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Sims 4 Illness: How To Induce & Cure Sickness (Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Sick

Playing The Sims 4 may be a captivating and engaging experience, but what happens if your virtual Sims get sick and life takes an unexpected turn? We examine the unusual facets of “Sims 4 Sick” in this fascinating blog. 

The presence of illness in the game adds a new level of nuance and authenticity to the gameplay. It’s more than just picking out clothes and furnishing houses—it’s about overcoming illness, taking charge of your Sims’ health, and learning how it impacts their day-to-day activities. 

We’ll review how your Sims can become ill, warning signs to look out for, and the intriguing health-related in-game elements. This blog will highlight the fascinating aspect of disease in The Sims 4, regardless of your level of experience with the game.”

How to Make Your Sims Feel Unwell in The Sims 4

Even though it’s usually in your best interest to keep your Sims happy and healthy in The Sims 4, some players might find it interesting to explore the game’s more quirky elements, such as giving their virtual characters illnesses. Here’s how to handle it appropriately:

Inducing Sickness:

Inducing Sickness

1. Spoiled Food:

You should consider giving your Sim spoiled food to make them queasy. Allowing the food to go wrong and feeding it to your Sim may make them feel nauseous.

2. Meat and Vegetarian Trait:

Eating meat may make your Sim queasy if they possess the vegetarian trait. This characteristic increases their sensitivity to meat-based foods.

3. Pregnancy:

During the first trimester, pregnant Sims may sporadically feel queasy. If you’d like, you can tell them to throw up.

4. Squeamish feature:

Sims who possess this feature may experience nausea in response to violence, unkempt living quarters, or rotten food.

Note: Steer clear of the Glutton trait since it strengthens your Sim’s stomach, making it harder for them to become ill from eating rotting food.

Introducing Illnesses with the Expansion of Get to Work:

Illnesses with the Expansion of Get to Work

1. Expansion Pack for Get to Work:

Consider getting the Get to Work expansion if you want to give your Sims exposure to a variety of diseases.

Various illnesses are added in this edition, which can be acquired randomly by coming into touch with ill Sims or when attending the hospital.

These ailments usually cause your Sim to feel uneasy or confused, although they are generally not life-threatening.

2. Unpredictable Illness:

Unfortunately, without using third-party mods, you can manually inflict illnesses on your Sims.

Food Poisoning at Restaurants That Serve Takeout:

Food Poisoning

1. Expansion Pack:

Dine Out In the Dine Out expansion, sending your Sim to a restaurant increases the chance of food sickness. This may cause nausea and cause their bladder urge to decrease rapidly.

2. Unpredictable:

Remember that there is no guarantee and that food poisoning at restaurants might sometimes happen.

Toxins in Crater Adventure:

Toxins in Crater Adventure

1. Expansion Pack for Jungle Adventure:

When your Sims explore Selvadorada with the Jungle Adventure addition, they may encounter insects that threaten them or set off toxic traps. Your Sim will get green, splotchy circles as a result of this.

2. Probability of Fatality:

Poisoning can be lethal. You can utilize a computer to buy a poison antidote or trade bone dust with a Selvadorada local if you want to save your Sim.

My First Pet Stuff + Rabid Rodent Fever:

Rabid Rodent Fever

1. My First Pack of Pet Stuff:

You can get your Sims, a pet rodent in this pack. The rodent may bite your Sim during playtime if they don’t clean its cage, which could result in rabies.

2. Infection Probability:

It’s crucial to remember that not every Sim who gets bitten will have rabies afterward. Seek out the moodlet labeled “Fuzzy Feeling” to indicate the condition.

3. Transmissible and Manageable:

After a day or so, rabies can spread and become lethal if treatment is not received. Either take your Sim to the veterinarian and ask them to “Ask About Fever” or use a computer to buy an antidote to treat them.

Playing around with these elements in The Sims 4 might give your gaming a different perspective, but remember that it’s a simulation and that your Sims’ welfare should always come first.

