31+ Best Sims 4 Default Eyes CC & Mods Collection (Download) 2023

Sims 4 Default Eyes

Explore The Sims 4’s beautiful world visually with our feature on “Sims 4 Default Eyes.” Eyes are more than just pixels on a screen; they build personalities, communicate emotions, and give digital avatars life. The default ocular option in the game, default eyes, can capture the essence of your Sims.

In this investigation, we examine default eyes’ relevance and uncover how they affect the narrative framework of your Sims’ life. Default eyes are the starting point of a creative journey beyond the ordinary, from the minute features that replicate real irises to the color palette that mirrors various human gazes. 

The Top 31 Sims 4 Default Eyes CC

The Top 31 Sims 4 Default Eyes Custom Content is described in detail below:

1. Plasticity Eyes

Plasticity Eyes

Anyone looking to improve the aesthetic attractiveness of their Sims 4 game must include these eyes. These eyes, which offer a glittering and seductive appearance, are a must-have for anyone wishing to update the looks of their Sims. 

The Plasticity Eyes will unquestionably provide a touch of individuality to your Sims, whether they are used as default eyes or as default replacements.

2. RemusSirion’s “Plasticity Eyes”

RemusSirion's "Plasticity Eyes"

With this ground-breaking custom content, transform the appearance of your Sims. These eyes enable the development of absolutely unique Sims thanks to their astonishing variety of 43 gorgeous colors.

The standard eye color selections offered by EA are given new life with these default replacement eyes, making your Sims stand out.

3. “Moony Eyes”

Moony Eyes" from Miiko

The Moony Eyes by Miiko, with its crystalline look and gentle, subtle highlights, is a true masterpiece. These eyes are striking due to their intricate design, which is almost like a piece of art. 

The distinctive touch of the smudged highlights softens the overall appearance and brings out the fine details in the iris and pupils. The Moony Eyes are necessary for individuals who value Maxis Match’s beauty.

4. Keane Standard Eyes

Keane Standard Eyes

The Keane Default Eyes offers an incredible range of thirty eye colors to recognize the crucial role of eyes in highlighting beauty.

Thanks to this abundant selection, the eyes of your Sims will be the center of attention. You can use these eyes to give your Sims’ gazes a more alluring and evocative quality.

5. Lamatisse’s Tapioca Default and Non-Default Eyes

Lamatisse's Tapioca Default and Non-Default Eyes

Your Sims’ aesthetic arsenal now includes Matisse’s intriguing Tapioca Default and Non-Default Eyes. These eyes, which come in both default and alternate varieties, let you add a dash of class and charm to your Sims. 

These eyes emanate a delicate elegance that is very mesmerizing, demonstrating the creator’s meticulous attention to detail. It’s a must-have for those looking to improve their Sims’ appearance, whether you choose the default or non-default variants, as you’re provided with several hues that redefine their glance.

6. Miss Ruby Bird’s “Aqua Trigger Eyes Unnaturals”

Miss Ruby Bird's "Aqua Trigger Eyes Unnaturals"

These eyes are a gem for players who appreciate designing ethereal and aquatic Sims. Miss Ruby Bird’s Aqua Trigger Eyes Unnaturals gives mermaids, mermen, and other supernatural beings a sense of mystery and enchantment. 

The unusual Central Heterochromia swatches show an eye-catching variation to the conventional eye shape by encircling the pupil with a ring of noticeably different color.

The Unnatural Contacts swatches provide a wide range of alluring hues for people looking for unusual eye colors that depart from the standard.

7. Old Default Eyes

Old Default Eyes

The Old Default Eyes’ endearing baby-pink hue adds a nostalgic element. These eyes, which come in distinct sets designed for humans, aliens, boys, and females, are necessary for any player wishing to give their Sims’ looks a soft, delicate charm. 

This color conjures up a great vision when all of your Sims are wearing it, and it will surely raise the allure of your virtual environment as a whole.

8. Nords’ Keane Default Eyes

Nords' Keane Default Eyes

For Sims fans looking to refresh their characters’ looks, The Keane Default Eyes by Nords is a breath of new air. These eyes do not require further expansion packs or mods because their compatibility extends to the basic game. 

