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Sims 3 Aliens: Powers & Abilities (Complete Guide) 2024

Sims 3 Aliens

The Sims 3, a well-known life simulation game created by Maxis and released by Electronic Arts, added aliens to give the gameplay an otherworldly flavor. The Sims 3 was released in 2009 and gave players a sizable virtual world to explore and shape. The addition of aliens added a new level of intrigue and mystery to the game. 

These extraterrestrial creatures offered novel gaming possibilities, letting players come into contact with, communicate with, and even transform into aliens. This introduction will delve into the fascinating world of The Sims 3 aliens and examine their antecedents, traits, and the different ways they can alter players’ virtual selves. 

The Sims 3’s aliens provide a sense of the strange, from enigmatic abductions to interplanetary friendships, creating a memorable gameplay experience.


Sims 3 Aliens

Even the most unlikely encounters can significantly impact a Sim’s life and set off an odd chain of events in the bizarre world of The Sims 3. Pyro, a Sim who had a poor encounter at the kissing booth at the Spring Festival, sought consolation in an unusual explanation. 

Instead of blaming his lack of achievement on himself, Pyro persuaded himself that it was the fault of the earthy ladies around him. He had no idea that his life would soon take an unusually otherworldly turn.

In Pyro’s backyard during the winter, a fantastic incident occurred that would permanently change how he saw the world. He was mysteriously and abruptly taken by an alien woman named Asewuk Vajjer. Surprisingly, Pyro was successfully delivered back to his lot, uninjured physically but drastically altered. 

As a result of this close encounter, he obtained not only personal knowledge of an extraterrestrial presence but also the freedom to call Asewuk whenever he felt like it.

The idea of engaging with aliens in The Sims 3 adds a fascinating dynamic. 

Even if users have loaded The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion pack, aliens cannot be directly generated in the “Create A Sim” tool like other Sim creations in the game. Instead, players must rely on specific and unusual circumstances to make initial contact with these extraterrestrial beings. 

It’s interesting to note that the lone extraterrestrial who decides to visit a Sim’s neighborhood is invariably a female, which adds an element of surprise.

While looking through a telescope is thought to improve the likelihood of seeing an alien, it is not the only way they might be seen. Regardless of the time of year or the existence of a telescope, aliens have been known to visit neighborhoods, making their visits even more mysterious and thrilling.

Pyro’s encounter with Asewuk Vajjer is only one instance of the unusual and surreal events players can have in the weird and quirky world of The Sims 3. The game’s addition of aliens adds a sense of mystery and adventure. 

It allows Sims to explore the unknown, make unique relationships, and go on incredible excursions outside Earth. These unusual experiences distinguish The Sims 3 as an enduring and fascinating installment in the cherished Sims series.

First Contact

First Contact

When it comes to The Sims 3’s first alien encounter, the appearance of a UFO at your home is defined by an ominous tone that arouses curiosity and suspense. It’s interesting to note that the extraterrestrial visitor can show up to explore and inspect different items inside your house rather than kidnapping any Sims. 

Aliens can be invited inside and befriended like any other Sim, allowing for conversations and relationship-building. Since Asewuk’s previous visit, Pyro has been lonely and longs for her company; hence, he makes the first move to contact her. Pyro starts chatting with Asewuk using the relationship panel, just like with any other Sim. 

As they converse for hours into the night, their interactions seem natural, and their bond grows stronger. Due to her unemployment, Asewuk is always available for conversation, which fits in wonderfully with Pyro’s Night Owl personality feature.

Pyro invites Asewuk as their friendship develops and their interactions get more serious. Pyro gradually learns that aliens have some oddities, specifically how their haircuts change depending on what they are wearing. 

Asewuk, for instance, has long, bluish-green hair while she’s in her nightgown, but she’s bald when she’s in her standard space suit. However, Asewuk’s behavior is unaffected by these visual differences because she behaves like a conventional Sim in all other respects besides her distinctive skin tone and alluring eyes.

