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Sims 4 Aliens: Powers & Abilities (Complete Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Aliens

With its distinctive fusion of imagination, realism, and limitless potential, The Sims 4 has captured gamers’ attention worldwide since its initial release in 2014. This popular life simulation game’s inclusion of extraterrestrial life forms known as “aliens” is one of its most intriguing aspects. 

Aliens bring a whole new level of intrigue, mystery, and discovery to a universe where players may customize the lives of their virtual avatars.

In this post, we explore the intriguing world of Sims 4 aliens, revealing their traits and the different ways they can affect gameplay. Join us as we set off on a cosmic voyage to learn the secrets of these extraterrestrial species, whether you’re an enthusiastic Sims player or simply intrigued about them.

Unveiling the Aliens’ Powers

Unveiling the Aliens' Powers

Aliens in The Sims 4 add an air of otherworldliness to the game with their distinctive looks and astonishing skills. Let’s examine the fascinating traits and abilities that distinguish them from typical Sims more closely.

They seem like other Sims in many respects but have unique characteristics that set them apart. They have an unearthly air due to their alien skin tones ranging from blue to purple. They also frequently have black or striped eyes, emphasizing their extraterrestrial origin.

Players can dress their aliens in ordinary clothes or pick from various alien-specific alternatives to enhance their alien identities. Aliens can embrace their distinctive individuality thanks to body suits that are black, green, or grey with glowing green threads flowing through them.

Alien Disguise:

Alien Disguise

The alien disguise is a brand-new feature in The Sims 4. Aliens can wear a mask that simulates a typical Sim to conceal their true identity. This disguise can be created or modified in the Create-A-Sim (CAS) menu. 

Regular Sims don’t detect aliens when disguised since they think they are just another Sim unless the alien purposefully uses one of their special powers to disclose who they are. Even if not required, disguises should be worn because certain Sims may be hostile toward unmasked aliens.



The Sims 4 has alien brain power, just like its forerunner, The Sims 3. Its functioning has been altered, though. Brain power now works on a cooldown schedule rather than as a motivator. There is a cooldown period after an alien performs a skill that takes mental effort before they may use it again. 

Though some interactions may have a four-hour cooldown, using brain power causes a Low Brain Power moodlet that lasts for two hours. It’s significant to notice that the moodlet does not indicate when the forces become accessible once more.

Sims 4 aliens have several unique powers that add to the intrigue surrounding them in the game. These skills consist of the following:

1. Memory Erase

This naughty interaction becomes possible when an ordinary Sim encounters an alien in disguise. It enables the alien to make the Sims forget about the alien’s real nature by erasing their memories of the reveal. The relationship with the Sim is reset by the memory erase interaction, necessitating new introductions and erasing any relationship advancement made before the memory erase.

2. Analyze Personality

Alien Sims who are at least teenage can have their personalities assessed. Aliens can instantly learn all three of the Sim’s attributes by projecting energy into their heads. This function helps players learn about a Sim’s characteristics without getting to know them first.

3. Empathy

Using the empathy interaction, aliens can take on a chosen Sim’s emotional state. For instance, the alien will feel sad if the targeted Sim is depressed. With the aid of a neighboring Sim, alien Sims can use this talent to transform their unfavorable emotions into something more positive. However, over-empathizing can lead to a tense moodlet known as “Shared Stress.”

4. Scare with Probe

With the help of a probe-like instrument that resembles an electric beater, aliens can scare other Sims using this naughty interaction. The alien laughs at the targeted Sim’s terror when they discover it to be a rubber ducky. This interaction grants the recipient a “Probe Panic” moodlet that lasts for four hours, causing terror and harming their relationship.

5. Transmute

Alien Sims can change elements, metals, and crystals. These materials can be transformed into several varieties and have their rarity altered. An object’s value may rise or fall due to transmutation, which can boost or decrease it. It is suggested that those trying to make money concentrate on transmuting inexpensive crystals and metals.

The aliens in The Sims 4 provide an absorbing layer of mystery and intrigue by embracing their distinctive appearance, using their disguises, and exploiting their incredible skills. 

Alien Abductions And Pregnancy

Alien Abductions And Pregnancy

In the expansive universe of The Sims 4, strange alien abductions give your Sims’ life a hint of the extraterrestrial. A specific Sim will be temporarily forced to explore a weird light and go outside if they end up the target of abduction. Only at night, between 9 PM and 5 AM in Sim time, do abductions occur. 

Your Sim will be taken throughout the kidnapping, which lasts a few Sim hours, and eventually is sent back to you, albeit a little confused.

Human male Sims that were abducted in the past occasionally came back pregnant. The most recent gender modifications, however, allow any Sim who can cause the pregnancy of another Sim to bear an alien child, irrespective of gender. 

Your Sim will have the exact celebratory moment as pregnant Sims when they learn they are expecting if they get pregnant due to alien abduction. However, they won’t be able to perform a pregnancy test; instead, they might report experiencing stomach pain as a clue that they will soon become parents.