These eyes offer an unmatched amount of flexibility with their comprehensive 30-swatch collection, which includes 18 EA defaults and 12 custom colors. Any gamer will be captivated by the realistic appearance that the shadowing sclera effect creates.

9. Simulationcowboy’s Dog Days Default & Nondefault Eyes

Simulationcowboy's Dog Days Default & Nondefault Eyes

Default and Non-default in the Dog Days The eye-catching collection of TS4 eyeballs by Simulation Cowboy is called eyeballs.

These eyes, with their tailored eyes for various life stages and Sim types add little, delicate nuances that significantly increase the overall attractiveness. 

The care to detail put into this unique material is evident in details like the Occult swatches’ remarkable vertical cat-eye-like pupils and lighter-colored “rays” in the iris.



The variety of eye color options the EIRA EYES offers will satisfy a wide range of preferences. These eyes come in default and non-default forms and have a staggering array of 18 distinct colors.

The vast range of hues offered ensures that gamers may choose a tone that fits their vision for their Sims, which sets these eyes apart.

11. Cloudcat’s “Vivid Daydream Eyes”

Cloudcat's "Vivid Daydream Eyes"

Players can experiment with a wide range of eye color options thanks to the vast variety of 35 swatches provided by the Vivid Daydream Eyes by Cloudcat. With such variety, you can find the ideal shade to improve the appearance of your Sims. 

This custom content’s availability of default settings (EA just or EA+bonus colors) and custom options is quite intriguing. Players can choose from other eye colors, face paint, or skin textures, providing unmatched customization options.

12. Stretchskeleton’s “Eyes_02”

Stretchskeleton's "Eyes_02" 

Your Sims’ appearance takes on an alluring sense of mystery and distance thanks to stretch skeleton’s The Eyes_02. This bespoke content provides 60 enticing colors, 35 swatches with pupils, and 25 without, presenting a wide range of eye styles. 

Your Sims are appealing and terrifying due to the cold, imposing impact of some swatches’ lack of pupils.

13. GuyCuk’s “Glow Default Eyes”

GuyCuk's "Glow Default Eyes"

Within The Sims 4, GuyCuk’s Glow Default Eyes redefine the meaning of realism. These eyes provide a level of authenticity that is genuinely outstanding and boasts a level of excellence unmatched in custom content. 

Players can give the appearances of their Sims an unrivaled feeling of realism by selecting from 18 gorgeous hues. The appeal of these eyes lies in their capacity to change your Sims into various personalities, each of which exudes a distinct atmosphere of genuineness.

14. Eyes #8 by Aveira

Eyes #8 by Aveira

The Eyes #8 Default Version by. Aveira gives your Sims’ eye designs a compelling and distinctive twist. These eyes are a striking example of inventiveness, with a sense of mystery and appeal. 

Each swatch represents the creator’s dedication to delivering pleasantly different, unique content. For players looking to reinvent the looks of their Sims and leave a lasting impression, The Eyes #8 Default Version is a fantastic option.

15. Emmibouquet’s Agate Eyes

Emmibouquet's Agate Eyes

Emmibouquet’s Agate Eyes is an example of meticulous design and attention to detail. With their faint iris lines, multicolored rings around the pupils, and shooting star-like light reflections, these eyes give off an air of mystery. 

The combination of colors and patterns produces an almost muted galaxy-like appearance. These eyes offer a choice of fifteen swatches and are an investigation of grace and charm.

16. Hamadryad Eyes

Hamadryad Eyes

The magical and fanciful components that form the core of The Sims 4 experience are embraced by The Hamadryad Eyes. You may turn your Sims into captivating creatures with these standard eyes, which provide a mind-boggling 33 swatches.

All genders and occult kinds can have these eyes, which come in natural and fantastical colors, making any Sim’s appearance nothing short of alluring.

17. Eyes NB10 Default + MSQSims Facepain

Eyes NB10 Default + MSQSims Facepain

The MSQSims Eyes NB10 Default + Facepaint provides a perfect fusion of default eyes with facepaint options, offering various personalization options.

To ensure that users have the freedom to design Sims that genuinely resonate with their creative vision, this unique material appeals to multiple interests. 

These eyes encapsulate a sense of uniqueness and charm with great attention to detail, making them an excellent addition to any player’s collection.