An Energy meter has been replaced by a “Brain Power” meter, which decays noticeably slower in Asewuk. She can eat space rocks that have fallen to the ground or utilize a self-interaction to practice meditation. It appears that aliens have rugged teeth!

Asewuk and her ilk can transform jewels or metals into more precious materials with a single command. 

Even while it isn’t a game-changing ability, this skill can increase profits, especially when combined with the Gatherer attribute that some aliens have. The Sims 3 offers users a glimpse into the fascinating world of aliens through Pyro’s adventure of first contact with Asewuk and their developing connection. 

Aliens allow players to venture into unexplored territory and bring a sense of wonder and oddity to their Sims’ lives, thanks to their distinctive traits and skills. The introduction of aliens in The Sims 3 widens the possibilities. It enhances the gaming experience, whether having deep conversations, learning the secrets of their look, or using their remarkable skills.

Alien Babies

Alien Babies

1. Male Pregnancy and Alien Babies

When a male Sim gets abducted and then experiences the Unexpected Weight Gain moodlet in The Sims 3, it is apparent that he is pregnant. The Sim will quickly put on weight as time goes on as the baby inside him develops. 

When the Sim gives birth after 48 hours, you can decide whether to retain the alien child or return it to its home planet. You are in complete control of the choice. You can choose the baby’s qualities, just like any other Sim, if you decide to retain it. 

A fun and satisfying parenting experience is provided in the game by raising an alien baby, which is identical to growing a typical one.

2. Alien Pregnancy & Passing DNA

In The Sims 3, other ways exist to get a Sim with alien abilities in your home, except through abduction pregnancies. Aliens and Human Sims can play Woohoo and conceive children together. The newborn will have the exceptional talent of alien telepathy and rely on the Brain Power motive rather than Energy as long as their DNA contains at least 50% alien genes.

It’s important to remember that supernatural creatures like fairies and werewolves can also mate with aliens, producing visually fascinating offspring with traits from both parents. But these hybrid Sims won’t be able to use the alien powers because of the occult DNA.

Alien Powers and Features

Alien Powers and Features

1. Alien Ship: The Galaxa Space Car

Alien Ship: The Galaxa Space Car

They are introducing The Sims 3’s Alien Ship, the Galaxa Space Car. Aliens will arrive with their ship in tow when you invite them to move in. By instantly warping from one place to another, this incredible spacecraft provides the fastest means of transportation. You have two intriguing options to enhance the ship with a level 7 Handiness talent.

You can add laser weapons to the spacecraft using the first upgrade option. Although this feature is only for entertainment, it allows your alien to conquer any area of your choice. Your Sim will have a good moodlet during the invasion, while unfortunate ground targets might have their clothes burned off.

The second upgrade, Space Travel, appears unnecessary, given that the spacecraft is already in your area. But accepting this upgrade brings exciting new opportunities. Space Travel allows your Sim to travel to Moon, Asteroid Belt, or Planet Sixon for three compelling narrative experiences. 

These quests can result in priceless metals, diamonds, and rare things as prizes, giving your Sim’s interplanetary travels a sense of exploration and discovery.

In The Sims 3, the Galaxa Space Car adds a dash of sci-fi excitement and offers a unique mode of transportation. The Alien Ship provides players a fascinating and satisfying experience within the game’s complex virtual realm, allowing them to do everything from invading lots for amusing hijinks to going on space excursions.

2. Alien Brain Power

Alien Brain Power

Aliens in The Sims 3 have a unique Brain Power resource that replaces the conventional energy motive. Aliens can employ the “Restore Brain Power” interaction, which functions like meditation, by clicking on oneself to restore their brain power. The Brain Power bar on an Alien fills up entirely in around 5 hours. Even though they don’t get a well-rested moodlet, a brief nap in bed can improve their mood.

