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Fantasy Map Maker – Create Your Own World Online (2023)

Fantasy Map Maker –

There’s no doubt that players wish to have a visual representation of the realm their characters live in. They have the option of drawing a map on their own, but not everyone is as skilful at doing so. Therefore, a fantasy map maker is all you need for a fantasy map generator. Read further to expand your knowledge about it.

Websites of D&D world map maker

The list below contains the best options to create a fictional map, which would definitely benefit you. So here we go.


One of the best sites you’d come across is this one with its fantastic world-building tools. The speciality of it is –

  • The DM can change the chart’s shape and also adjust the ratio of water, ice and land.
  • It has colour changing options.
  • It includes the Fractal World Generator, name, calendar and secondary realm generator.
  • Other tools are inn, random dungeon and town generator.

An example of it is –

Wandering Monsters –

  • 11 x 1st stage Warrior Duergar (dwarf), hunting food and treasure.
  • 21 x Derro, using strange eldritch powers.
  • 31 x Troglodyte Zombie, foraging for treasure and food.
  • 41 x Medium Monstrous Spider (vermin), scavenging for food.
  • 51 x Troglodyte, surrounding an evil shrine.
  • 61 x Shrieker (fungus), employing strange eldritch powers.

A stuck stone door (break DC 28; hard 8, 60 hp) (slides to one side, +1 to break DC).

  • East entry – guides to room #2

Room #1 –

  • South entry #1 – open stone door (hard 8, 60 hp)
  • South entry #2 – stuck iron door (break DC 28; hard 10, 60 hp)


Apart from being one of the most excellent tools, it’s also free for the users. However, you won’t enjoy the same benefits as the ones in standard or pro packages. Its features are as follows –

  • You can draw continents on your own and use different shades, images like trees, bridges etc., and include text in it as well.
  • Go for a square grid to create a battle map.
  • It also includes hex designs and free form.


If you’re inclined towards the war theme, this map builder is all you need. Learn more about it –

  • Its strength is the aspect of obliviousness wherein the players are in for a surprise wherever they go.
  • Game Master notes are a part of it to guide you through the things prevalent in every room and the descriptions.
  • It provides narrow corridors and large rooms with secret escapes, statues, staircases etc.
  • This is also available as a fantasy map creator online free.
  • The interface is user-friendly with numerous features.

Azgaar fantasy map creator

The latest version of this tool provides gamers with multiple exciting attributes. Here is more about it –

  • A toolbox controls this generator’s various traits, such as apply texture, shows continent’s heights, biomes of every area of the world and much more.
  • It indicates states and border, religion spread, population, roads, rivers and icons. By clicking a text or icon, you can move it freely and make alterations.
  • You can either watch it in 3D, standard or global view.
  • Select the style tools to adjust the colours of countries, their names and landmasses.
  • To customize shapes, click on the menu on the left to get the customization options.


It’s a paid site; however, it offers the best mechanism to the users, so it’s worth every penny. Dungeondraft is a similar website that provides the same functions.  

  • The continent builders in it are easy-to-use with excellent maps.
  • Every possible map style available.

Pro Fantasy campaign cartographer

As one of the newly introduced RPG map maker tools, you must try it out.

  • It comprises icons and stamps like Inkarnate along with a grand library with endless chart creating possibilities.
  • For instance, numerous styles of the map are a Lord of the Rings themed or a basic black and white one.

Red blob games map creator

This map creator fantasy is another free site for users to access. Some other attributes of it are –

  • You can situate land, water, mountains and ocean on this paint style chart.
  • It offers the 3D aspect for isometric and overhead views.

Mewo2 map editor

One of the most distinct map builders is right here. Know why it’s unique from others –

  • Unlike other tools, it’s not available in a single box, and you’d have to scroll down to add various properties.
  • It’s completed in stages, which might suit better to some people.
  • The names of the locations are auto-generated with no alteration options.

Beaglemage D&D world map maker

For those interested in a GIT version of the map, they can download it from GitHub. Here is everything you need to know –

  • It’s open-source.
  • It allows adjustments in the names, textures and images added by default.
  • Altering coastlines is a task. It’d be easier for the ones who know Python or IT, in general.

DnD city/village creators

Watabou medieval fantasy city generator

For a basic city chart, you’ll find every necessary tool in this option. its properties are –

  • It randomly offers a cityscape with its name, and you can customize the rest as per your preferences.
  • It provides colour options apart from the default black and grey chart.
  • You can drag and drop shapes into a particular area, and the map would regenerate the specific city’s area.

Watabou medieval fantasy village creator

This is uncannily similar to the city generator tool; however, it doesn’t offer the same features like that one.

Oskar Stalberg’s city generator

There aren’t many options that this DnD map creator provides, but it’s a fun tool.

  • If your focus is to build streets, trees and buildings, then this is the one.
  • It’s pretty simple to use. The one thing you need to do is click and add a new city block.

Inkwell idea’s random city creator

It’s one of the few city developers that provide good enough options to the players.

  • It either generates random cities resembling an overhead pixel world chart, or you can set the pieces on your own.
  •  This is an old computer CGI pixel style art village/city chart, and it works accordingly.
  • Customization options are available.