How to Take Care of The Sims 4’s Ill Sims

How to Take Care of The Sims 4's Ill Sims

Just as in real life, Sims can get sick with various illnesses in the virtual world of The Sims 4. Your Sim has likely become unwell if you observe them displaying strange symptoms like rashes, nausea, disorientation, or even outbursts of laughter. 

You can look for any indications of illness by looking through their moodlets. Llama Flu, Triple Threat, Itchy Plumbob, Burning Belly, Starry Eyes, Bloaty Head, Sweaty Shivers, and Gas and Giggles are just a few peculiar illnesses in The Sims 4.

Accurate diagnosis of these ailments may be tricky due to the distinct combinations of symptoms each shows.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a doctor to treat these conditions as a Sim in The Sims 4. Any of these ailments can be easily cured with a single, all-encompassing remedy that doesn’t require going to the in-game hospital. You can relax knowing that your Sim’s house can provide prompt treatment for all of these illnesses.

Medicine-Assisted Illness Cure

Medicine-Assisted Illness Cure

In The Sims 4, giving medication to a sick Sim is the fastest way to heal them. This treatment does have a price, though. Purchasing medication is a convenient option when using a home computer. 

To buy medicine, click on a computer, then choose “Order” and “Purchase Medicine.” You may also buy medicine on your Sim’s phone by using the “Purchase Gifts” feature found under the Shopping app if you have the Seasons expansion pack loaded.

There is only one kind of medication that is available, yet it is remarkably effective in curing every disease. As much medicine as you require or desire can be ordered.

You can discover the medication in your Sim’s inventory after purchasing. 

After finding the cure, click the Inventory symbol and choose “Take Medicine.” Your Sim will recover quickly from this medication, receiving a 4-hour Energy Emotion boost!

Depending on how bad their condition is, your Sim might need to take up to two doses of medication to recover from it entirely. But it’s crucial to avoid overdosing. Await giving the second dose until you see signs of the disease returning. 

A brief +1 Dazed Emotion boost that lasts for three hours can be obtained by overusing medication or by using it on a Sim who is healthy.

Tea or Orange Juice for Treating Illness

Tea or Orange Juice for Treating Illness

Alternatively, you can use orange juice or tea to help your sick Sim recover; this is less expensive than buying medication, but it takes longer to recover. These drinks lessen the length of your Sim’s illness rather than quickly cure sick moodlets. 

You can make any tea; it doesn’t matter what kind; they will all help your Sim recover from any illness from getting to work. To make orange juice, your Sim only needs to grab a quick meal from the refrigerator and choose “Orange Juice.” 

Unlike medication, there’s no cap on how much orange juice and tea your Sim may drink to help them heal faster. Resting is an old treatment for those Sims who are struggling financially and cannot purchase tea or medicine. It is often said that “rest is the best medicine.” This also applies to The Sims. 

Encourage your Sim to sleep or rest if they feel under the weather. Drinking tea or orange juice, napping, or sleeping when sick will help shorten the duration of their illness but won’t cure it immediately.


With the addition of disease, The Sims 4 offers a fascinating new dimension to virtual life that enhances gaming realism and complexity. Sims can become ill for various reasons, so it’s essential to identify the signs and give the proper treatment. 

Your sick Sims can be effectively treated at home with medicine, tea, and orange juice. There are more chances to get sick in the game with the expansion packs like “Get to Work” and “Dine Out”.

Although playing with disease in The Sims 4 might provide a different aspect to the game, you should always put your Sims’ health first.


In The Sims 4, how do you heal illness?

Giving your Sim medicine, letting them relax, or sipping tea or orange juice are all ways to treat illness in The Sims 4. The quickest cure is medicine. However, tea and orange juice shorten the illness’s length. Rest has the same impact as orange juice and tea.

Does the Sims 4 have sickness?

In The Sims 4, yes, Sims can become ill. They may get several ailments, such as Triple Threat, Llama Flu, or Itchy Plumbob, which can cause symptoms like nausea, rashes, or lightheadedness.

Can Sims get medical attention when ill?

When ill, Sims in The Sims 4 doesn’t need to go to the doctor. At home, they can take care of their ailments with medication, tea, orange juice, or just resting. In the game, there’s no need to schedule a doctor’s appointment.

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