Sims 4 Child Skill Cheats (Updated) – 2024

Sims 4 Child Skill Cheats

There are times when we do need to rely on cheats to pass a particular level that we’re stuck on, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Just like we use cheats for our adult sims, similarly, there are skill cheats for your child sims as well because even their development is our priority. Therefore, this article will talk about the various Sims 4 child skill cheats and how they help you in the game. 

How to Enable Child Skill Cheats

Sims 4 Child Skill Cheats

There are several skills that your child sim needs to learn to ensure that they have the basic skills that the game requires and they aren’t lacking in any of them. The skills that your sim child would learn in this stage would help them as they turn into an adult and might even wish to pursue a career in one of those skills. This is where the Sims 4 child cheats come into play. We’ll discuss each skill and its cheats separately for a better understanding. 

However, let’s understand how to enable cheats first. 

  • For PC users – Ctrl + Shift + C
  • For PS4 users – Press all four triggers at once
  • For Xbox One users – Hold all four buttons simultaneously

Once you do this, type “testingcheats true,” and a dialog box will appear where you have to enter the cheat code you wish to use.

1. Mental Skill

The mental skill of a child sim includes the logic, video gaming, and programming aspect of the child’s development, and once these skills are achieved, they can use these skills in the future as well and become prepared for their school life. Your child sim would receive a “mentally gifted reward trait,” which would ensure that they’ll gain these skills even more quickly as adults. 

There are several ways for your sim to gain these skills, such as by playing chess, solving arithmetic problems, and so on. There are 10 levels in total that your sim needs to achieve, and they are as follows – 

  • Level 1: They’ll gain the ability to access the Science Table and play chess.
  • Level 2: Sims can now use the computer to play the Arithmetic Game.
  • Level 3: There’s nothing new to learn at this level. 
  • Level 4: Your child sim can create a Health Potion on the science table and receive stronger moodlets by playing the Arithmetic Game.
  • Level 5: At this level, a new interaction would be unlocked, which is to Talk about Fractions.
  • Level 6: Sims would gain the chance to research on Simpedia
  • Level 7: This level would allow your sim to create an Emotion Potion on the science table, gain stronger moodlets by doing experiments on the science table, and by playing on the jungle gym
  • Level 8: You’ll unlock no new abilities at this level. 
  • Level 9: Child sims would learn a new ability to try Mental Telepathy and can achieve the mental skill from researching on Simpedia. 
  • Level 10: Your sim can now concoct a Stink Drink on the science table and succeed in gaining fishing, video gaming, and logic skills.

Here’s the cheat code that you can use to clear all these levels and gain these skills.

  • stats.set_skill_level skill_child_mental X  

Put in any value from 1-10 in place of X, depending on which level you want your sim to reach. 

2. Creativity Skill

As the name suggests, this skill focuses on your child sim’s creative quotient, such as painting, writing, etc. Your sim would acquire a “creatively gifted reward trait” once they max out this child skill cheats

Since creative tasks are always fun, the activities that your sim would have to do to level up would also add a fun element to the game and wouldn’t let your sim get bored. For instance, they’ll have to draw on the activity table, play with dolls, or play the violin, piano, etc. 

There are 10 levels that you need to cross in order to gain this skill, and they are – 

  • Level 1: They can draw various shapes on the Activity Table
  • Level 2: Sims can now draw a vehicle on the Activity Table
  • Level 3: This level would ensure that they enjoy even more while playing on Jungle Gym
  • Level 4: Sims would gain the ability to draw people using the Activity Table
  • Level 5: They’ll receive an Inspired Moodlet from the Doll house
  • Level 6: Child sims can now draw different animals on the Activity Table
  • Level 7: At this level, sims would enjoy the Jungle Gym more and can also write a Dollhouse Story on their computer
  • Level 8: They’ll gain the skill to draw a monster on the Activity Table
  • Level 9: Sims can narrate a Tale of Dolls they write on the Doll house
  • Level 10: At this level, sims can start learning the piano and violin skill

The cheat code for this skill is – 

  • stats.set_skill_level skill_child_creativity X

You can replace X with any skill level from 1-10 that you wish your sim to achieve in the game.

