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Sims 4 Realistic Cooking Mod: Best Cooking Recipes (Guide) 2024

Realistic Cooking Mod Sims 4

Are you an avid Sims 4 player that has a love for cooking as well as video games? Are you ready for a treat, if so? Because of its endless creative potential, The Sims 4 has always been a popular favorite in the simulation game genre.

Now, picture using the Realistic Cooking Mod for Sims 4 to elevate your Sims’ culinary explorations to a whole new level. 

This blog delves into the fascinating world of this mod, where virtual world cuisine becomes astonishingly authentic. This mod transforms how your Sims create and eat meals, from realistic kitchen tools and delectable foods to actual ingredient selections and cooking methods. 

Come along as we explore the delicious realm of realistic cooking in The Sims 4, and see how it enhances both your Sims’ culinary adventure and the immersion of the game.

Introducing Realistic Cooking Mod 6.4

Realistic Cooking Mod

What options does this mod offer?

1. Over 70 New Product Functionalities

Expand the variety of your in-game culinary explorations by utilizing a wide array of novel functional food items.

Various dairy products, such as cottage cheese, cream cheese, whipped cream, different cheeses, and milk, as well as an astounding variety of teas, coffees, and a plethora of other delicious goods are all available.

2. About 150 New Kitchen and Retail Items

Many new items to improve your Sim’s cooking and shopping experiences. These products have been thoughtfully created to blend in perfectly with the Sims 4 game’s features. Just 32 MB is the mod size, which is almost as light as the typical alpha hairdo!

3. Numerous High-Quality Choices and End Dates

High-Quality Choices and End Dates

Accept that food deteriorates with time and that your things may differ in quality. As you plan the meals for your Sims, take into account quality and expiration dates and enjoy the depth of gameplay.

4. Develop EA Recipes for Novel Products 

The mod adds EA recipe adaptations for the new goods, expanding your Sims’ culinary palette. It’s similar to having access to a brand-new cookbook.

5. Small-Scale Food Packaging

Many items come with a special “Open” feature that lets you reach smaller sections. To obtain individual cups of flour or glasses of milk for your cooking activities, for instance, open a bag of flour.

Additionally, for your convenience, these products are instantly added to your refrigerator inventory as soon as you open them.

️6. Improved EA Menu for the Refrigerator

Improved EA Menu for the Refrigerator

Our patch improves your Sims’ refrigerator experience rather than just adding new goods. EA recipes include new products in a fluid manner, resulting in a joyful cooking experience. Enjoy compatibility with the gameplay of “Simple Life” as well.

7. A Better and New Grocery Delivery Service

A redesigned grocery delivery service will transform your shopping experience. It is now incorporated into a different phone menu and is easily accessible by being highlighted in a different color.

The patch also modifies the cost of EA products, such as fish, fruits, and vegetables, adding more dynamic elements to the virtual shopping experience.

8. Create Your Own Food Store

You can become an entrepreneur by starting your own grocery store with our mod. Look in the “Retail” section for all the items you need, and pay special attention to things that are labeled “SS” for easy recognition. These goods come in culinary varieties as well!

9. Special Offers

Enjoy the pleasant experience of opening a jar of honey to find little amounts that you can nibble with your finger if you have the Seasons extension pack installed. The Sims 4’s shifting seasons are completely supported by the mod.

10. Purchasing Sim’s Materials

Certain delicacies are only available at certain places, such as a forest ranger’s booth in Granite Falls or a tent in San Myshuno Town. You can even receive a discount if you own the necessary Sims 4 add-ons.

11. Purchase, Hold, or Enjoy

Purchase, Hold, or Enjoy

Although you cannot sell edibles from a Sim’s inventory, you can store them in your kitchen or just eat them straight up.

12. Improved gameplay

The main game and Realistic Cooking Mod 6.4 are totally compatible. All you need to do is install the Base Game package’s main file and recipes. Furthermore, careful modifications have been made to EA recipes to effectively integrate the additional ingredients.

13. Version 6.4: Key Features

The most recent Sims 4 updates are entirely compatible with the mod’s most recent version. Reductions in autonomy for bread, chocolate, ham, and sausage are noteworthy adjustments that encourage your Sims to eat regularly.

Support for fresh dishes from S&S and other authors in the refrigerator menu has also been added in this update. 

GrayCurse’s Redesign of Recipes and Ingredients

GrayCurse's Redesign of Recipes and Ingredients

The Cooking & Ingredients Overhaul mod, created by the amazing GrayCurse, is the only option if you’re looking for a significant culinary boost for your gameplay rather than just an aesthetic tweak.

This immersive patch adds a variety of new ingredients to the culinary experience, making it deeper and more difficult. Items to expand your culinary horizons include cheese, flour, eggs, milk, and sugar. It also increases the difficulty of the recipes, requiring you to gather the components needed for every meal.

Concerned that the extra complexity would cause your Sim to become hungry? Be at ease. The majority of these components are easily obtained by buying them straight out of the refrigerator.

Older Version: Realistic Cooking Mod V 4.4

Realistic Cooking Mod V 4.4

1. An Experience That Is More Stable, Version 4.4

We now have Version 4.4 of the Realistic Cooking Mod available for anyone who were experiencing problems with the game hanging when they tried to enter the delivery menu.

This update fixes the previously described issue and guarantees a more stable and fluid gameplay experience. We’ve also included support for our planned material.

