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21+ Best Sims 4 Afro Hair CC & Mods (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Afro CC

Character customization in The Sims 4 has long been praised for its inclusive and varied approach, enabling users to build distinctive and realistic avatars.

Nevertheless, despite the game’s wealth of default options, many gamers yearn for more opportunities to express themselves and their creativity more fully. Custom Content (CC) can help in this situation.

This blog explores the colorful world of Sims 4 Afro CC, a fun place where users can create stuff for their Sims and find a more excellent selection of Afro-textured hairstyles.

You can make your Sims sparkle with many options, whether you like vibrant, afro-centric styles or embrace natural curls. 

Top 21 Sims 4 Afro CC

1. The Afro-Collection


To expand your options for Afro hairstyles in Sims, you must have the Afro Collection CC bundle. It offers a staggering assortment of thirty-six distinct Afro styles. These hairstyles are all appropriate for various events and clothes because they may all be worn with hats. 

In addition, the collection offers seven more modified Maxis swatches in addition to all of the original ones. This implies you can choose various colors to fit your Sim’s style. This collection is an excellent option if you like natural hairstyles and Maxis match CC.

2. Jada Hair version 4

Jada Hair version 4

The Jada Hair v4 gives a gorgeous modern touch to the Maxis Match appearance. It has intricate curls that give it a sophisticated look. It has elaborate loops that give your Sim’s appearance a refined touch.

This haircut is an excellent option for Sims, who desire a chic look because of its laid-back and outstanding design.

3. Bobby, Bebe, Bibi

Bobby, Bebe, Bibi

Three different Afro hairstyles are included in this CC pack: Bibi, Bobby, and Bebe. These haircuts are meant to get you into the holiday mood while giving your Sim a sophisticated, sassy look.

Whether your Sim is lounging about the house, going to high-class events, or spending the evening with friends, they are ideal for many kinds of circumstances. 

Every hairpiece in these looks is painstakingly designed to radiate creativity, highlighting your Sim’s self-assurance and charm. These hairstyles are an expression of more than simply Hair.

4. Afro Curly Ebony

Afro Curly Ebony

The timeless beauty of the Ebony Curly Afro CC collection revitalizes your Sim’s appearance. These Afro hairstyles are sophisticated for every event and go well with various environments and feelings. These curls will make a lasting impact whether your Sim is lounging around the city or exploring. 

The Ebony Curly collection’s versatility resides in its capacity to accentuate your Sim’s inherent beauty without detaining from who they are. Their appearance is given depth and character by each curl and strand, which subtly conveys a confident message.

5. Afro Manila Hair

Afro Manila Hair

Ages ranging from youth to elderly Sims can wear the Manila Hair CC. It provides an assortment of colors for selection. It comes with a headband accessory and is available in various colors. 

The headband may be accessed under the accessories area, where hats are mentioned, and its color can be changed there.

With this Afro hairdo, your Sim may flaunt their inherent beauty while lounging by the pool and enjoying a day of relaxation.

6. Curlypuff the Queen

Curlypuff the Queen

Sims of all ages can wear the Queen Curlypuff Afro CC, giving them the choice of wearing it with or without the head wrap.

You can also choose from various colors for the head wrap, which allows you to personalize your Sim’s appearance.

7. Damien Hairs

Damien Hairs

The Damien Hair is another example of the wide range of CC that Saurus is known for providing. This specific CC features carefully produced textures in shorter afro styles.

It’s a classic and adaptable addition to The Sims 4, fitting a variety of Sims and attire. The Damien Hairs offer great possibilities for Sims who want to try something unusual or who want to go for a traditional look.

8. Big Mama Amma Is Now Afro

Big Mama Amma Is Now Afro

The main goal of an afro hairstyle is to make a robust and independent statement. This CC hairdo, distinguished by its voluminous and textured appearance, is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a statement of assurance and confidence. 

This hairdo will give your Sim an air of elegance and flare, whether relaxing or pursuing their goals. The design’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that your Sim’s uniqueness comes through.