3. Social Skill

Socialization skills for your sims is a necessity because it allows them to learn the art of having a conversation with others. Your sims would receive a “Socially gifted reward trait” as soon as they pass all the levels. As an adult sim, it’d help them to gain charisma and mischief skills more quickly. 

To learn this skill, your sims must talk to their family and friends, stuffed toys, or by performing a puppet show.  

The levels that you’d have to cross to get the reward trait are as follows – 

  • Level 1: Your sim would gain the ability to interact with other sims and can talk to some toys
  • Level 2: At this level, your sim can start watching
  • Level 3: There are no new rewards to gain
  • Level 4: The child sim would acquire a stronger moodlet from watching
  • Level 5: Sims would receive a stronger moodlet after playing with teddy bears
  • Level 6: This level would let your sims talk with a stuffed animal and the ability to learn idioms on the computer
  • Level 7: Your sim would unlock a new interaction to talk about the school’s whereabouts
  • Level 8: There aren’t any new rewards for this level
  • Level 9: Sims can talk about negative emotions to their stuffed animals
  • Level 10: Child sims would achieve the charisma and mischief skill

The skill cheat code to let your sims learn this skill and reach the desired level is –

  • stats.set_skill_level skill_child_social X

In place of X, mention the skill level you want your skill to reach without any effort from your side. 

4. Motor Skill

When it comes to your sim’s physical fitness and body movement, it’s quite essential to have a higher motor skill level. This skill’s primary focus is on your sim’s fitness, and once you max out all the skills, your sim would receive a “physically gifted reward trait,” which would ensure that your sim achieves the fitness skill much more quickly as an adult. 

Your sim can either use the jungle gym or go for the monkey bars to gain this skill. Another strange thing that your sim can do is type on the computer to improve their motor skills. 

Here are the 10 levels that you’d have to go through to achieve this skill. 

  • Level 1: Your sims would acquire the feature to play in jungle gyms and practice typing
  • Level 2: Your sim will start getting more coordinated
  • Level 3: A new interaction would unlock, which is Ask for Typing Tips.
  • Level 4: Sims would become capable of playing Keyboard Commander on their computer
  • Level 5: They can Hangout on Monkey Bars
  • Level 6: Sims would receive a moodlet when playing keyboard commander
  • Level 7: They’d acquire stronger moodlets after playing on monkey bars
  • Level 8: This level wouldn’t unlock any new rewards
  • Level 9: Sims might begin to learn skills quicker, but no other reward as such.
  • Level 10: Your child sims would gain stronger moodlets from monkey bars

The kids skill cheat to use for maximizing this skill is – 

  • stats.set_skill_level skill_child_motor X

Change the X to a level of skill that you want your sim to reach as quickly as possible. 

Skill Cheats for Toddlers

Skill Cheats for Toddlers

Apart from children skills cheat, there are cheat codes for your toddler sim as well, which would work in the same way. 

Cheat CodeResult
stats.set_skill_level Skill_Toddler_Communication XThis would improve the communication skill for toddlers.
stats.set_skill_level Skill_Toddler_Imagination XYour toddler sim’s imagination level would increase with this cheat code.

As we said earlier, replace the X with your desired skill level. In these two cases, the highest skill level is 5. So your code would look like this – stats.set_skill_level Skill_Toddler_Communication 5, if you wish to max out the skills. 


What skills can child sims learn sims 4?

There are a lot of skills that your child sim can learn in the game, such as bowling, charisma, creativity, fishing, logic, and so on.

What is Max skill for child Sims 4?

The maximum skill level that a child sim can achieve in Sims 4 is from level 1 to level 10, where they’ll unlock several traits along the way.


Developing your child sim’s skills is pretty crucial for the game; otherwise, they might miss out on several opportunities. Therefore, if you want your sim to achieve various skills but don’t wish to put in the time and effort, or if you’re unable to clear a specific level, then these Sims 4 child skill cheats would come in handy.

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