2. Version 4.3: Broadening Purview with S&S Assistance

We’ve added more information to Version 4.3 by supporting S&S in November. We’re still committed to making your culinary experiences even better.

3. Version 4.2: Healthy Food Compatibility and Baking Menu

We’ve added support for the October baking menu recipes and Healthy Food Delivery compatibility with Version 4.2. Our aim is to improve the realism and fun of your in-game cooking experiences.

4. Traditional and Simplified Chinese – Mieli

We added traditional and simplified Chinese components (from Mieli) on September 26th to add some variety to your culinary adventures.

5. Version 4.1: Additional Recipes

Version 4.1 includes support for our October dishes as well as a new recipe for Nicoise salad from the base game that was “randomly found” and put to the menu.

Our goal is to increase your culinary skills. Our documentation contains a brief description for those who are using this mod for the first time.

6. Prominent Additions:

Prominent Additions
  • New items for the shop: a jar of black caviar, an apple, and cherry juice (to keep orange juice company! 🍊)
  • Pie crust and sponge cake are two new home cooking products.
  • All cake and pie recipes now use updated ingredients instead of the generic dough.
  • Assistance for all authors’ custom recipes, such as those by Oni, Littlbowbub, Brazenlotus, and TianaSims

7. Improvements & Corrections:

  • Four-piece packages are no longer available for delivery and are no longer open continuously, although they are still available at a number of retail establishments.
  • Small tag fixes to enhance the operation of the mod
  • The menu for the stove and refrigerator is now available in the dorms, guaranteeing that even students can have a healthy meal in addition to microwave alternatives.

Upgrade Your Sims 4 Cooking Game with the Custom Coffee Pot Mod by TianaSims

The charm of a flawlessly made cup of coffee is too strong to resist. A strong cup of coffee always makes me feel better, whether you’re beginning your day off right or need a little pick-me-up midway through your Sim’s activities.

Some players may have been disappointed by the game’s selection of pre-made coffee alternatives, but that all changed when the incredible Custom Coffee Pot Sims 4 Cooking Mod was introduced.

This mod completely changes the game, giving your Sims coffee-making capabilities you never would have thought possible. Bid farewell to the ordinary and dependable and welcome to an infinite realm of coffee explorations. You’re not restricted to a plain cup of black coffee with this mod.

Rather, you get the capacity to prepare a wide variety of coffee concoctions, from cappuccinos to lattes and everything in between. When it comes to specialized drinks, the possibilities are endless, since you may choose from drinks like French vanilla coffee and taro lattes. 

Use the Custom Coffee Pot Sims 4 Cooking Mod to discover the rich coffee culture, indulge your inner barista, and enjoy the olfactory delights. The mornings in your Sims will never be the same.

Sims 4 Functional Mangal (BBQ) Cooking Mod

Sims 4 Functional Mangal (BBQ) Cooking Mod

Are you sick of Sims 4’s standard mealtime routine? Do you want to add a little bit of gastronomic flair to your in-game eating experience?

The Sims 4 Functional Mangal (BBQ) Cooking Mod, created by the gifted team of Somik & Severinka, is the only mod worth trying.

With the help of this mod, your Sims may now enjoy a fully working mangal, or BBQ, complete with a tempting menu of ten delectable meals that are expertly grilled on skewers. Your Sims may now easily create a delicious feast, featuring everything from flaky fish to juicy lamb, soft fowl, and savory pork. 

Additionally, this patch elevates portability to a new level. You can take your cooking abilities on the trip because the small mangal fits neatly in your Sim’s suitcase. It’s the ideal complement to any outdoor excursion or trip.

However, it’s the subtleties that make this mod truly magical. Every recipe has a special cooking mesh that enhances the realism of your Sims’ culinary experiments. The outcome? A wonderful meal accompanied by a beautiful visual experience.

Let your Sim know that regular dinners are no longer acceptable. With the Sims 4 Functional Mangal (BBQ) Cooking Mod, you can up your culinary game and make every meal of unforgettable occasion.


With more than 70 new functional food products, around 150 kitchen and retail items, and increased gameplay complexity with premium options and expiration dates, the Realistic Cooking Mod for The Sims 4 is a culinary game-changer. 

It offers enhanced refrigerator menus, small-scale food packaging, and EA recipe modifications. This mod offers a versatile culinary experience, even allowing you to construct your own food store and take advantage of special offers. It is regularly updated and retains great compatibility with the main game.

With its intricate recipes and novel components, GrayCurse’s Cooking & components Overhaul elevates the cooking experience and promotes sourcing ingredients for every meal. 

While the Sims 4 functioning Mangal (BBQ) Cooking Mod by Somik & Severinka offers a functioning BBQ with 10 skewer recipes, increasing in-game eating with visually attractive foods, the Custom Coffee Pot Sims 4 Cooking Mod by TianaSims allows for a wide selection of coffee preparations. These upgrades improve the overall gaming immersion and culinary adventures of your Sims.


What is the Cooking overhaul in Sims 4 base game?

With the introduction of numerous new recipes, cooking options, and ingredients, the Cooking makeover in the Sims 4 basic game represents a substantial change to the culinary mechanics. It improves the cooking experience by enabling Sims to make more dishes, try out new ingredients, and develop their culinary skills. This update gives the cooking portion of the game more depth and authenticity.

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