18. Solistair’s “Elche Eyes V2”

Solistair's "Elche Eyes V2"

The Elche Eyes V2 by Solitaire is an improved version of the original work of art by the author. With compatibility up to the most recent patch, these eyes provide a variety of alternatives to accommodate different tastes. 

With 24 intriguing swatches, the three primary colors—blue, brown, and green—are each accompanied by eight unique shade/tone variations. These eyeballs prove the creator’s dedication to providing engaging and adaptable unique content.

19. Baieyu’s Still Feel Eyes (Updated)

Baieyu's Still Feel Eyes (Updated)

With their breathtaking beauty, the Still Feel Eyes by baieyu (Updated) continues to enthrall. These eyes, which come in 18 exquisite hues, including rare purples and greens, are a monument to careful planning and artistry. These eyes, available for all ages and genders, have a whispering quality.

20. Simcelebrity00’s Base Game Default Eyes

Simcelebrity00's Base Game Default Eyes

Visual variation is explored in Simcelebrity00’s Base Game Default Eyes. Depending on what best fits their creative vision, players can choose between three distinct versions, including Default, Default Replacement, and Non-Default. 

Your Sims’ appearances will stay consistent and aesthetically pleasing thanks to the 18 EA swatches’ seamless integration with the game’s design.

21. Baieyu’s Still Feel Eyes

Baieyu's Still Feel Eyes

Baieyu’s Still Feel Eyes is a mesmerizing example of artistic beauty and grace. These eyes have an array of 18 gorgeous hues, including seductive purples and greens, and exude a soft charm. 

The Still Feel Eyes is a testament to the creator’s dedication to providing unique, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable content because they are available for people of all ages and genders. These eyes offer a singular chance to add charm and alluring beauty to your Sims.

22. Gisamo Eyes

Gisamo Eyes

The Sims 4 Gisamo Eyes takes players on a fantastic voyage into authenticity and realism. These eyes give a level of unsurpassed complexity and cater to several styles, including Maxis match-styled, default, and non-default. 

Gisamo Eyes offers a variety of options that redefine visual attractiveness, from the alluring look of the Maxis match-styled eyes to the startling attraction of the non-default options.

23. Shameless Default Eyes CC

Shameless Default Eyes CC by Plumbhead

The Shameless Default Eyes CC from Plumbhead exemplifies the elegance and simplicity of the past. These eyes, which embrace a delicate baby-pink hue, draw attention with their seductive softness. 

These eyes offer a hint of nostalgia and elegance and are provided in discrete sets designed for various life phases and genders. The Shameless Default Eyes CC is an excellent option to give your Sims a harmonized color scheme or give them a gentle, feminine charm.

24. Squea’s Beetle Eyes 2

Squea's Beetle Eyes 2

Squea’s The Beetle Eyes 2 is a monument to the timeless aesthetics of animation. These eyes, which capture the essence of 2D movement, stand out thanks to their vivid colors and sparse but effective features. 

Incorporating 54 swatches in addition to the 18 EA default colors guarantees various alternatives. The duotones also provide a creative element, enabling players to experiment with fascinating and original eye designs.

25. Eunoia Mermaid Eyes

Eunoia Mermaid Eyes

The Eunoia Mermaid Eyes add a magical and alluring quality. These eyes embrace a delicate charm that is genuinely alluring, making them suitable for both toddlers and older people of both genders.

The distinctive swatches add a hint of heterochromia to your Sims’ Facepaint, further boosting their aesthetic appeal.

26. Ojou Eyes

Ojou Eyes by Simkoos

The Ojou Eyes by Simkoos have an endearing sense of whimsy and charm. These eyes offer a wonderful playfulness that gives the looks of your Sims a unique touch with meticulous attention to detail. 

These eyes exhibit a designer’s ingenuity, making them a desirable option for users looking to add a spice of fun and oddity to the appearance of their Sims. The Ojou Eyes will please you whether you’re going for a cheery appearance or a humorous twist.

27. LUZ Eyes

LUZ Eyes by Simandy

The LUZ Eyes by Simandy perfectly encapsulates the author’s dedication to supplying intriguing, unique material. These eyes are available in two different forms, vast and small, to accommodate a range of tastes. 

The option between the cartoony, cutesy design, and the almost realistic look demonstrates how versatile Simandy is. Players are given access to a stunning variety of options, each offering a distinct sense of appeal and beauty.

