heels CC by Madlen to show off your flirtatious side. These charming peep-toe ankle-tie heels are available in 11 different hues, each with a pattern that resembles polka dots.

These shoes offer a humorous and elegant alternative for various settings, making them ideal for a fun night out dancing or adding a flirtatious touch to your Sims’ clothes.


Experience a virtual fashion utopia with The Sims 4 Shoes CC, a refuge for style fans. This investigation into custom content (CC) for footwear uncovers many choices, ranging from stylish stilettos to comfortable sneakers.

Elevate your Sims’ outfits above the ones found in-game by adding well-chosen shoes that may be worn for any situation. 

Discover the infinite inventiveness of the Sims 4 modding community, where hidden treasures can be discovered, trends can be identified, and the art of incorporating CC into games seamlessly can be perfected.

You can turn your Sims into style icons by choosing the ideal virtual shoes from this carefully researched list of the best 32 Sims 4 Shoes CC.


What is the no-shoes rule in Sims?

The custom of Sims characters taking off their shoes before entering a house or other indoor areas is known as the “no shoes” rule. The Sims games have incorporated this behavior, a cultural standard in many real-world countries, to give the virtual world a more realistic feel. Sims characters automatically remove their shoes when they walk into a house or a particular room, simulating the common practice of taking off outdoor shoes indoors.

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