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31+ Best Sims 4 Jeans CC & Mods Collection (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Cc Jeans

Pants are an essential piece that shouldn’t be disregarded when personalizing your Sims’ wardrobes in The Sims 4. The Sims 4 Custom Content (CC) comes to the game’s rescue because the standard clothing selections are frequently scarce.

This article will explore the fascinating world of Sims 4 CC jeans, a wide range of imaginative player-made clothing additions that give your virtual life a new flair.

CC jeans offer various designs to fit your Sims’ distinct personalities and fashion tastes, from skinny jeans to distressed denim, high-waisted classics to wacky flares. We’ll discuss where to buy the best CC jeans, how to install them, and even some fashionable outfit ideas so your Sims can perform in style. 

This blog will show you how to use the most cutting-edge custom jeans to up your Sims’ fashion game, whether you’re a seasoned simmer or just getting started.

Top 31 Sims 4 Jeans CC

1. High-Rise Modern Jeans

High-Rise Modern Jeans

We investigate the best Sims 4 custom content for jeans with the renowned “High Tight Modern Jeans.” These jeans, designed by the gifted artist Sims2fanbg, need no introduction to fans of The Sims 4. They are instantly recognizable and highly well-liked among Simmers thanks to their stunning and contemporary style. 

These high and tight jeans are a go-to option for individuals who wish to showcase their Sim’s physique in style because of their snug fit, which draws attention to your Sim’s curves.

Sims2fanbg, the creative mind behind these jeans, painstakingly produced a wardrobe essential that has captured the hearts of many virtual fashion devotees. These jeans are perfect for your Sim, whether they’re going to a fancy party or just hanging out.

2. Sagging Jeans

Sagging Jeans

These retextured Baggy Jeans from the inventive imagination of catsblob are a 180-degree turn from the Amara Skinny Jeans and represent an excellent and fashionable alternative. Baggy jeans are one example of the many fashions from many eras that have come back in The Sims 4’s fashion scene. 

These jeans are the perfect example of how antique styles that were once thought to be long gone but have made a strong comeback have been modernized. Simmers who want comfort without sacrificing style will like baggy jeans’ roomy, laid-back look.

For Sims, who choose a more casual approach to fashion, the loose-fitting design’s easygoing and laid-back vibe makes it the ideal option. These jeans give your Sims a fun new look.

3. Joel Jeans with Decals

Joel Jeans with Decals

These awesome Joel Pants are different from your standard pair of jeans made of denim. They stand out for their adaptability and the ability to combine several designs to maximize the value of your download. These precisely made pants are available in basic denim styles and a pair of stunning checkered pants in the same cut. 

For fashion-conscious Simmers who enjoy experimenting with various appearances, this amount of diversity and customization is a dream come true. The cute small decorations that decorate the Joel Jeans with decorations are what make them appealing.

The jeans have a patchwork-like appearance because of these tiny, amusing embellishments, which also provide charming nuances that showcase your Sim’s personality.

4. Jeans with Rips and Stickers

Jeans with Rips and Stickers

We frequently think of jean jackets when considering patches and stickers on clothing. However, Ripped Jeans + Stickers demonstrates that jeans should be considered when sharing your interests and sense of fashion. Even though patches on jeans may not be as standard as on jackets, these jeans strongly support the revival of this style. 

The custom content combines two well-liked components—ripped jeans and stickers—to give your Sim’s clothing a distinctive twist. Whether you prefer cacti or aliens from outer space, these jeans have you covered.

5. Heatwave Jeans

Heatwave Jeans

Heatwave Jeans is a fun and innovative concept in Sims 4 custom stuff. With a belly-button high waist and a slightly wide leg at the bottom, these jeans have a relatively straightforward silhouette. The feature that makes these trousers stand out from the competition is their unique design, though. 

Heatwave Jeans stand out thanks to its distinctive heat map pattern, which is covered in vivid hues. You’ll see vivid orange and yellow tones near the top of the jeans, while other areas of the pants have calm blue hues.

With warmer and colder spots on the jeans, this pattern closely mimics a heat map. Thanks to this innovative innovation, your Sim’s clothing gains a playful and imaginative touch.

