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Sims 4 Sugar Skull Collection: Day Of The Dead Challenge (Guide) 2024

Sugar Skull Offering

The popular life simulation game The Sims 4 has long served as a medium for artistic expression and cultural discovery. The ability to add different aspects of actual cultures to the virtual lives of your Sims is one of its most fascinating features. 

Here on the blog, we explore the fascinating universe of “Sims 4 Sugar Skull Offering.” The Sims 4’s sugar skull offering, modeled after the colorful and symbolic customs of Día de los Muertos, lets users honor their loved ones who have passed away and celebrate the beauty of life after death.

We’ll examine this in-game feature’s operation, the cultural significance of sugar skulls in Mexico, and how players can use this unusual gaming aspect to give their Sims a more realistic feel. 

Sugar Skull Meaning 

A highly sought-after collector item included in The Sims 4’s “Day of the Dead” challenge is a Sugar Skull. With this particular challenge, players can gather nine different types of sugar skulls.

A detailed tenth golden sugar skull is unlocked as a significant mission milestone when a Sim interacts with a Sugar Skull Display Case, holding all nine of these unique sugar skulls in the “Honor the Dead” mode.

This unique element gives the game a deeper level of complexity and is a noteworthy accomplishment for committed players.

All Of The Sims 4 Sugar Skulls Collection!

All Of The Sims 4 Sugar Skulls Collection!

Let’s explore the details of each of these fascinating sugar skulls, which have distinct qualities and corresponding secrets of their own:

1. Artwork of Sugar Skulls:

The first Skull in the collection is Sugar Skull Art. It is valued at ¥8 in-game and is considered a somewhat familiar sugar skull. The mystery surrounding this Skull is what makes it unique.

Oasis Springs locals have reported strange sightings of a mystery monster resembling this sugar skull. Its existence is enhanced by the curiosity of wondering if this is a coincidence or if there is a more profound significance.

2. Graham with Sugar Skull:

The second piece in the collection is Sugar Skull Graham. Like the previous, it’s said to be as big as a hog and costs ¥8. Strange tales continue to circulate among the townies despite their ordinary nature.

Due to the widespread belief that the patterns on this sugar skull closely resemble rat skin, it has an unsettling and unappealing reputation.

3. Howard Sugar Skull:

Valued at §8, the third sugar skull, often called Howie, is frequently found. The intriguing thing about this Skull is the rumors of a strange creature going around in the neighborhood.

There is some mystery surrounding its acquisition as some speculate whether there is a connection between this critter and the Howie sugar skull.

4. Jeff Sugar Skull:

Sugar Skull Jeff, valued at ¥8, is the fourth piece in the collection and represents another famous sugar skull. There’s a dark legend attached to this Skull. There’s a tinge of creepiness to Sugar Skull Jeff’s presence, as local stories indicate it tends to observe townies at night discreetly.

5. Joe Sugar Skull: 

Sugar Skull Joe, who goes by Joey most of the time, is the sixth sugar skull in the collection and has a value of ¥8 in common.

The strange thing about this sugar skull is that there are unsettling whispers in the community that connect it to the unexplained disappearance of a townie during the Day of the Dead challenge.

6. Joel Sugar Skull:

Joel is the sixth sugar skull; like Joe, it is a typical sugar skull with a ¥8 value. Like Joe, there have been rumors that this sugar skull had something to do with the mysterious disappearance of townies throughout the challenge, which adds to the mystery.

7. Kevin the Sugar Skull:

The eighth sugar skull, Kevin, has grown to be a beloved figure among “Home Alone” devotees. This sugar skull is worth ¥8 and is also quite common.

This Skull is unique because of its folklore, which implies it leaves enigmatic footprints. These tracks are a mysterious addition to the collection because the details surrounding them are still unclear.

