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Werebear 5e

They gain a score of 19 if they aren’t already on a higher level, along with a +1 bonus on AC if they are in their hybrid or bear form. The damage rolls and attacks are all based on Strength.

Werebear 5e is known for polymorphing into a bipedal bear. Unlike the other lycanthropes, they don’t give in to their bestial nature and control their urges. Therefore, like a bear, they protect wildlife, and as humans, they help travelers and the weak.

They gain a score of 19 if they aren’t already on a higher level, along with a +1 bonus on AC if they are in their hybrid or bear form. The damage rolls and attacks are all based on Strength.

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In humanoid form, they appear muscular, large and covered with hair similar to the color of their fur. Their thick hair color ranged from black, brown, blonde to ivory or red, and the males usually had beards. You’d find brown hair in the ones who reside in the forests, whereas ivory or polar werebear was prevalent in the ones living in frozen areas. D&D 5e Werebear prefers wearing easy-to-remove clothes for obvious reasons.

As a hybrid, they become a bipedal creature with paws and long claws.

Werebear 5e


A were bear tends to avoid people fearing their mercurial nature. However, they do help out people and guard the natural world against civilization. Their transformation leads them to become enormous, annoyed, and moody. They seek evil people such as evil lycanthropes to lash out. Evil lycanthropes are quite a few, though.


Werebears are excellent at fighting and carrying weapons like throwing axes, knives, and great axes. However, they are biased towards using their strength in combat. Their keen sense of smell is also a bonus point. A DnD Werebear only transformed into a bear or hybrid when they were prone to death. In bear form, their abilities to climb and swim enhanced, and they became more powerful. For instance, they could capture their opponents in their paws with unusual ease.

When in hybrid form, they either chose to wield an axe or use their claws. Biting their opponents was the last resort because they didn’t want to pass on their curse. They are quite picky when it’s about spreading their curse. Only a select few are given this chance, and they are trained to control their condition.

Only magical or silver weaponry could harm them in their polymorphed state. They also have the power to call fellow bears a mile away to their location. Werebears can fit the role of rangers, wildlife priests, or druids perfectly.


As we mentioned earlier, according to the Werebear lore, they live a secluded life. These lycanthropes are either born with this curse, which is irreversible, or are infected by it. Females gave birth to one or two children in humanoid form who shapeshifted at the age of eight. To continue this cycle, the mothers would send their adolescents away.

Werebear pc expanded their territory up to 1-4 miles as they preferred staying close to their home. Their relations with fellow bears were friendly, and they acquired exceptional power boost even in human form.  It’s a well-known fact that all lycanthropes are omnivores, so werebears enjoyed eating small mammals and fish. They also relished in a sort of honey-rich mead, which was intoxicating for humans, though.

They didn’t have a lot of predators, except evil lycanthropes. Moreover, they shared a rivalry with werewolves and wererats as they shared territory.


In contrast to other lycanthrope species, these were more cordial and cooperative with each member, allowing them to access their fishing areas, defending them, and not turning against each other. Older members of the community helped out the adolescents. It was considered an unusual thing for them to travel as they didn’t want to leave their homes unattended. The young ones were usually sent out for adventures and did so only for money.

Werebears indulged in collecting treasures like coins, gems, magical items like scrolls, potions, and other precious things. They hid these in their homes to not allow anyone to use them against them. These lycanthropes didn’t believe in settling down and had mates they met at times. They lived with wild bears sometimes, in a family of 2-4 members, and favored living in cabins near water.

Traits of Werebear DnD

  1. Shapechanger – For those wondering, “Can you be a Werebear in 5E?” the answer is yes. This species can either transform into a bear, a hybrid, or a humanoid. D&D werebear stats remain the same, except size and AC. Their equipment faces no changes during shapeshifting, and once they die, they revert to their true form.
  2. Keen smell – Their WisGlom (Perception) checks work in their favor due to this trait.


  1. Multiattack – As a bear, they use two claw attacks, but they employ two Greataxe attacks as a human. They have the option of attacking as a bear or humanoid in hybrid form.
  2. Bite – They employ a Melee Weapon Attack: with +7 to hit, reaching 5 ft., one target. Hit: 15 (2d10 + 4) piercing damage. A victorious DC 14 Constitution saving throw is required if the target is human or else they must succumb to their fate.
  3. Claw – A Melee Weapon Attack: with +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., and one target. Hit: a 13 (2d8 + 4) slashing damage is their tactic when in bear or hybrid form.
  4. Greataxe – If they polymorph into human or hybrid form, they can use a Melee Weapon Attack: with +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 10 (1d12 + 4) slashing damage.


  1. North Faerûn – In this region, they usually reside in Mistledaleor, Shadowdale forests, or near the Pool of Yeven.
  2. Unapproachable East – Here, they are either found in the forests of Rashemen or Aglarond’s Yuirwood and interior uplands.

Notable Werebears

  • Bakka Hispul – He’s the ogre dire werebear ranger of the Tall Trees.


Is a Werebear a lycanthrope?

Yes, a werebear is a lycanthrope. They can shapeshift into giant bears and are good-natured.

What alignment are Werebears?

Werebears can transform into bipedal creatures who serve and protect nature along with helping travelers and weak humans.

How tall is a Werebear?

A male werebear measures up to 12ft tall and weighs 450-600lbs. Their color variations are black, white, brown, and so on. The color of their circular eyes isn’t fixed.

Are Werebears real?

Yes, Werebears are real. Modern ones are just werewolves with different skin. This is how the writers create distinctions between all these lycanthropes.


 Now you know everything you need to make your decision, and I hope it favors this species. You can’t miss out on all these exciting features.

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