RPG city developer

This is my favourite DnD map maker because of its uniqueness and plethora of choices.

  • A vintage text-based map creator develops an ascii chart wherein a code is assigned to every region of the city.
  • A visual is available, which works as data and not art. Therefore it’s a hybrid of fantasy city map creator and plain text city feature generator.
  • Unlike others, it’s also a character producer.

Metro map maker

Another map developer with limited usage is this one. Here’s why –

  • It’s an in-browser map builder used to generate subways or bus routes.
  • This chart includes New York, London and various big cities map styles.
  • You can also use it for the real world and making it accessible to the public.

Dave’s mapper

Its design is specific to cater to fantasy dungeon crawl style, science fiction, role-playing, and adventure games such as CyberPunk. Other features are –

  • It includes tile sets for spaceships as well, which you can move around.
  • They accept donations of new tiles to expand their toolset.

Gozzy’s wilderness mapper

Quite a unique chart out of all the above, know the reason why that’s the case –

  • Based on a few selective seeds, it generates a random wilderness battle map.
  • Gozzy’s cave map develops a random cave grid battle chart as well.
  • Gozzy’s dungeons maps create a random dungeon based on the selective seeds.
  • The seeds allow you to save the images and URL.

Dungeon scrawl

This is one of the most popular tools amongst the DnD gaming community.

  • You have to draw a dungeon all by yourself; however, it’d offer you free SVG downloads of that particular dungeon.
  • Its inspiration is the 80s or 90s classic crosshatched, grid form dungeon.

Planet/science fiction map tools


For every sci-fi or astronomy fan, you can’t miss out on these exceptional tools to add to your gameplay.

  • 3D in-browser tool
  • You can create custom planets and adjust them according to your preferences.
  • Simple to use.

Don Jon’s fractal world generator

As aforementioned in the first point of the article, this tool is a part of Donjon. Its properties are –

  • It uses random jagged landforms as its foundation.
  • You can print out or draw on the coastlines along with adjusting the temperature to exciting levels.
  • Limited functionality
  • High res export is the most influential tool under it.

Experillous planet generator

With this tool, you can adjust the specifications of randomly developed globes. Here’s more about it –

  • Accessibility to plate tectonics, wind direction etc.
  • It’s more of an inspiration tool than a functioning one.

Davidson tectonic developer

As the name suggests, you can create random plate tectonics and keep an eye on their movements.

  • Numerous projection views.
  • Similar to the one above, its functionality is limited.
  • The viewpoint of the world from space.

Free hex and grid battle maps

Map forge

You must download this tool before using it. Its features are –

  • Create hex and low res top-down maps.
  • It’s frequently updated, keeping it in sync with the new developments.
  • This includes 24 expansion packs and in the process of adding isometric capabilities.

Fantasy map builder

Like the tilesets in Dave’s mapper, it offers something a tad bit different from that.

  • The tile pieces are of different shapes and sizes instead of the basic square one.
  • A plethora of DM tile design options if you have the patience of creating a map here since it’s painfully slow.

Roll for fantasy creator

This offers nothing more than allowing you to make stamps from existing pieces.


The reason behind why it stands out is its collaborative functions.  It provides basic art for map editing along with the option to do so with another person.


It’s a hex-based map editor which is available with a free demo. The older version of it was hexographer, but it’s outdated now.

GM friend

Another not-so-good editor is this one, which provides an in-browser basic hex map editor.

Other fantasy map makers

Map chart

For statistical and academic reasons, this tool enables you to create coloured maps of the real world.


This is another free downloadable mechanism based on vector with excellent functionality. However, it might have become out-of-date over the years.

Old maps online

The history geeks would have a fun time with this mechanism because it aids you in finding historical maps; however, it might connect you to museums or academics with bizarre controls. They are free, but still, check them for copyright issue.


It’s the only Graphical Informations System, free and used for programming cartographic and real-world applications. However, people use it for creating fantasy charts as well.

Watabou procedural mansion generator

If you wish to have a mansion of your own, your dream can come true with this tool. It develops a random 3D mansion, which you can view from all sides. However, you can’t adjust the interior or go inside. To regenerate an estate, refresh the page.


The climate crisis is no joke, and this mechanism shows you different degrees of water rising globally. It uses Google API and coastal depth projections.

Snazzy maps

If you’re a web developer or graphic designer, you can now make your business site or card more exciting by adding a Google map on it. Use this tool to avoid it from looking drab. Its purpose is for non-fantasy maps or real-life game setting.

Paid cartography tools

Otherworld mapper

It’s one of the best free tools out there; however, the only glitch is that it requires payment to save your work.Itdoesn’t offer you everything under the sun like sketching tools, but it’s worth a try.

World spinner

If you’re unsure about a site, the best option is to go for a trial run. This website offers you just that; a 1 month free trial with watermarked downloads. It includes a free heraldry tool along with a free name generator. You can do a lot in a month, so give it a go.


There are various fantasy map maker options for you to check out and see for yourself. I’m confident that at least one of them would pique your interest, so get ready to become a fantasy map generator and become a cartographer…almost!

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