8. Michael Sugar Skull:

¥8 is the expected value of all the sugar skulls in the collection, including Michael, the eighth one. This Skull is the subject of rumors that it lured several townies into an abandoned mine tunnel. But ambiguity surrounds what happened in the tunnel, which adds to the intrigue.

9. Nadia the Sugar Skull:

The ninth sugar skull, Nadia, has the same value as the other skulls in the collection—¥8. This sugar skull is unique because of how important it is to the challenge. Getting Nadia will get you one step closer to the quest’s ultimate goal, which is to obtain the rare sugar skull.

The mystery is increased by the fact that legend has it that Nadia used the river to wash away some townies, but we don’t know where they ended up.

10. Sunny Sugar Skull:

Sweet Skull At ¥100, Sunny is the most valuable sugar skull in the collection and the grand finale. A legend about a lone survivor of the “Day of the Dead” challenge who returned to town shouting only one name—El Chupacabra—deepens the mystery surrounding this unusual Skull.

The meaning behind this mysterious statement is still unknown, which raises the level of intrigue surrounding the challenge’s ultimate and much sought-after reward.

In addition to being eye-catching items in The Sims 4, these sugar skulls are deftly woven into a web of mysterious tales and urban legends. Compiling them becomes a fun and fulfilling mission that gives your Sims’ virtual existence an intriguing new dimension. 

How to Finish the Sims 4 Sugar Skull Collection

How to Finish the Sims 4 Sugar Skull Collection

Finishing The Sims 4’s Sugar Skull collection is exciting and complicated. Your Sims will require a tombstone, a ghost, and a particular display case made to contain these unusual things to collect all ten sugar skulls successfully. Here’s a detailed how-to:

1. Purchase a Gravestone:

For your Sims to begin collecting sugar skulls, they must have access to a gravestone with a ghost still attached. Be aware that more than ornamental tombstones or tombstones featuring freed spirits are required. To continue, you’ll need the actual tombstone item as well as the ghost that resides inside of it.

This means that for your Sims to get a decent gravestone, they will need to kill another Sim in your game environment. This may sound a little gory, but it’s a necessary step in this unique collection.

2. Leave Offerings:

You will note that “Leave Sugar Skull Offering” is one of the options on the gravestone after you have a tombstone with a ghost attached. Interestingly, your Sim can still make this offering without having a sugar skull. But there are a few crucial points to remember:

  • This choice is available around the clock on grave markers with ghosts connected.
  • Making the offering during the Day will almost always fail; it should only be done at night.

Observe your Sim’s response when they make the offering. After the offering, if they move in a pleading or beseeching manner, it is evident that the attempt was unsuccessful. On the other hand, you will be notified that a “Day of the Dead Celebrator” has materialized nearby if the offering is successful.

3. Locate the Celebrator for the Day of the Dead:

Your Sim will be alerted to a “Day of the Dead Celebrator” in the area following a successful offering. The Day of the Dead motif of their CAS items and the red text label “Day of the Dead Celebrator” hovering above their heads make these celebrators easy to identify.

Your Sim must become friendly with the Day of the Dead Celebrator to receive a sugar skull from them. It’s preferable to have an excellent talk and become friends with the Sim before asking for a sugar skull. If they initially reject, keep politely interacting with them until they agree to give you the sugar skull.

The sugar skull you get is a little arbitrary. Though you have no control over which sugar skull you get, the common one is more likely to be given to you. As with many collections in the game, gathering the uncommon ones may take longer.

4. Pay Tribute to the Dead:

It’s time to put the collection’s nine (out of ten) sugar skulls in the display case when you’ve successfully acquired them. An interaction known as “Honor the Dead” will be accessible on the display case once you have nine distinct sugar skulls on exhibit within.

Use this interaction on the display case with your Sim to get the collection’s coveted tenth and last sugar skull. The sugar skull display case will have this tenth Skull on top.

To complete the set and have it formally acknowledged in the collection, put it in your Sim’s inventory. After adding it to the Sim’s list, all that has to be done is log it in the collection panel and put it back in the display case.