Aliens can also eat Space Rocks to replenish their Energy. The quantity of power restored depends on the size of the rock; larger rocks provide more Energy. The disadvantage of fast recharging their Energy is that it’s necessary for powering their particular talents. In The Sims 3, aliens have unique abilities and skills that depend on using Brain Power.

Since these Sims are aliens, they have different requirements and skills, highlighted by the addition of Brain Power in Aliens. Maintaining the health and effective use of an Alien Sim’s remarkable abilities within the game requires managing Brain Power.

Abduction Criteria & Chances

Abduction Criteria & Chances

Several requirements must be completed for your Sim to be kidnapped by a UFO in The Sims 3. The following are the main requirements to remember:

1. The UFO and your Sim must be on the same lot.

2. The kidnapping occurs between midnight and three in the morning.

3. Several variables, which can be affected by specific acts, determine the likelihood of kidnapping.

Every Sim outside during the abduction hours has a 2% chance of being kidnapped. However, certain behaviors can make abduction more likely. The additional opportunities you can get are as follows:

Using a telescope to look at the stars increases the risk of being abducted by 13%.

Up to a maximum of 75%, each space rock in your Sim’s possession adds an extra 38% chance.

By combining these criteria, you can increase your Sim’s likelihood of being kidnapped by up to 75%. An increases the probability of encountering an extraordinary event while playing the game.

By deliberately increasing the possibility that UFOs may abduct your Sim, you can strategically spice up and unpredictably spice up your Sims’ lives.

How to Get Abducted in Sims 3 (With a Mod)

When playing The Sims 3, the simplest way to initiate an alien abduction is to download and install a mod, then activate the kidnapping through the Sim’s mailbox at the appropriate time. This is how it goes:

1. Download and install the NRaas DebugEnabler mod, if necessary, following tutorial instructions.

2. Pause the game when the clock reaches midnight.

3. Make sure the Sim you want is selected, then click the mailbox and choose one of the options below: Options: Colonial Mailbox > DEBUG: Trigger Alien Abduction in Nraas > Debug Enabler.

4. As soon as the abduction has started, your Sim will go outside to “investigate a mysterious anomaly.” On the lot, sparkling lights will appear in the sky, signaling that the abduction process has begun. Once the abduction has already started, it cannot be stopped.

5. Your Sim will be taken to space by the mothership when it arrives. After roughly 30 Sim minutes, your Sim will go home.

The Sim will have the “Abducted” moodlet, lasting 10 hours when they return. This moodlet can be applied to both male and female Sims. The Sim might also express unfavorable feelings toward the alien, such as sobbing, getting angry, or queasy.

You may simply facilitate alien abductions in The Sims 3 by following these instructions and using the mod, which will add an interesting otherworldly element to your gameplay.

How to Get Abducted in Sims 3 (No Cheats)

Here’s a quick and easy way to enhance your Sim’s chances of being kidnapped in The Sims 3 without using cheats:

1. Acquire two or more space pebbles, and place them in your Sims’ inventory.

2. At midnight, send your Sim outside.

3. The possibility of abduction is considerably increased by having space rocks and being outside at the appropriate moment, and it almost always succeeds.

Try this additional step if you still have difficulties setting off the abduction event.

4. While your Sim carries the space pebbles in their inventory, have them glance up at the stars via the telescope. This conduct considerably increases the likelihood of being kidnapped.

Finding space rocks in the first place is the most challenging aspect of the process. It would be best to use the Collection Helper Lifetime Reward, which costs 40,000-lifetime happiness points, to make your search easier. The exact locations of valuables, such as space rocks, are marked on your map by this reward. You avoid the frustration of aimlessly looking for stones, and the procedure is sped up.

However, even with the Collection Helper, locating space rocks can still take some time. As a last resort, you can think about using cheats if you desperately need an abduction to happen for narrative reasons or other factors.

