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Sims 4 Entertainer Career Cheats (Complete Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Entertainer Career

Are you prepared to take The Sims 4’s exhilarating entertainment universe for a spin? A career as an entertainer in The Sims 4 offers a route to stardom, luxury, and countless chances to display your charm and originality. 

This job path lets you live out your aspirations in the virtual world, whether your dream is to become a fascinating magician, a hilarious comedian, or a musical virtuoso.

We’ll delve deeply into the nuances of the Sims 4 Entertainer Career in this blog, going over the different branches and stages that will elevate your Sims from lowly novices to genuine stars. 

Discover how to climb the success ladder and uncover benefits and unique talents by learning about the abilities, responsibilities, and difficulties of each career. 

Overview of Entertainer Careers 

Pursuing a profession as an Entertainer in The Sims 4 gives you access to an incredible array of opportunities, including becoming a famous comedian or musician. The Entertainer path deviates early into specialized avenues, unlike most jobs, giving you an exciting option at Level Five.

The needs and goals of these two specialized paths—the musician and the comedian—are strikingly different. The time and energy comedians devote to writing jokes and performing comic routines is heavily focused on honing their humorous and charismatic abilities. Comedy is a highly valued ability in this field of work, requiring expertise at the top of the career ladder.

On the other hand, musicians concentrate their efforts on learning two instruments: the piano, which is their primary instrument, and a secondary device, which could be the violin or guitar.

The piano skill is an excellent early choice because the main emphasis is on creative abilities, and it is necessary to get Level Eight in either guitar or violin.

When you start as an entertainer, you might have to work late hours for some money. However, as you advance and choose your specialty, prime-time gigs and large sums of cash are in store. Recall that everyone begins at the bottom and climbs the ladder.

Making an early career decision is essential to developing your talents quickly. A distinct skill set is required for both career options in entertainment. In addition to their comic abilities, comedians survive on their keen social skills; charisma is essential to drawing in an audience.

However, because their instruments take center stage, musicians typically engage with the audience less. Their development depends on proficiency in two devices. Thus, early skill development is crucial.

Luckily, these career tracks’ unique characteristics make choosing more accessible, letting you concentrate on developing the required abilities right away and fulfilling the overall Entertainer professional requirements at the beginning of your journey.

Top Qualities for a Career as an Entertainer in Sims 4

Top Qualities for a Career as an Entertainer in Sims 4

The success and work happiness of your Sims pursuing an Entertainer career in Sims 4 can be significantly impacted by selecting the appropriate qualities. Here are some perfect attributes.

For the Branch of Musicians:

1. Enthusiast:

This quality benefits Sims who want to be musicians. Playing an instrument or listening to music might inspire Music Lover Sims and help them become more creative.

Regarding the Comedy Branch:

1. Goofball:

Sims possessing this attribute are ideal for the comedy branch. Sims become stupid due to this emotional quality, which also improves their pranking and humorous routine delivery skills—two essential elements of a comedian’s vocation.

2. Outgoing:

Comedian Sims interacts with people a lot of the time. Being extroverted is advantageous because it helps people become more charismatic, which improves their ability to engage audiences and leave a lasting impression.

3. Cheerful:

Sims possessing this feature feel happy bursts of energy. It can affect how Sims adjust their emotions as an emotional attribute, giving comedians a moving, solid platform to perform their best.

For both of the entertainer profession branches, these are the various career levels, job titles, and daily earnings:

Musician Branch

Musician Branch

Rank 5: Jingle Jammer

Daily Earning: $402 

Rank 6: Serious Musician

Daily Earning: $468 

Rank 7: Professional Pianist

Daily Earning: $609 

Rank 8: Symphonic String Player

Daily Earning: $910 

Rank 9: Instrumental Wonder

Daily Earning: $1,456 

Rank 10: Concert Virtuoso

Daily Earning: $2,380 

Comedian Branch

Comedian Branch

Rank 5: Jokesmith 

Daily Earning: $402 

Rank 6: Solid Storyteller

Daily Earning: $805 

Rank 7: Rising Comedian

Daily Earning: $1,204 

Rank 8: Roast Master

Daily Earning: $1,806 

Rank 9: Stand Up Star

Daily Earning: $2,170 

Rank 10: Show Stopper

Daily Earning: $2,844

In The Sims 4, you may put your Sims on the path to success and fulfillment in the entertainment industry by choosing the proper qualities and making career decisions early on.

Entertainer Cheats

Entertainer Cheats

You can use cheats in The Sims 4 to advance through the Entertainer career more quickly. Depending on your gaming platform, you can use the Cheat Console to access these cheats by pressing the following key combinations:

  • PC (Windows): To access the Cheat Console, press Ctrl + Shift + C.
  • Mac: To open the Cheat Console, press Command + Shift + C.
  • Regarding Xbox One: Press and hold the Xbox One controller’s R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 buttons. Press each of the four shoulder buttons at the same time.

The following is how to activate the cheats after the Cheat Console is open:

1. In the Cheat Console, type Testingcheats True or Testingcheats on.

2. To activate cheats and confirm, press Enter.

You can use the following command to help your Sim’s career in the Entertainer track move along more quickly:

  • In the Cheat Console, type careers.promote Entertainer.
  • To activate this hack and give your Sim an immediate career advancement in the Entertainer field, press Enter.

It’s essential to utilize cheats in a way that fits your gaming preferences because, even if they help speed up career advancement, they can also negatively affect the gameplay experience.


The Entertainer career in The Sims 4 beckons, offering the possibility of stardom, luxury, and realizing your artistic aspirations.

Sims can choose between the paths of comedian and musician, each providing its road to fame. These paths are divided at Level Five by early career specialization.

Comedians are charismatic and thrive on humor; their success mainly depends on their comedy abilities. In the meantime, artists hone their creative skills by mastering the piano and a second instrument (such as the violin or guitar).

Your Sim’s hard work will eventually pay off, as they will begin with low pay and late hours to prime time gigs and big cash.

Selecting the proper qualities is essential. Goofballs, extroverted, and upbeat personalities work best for comedians, while music lovers find their calling in the performing arts.

Career advancement can be accelerated with cheats; “Testingcheats” and “careers.promote Entertainer” provide shortcuts. It’s crucial to balance cheats with your style of play. 


How do you become an entertainer in Sims 4?

When picking your Sim’s career, choose the performer’s track to become a performer in The Sims 4. You can choose between the Comedian and Musician specialty pathways at Level Five.

What do entertainers need for Sims 4?

In The Sims 4, entertainers must possess abilities related to the specialism they have selected. While musicians must be proficient with instruments like the piano and the violin or guitar, comedians must maintain high levels of charm and humor.

Can you have a singing career in Sims 4?

The Musician branch of the Entertainer career in The Sims 4 allows you to pursue a singing career. To progress in their careers, musicians concentrate on performing musical instruments, including singing.

What is the best career for a musical genius Sims 4?

The musician career in The Sims 4 is the finest choice for a gifted musician. It enables Sims to achieve great success in the industry by allowing them to flourish in their musical abilities, which include singing and playing instruments.

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