5. Bonus Treats:

When your Sim completes the Sugar Skull collection, the feeling of accomplishment won’t be the only thing they experience. For the following six in-game hours, they will have unique skills connected to the Grim Reaper.

Your Sim will change throughout this time and start dressing like the Day of the Dead Celebrators. Additionally, they will be given a “+1 Happy” moodlet known as the “Day of the Dead Celebrant,” increasing their happiness throughout this time.

If the Grim Reaper shows up when the Day of the Dead Celebrant moodlet is in effect, your Sim will get more relationship points with him. Furthermore, there’s a much greater likelihood that your Sim will be successful in begging for the life of another Sim.

When speaking with the Grim Reaper, your Sim will also be able to engage in more amicable social exchanges, including “Complain About Spirits,” “Discuss Afterlife,” and “Enthusiasm About Sugar Skulls.”

It is noteworthy that the duration of these effects is limited to the 6-hour moodlet. Sims can, however, “Honor the Dead” at the exhibit case more than once. Only one Sim in the home may take advantage of these unique advantages simultaneously because there is a 6-hour cooldown on the display case following this interaction.

Completing the Sugar Skull collection in The Sims 4 is satisfying and enjoyable because it provides your Sim unique powers and interactions and unlocks a gripping backstory through the descriptions of the sugar skulls.

What Happens in Sims 4 When You Leave a Sugar Skull Offering?

Sugar Skull Offering

You can have another Sim leave a Sugar Skull Offering in The Sims 4 to remember a deceased Sim. What occurs, though, if you depart from a Sugar Skull Offering? Let’s investigate this fascinating feature.

1. Calling All Observers of the Day of the Dead:

In The Sims 4, leaving a Sugar Skull Offering is akin to calling a Day of the Dead celebrant to your area. In the game, these celebrators have a particular function. Their objective, as they wander the region, is to pay respects to Sims, who have lately departed from this life.

2. The Process of Interaction:

After you’ve called upon a Day of the Dead celebrator and left a Sugar Skull Offering, your mission is to locate this figure in your area. Once you find them, please discuss them with the celebrant and develop a good rapport with them.

The “Ask for Sugar Skull” interaction can only be unlocked once you and the other person have built a strong rapport. The celebrator will only give you sugar skulls if you engage in this conversation.

But it’s crucial to remember that Day of the Dead celebrators frequently spawn close to Oasis Springs’ well-known park, so keep an eye out for them there.

3. Establishing the Connection:

A solid rapport-building relationship with the Day of the Dead celebrator is a crucial component of this procedure. The “Ask for Sugar Skull” interaction is only accessible once your Sim has forged a strong bond with them. Therefore, discuss and participate in cordial exchanges to gain their trust.

4. Getting Sugar Skulls: 

You can ask the celebrator for a sugar skull using the “Ask for Sugar Skull” interaction. These sugar skulls are essential to the game; they are not merely cosmetic pieces. Specifically, to access the tenth and last sugar skull in the collection, you must gather all nine unique heads.

5. Opening the Exclusive Gold Skull:

You must go one step further to reach the coveted tenth sugar skull. First, compile the nine distinct sugar skulls you have found during the game. After that, arrange these nine skulls in a case or rack. There will be a new interaction accessible once they are all displayed, called “Honor the Dead.”

When you complete the “Honor the Dead” interaction on the rack or display case, a unique gold sugar skull becomes unlocked. This distinctive gold skull gives your Sims’ successes a sense of distinction and symbolizes a new accomplishment for your collection.

Day of the Dead Challenge: The Sims 4

Day of the Dead Challenge: The Sims 4

Take on the Day of the Dead Challenge in The Sims 4 by enjoying the joyous atmosphere of this special occasion. To get started, take these actions:

1. Send Out the Invitation:

Have your Sim use their phone to begin the Day of the Dead Challenge. After choosing the “Social” tab, give Jasmine Holiday a call. Talk to Jasmine when she gets there to learn more about the fun Day of the Dead events. Jasmine will provide your home with a “Sugar Skull Display Case” as a helpful starter package.

