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Sims 4 How To Browse Intelligence: Secret Agent Career (Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Browse Intelligence

Welcome to our blog, where we explore The Sims 4’s attractive environment and impressive “Browse Intelligence” feature in great detail. We know the delight of telling original tales and directing our Sims through their virtual lives because we are also avid Simmers. 

The notion of Browse Intelligence, a revolutionary feature of the game that adds a new degree of realism and immersion, will be discussed in this post. Join us as we explore this feature’s nuances, gameplay implications, and revolutionary changes to how our Sims engage with the virtual environment. 

Prepare to enter a world where computer-generated characters display realistic surfing habits as you learn how this cutting-edge technology improves the Simming experience like never before.

How to Become a Secret Agent

How to Become a Secret Agent 

In The Sims 4, choosing the appropriate job is the first and most crucial step in engaging in browsing intelligence. Choosing a job as a secret agent allows you to embark on an adventurous journey that mixes parts of classic law enforcement with new improvements. 

Go to the game’s “Career Menu” if you’re prepared to embark on covert operations and dive into people’s lives. Until you locate the “Secret Agent” occupation, scroll through the list of eligible careers. 

It’s crucial to remember that you will first begin your job as an Agency Clerk. Therefore, you’ll need to be persistent to advance to the position of an undercover agent.

Diamond Agent Branch

Diamond Agent Branch

In The Sims 4, if you select the Diamond Agent Branch, you will have the daily obligation of participating in Romance Interactions. Therefore, You must make flirtatious overtures to your significant other or any other Sim in town who piques your attention. 

For the best work performance, it’s crucial to remember that maintaining a focused attitude is still advised. Even while arriving in a flirty mood could be alluring, it might harm how well you do your job.

On the plus side, earning money while working for the Diamond Agent Branch is possible. You can anticipate a bigger salary, which may benefit your Sim’s objectives and financial stability. 

However, remember that this branch necessitates your commitment to three 15-hour shifts per week. Good time management and preparation may be necessary to balance work and personal life with this schedule properly.

Villain Branch

Villain Branch

In The Sims 4, charisma is emphasized in the Villain Branch of the Secret Agent career. By the end of this branch, you must have level 6 charisma, which is your daily goal. You should begin developing your mischief skill as soon as possible to do this.

You have the chance to reach the 11th level in the Villain Branch. Five shorter ones replace the three longer shifts. Otherwise, the working hours change like those in the Diamond Agent Branch.

You receive two persistent, day-long focused moodlets using the Browse Intelligence feature. Consider looking up information on Simipedia before work to score more points in the office.

Your duties as a covert agent will fluctuate between Browse Intelligence and Friendly Interactions daily. You must use both logic and charisma in your work if you want to advance. Successfully balancing these tasks will significantly improve your chances of progressing in the Secret Agent career.

How To Browse Intelligence in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, users must assign their Sim to the profession to start the Secret Agent career. In this case, either a computer or a phone can be used. If players decide to use the computer, they should choose Find a Job and Career. They can select the Secret Agent profession from the list of possible careers.

While computers can be expensive, Sims 4 users on a tight budget need not fear. Each Sim has a phone of their own that they are free to use. Players can view the list of open jobs by choosing the Find a Job option under the Work category.

The Sim will begin working as an Agency Clerk after they are chosen for the Secret Agent post. This profession has its own unique set of everyday duties, just like any other job. Players should have their Sim use Browse Intelligence to advance in their careers. 

Using a computer or laptop is presently the only way to accomplish this. They can select to browse the intelligence database under the Web category. Remember that this process usually takes two hours. However, it occasionally takes longer. Ensuring the Sim is in a pleasant mood is crucial because drained or furious Sims won’t carry out this action.

The Diamond Agent and Villain job paths open as the Secret Agent career develops. If the Sim chooses the Diamond Agent career, they will become a Spy Captain with the daily duty of performing Romantic Interactions. Fulfilling this everyday chore can be simpler by living with a significant other or spouse.

In contrast, selecting the villainous path will make the Sim a Moon Mercenary with the task of carrying out Mean Interactions. Interacting with random Sims who show up outside the Sim’s house and have fun with them is recommended, as these interactions aren’t appropriate for friends or partners.

How do you browse intelligence on Sims 4 ps4?

Follow these steps to browse intelligence in The Sims 4 for PlayStation 4 (PS4):

1. Choose a Sim and confirm they can access a laptop or PC.

2. Allow the Sim to interact with the laptop or computer.

3. Select the category for the Web.

4. Locate and choose the “Browse the Intelligence Database” option.

5. Your Sim will spend a few hours looking through the database, learning new things, and possibly getting targeted moodlets.

6. Remember that your Sim needs to be in a pleasant mood to complete this task; worn-out or irate Sims might not want to browse intelligence.

By following these steps, you may use The Sims 4’s explore intelligence function to increase your Sim’s knowledge and skills.


The Browse Intelligence function in The Sims 4 has raised the bar for virtual simulation. The game has grown more immersive, realistic, and representative of our current digital era by adding lifelike browsing behaviors for our Sims. 

Our Sims now interact with the digital world in a way that reflects our experiences, whether online shopping binges or social media surfing. This characteristic gives them more nuanced characters, increases the scope for narrative development, and creates many fresh gameplay possibilities. 

Exploring Browse Intelligence will improve your Sims’ life and make their virtual journeys even more engaging, whether you’re a seasoned Simmer or new to the game. 


What does browse intelligence on Sims 4 mean?

“Browse Intelligence” in The Sims 4 refers to a function that allows Sims to access and browse the “Intelligence Database” on the internet using a computer or laptop. Sims can participate in a simulated browsing experience where they can learn about different subjects. This feature gives the game more realism and gives the Sims another option to engage with the virtual world.

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