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Sims 4 How To Diagnose & Cure Illness (Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Illness

Even our favorite Sims are susceptible to the sporadic onset of illness in the virtual world of The Sims 4. The game features various ailments that can impact your Sims’ daily lives, from minor colds to more severe conditions. 

This article will explore the exciting realm of Sims 4 illnesses, covering their signs and symptoms, available cures, and potential gameplay repercussions. Join us as we explore the world of diseases in The Sims 4, whether you’re a Sim doctor-in-training or just curious about the nuances of virtual health.

What is the Doctor Career in The Sims 4?

What is the Doctor Career in The Sims 4?

The Doctor career in The Sims 4: Get To Work is fun and active, providing different gameplay. Players get to follow their Sims to work and take part in their adventure, unlike other vocations where Sims disappear for work. Early on, research is emphasized, and admitting patients to the hospital. When your Sim achieves level three on the career ladder, they will begin diagnosing and treating patients.

Being cautious is essential when assessing patients because a mistaken diagnosis might negatively affect your work performance. However, you can pass your findings to a senior Doctor throughout the middle stages of your career, which can assist in avoiding such setbacks. 

Your Sim’s medical knowledge will advance as you rank, enabling them to self-identify ailments based on specific symptoms, providing a more independent and satisfying experience in the Doctor vocation. So get ready to start a rewarding medical career and improve the lives of your Sim patients!

What Are The Types Of Sims 4 Sicknesses?

What Are The Types Of Sims 4 Sicknesses?

There are numerous ailments that Sims can contract in The Sims 4. These ailments may affect the Sims in various ways and call for particular treatments or measures to address them. Here are a few prevalent illnesses in the game:

1. Nausea


Sims with the squeamish attribute or who are pregnant may feel queasy. Squeamish Sims may experience lightheadedness and a high likelihood of vomiting, especially after seeing fights or eating bad food.

2. Rabbit Rodent Fever

Rabbit Rodent Fever

It’s crucial to periodically clean rats’ cages if you keep them as pets in your Sims’ home. Maintaining hygiene is essential to prevent infections and rodent bites, which can lead to rabbit rodent fever. Funeral mods can be used to carry out the proper last rites when a Sim passes away in extreme circumstances.

3. Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning

Inadequate or damaged food, frequently found at restaurants in the Dine Out pack, can make Sims sick. This might make you feel queasy and uncomfortable. It could be feasible to ask the restaurant for a refund in specific circumstances.

4. Poison


While exploring the Selvadorada area of the Jungle Adventure pack, Sims are susceptible to becoming poisoned. The intensity of the poison varies, with some Sims just experiencing brief side effects over 12 hours, while others may experience more severe consequences or even pass away. The toxin is treatable with medical care.

5. Homesickness


Sims who have been away for a long time may feel homesick. The Sim can achieve emotional equilibrium after this situation subsides once they get home after a few hours.

As a result, players must take care of their Sims’ health and seek the proper therapies or preventative measures to maintain them in excellent shape. These various ailments bring realism and complexity to the gameplay.

Curing Illness with Medicine

Curing Illness with Medicine

In The Sims 4, giving sick Sims medicine is the most efficient way to fast heal them. It’s crucial to remember that this choice could not be the most economical. 

You can use a computer at your home to buy medicine. You must click the computer, pick “Order,” and then “Purchase Medicine.” If you have the Seasons expansion pack, you may also purchase medicine via the “Purchase Gifts” option in the phone’s Shopping app.

There is only one sort of medicine that can be purchased, but it has the power to cure all diseases. Order as much medication as you require or desire. After making the purchase, the drug will show up in your Sim’s inventory. 

Locate the remedy in your inventory by clicking the inventory symbol, then choose “Take Medicine.” Your Sims’ ailment will be cured and given a 4-hour Energy Emotion boost by doing this.

The Sim might need up to two doses of medication, depending on how sick they were, to begin with. It’s crucial not to overdose, though. Before administering the second dose, wait until you once more notice any indications of illness. An additional dazed emotion boost from using medicine excessively or giving it to a healthy Sim lasts three hours.

Using this technique, you may effectively recover your sick Sims’ health and enable them to resume normal activities without the disease.

Curing Illness with Tea or Orange Juice

Curing Illness with Tea or Orange Juice

In The Sims 4, utilizing tea or orange juice as a remedy is an alternative. Even though it moves more slowly, this method is more economical than buying medication. Instead of immediately eradicating the unwell moodlets, it shortens their duration to aid your Sim’s gradual recovery.

