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17+ Best Sims 4 Baby Cribs CC & Mods (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Baby Cribs Cc

If you’re a die-hard Sims 4 player, you already know how creative and customizable the modding community in the game is. Custom content (CC) for baby cribs is one area of gameplay that modders have focused a lot of emphasis on.

When playing The Sims 4 in its default condition, you can only choose from a few cribs for your virtual babies, but CC elevates this to a whole new level.

We’re exploring the fun world of Sims 4 Baby Cribs CC in this blog. We’ll discuss the advantages of using CC in your game and look at the various possibilities, from stylish and contemporary designs to quaint vintage cribs. 

Custom baby cribs give your virtual families’ houses a bit of individuality and flair, whether you’re going for a realistic family scene, designing a dream nursery, or just trying to make your Sims’ lives better.

Top 17 Sims 4 Baby Cribs CC

1. Heart Crib for Kids’ Room

Heart Crib for Kids' Room

Severinka’s invention, the Heart Kids’ Room Crib, adds a romantic touch to your Sims’ nursery. Its mattresses come in shades of blue, red, and green, and its head and footboards are designed like hearts. 

These heart-themed components stand for the affection and attention your Sim infant needs from the start. Additionally, the crib has leg rockers, making it more straightforward to lull your Sim baby to sleep. Your child is surrounded by affection and comfort when using this cot.

2. Baby Crib

Baby Crib by Victoria Nursery

Severinka offers this adorable and cozy crib: the Victoria Nursery Baby Crib. This crib’s calming floral and polka-dot designs make your Sim’s baby’s room warm and welcoming. 

Your kid can play and sleep in a pleasant atmosphere thanks to the crib’s spacious interior. Given its cozy and enticing style, your Sim baby might find it difficult to leave this kind of crib.

3. Baby Crib by Nana Nursery

Baby Crib by Nana Nursery

Severinka’s second innovation, the Nana Nursery Baby Crib, is a beautiful example of grace and minimalism. Three variants are offered: brown with brown accents, pure white, and pure white. 

Every version has a chic gray mattress, emphasizing the visual allure of neutral colors when applied tastefully. This crib’s classic and adaptable form allows it to fit in with various nursery designs.

4. Nursery Sweet Buddies

Nursery Sweet Buddies

For your Sim baby’s sleep, the Sweet Buddies Nursery cot CC offers a fantasy world. This crib, with its representations of small animals and a tree branch with a delicate white veil, evokes an old-fashioned fairytale charm despite its modest color scheme. 

With this CC, unlike the fairytales, you don’t have to worry about poison apples or dubious Prince Charmings. It’s a charming and excellent option for the nursery of your Sim.

5. Nursery Crib

Nursery Crib - Evalina

For your Sims, Severinka’s Evalina Nursery Set provides a comprehensive nursery solution. This set has an indoor teepee and a twin-sized bed for older siblings and the cot. It’s ideal for throwing playdates and slumber parties because of its adaptability. 

This CC set’s exquisite design guarantees that it will make your baby’s playmates envious for years to come, providing a fun and cozy nursery setting.

6. Nursery Set Laura

Nursery Set Laura

The Laura Nursery Set by Severinka offers a comprehensive solution for all your nursery requirements. This gorgeous set provides a range of furniture alternatives in various colors and designs. 

It offers wallpaper, clothing, and accessories in addition to furniture to make a nursery that is visually appealing and coherent. It’s necessary to download the mod for the crib to function, but it’s worthwhile to create such a gorgeous and well-designed nursery.

7. Sassy Nursery Deco Crib Part II

Sassy Nursery Deco Crib Part II

Jomsim’s innovation emphasizes the canopy above the crib itself. The Acnassy Nursery Deco Part II Crib is a great addition to enhance the decor of your nursery because it lets you add lace embellishments to any crib you may already own. This canopy gives your baby’s resting area a hint of sophistication and elegance.

8. Canopy for Aura Crib

Canopy for Aura Crib

Your Sim baby’s beautiful dreams will have a safe and caring environment thanks to Nynaeve’s Aura Crib Canopy.

This canopy is available in various colors to coordinate with the décor of your nursery and can be installed on any crib. It gives your Sim baby an extra layer of comfort and security, making them feel secure.

9. The Dozing Crib

Dozing Crib

The Sleepi Crib by Onyxium, a component of the Sleepi Nursery interior collection, puts a contemporary spin on the classic crib design.

