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Tiefling 5e | Race For Dungeons & Dragons D&d – Guide(2022) 5th Edition

Tiefling 5e

Tiefling 5e are excellent burglars and robbers due to their genealogy. Yet they are also high achievers and passionately faithful. The look and behavior result from an old sin through which people, their offspring, and their children and grandchildren will be responsible.

What is dnd tiefling?

Tiefling 5e is a humanoid species born from devils and demons that crossed paths with humanity many years ago. Even when they are never intrinsically wicked. They have horns, tails, sharp fangs, and a broad range of eye and skin colors, similar to their forefathers. 

Tiefling 5e Race
tiefling 5e

Racial traits of DND Tiefling 5e

As a consequence of their infernal origin, Tieflings start sharing definite racial characteristics.

  1. Ability Score Increase: A CHA reward is the bread and butter from several courses. Tieflings flourish large number of subraces accessible. Each has its own set of additional ASIs and skills, giving them a reasonable alternative for almost any build.
  2. Alignment: Though many decide to live there. Tieflings do not have a natural bias towards evil. Whether an autonomous nature leads most tieflings to a chaotic alignment.
  3. Size: The medium size has no disadvantages or advantages.
  4. Walking Speed: The D&D 5e Tiefling has a typical walking limit of 30 feet.
  5. Darkvision: Darkvision is usually helpful. But this can be damaged if none of your people in the party get it.
  6. Hellish Resistance: Fire, either from opponent creature capabilities, is quite prevalent. Having fire resistance built into the Tiefling species is a fantastic idea.
  7. Infernal Legacy: It is a story about a family who has left an in. You’re familiar with the Thaumaturgy cantrip. With this feature, you can perform the Hellacious Repudiation spell. As a 2nd-level spell once before when you hit 3rd level, and you recover the capacity to do so after a Long Resting. Whenever you achieve 5th level. Visitors can use this characteristic to perform the Darkness spell individually so that you can do it again after a Great Sleep. For such Spell, Charisma is your Spellcasting skill.
  8. Languages: Normal and Infernal

Which Classes work With dnd 5e Tieflings?

Since the D&D 5e Tiefling has many subraces and variations. Virtually every class has a viable choice. A Tiefling with a meaningful ASI is an excellent place, to begin with, your hero.

  1. Tiefling Artificer: Most Tiefling 5e subraces come with an INT boost. Still, an Artificer might want +2—additional abilities at your fingertips. As skills to have always been excellent.
  2. Tiefling Barbarian: When the Zariel Tiefling gains STR. You can’t perform magic while being in a Barbarian fury, rendering the death strike essentially worthless.
  3. Tiefling Bard: Tieflings are an excellent option for bards. Since they adore CHA. Consider Levistus for endurance or any one of the DEX subraces for stealth or physical fighting.
  4. Tiefling Cleric: Fierna Tieflings receive WIS. Although Clerics usually would not want to expend ASI on CHA. It’s adequate and will produce an intriguing personality. But it won’t be specially optimized.
  5. Tiefling Druid: Druids can also choose the Fierna Tiefling dnd 5e. But probably won’t be just as powerful because they could select other species.
  6. Tiefling Fighter: Fighters are incredibly adaptable. Thus, any one of the DEX or STR Tiefling subraces 5e, and the variations, will function well based on the weaponry you choose. Levistus will make an excellent defensive hero. The variations are highly tempting. If you’re fighting an Eldritch Knight using DEX guns since they have DEX and INT.
  7. Tiefling Monk: The DEX subraces provide a good penetration bundle for the Monk, concentrated in that region. Variant Tiefling 5e receives the most incredible DEX boost and performs admirably.
  8. Tiefling Paladin: Choose any of the DEX or STR Tiefling subraces 5e for a Paladin based on the weapons you wish to employ. The Levistus subrace is noteworthy.
  9. Tiefling Glasya: The Glasya Tiefling has a suitable ASI and some stealthy choices to help you become more like a Rogue. Therefore, Warriors benefit the most from variant. Tiefling 5e DEX advantage, but their INT is worthless.
  10. Tiefling Rogue: Rogues’ CHA and DEX subraces are excellent starting points. Because they arrive with several built-in stealthy spells. Arcane Trickster setups benefit from the 5e tiefling variant stats as well.
  11. Tiefling Sorcerer: Because sorcerers thrive at CHA. Therefore, any of the subraces does well. Choose one of these with DEX for AC or Levistus for survival and CON escapes if possible.
  12. Tiefling Warlock: Because warlocks thrive at CHA. However, any of the subraces will farewell. Want one with DEX for AC or Levistus for survival.
  13. Tiefling Wizards: INT bonus subraces will function OK with Wizards. Although +2 is preferable. More charms are always a positive idea, and you may choose whatever spells best fit your playstyle. Bladesinger Wizards will benefit significantly from using the option to obtain DEX and INT ASIs.