28. Default Eyes Sci-Fi Eyes

Default Eyes Sci-Fi Eyes

The Standard Eyes The Sci-Fi Eyes provide a hint of futuristic intrigue to the looks of your Sims. These eyes add to your characters’ complexity, intellect, and intelligence.

Traditional default eyes cannot compare to the immersive experience of dynamic shadows and the variety of eye hues. 

These eyes offer a compelling solution regardless of whether you want to achieve a realistic aesthetic or a fantasy-inspired style.

29. “Quartzo Eyes”

Golyhawhaw's "Quartzo Eyes"

The Quartzo Eyes by Golyhawhaw are proof of the potency of minute adjustments. These eyes give your Sims a hint of sophistication and charm, proving that even seemingly tiny changes may have a significant impact. 

These eyes come in two variations: default replacement and Facepaint, offering versatility and personalization. With 18 colors available, you may pick the ideal shade to complement the personalities of your Sims.

30. In Your Element: The Sequel

LaruLaro's In Your Element: The Sequel

The fascinating eyes first featured in the creator’s original series are carried on in In Your Element: The Sequel by LaruLaro. Players have an unmatched variety of options because of the stunning 72-eye colors categorized by palettes. 

The visual appeal of each color scheme is distinctive, bringing variety and interest to the looks of your Sims.

31. Wondrousims No. 1 Default Eyes

Wondrousims No. 1 Default Eyes

The Wundersims No. 1 Default Eyes announce new heights of aesthetic attractiveness. These eyes raise your Sims to a level of unequaled beauty by providing uncommon eye highlights. 

You can be sure that your favorite Sims will grab attention and stand out as remarkable individuals in the Sims 4 universe with the help of these eyes.


The default eyes are one of the most crucial elements that perfectly capture the essence of digital personalities and help The Sims 4’s environment come to life. These eyes act as windows into the psyche of our virtual avatars and are more than just decorative features.

 We’ve dug into the world of ocular creativity that enhances the Sims’ story and character expressions through a wide variety of unique content examined in this feature.

The possibilities for personalization are endless, ranging from the seductive allure of Plasticity Eyes to the fascinating craftsmanship of Moony Eyes. Lamatisse’s Tapioca Default and Non-Default Eyes and Keane Standard Eyes provide ways to add charisma and charm. 

At the same time, Aqua Trigger Eyes Unnaturals and Agate Eyes give supernatural Sims an otherworldly air. The collection spans a broad range of aesthetics, from embracing nostalgia with Old Default Eyes to pursuing realism with Nords’ Keane Default Eyes.

The harmony of color schemes, iris subtleties, and gaze dynamics has been demonstrated in this thorough investigation. The painstakingly created designs, which range from aquatic and futuristic to mystical and ethereal, satisfy various player interests.

Designers like RemusSirion, Miiko, and Miss Ruby Bird have elevated eye design to a new level to turn the digital world into a canvas of character and feeling.


What does “default” in the Sims 4 mean?

In Sims 4, “default eyes” refers to the game’s default, pre-set eye colors. Without any additional custom content, they are the typical eye hues available to all Sims.

In Sims 4, how do you modify infants’ default eyes?

Default infant eyes can be fixed in Sims 4 using custom content (CC), which takes their place. It would help if you looked for and download CC newborn eyes from trustworthy developers through mods or downloads.

What distinguishes Sims 4’s default and non-default eyes?

Non-default eyes are unique eye colors produced by gamers through mods or custom content, whereas default eyes are the regular eye colors that come with the game. The default eyes are replaced with non-default eyes, enabling additional diversity and customization.

Does The Sims 4 support various default eyes?

No, The Sims 4 does not allow the simultaneous use of numerous default eyes. Since there is only one set of default eyes in the game, any alterations would necessitate purchasing new ones.

How do you set the Sims 4’s CC eyes to default?

In Sims 4, you must modify the game to change the default eyes with the custom content (CC) looks. This entails downloading and installing a mod that alters the stock eye colors to the CC eyes of your choice.

Why do the baby Sims in my game have vampire eyes?

If your baby Sim gets vampire eyes, it could be a bug or a problem with mods or custom content (CC). Unintentionally changing the appearance of Sims is possible with some CC or mods. If the problem persists, try removing or resolving any recent CC or changes.

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