By taking the recommended actions and using the available resources, you can increase the likelihood of your Sim being naturally kidnapped in The Sims 3, resulting in intriguing narratives and a hint of otherworldly mystery to your gaming.

How to Get Abducted in Sims 3 (With Cheats)

I employed techniques to hasten the abduction process when making my Alien Pregnancy Compared video for YouTube since I had to force an abduction immediately. Here is the approach I took:

1. Using cheats, I bought the Collection Helper prize by giving my Sim 40,000 lifetime happiness points.

2. I set the Collection Helper, which is like a butterfly and is in my Sim’s inventory, to seek rocks and diamonds. I clicked on it and chose the collectible category for which I required help.

3. To gather rocks, my Sim went to the places indicated on the map. After some searching, I eventually located two space rocks. Please note that the stones can take a day or more to spawn if you’ve just started a new game. If you don’t see any on your map, keep coming back.

4. To finish, I instructed my Sim to take the space rocks they had in their possession and go outside at midnight. The kidnapping started right away.

Although this technique worked well for my video, a mod-required, even more straightforward, and more cheat-oriented approach is required to achieve abduction.

I could tailor the game to my particular requirements and effectively use cheats to highlight the Alien Pregnancy feature. The intended gameplay experience may be altered by employing hacks and mods, so use them at your own risk.

Alien Pregnancy After Abduction

Alien Pregnancy After Abduction

While both male and female Sims can be kidnapped in The Sims 3, only male Sims have the chance to conceive naturally without the use of mods. A young adult, adult, or elder male Sim has a 33% chance of returning from an abduction pregnant in the base game.

If your male Sim is pregnant after the “abducted” moodlet wears off, they will experience an “Unexpected Weight Gain” moodlet, which denotes they bear alien children. Your Sim will become a parent when this moodlet expires. Male Sims act as hosts for the development of the alien kid even though the game does not consider them pregnant. 

They won’t get maternity leave or wear maternity clothing but will gain weight and noticeably have a bigger tummy.

Abducted alien children are treated as full aliens and develop alien abilities as they age. This distinctive gameplay element gives the Sims’ family relations an exciting new dimension and provides chances to investigate the unusual skills of these extraterrestrial children.

Sims 3 Alien Abduction Mods

Sims 3 Alien Abduction Mods

Here are some suggestions if you’re interested in including alien abduction hacks in your Sims 3 gameplay:

1. Nraas Debug Enabler

This mod allows you to start abductions, making it easy to have alien encounters instantly.

2. More/Less Alien Abductions

This mod allows you to tailor the likelihood of alien abductions to your preferences. Choose the taste that corresponds with your desired abduction frequency from the available possibilities.

3. Abductor

This mod gives female Sims the option of being pregnant by extraterrestrials while abducted, giving their reproductive choices a novel twist.

4. Nraas Retuner

With the help of this mod, you have complete control over the abduction rates. The base chance, telescope bonus, and space rock bonus can all be adjusted to your preferences. It should be noted that this mod necessitates some advanced tinkering; for instructions on customizing the abduction settings, visit the Members’ Retuner Settings page and perform an “alien” search.

You can improve your Sims’ extraterrestrial encounters by integrating these alien abduction mods into your game and customizing the frequency and results of abductions to suit your preferences. Enjoy the exciting intergalactic encounters and alien encounters that lie ahead!


The Sims 3’s inclusion of aliens gave the virtual world fresh vitality and captured gamers’ attention with their mysterious presence. The aliens brought a feeling of mystery and wonder to the game from the first instant players noticed a UFO hovering above their Sim’s house to the moment they were snatched away in an extraterrestrial abduction. 

The addition of aliens extended the possibilities and stories in The Sims 3. Whether users embraced the alien existence by making their own extraterrestrial Sims or went on exciting quests to learn the secrets of alien technology, players can venture into the unknown and establish relationships with beings from other planets thanks to the alien characters’ distinctive physical characteristics and skills.

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