The modern crib design adds a sleek and fashionable touch to your Sim’s nursery without sacrificing the essential functions of a crib. For Sims, who values contemporary design and utility, it’s ideal.

10. Fantasy Animal Crib

Fantasy Animal Crib

The Animal Fantasy Crib from SimFabulous is a charming choice for infants who want a free-range, untamed lifestyle. This lovely cot is the ideal accent to a bedroom with a natural theme because of its adorable animal-themed patterns.

It makes a distinctive and captivating environment for your Sim baby with its quirky and charming appeal.

11. Cribs that Hang

Cribs that Hang

Your Sim baby’s nighttime routine will be lively and enjoyable with Fallenstar1119’s Hanging Cribs. These cribs are safe for your pixelated Sim infants, even though they may initially seem unusual. 

They are available in various colors and patterns to pique your baby’s interest. Whether it’s a sea of boats or a sky full of planes, these cribs add a fun and distinctive touch to your nursery.

12. Baby Crib with Basket

Baby Crib with Basket

Your Sim’s nursery will feel more nostalgic with the Basket Baby Crib. These cribs, set within wooden frames with rockers, are reminiscent of the comfortable baby baskets of the past.

For Sims who wish to remember simpler times and rediscover the thrill of playing with dolls like Ken and Barbie, it’s the ideal option.

13. Bohemo Crib

Bohemo Crib

For your budding hipster, the Boho Crib CC gives your nursery a distinctive twist. Its simple wooden mesh structure would look well at home in a museum of modern art as a sculpture. 

A vibrant blanket is carelessly draped over the cot, giving it a carefree and fashionable appearance.

This crib should be your hipster child’s first purchase, even before their extensive record collection and handcrafted cold brew.

14. Carrying a Crib

Carrying a Crib

With its sleek design and endearing graphics, this stylish and lovely cot is an excellent addition to any Sims nursery. Because of its portability, your Sim baby can sleep soundly in different sections of the house and yet seem chic and current.

15. Overriding the Default Bassinet

Overriding the Default Bassinet

A vital addition for Sims that values the safety and comfort of their infant is the Default Bassinet Override. This add-on makes your virtual parenting experience more realistic by guaranteeing your Sim baby enjoys the coziest and safest possible sleep environment.

16. Sled Baby

Sled Baby

The Sleigh Crib is a chic and modern addition to the nursery of your Sims 4 family. Its contemporary appearance gives your house a sophisticated and fashionable touch, making it the perfect option for Sims that value form and function combined.

17. Nest Nesting Crib

Nest Nesting Crib

For your little Sim, the Maxis Match Baby cot is stylish and distinctive. This crib will stick out in any nursery thanks to its unique design, offering your Sim baby a fun and engaging space to grow and develop.

With an emphasis on style, comfort, and functionality, you can design the ideal nursery for your Sim’s baby thanks to these Sims 4 Baby Cribs CC alternatives, which cater to various tastes and preferences.


The Sims 4’s custom content (CC), which allows for countless creative options for nurseries, has completely changed how players feel about baby cribs.

In contrast to the main game’s constrained selection, CC offers an infinite amount of options. Custom cribs allow Sim homes to be distinctive and personalized, with options ranging from modern styles to classic charm.

Examining the alluring world of Sims 4 Baby Cribs CC reveals choices that are both fashionable and useful. Every crib gives nurseries a unique individuality that appeals to various player preferences.

The wide range of styles included in the collection consists of sleek and sophisticated, as well as whimsical and comfortable designs. 

The creativity of this modding community enhances the gameplay, enabling Sim parents to raise their virtual families with style and uniqueness and design the ideal, customized nursery for their cherished little ones.


How do you put a baby in a CC crib Sims 4?

In Sims 4, to place a baby in a CC crib, click on the crib and select the “Put Baby In Crib” option when your Sim is holding the child.

How do you put a baby in a crib in Sims 4 2024?

In Sims 4, 2024, place a baby in a crib by following the instructions as in earlier game versions. To engage in the “Put Baby In Crib” interaction with a Sim holding the infant, click on the crib.

Are there cribs in Sims?

Yes, The Sims 4 has cribs, both in the standard game and in the custom content (CC). In the game, cribs are necessary for caring for Sim babies.

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