Tiefling Subraces 5e 

Asmodeus Tiefling

  • However, the Asmodeus Tiefling comes with practical abilities, but ASIs aren’t complimentary.
  • Increase in Ability Score: Giving an INT boost to the Tiefling’s CHA isn’t very useful. The majority of casting depends on one and therefore, discard another. The Infernal Legacy is a story about an evil heritage.

Baalzebul Tiefling

  • Baalzebul, who specializes in influencing individuals whose minor misdeeds can convert into acts of doom, rules the collapsing country of Maladomini. Tiefling d&d who are related to this archdevil. It can emotionally and intellectually pervert another.
  • Increase in ability score. However, your Intellect score rises by one point as a result of Maladomini’s legacy.

Dispater Tiefling

  • Dis, the enormous metropolis, takes up the majority of hell’s second level. It’s a location wherein information is exposed and sold to the highest price, which makes tieflings linked to Dispater tiefling detectives and subversives.
  • Increase in ability score. Since, your Dexterity score rises by one point as a result of the Legacy of Dis.

Fierna Tiefling

  • Fierna is a great operator who bestows settings on her powerful characters.
  • Increase in ability score. The Legacy of Phlegethos raises your Intelligence level by 1. 

Glasya Tiefling

  • Glasya is the leader, and she holds her tie, fieling magic.
  • Increase in ability score. The legacy of dexterity points raises your Intelligence level by 1. 

Levistus Tiefling

  • Levistus tiefling, an archdevil notorious for proposing deals to people facing inevitable fate, rules Frozen Stygia.
  • Increase in ability score. The Legacy of Ray of Forst raises your Intelligence level by 1. 

Mammon Tiefling

  • The infamous cynic Mammon is obsessed with currency beyond anything else. 
  • Increase in ability score. The legacy raises your Intelligence level by 1. 

Mephistopheles Tiefling

  • Mephistopheles, in the icy region of Cania, gives arcane power to all those who beg him. Tieflings that connect to him are adept in arcane magic.
  • Increase in ability score. The legacy raises your Intelligence level by 1.

Zarial Tiefling

  • Since, tieflings with a blood connection to Zariel are more extensive than usual tieflings. They have magical powers that help them in combat.
  • Increase in ability score. The Legacy of Zarial raises your Intelligence level by 1. 

5e Tiefling Variant

While not all tieflings share Asmodeus’ blood. However, some even have attributes not included in the Player’s Handbook. While Devil’s Tongue, Hellfire, and 5e Winged tiefling are strictly incompatible. Therefore the Dungeon Master can allow the following features for any tiefling hero.

  • Appearance: Your tiefling’s appearance may differ from that of other tieflings. Pick 1d4 + 1 characteristics instead of the physical features mentioned in the Player’s Handbook: tiny horns; a split tongue; catlike eyes; six digits per each finger; goat-like limbs; cloven feet; a bushy tail; rough or rough coat; crimson or navy blue skunk.
  • Feral Tiefling 5e:  However one’s Intelligence score rises by one point, while your Dexterity score rises by two points. 
  • Devil’s Tongue tiefling: You’ve heard of the Vicious Mockery cantrip. Users may cast the Charm Human hex as a 2nd-level spell after you achieve the 3rd level.
  • Hellfire tiefling: This feature substitutes the Hellfire Demon Legacy feature. You can perform the Burning Hands spell as 2nd-level magic after you achieve 3rd level. 
  • Winged tiefling: Your arms have bat-like feathers growing from them. However, When you are not wearing thick armor. You have such a flying limit of 30 feet. This characteristic takes the place of the Infernal Legacy feature.

Classes that are suitable for 5e Tiefling

You can pick from 13 distinct Tiefling Variants. Although, Tieflings excel in virtually every class in the gameplay. Since, there are some courses that they can’t quite grasp properly.