There are three stages to the extraterrestrial pregnancy. Due to an odd weight gain, the pregnant Sim will initially feel a -1 Uncomfortable moodlet. They will have a different -1 Uncomfortable moodlet in the second stage, which will clearly indicate something is wrong. Finally, the expecting Sim will experience typical labor and delivery options at home or a hospital.

After the alien baby is born, you may choose whether to keep it or send it back to its home planet by picking the appropriate option on the bassinet. Babies born as a consequence of alien abductions have their unique bassinet and, for added realism, have the interaction “It’s so…cute?”

It’s crucial to remember that non-alien Sims, who can cause other Sims to become pregnant, also risk doing so if they have a “Try For Baby” interaction with an alien Sim who has that ability. However, extraterrestrial Sims capable of getting pregnant cannot get pregnant themselves.

Therefore, in The Sims 4, be ready for the unexpected because alien abductions bring a surprise factor and the potential for interplanetary parenting to the lives of your Sim family.

How To Turn A Sim Into An Alien Sim 4

In The Sims 4, there are various ways to incorporate aliens into your gameplay, each providing particular chances for intergalactic interactions and fascinating plotlines.

1. Using CAS, create an alien:

Using CAS, create an alien

Utilizing the Create-A-Sim (CAS) tool is the most straightforward strategy. Players can bring another Sim to their home by clicking the plus symbol in CAS and selecting the “Alien” option under Occults.

This enables the alien’s appearance, including skin tone and facial marks, to be customized. Aliens also have a disguise (a human appearance) that may be changed in CAS just like any other Sim.

2. Obtain Alien Abduction:

Obtain Alien Abduction

Working in the Scientist Career, which provides access to a Satellite Dish, is an additional strategy. Players can contact aliens by using the dish, which increases the likelihood that male Sims will be kidnapped and raped. 

The Satellite Dish can also be acquired by using hacks. Selecting Contact Aliens after getting the dish will start the abduction. The kidnapped Sim will be brought to Planet Sixam and might return with a stomachache, which could signify pregnancy. After that, the pregnancy develops as a typical Sim pregnancy would, and the player can keep or give the alien child back.

3. Invite Visitors to the Family:

Invite Visitors to the Family

Players can invite aliens to live with them now by asking them to share a room, inviting them to join the family, or using the “Add to Family” cheat.

4. Try for Baby with an Alien:

Try for Baby with an Alien

By starting the “Try for Baby” interaction with an alien Sim, players can conceive either a whole alien child or a half-alien child (if the other parent is human). Tuesdays tend to be Alien night in The Sims 4; thus, going to a pub between 8 PM and 2 AM on that night will improve your chances of running into aliens.

As alien children mature, they will have the capacity to pass for humans. Players can change their looks in CAS by interacting with a mirror or closet. Using these techniques, Simmers may embrace The Sims 4’s extraterrestrial possibilities and delve into compelling narratives that feature unusual alien encounters, hybrid children, and the wonders of interplanetary living.

5. Use Cheats:

Use Cheats

Players who want to include extraterrestrial themes in their gameplay can quickly turn their Sims into aliens by employing cheats. Any currently playing Sim can transform into an extraterrestrial by taking a few easy actions.

Players must press Control + Shift + C to open the cheating bar and begin the procedure. Then, to use cheats in the game, users should input the code “testingcheats true”.

Following the activation of cheats, enter the command “traits.equip_trait trait_OccultAlien.” 

This command starts the transformation process by applying the alien occult trait to the chosen Sim. Players, with just a click, can then select the desired Sim. Now, the Sim is an extraterrestrial.

How Do You Delete A Sims Memory As An Alien Sims 4?

How Do You Delete A Sims Memory As An Alien Sims 4?

A regular Sim who realizes they are genuinely aliens in The Sims 4 has the unique potential to have their memories erased by alien Sims. Aliens can restore their bond with the Sim whose memory is being erased and keep their covert identity thanks to this contact.

In The Sims 4, take the following actions to remove a Sim’s memories of being an alien:

1. Ensure that your alien Sim is not dressed as a human but rather is in their genuine alien appearance. Aliens in disguise cannot carry out this action.

2. Interact with the Sim you want to have its memories removed from. To access the interaction menu, click on them.

3. Check the Mischief section for the “Memory Erase” option. Only once the targeted Sim has learned the alien’s real nature is this interaction possible.

4. After choosing the “Memory Erase” option, your alien Sim will act on the selected Sim.

5. The Sim will completely forget that they learned the alien’s secret after the memory erasure. They must reintroduce themselves because the relationship between the alien Sim and the targeted Sim will be reset.

It’s crucial to understand that employing the memories Erase ability on a Sim will completely wipe out their memories of the alien secret and undo any relationship advancement that had already been accomplished.


The Sims 4’s inclusion of aliens adds a thrilling and otherworldly component to the game. In Create-A-Sim, players can customize their alien Sims, get abducted by aliens, or even try to have a child with an alien. Aliens have distinctive looks, vivid skin tones, and alien eyes and can dress in everyday clothes and exotic alien body suits.

Alien Sims can also use their unique skills, including personality analysis, emotional empathy, and material transformation. They can choose to pass for regular Sims to blend in with the community, but they can also choose to expose their actual alien form when they so choose.

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