6. Ripped Skinny High-Waisted Pants

Ripped Skinny High-Waisted Pants

A classic design choice, ripped jeans have always exuded charm and a sense of rebellion. But when you mix the cool of high-waisted jeans with the toughness of ripped designs, the result is an unavoidably fashionable look. Your Sim will appear particularly sexy and confident with ripped skinny high jeans. 

The high-waisted shape enhances your Sim’s curves and lends them a sexy edge while adding a touch of refinement. These jeans are an effective tool in your Sim’s wardrobe because of the ripped design, which gives them a rebellious and contemporary feel. 

The availability of eight distinct tones, ranging from the traditional black and white to various light and dark blue tints, is one of the unique content’s most vital points. 

7. Love Me Right Cropped Skinnies

Love Me Right Cropped Skinnies

Love Me Right Cropped Skinnies exemplify how the world of The Sims 4 custom content is constantly changing. These jeans have a unique charm that keeps fashion in the Sims universe interesting and unrestricted. 

These pants are intriguing since they go against accepted ideas of what “skinny” jeans should look like. The fact that it could be difficult for you to determine whether this custom content is genuinely “skinny” says a lot about the development of denim trends in The Sims 4. 

There are no hard-and-fast laws in this area, and imagination has no restrictions. Love Me Right Cropped Skinnies provide 20 swatches, giving your Sims a wide range of options.

8. Healthful Jeans

The “mom jean” trend, which has triumphantly returned to the fashion landscape in recent years, is best exemplified by Wholesome Jeans.

Given their enormous appeal, it’s tough to picture these jeans ever going out of style again. These jeans have a timeless and traditional appearance with their high-waisted design and cuffed ankles. 

These jeans are a revelation for people who believe that cuffed jeans are the only way to wear denim. They are versatile to your Sim’s wardrobe since they combine comfort and style. Wholesome Jeans are distinguished by their understated elegance and simplicity. 

9. Patchwork Jeans

Patchwork Jeans

Jeans don’t have to be dull just because you’re wearing them. Patchwork jeans provide a distinctive and fun approach to give your Sims’ denim some individuality. These high-waisted flare jeans accentuate your Sim’s figure and make them appear fantastic. 

The subtle, intricate details that provide the entire design a sense of intrigue make these jeans stand out. There is a little patchwork area that matches the denim hue on the outside of the flared legs. The jeans are elevated by adding this patchwork element, which gives them personality and style. 

The wide selection of color swatches offered adds to the allure of these jeans. A gorgeous green swatch from the collection gives your Sim’s clothing a vivid color. 

10. Jeans Inspired by Unif

Jeans Inspired by Unif

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wanted a pair of designer jeans from Unif but been unable to justify the high cost. Although Unif is renowned for its high-quality and distinctive jeans, the price might be a significant obstacle.

Thankfully, your Sims aren’t constrained by money, whether they use cheats to ensure their houses are top-notch or custom content to access the most expensive clothing options.

Your Sims may now have the distinctive look of Unif without breaking the bank, thanks to Unif Inspired Jeans. With various fashionable choices and hues, these jeans let your Sims adopt the recognizable Unif appearance. 

The appeal of this unique content rests in its capacity to provide affordable alternatives to upscale clothing for Simoleans.



Black jeans are already alluring in their basic form, but they become hard to resist when given a fashionable twist. These black skinny jeans give your Sims an air of elegance and appeal.

These jeans were made by Pinkzombiecupcakes, a well-known designer with approximately 250,000 downloads on The Sims Resource, demonstrating their extraordinary design abilities. 

The Black Skinny Jeans collection includes six diverse designs, each with its flair. These jeans span various design tastes, from traditional black to tattered styles and sticker-covered themes. Thanks to their adaptability, these jeans can be worn in multiple situations, from informal outings to more formal events.

12. Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide Leg Jeans are an unexpected innovation in the always-changing world of fashion. It is often believed that fashion trends from the 2000s should be relegated to history and never worn again.