2. The Goal of the Challenge:

This challenge’s primary goal is to gather nine different sugar skulls, a fascinating new treasure in the game. You aim to collect these sugar skulls and put them into the “Sugar Skull Display Case.”

A tenth golden skull and improved interactions with the will come from this particular interaction, “Honor the Dead,” which can be unlocked with this action.

3. Gathering Sugar Skulls:

To collect the nine sugar skulls needed for the challenge, use the following procedure:

  1. Sugar skulls can be obtained by engaging with Sims that are not playable characters (NPCs) and participating in Day of the Dead festivities.
  2. Use the “Leave Sugar Skull Offering” interaction at a nearby tombstone or urn at night to draw these revelers to your neighborhood. An NPC Celebrator can be summoned and presented with a sugar skull upon a successful offering. Continue doing this until you have obtained every one of the nine Sugar Skulls.
  3. To obtain one of the nine skulls, use the “Ask for Sugar Skull” interaction when encountering the Celebrator NPC in your realm. Engage in polite talk to win over the celebrator, as it could be required to establish a good rapport before they part with a skull.
  4. In addition, NPC celebrants can be seen strolling about the town at dawn and sunset. When you use the “Ask for Sugar Skull” option to interact with these celebrants, your Sims can gather sugar skulls.

4. Finishing the Collection:

The “Sugar Skull Complete Collection” title will be awarded to your home once all nine Sugar Skulls have been collected.

5. Gathering the Sugar Skull in Gold:

After you have the first nine Sugar Skulls, place them in the Sugar Skull Display Case. This configuration will allow you to access the coveted “Honor the Dead” feature.

Your Sims will receive an exclusive 8-hour moodlet, a special festive outfit, and the 10th and Golden Sugar Skull when they participate in this interaction and join in the Day of the Dead festivities. Your Sims’ virtual existence is further enhanced by this moodlet, which grants them better interactions with the Grim Reaper.

Dead Day Celebration:

A unique 8-hour “Day of the Dead Celebrant” moodlet will be given to Sims, who has “honored the dead.” Sims who possess this moodlet are more likely to successfully persuade the Grim Reaper to spare the life of another Sim.

They will also have a faster pace of connection growth with the Grim Reaper, which will present unique and exciting gaming opportunities.


Inspired by Día de los Muertos, The Sims 4’s Sugar Skull Offering is an intriguing feature that lets users memorialize their loved ones and enhance their Sims’ virtual life.

To complete this in-game task, players must gather nine distinct sugar skulls, each with unique traits and lore connected to them. By putting these sugar skulls in the Sugar Skull Display Case, you can access the coveted tenth golden sugar skull and improve your interactions with the Grim Reaper by initiating the “Honor the Dead” interaction. 

Players can request a sugar skull by developing a solid relationship with the Day of the Dead celebrator, who is summoned by leaving a sugar skull offering.

This celebrator pays respects to the recently departed Sims. The Sims 4’s Day of the Dead Challenge is a fun and culturally enlightening experience because it deepens gameplay and offers unique rewards.


What is a sugar skull offering?

In The Sims 4, a sugar skull offering is a way for a Sim to interact with a Day of the Dead celebrator and win a sugar skull by leaving an offering on a gravestone or urn.

What is the cheat to get all the sugar skulls in Sims 4?

In Sims 4, there isn’t a cheat code to obtain every sugar skull. You must gather them through gameplay or by interacting with Day of the Dead celebrants.

What does a gift of a sugar skull represent?

A sugar skull gift is a symbolic offering made during the Day of the Dead celebration to respect and remember departed loved ones and to celebrate their lives joyfully.

Where do you put sugar skulls?

In The Sims 4, there is a “Sugar Skull Display Case” that contains sugar skulls.

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