Every curl and strand is proof of the elegance that comes from appreciating natural textures and the diversity of Afro hairstyles.

9. Afro Curls To Afro Conversion

Afro Curls To Afro Conversion

The goal of the Afro Curls Conversion CC is to bring out the glitzy side of your Sim. Regardless of whether your Sim is walking the red carpet or just embracing their inner diva, these afro curls are designed to make a striking and memorable impression—these curls’ drama and allure radiate confidence, enabling your Sim to shine brightly wherever they go. 

The spirit of sophistication and elegance is captured by the meticulous attention to detail. These curls are more than just a hairstyle; they picture your Sim’s grace and self-assurance.

10. Woolly Head

Woolly Head

Another distinctive afro option with a subdued modern twist is Marigolde’s Dizzy Hair. There are a few noticeable differences, but it still has the lovely, puffy look of an afro.

The haircut has a lot of baby hair and one closely chopped section at the front. This blend of elements creates a gorgeous yet contemporary hairdo.

11. Afro Gloriana

Afro Gloriana

Ebonix is renowned for offering excellent natural black hairstyles and Sims 4 afro CC. Three distinct hairstyles are included in this pack: Afro Mama, Two Afro Buns, and Afro Princess.

Sims of all ages, from teenagers to seniors, can wear these unisex afro CC designs. It’s a broad and adaptable addition to your Sims’ repertoire of hairstyle choices.

12. Hairstyle for Adjoa

Hairstyle for Adjoa

Compared to others, the Adjoa Hairstyle gives a more voluminous afro alternative. With its rounded, thick waves and gorgeous built-in headband, this hairdo gives your Sim a distinctive and fashionable appeal.

13. The Hair Dee

The Hair Dee

The Dee Hair is a striking combination of boldness and elegance. This CC afro haircut is more than simply a hairdo; it represents confidence and empowerment. Everywhere your Sim travels, it’s intended to draw attention and leave a lasting impression thanks to its meticulous attention to detail. 

This haircut makes sure that everyone is staring at them, expressing their distinct beauty and captivating aura, whether they are dancing under the stars or on a virtual runway.

With Dee Hair, your Sim can embrace their inner diva and project a confident aura that enthralls everyone around them. It’s a truly transformational experience.

14. Hair of Janette

Hair of Janette

The Sims 4 afro hairstyle universe has gained a distinctive addition with Janette Hair. Its asymmetrical form makes it stand out and gives it a unique yet stylish appearance.

The soft, fluffy aspect of the haircut is evocative of clouds in the sky. It’s an excellent addition to your Sims’ wardrobe because it’s a multipurpose option that looks gorgeous from any aspect.

15. Afro Brief Revision

Afro Brief Revision

Three different afro variants catered to male Sims are included in this collection. You can choose the option that most closely matches the style of your Sim by choosing from a range of sizes and volumes. 

The fact that this CC comes with 65 different color options makes it incredibly adaptable. A wide range of hues are available, including some unusual ones like pink, white, green, and more.

16. Converting Afro Curls to Sims 4 Afro

Converting Afro Curls to Sims 4 Afro

One of the most recent Sims 4 packs, My Wedding Stories, features this sophisticated formal afro hairdo. You’re losing out on this elegant afro option if you don’t own this pack. 

DrTeeKayCee has performed a fantastic modification to provide accessibility for everybody. With 14 distinct color options, this hairdo guarantees that your Sim will look their best for every formal occasion or special event.

17. Toddler Tight Curls Bandana

Toddler Tight Curls Bandana

Moreover, toddlers can look stylish with the Tight Curls Bandana CC. A lovely little bandana does a fantastic job of managing this afro style.

The bandana’s design changes based on the hair swatch, giving your toddler Sim a more versatile appearance. Whatever the variety, they’re all fashionable and adaptable, letting your toddler Sims show off their personalities.

18. Concealed


Under Wraps hairstyles are all about elegance and simplicity. These afro hairstyles are intended to exude subtle elegance, giving your Sim the ideal canvas to showcase their inherent beauty. 