Contrary to popular belief, these jeans present a novel interpretation of wide-leg clothing. Contrary to the baggy and low-rise fashions of the 2000s, these wide-leg jeans from Casteru offer a fashionable alternative. 

They open just above the ankle to prevent your Sim from falling over extremely long flare jeans. This style supports sustainability and adds a touch of refinement. Nine samples are included in the personalized content, allowing you to avoid making the same fashion mistakes again. 

13. Galina Jeans

Galina Jeans

Children should also have entertaining and engaging wardrobe options. These Galina Jeans are made to provide a little fun and imagination to your kid’s Sims’ wardrobe.

Instead of requiring children to wear dull and uninteresting jeans to school, these pants allow them to show off their individuality and sense of flair. 

Legs on these jeans are distinctive since they are each a different color, which gives their design a joyful and young feel.

The jeans have adorable smiley faces sewn on them to make them even more endearing, adding a sense of joy to your kid Sims’ attire. The Galina jeans are a child’s dream come true if they wish to add creativity and fun to their wardrobe.

14. Happy Valentine’s Day, Jeans

Happy Valentine's Day, Jeans

These Happy Valentine’s Day Jeans give a little different perspective than the common association of Valentine’s Day with chilly winter weather. These slightly cropped jeans, created to honor the season of love, give the impression that spring is coming.

The little, thin belt included with these jeans as an accessory gives the outfit an air of sophistication. One of the best things about these jeans is that you can tuck your shirts into them for a neat and fashionable appearance.

With these jeans, your Sims may end the times when their bottoms would protrude through their big jeans. Happy Valentine’s Jeans is a sweet addition to your Sim’s wardrobe, arousing hope for sunnier days and happier occasions. 

15. Star Jeans

Star Jeans

Sometimes, you come across personalized content you can’t pass up, and Star Jeans is one of those times. Teenage Sims that desire to embrace a fashionable and young look will look fantastic in these pants.

Think about your Sim sporting a straightforward tank top and these lovely two-tone star leggings. The combination makes for the ideal ensemble, especially when accessorized with plain yet fashionable shoes. 

These high-waisted jeans include a simple black belt that adds style and keeps them in place. The rolled bottom of the pants enables your Sims to flaunt their ankles and don chic socks. The lovely design on these jeans makes them stand out; each leg is a different color, and one leg has adorable stars. 



This unusual pairing of pants and a blouse, created by Annett, will make your Sim stand out. The blouse introduces a variety of variations and designs, allowing you to enjoy a combination of styles, while the jeans keep a light tone.

With the opportunity to try out various pairings provided by this bespoke content, you may design one-of-a-kind looks that capture your Sim’s character and sense of style. 

This adaptable custom content offers alternatives that suit a wide range of fashion preferences, whether your Sim is going to a casual gathering or a more formal function.

17. Go Baby Pants

Go Baby Pants

The Go Baby Pants presents a novel interpretation of an established style. The Discover University expansion pack fans are in luck because Trillyke, the mastermind behind this unique content, has done something kind for them.

The unattractive silhouette of the original design has been addressed with a higher waistband and a shorter length on this new and better pair of pants. 

The fantastic variety of options these pants offer is what makes them unique. It will be difficult for you to select your favorite out of the 30 alternatives.

With the help of the plain, two-toned, and ombre swatches in the custom content, you can experiment with various color schemes and design a variety of stylish appearances for your Sims.

18. Denim Pants

Denim Pants

A classic that has endured the test of time is denim pants. They are essential for every Sim’s wardrobe because they are adaptable and appropriate for various situations.

The somewhat roomy cut of these high-waisted jeans adds a touch of elegance and is ideal for creating the current “boyfriend” appearance. 

These jeans are an excellent and necessary option because of their extraordinary capacity to flatter diverse body types. The simplicity and practicality of denim pants define them.

No matter what your Sim chooses to wear with these jeans, they will seem fashionable because they cinch at the waist to create a feminine silhouette. 

Denim Pants provide countless options for chic pairings, regardless of whether your Sim chooses a more laid-back appearance or one that is more professional.