Good classes for Tieflings

  1. Artificer– Most Tiefling variations make excellent Artificers! Genius is divine, and you may combine charms to create the ideal little backup mage for your group.
  2. Bard. All Tieflings can gain a +2 to Charisma, which is what you need!
  3. Fighter. Excellent decision. If you like to be at your best, try to obtain a Sword Coast Tiefling.
  4. Monk. As with most Monks Paladin, Infernal Legacy is a good pick. Tieflings’ finest melee frontline. Zafriel is an excellent candidate for a Paladin construct. Therefore, virtually all Tieflings may be decent Paladins owing to powerful Charisma.
  5. Ranger. You should aim to be a Sword Coastal Tiefling of a specific type for Dexterity.
  6. Rogue. This is a fantastic decision.
  7. Sorcerer. Tieflings are now one of the greatest magical duelists as they become Sorcerers.
  8. Warlock. These creatures are very about as handy as Sorcerer Tieflings. However, are you sure you want to form an agreement? Hence, that’s OK! If you’re going to create a Hexblade, you can look into more melee-focused options like Zariel.
  9. Wizard. It works perfectly.

Bad Classes for Tieflings

  1. Barbarian. Since, Tieflings aren’t good barbarians. However, zariel boosts your Strength. While Charisma boosts your Harassment.
  2. Cleric. Although, Jester is a joy to see in Critical Roles. The Tiefling does not function well with a Cleric.
  3. Druid. There must be no Tiefling Druids. Fierna is the nearest you can get and do not offer you much to play with here.

Abyssal Tiefling 5e(UA)

You may trace the lineage of all abyssal tieflings back to the Abyssal demons. Since those tieflings also have the following characteristics.

  • Increase in ability score. Your Morality rating rises by one point.
  • Arcana of the Abyss. You get the ability to perform cantrips and charms picked at random from such a short selection each after you complete a lengthy sleep.
  • Abyssal Bravery. Your total hit points rise by 1/2 your ability (minimum 1).
  • Languages. Abyssal is a language that you can talk, understand, and write.

How Do You Make A DnD 5e Tiefling Sorcerer?

At most, you can find one lineage from an inferno in a Tiefling. A sorcerer or conjurer with warlike ancestry has at minimum one family descended from a dragon. A Tiefling sorcerer can swiftly acquire either (and even a group of others that are normal and human).

DnD 5e Names of Tieflings

There are three types of identities for Tieflings. Tieflings who raise in a different culture have titles that represent that background. Some have identities originating from the Infernal tongue that indicate their devilish ancestry and have been through the years. However, to discover their position in the global. Many young tieflings take on a nickname that represents a value or even other notion and then endeavor to live those notions. For some, deciding on a handle is a noble endeavor. For the others, it’s a doomsday scenario.

Male names

Akmenos, Amnon, Barakas, Damakos, Ekemon, Iados, Kairon, Leucis, Melech, Mordai, Morthos, Pelaios, Skamos, Therai

Female tiefling

Akta, Anakis, Bryseis, Criella, Damaia, Ea, Kallista, Lerissa, Makaria, Nemeia, Orianna, Phelaia, Rieta. These are a few of the female tiefling.

Virtue” Names

Art, Carrion, Chant, Creed, Despair, Excellence, Fear, Glory, Hope, Ideal, Music, Nowhere, Open, Poetry, Quest, Random, Reverence, Sorrow, Temerity, Torment, Weary.

5th Edition D&D Tiefling Culture

However, tiefling has its own culture. Because it is a mash-up of numerous cultures. Several vital components clash with one’s natural character. In practice, the abnormality is the creature’s defining feature.

Physical Characteristics

No two tieflings are alike; the diabolical blood coursing through their bodies reveals itself in various ways, endowing them with a variety of wicked characteristics.

Self-reliant and suspicious

Tieflings that areTieflings that are self-reliant and suspicious live in tiny groups, primarily in mortal cities and towns. They often live in communities alongside similar minorities, in which they get regarded with much more dignity.


Tieflings rarely build their towns and estates on the Material Plane. Instead, they reside outside the country in which they were raised. For most societies, tieflings are anomalies or misfortunes.

Infernal Bloodline

Tiefling 5e descend from human ancestors, and in the broadest terms, they resemble humans. Since, their hellish rebuke tiefling, has left an indelible mark on their visage.


What is the best class for tiefling?

Paladin is the best class for tiefling.

Are there Tiefling subraces?

Tiefling has so many subraces and variations. You’ll be able to discover a good alternative for almost every class.

What is tiefling 5e?

Tiefling 5e is a humanoid species born from devils and demons that crossed paths with humanity many years ago.

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