Under Wraps hairstyles offer a serene and classic atmosphere, perfect for when your Sim is going on epic adventures, finding comfort in solitude, or spending time with them.

These hairstyles’ soft curves and textures provide a blank canvas for your Sim’s traits to pop, highlighting their uniqueness subtly and elegantly. 

These looks encourage genuineness and confidence, letting your Sim show off their inner beauty.

19. Afro Bun

Afro Bun by Malu

Malu’s Afro Bun gives your Sim an air of royalty and strength. These hairstyles guarantee that your Sim attracts attention and admiration everywhere they go because they exude an unmistakable sense of grace and confidence. 

Malu’s Afro Bun embodies classic beauty and a sense of power, whether your Sim is entering a ballroom with style or spending quiet moments reflecting. Your Sim’s regal charm is symbolized by the intricate design of each curl and strand, demonstrating the crafting with great care.

20. Summertime Fro Huge Hair

Summertime Fro Huge Hair

The goal of the Summer Fro Supersized Hair is to give your Sim eye-catching volume that will make them stand out. These afro hairstyles are meant to draw attention and make your Sim stand out wherever they go. 

Whether your Sim is expressing their free-spirited side or dancing to the beat of life, the enormous curls create a captivating visual display that radiates charisma and confidence.

The Summer Fro Supersized Hair collection’s extravagant style celebrates the uniqueness and the guts to stand out. Every curl exudes confidence, enabling your Sim to show off their individuality in style.

21. Stuff ‘n Puffs

Stuff 'n Puffs

Another distinctive afro hairdo that lets you accessorize with flowers is available from Puffs N’ Stuff. There are 11 distinct colors in this set, which is available in three different sizes (small, medium, and large). You may access the flowers by going to the accessories category and adding them. 

You can wear the flowers and all three simultaneously because they aren’t labeled as necklaces, spectacles, or earrings. This gives your Sim’s appearance a stylish yet whimsical touch.

In The Sims 4, how can you correct CC hair?

In the Sims 4, you can attempt the following methods to fix CC hair:

  • Verify that your mods and game are current.
  • Look for any out-of-date CC or incompatible mods.
  • Batch correct CC hair with the Sims 4 Studio tool.
  • Get the CC hair again and reinstall it.
  • Confirm that there are no problems with bone assignments in the Hair.

How may hair mods be installed in The Sims 4?

The steps below can be used to install hair mods in The Sims 4:

  • From a reliable source, download the appropriate hair mod.
  • If the mod files are compressed, extract them.
  • Put the files extracted into the Sims 4 Mods folder.


The Sims 4’s Custom Content (CC) improves character customization by letting users make personalized avatars. This blog offers a colorful selection of Afro-textured hairstyles and explores Sims 4 Afro CC.

These options add more clothing possibilities to your Sim, regardless of whether you choose bold, Afrocentric fashions or natural curls. 

Afro Collection, Jada Hair v4 for a stylish style, and Bibi, Bobby, and Bebe for sophistication are among the top 21 CC selections.

Afro Curly Ebony contributes classic elegance, and Manila Hair is ageless and includes a headband. Damien Hairs provides shorter afro styles, Queen Curlypuff is adaptable, and Amma Big Girl Now radiates confidence. 

Bold Afro Curls Conversion is paired with contemporary twists from Dizzy Hair. Gloriana Sims 4 Afro comes in three different styles, and Adjoa Hairstyle has a lot of volume.

Janette’s Hair is asymmetrical, and Dee’s Hair radiates empowerment. With 65 color options, Afro Short Edit is a good fit for men, and Afro Curls Conversion is a more formal option. For toddlers, the Tight Curls Bandana is fashionable, while Under Wraps provides subtle elegance. 

Malu has a majestic Afro bun, and Summer Fro’s Supersized Hair is noticeable. You can add floral accessories with Puffs N’ Stuff. The Sims 4’s character customization is enhanced by these CC options, enabling more expressive and varied avatars.

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