19. Taylor Jeans

Taylor Jeans

Having choices is crucial when it comes to downloading unique material. You don’t want to download pants restricting your Sim’s ability to dress whichever they wish.

Taylor Jeans offer the variety and adaptability that need to be improved. These jeans are comfy and fashionable thanks to their loose leg and high waist designs. 

The array of swatches boosts their attraction. You can select from straightforward one-tone swatches with almost any outfit. There are also swatches with varied rips, which are ideal for Sims that want to give their appearance a little more edge.

A delightful two-tone swatch from the collection is included, giving your Sim’s clothing a whimsical and bright touch.

20. Mom Jeans Recolored

Mom Jeans Recolored

Mom jeans, a trendy and comfy alternative to conventional thin jeans, have significantly resurfaced in recent years. On the other hand, many mom jeans available tend to look alike, often arriving in black or blue with cuffed bottoms. Add a pop of color to your Sim’s clothing; Mom Jeans Recolored gives this trend a novel spin. 

The high waist and cuffed bottom continue to distinguish the style from other mom jeans. The availability of hues is the main distinction, though.

Your Sim can adopt a more brilliant and colorful appearance thanks to the availability of these pants in maroon, crimson, and even a pink plaid. Your Sim can boldly stride in these jeans with a distinct look that makes them stand out.

21. Reckless and Proud Jeans

Reckless and Proud Jeans

The Reckless Jeans live up to their name; they are unapologetically adventurous. Not for the timid, these jeans are for people who wish to make a strong fashion statement.

The happy owners of these pants are well aware of how stylish they appear and do not feel the need to defend their personal fashion choices. 

Reckless and Proud Jeans provide a distinct and edgy look ideal for Sims, who are self-assured in their sense of style.

These jeans come in various shapes and colors and are made for people who wish to stand out. With these jeans, your Sim may eloquently display their distinct sense of style and make a statement.

22. Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans

From being the topic of SNL sketches to being a fashionable option in The Sims 4, mom jeans have come a long way. Even in Sims fashion, these jeans testify to the adage that mothers always know best.

In The Sims 4, mom jeans are available in simple and torn styles. Six swatches are available in each edition, giving your Sim a range of looks. 

These jeans offer possibilities to suit your fashion tastes, whether they are edgy and distressed or conventional and tidy. Mom jeans are a fashionable and comfortable option for everyday wear.

23. Cold leg jeans

Cold leg jeans

Next are these Cold Leg Jeans, which give the traditional denim design a distinctive and fashionable twist. In addition to the classic denim hues, these jeans come in various lively and attractive colors, such as vivid pink and gorgeous lavender. These jeans have a wide leg and a high waist, providing a beautiful and cozy fit. 

The cut across the portion of these jeans is what distinguishes them from the competition and gives the style a stylish, tattered look.

This feature lends the jeans their name since the fraying and cut produce an eye-catching “cold leg” look. These jeans are ideal for Sims, who wish to embrace a modern look and make a fashion statement.

24. Bom POM Jeans

Bom POM Jeans

The devil is in the details when giving your Sims edgier and more complex looks. For Sims that want to add personality and style to their clothing, Bom POM Jeans are the ideal option.

These jeans include numerous detailed and striking motifs, making them stand out from standard denim. These jeans’ distinctive embroidered designs and eye-catching hues make them stand out. 

You may pick from various patterns, including floral and geometric designs that have all been painstakingly crafted to produce a chic and exciting aesthetic. These jeans are ideal for Sims, who want to make a statement and stand out.

25. Cassandre Jeans

Cassandre Jeans

Cassandre Jeans provide a flawless fit that enhances your Sim’s form thanks to their lovely combination of a high-waisted design and slim legs. These jeans are in various colors, from traditional denim to a stunning wine-red hue. These jeans’ narrow fit makes them compatible with multiple outfits and footwear. 

These jeans offer a versatile option that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, whether your Sim is going to a formal function or just out for a casual outing with friends. With Cassandre Jeans, your Sim will seem effortlessly stylish and refined.