You’ll need the Tea Magic Personal Brewer in the Small Appliances category of the Build/Buy mode to use tea as a cure. You can make any tea you like after you have the brewer. No of the flavor of tea, it will help your Sim fend off ailments that were added in the Get To Work update.

Alternatively, you may have your Sims sip orange juice to get better. Just point them toward the refrigerator, let them pick a quick lunch, and choose the orange juice option. Tea and orange juice, unlike medicine, can be consumed indefinitely to hasten your Sim’s recuperation.

You can treat your Sim’s ailment more affordably if you choose to use these natural cures. Consistently sipping tea or orange juice can progressively lessen the unwell moodlets, allowing your Sim to regain their health and well-being, even though it might take longer for the effects to appear.

Curing Illness with Rest

Curing Illness with Rest

The Sims 4 has a tried-and-true cure that always works: good old-fashioned rest. If your Sims cannot purchase medicine or a tea brewer to treat their diseases, this is a problem. Rest is frequently seen as the best cure for whatever ails you, just like in real life, and the same is true in the virtual world of The Sims. 

Your Sim can decide whether to snuggle up for a nap or select a good, long, peaceful sleep if they feel under the weather. It is unexpected that taking a nap or sleeping while under the weather has similar effects to consuming tea or orange juice. Although it won’t offer an immediate cure, it does assist in shortening the severity of their illness. 

Your sick Sim’s body can recover and heal naturally if you let them prioritize rest and relaxation. Therefore, even if your Sim is experiencing financial hardship, they can still find comfort in the extended nap or deep sleep, knowing that it can aid in their slow recovery.

Remember that sometimes self-care and simplicity can be as beneficial as more complex remedies in The Sims.

How To Order/buy Medicines In Sims 4?

How To Order/buy Medicines In Sims 4?

In The Sims 4, you may conveniently order or purchase medications via your Sim’s PC. Here is a detailed instruction:

  • Click on your Sim’s computer screen to interact.
  • Go to the “Order” menu and choose “Medicine” from the list of options.
  • There is just one sort of medicine available in the game, costing $50 for each medicine bottle.

The medication will be kept in your Sim’s inventory after your purchase. To apply it:

  • Click the inventory icon to access your Sim’s inventory.
  • Locate the medication, then choose “Take Medicine” to give it to the ill Sim.

You can decide to retake the medication if you feel sick again. However, it’s crucial to remember that giving medicine to a healthy Sim could make them queasy, so ensure you only give it to people who need it.

It’s important to note that consuming tea or orange juice helps hasten the healing process. Even if these remedies might not offer a quick fix, drinking tea or orange juice helps shorten the severity of the ailment. Therefore, if you choose a more natural approach, consider providing your Sims with these drinks to hasten their recovery.

Tips for correctly diagnosing a Sim in The Sims 4

Tips for correctly diagnosing a Sim in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4’s Doctor career, observing a Sim’s idle animations becomes crucial for diagnosing them. These small gestures and actions can offer essential cues that can be used to analyze their illness precisely. We advise playing the game at the slowest pace to provide a more comprehensive inspection and ensure you get all crucial details.

In addition to careful observation, you can obtain swab samples from the patients and ask them to submit to testing to learn more. By reducing the number of potential ailments, these activities can make choosing the correct diagnosis from the Doctor pie menu simpler. 

You’ll increase your chances of successfully diagnosing a Sim’s condition and giving them the necessary therapy by combining these techniques with the offered diagnostic table.

To become a proficient diagnostician in The Sims 4’s Doctor career, take your time, pay attention to the idle animations, and use the tools available. Your Sim patients will immensely appreciate your thoroughness and knowledge.


The Sims 4 sickness world gives our virtual Sims’ lives more realism. These diseases, which range from the occasional cold to more severe conditions, add complexity to the gameplay and narrative. 

The range of ailments in Sims 4 offers a varied and dynamic experience, whether you’re planning how to keep your Sims well or exploring the struggles and victories of overcoming illness. The following time your Sim begins to feel unwell, remember to pay attention to their symptoms and provide them with the required aid. 

Happy simming, and may your Sims’ lives be filled with health and wellness thanks to your virtual doctors!


How do you tell which disease your Sim has?

In The Sims 4, you may identify your Sim’s sickness by looking at its symptoms, collecting swab samples, and running tests.

In Sims 4, is it possible to visit a hospital?

No, there is no distinct hospital location in The Sims 4 where Sims can receive medical attention. Most illnesses are managed at home with medication, tea, or rest.

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