26. Season Sim Jeans

Season Sim Jeans

The Season Sim Jeans are ideal for Simmers who love their pets as much as they enjoy fashion. The front and back of these jeans feature a lovely and vibrant pet design, giving the garment’s look a playful and exciting feel. The charming canine designs that provide these pants with their name are their most distinctive quality. 

You may select from various pet possibilities, such as cats, dogs, and even unicorns, making it possible to locate the ideal pair of pet-themed jeans to go with your Sim’s character. These pants suit Sims, who enjoy their pets and wish to include their passion for animals in their everyday attire.

27. Spring High Waist Jeans

Spring High Waist Jeans

Thanks to spring high-waist jeans, your Sim’s wardrobe will feel airy and new. These jeans are a comfortable and fashionable option for numerous occasions thanks to their high waist and gently flared legs. These jeans’ lovely patterns are what make them appealing. 

Your Sim can embrace the lively and colorful spirit of the season by adopting one of the many flower and spring-themed designs available.

These jeans will undoubtedly bring a touch of class and sophistication to your Sim’s attire, whether they’re going to a springtime picnic or a relaxed get-together with friends.

28. Marlow Jeans

Marlow Jeans

The ability to choose from various colors is crucial for stylish jeans. Marlow Jeans offers 32 gorgeous hues, giving your Sims many options for their wardrobe.

These jeans are ideal for every occasion thanks to the wide range of colors in the color palette, which ranges from traditional denim to strong and colorful tones. These jeans give your Sim’s attire a dash of refinement and comfort thanks to their high waist and slightly flared leg style. 

Your Sim can create a wide range of outfits, from comfortable and informal to formal and chic, thanks to the assortment of swatches. Your Sim may freely show their fashion tastes and style thanks to Marlow Jeans.

29. Mega Mom Jeans

Mega Mom Jeans

The modernized and enhanced version of the traditional mom jeans is the mega mom jeans. These jeans have a high waist and baggy legs for a fashionable and cozy fit that your Sim will love.

These jeans stand out because they have belt loops, allowing your Sim to accessorize with a belt that complements their fashion sense. 

Mega Mom Jeans offer extra customization, whether your Sim prefers a simple look or wants to add a fashionable belt to their attire.

30. Men’s Boot-Cut Jeans

Men's Boot-Cut Jeans

Men should also have fashionable alternatives in The Sims 4 in addition to the females who deserve stylish and functional jeans.

Men’s Boot Cut Jeans provide a comfortable and pleasing fit with a modest flare at the bottom to satisfy male Sims’ fashion preferences.

Your male Sims may easily choose the ideal pair of these jeans because they are available in various colors and styles. 

Your male Sims will be able to locate the perfect pair of jeans to suit their fashion choices because these pants are available in multiple colors and styles.

Male Sims may design fashionable outfits using men’s cut Jeans, whether they choose a traditional denim appearance or something more adventurous.

31. Retro Flared Jeans with Boho Style

Retro Flared Jeans with Boho Style

A new and fashionable spin on the traditional flared jeans of the 1970s is provided by retro boho flared jeans. These jeans have a wide leg and high waist, giving them a flattering and comfortable fit that your Sim will appreciate. The exquisite and detailed patterns that decorate these jeans make them stand out. 

Your Sim can adopt a distinctive and striking look thanks to the selection of retro and boho-inspired designs available. These jeans are ideal for Sims, who want to make a fashion statement and stand out with their unique fashion choices.


Sims 4 CC jeans are a varied and dynamic in-game custom content. From the well-known “High-Rise Modern Jeans” to the “Retro Flared Jeans with Boho Style,” this collection offers a wide selection of styles, colors, and designs to suit every Sim’s preferred look.

There is something for everyone, whether your Sims are gravitating toward slick and modern appearances, embracing relaxed baggy fashions, or experimenting with creative patterns.

The ever-evolving fashion world is reflected in these personalized jeans, which also appeal to various age groups, including children and adults.

To ensure your Sims stand out in their virtual world, they provide high-waisted, slim, and wide-leg versions in various colors. Sims may express their personalities and sense of style with this variety of options, giving their virtual life the desired level of style.

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