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Sims 4 Grafting & Take Cutting (Guide) – 2023 Updated

Sims 4 Grafting

Sims 4 Gardening offers so many features to the sims because it’s not just about planting seeds and harvesting them once they’ve grown. You can be creative with your garden as well as the plants you grow in it. In this article, we’ll explain to you how you can graft plants onto one another to create an entirely new plant. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Let’s know more about Sims 4 grafting and how to go about it. 

Sims 4 Grafting

If you wish to do more than just grow plants, then this is your chance. Firstly, you must achieve level 5 in gardening skills, after which you can take plant cuttings from your garden or from the wild and graft them onto another plant of your choice. The resulting hybrid plant depends on the base plant from which the cutting is taken and the plant it’s grafted on. These hybrid plants are in demand in the game, so grafting plants is a skill you must know and practice to earn more money. 

There are certain plants, such as Cowberry, death flower, Pomegranate, etc., that you might want to grow, and the only way to do so is by grafting. 

Sims 4 Grafting

How to Garden in Sims 4?

There are a lot of combinations you can try when it comes to grafting, but only 11 such combinations would lead to unique results. But before all that, you must know the basics of grafting. 

1. Growth Time

Plants take 24 to 96 hours to produce fruits, herbs, and so on. The timer is based on the base plant, so if you plant a carrot, it will take 24 hours to mature; therefore, it’d be beneficial to plant it first. When you use the cutting from a plant with the shortest maturity time, it will work in your favor. 

2. Grafting and Cutting

So if we take carrots as an example, you’ll use them as the base plant, and let’s take a lemon tree with a longer maturity time as the second plant. Now, you should cut the carrot plant and graft it onto the lemon tree. This way, the lemon tree, which usually takes 60 hours to harvest, would now take only 24 hours to mature like the carrot. Within 24 hours, lemons would grow on the plant, and you can sell them for $30 every 24 hours. 

3. Graphics Specifics and Requirements

It’s important to note that planting only 2-3 hybrid plants is ideal; otherwise, your yield wouldn’t fetch you anything good. Also, don’t plant the crops too close to each other; provide them two spaces of room from each other, and grafting two plants together would lead them to start their growth from the sprouts stage itself. You can’t cut the same plant more than two times, as it’d die after that. You can check the number of times you’ve cut the plant in the in-game menu. 

4. Grafting and Cutting Inventory

When you cut a plant to graft onto another, it’s stored in your inventory, only the ones that are old cuttings. Therefore, sometimes you might get confused as to which cutting is from what plant if you have a lot of them in your inventory, so avoid doing that. Also, grapes make for a great base plant because it’s easier to gain profit from them, and they are readily available in the seed bag. 

If you graft a plant onto an already grafted plant, then that grafted plant would act as the base plant. 

5. Buying Seeds

You can buy seed packets from a computer that consists of random seeds, and you won’t know which packet contains which seed. However, the seeds are divided into common, uncommon, and rare so that you can choose accordingly. The seed packets are in your inventory, and instead of seeds, they offer flowers and produce instead. You can drag this item from the inventory and place it on your lot or in pots, and this is how you plant seeds. 

How to Reach Level 5 in Gardening Skills? 

Since your sim requires level 5 in gardening skills to unlock the grafting feature, this is how they can reach that level. 

  • Level 1 – Learn how to plant, water, harvest, remove weeds and sell plant items.
  • Level 2 – You must research gardening online by navigating to Web > Research Gardening. This would gain your sim a focused moodlet and make them better at their skills. 
  • Level 3 – Sims learn how to fertilize plants and help them evolve.
  • Level 4 – Sims can now access fall and spring plant seeds and also achieve the ability to talk to plants, which leads to the fulfillment of your sim’s social interaction bar and also earns them gardening experience. 
  • Level 5 – At this level, the winter and summer seeds are available, and sims can also engage in cutting and grafting plants to create a hybrid. 

There are five more levels apart from these that would benefit you in different ways, so you must strive to reach level 10 and become a master at gardening. However, for cutting and grafting abilities, level 5 is sufficient. 

Grafting Combinations

Grafting Combinations

Now comes the best part of the article, where our grafting guide table will explain to you which grating combinations would lead to which hybrid plant so that it makes things easier for you. 

1. Common Hybrid Plants

Blue Bells + PomegranateGrapes
Sage + Basil Parsley
Pear + LemonPlantain

2. Rare Hybrid Plants

Tulip + ChrysanthemumBirds of Paradise
Daisy + Strawberry or Grapes + RoseBonsai Buds
Dragon Fruit + SnapdragonCowberry
Orchid + PomegranateDeath Flower
Strawberry + SnapdragonDragon Fruit
Apple + CherryPomegranate
Lily + SnapdragonOrchid

Grafting one plant onto another should be kept to a minimum because as you graft more plants onto the same one, its yield and produce deteriorates in quality. For instance, if you graft more than four plants on another plant, it wouldn’t profit you in any way as the produce from it wouldn’t sell for much. 

Creating a death flower could be a little confusing for some, so here’s a simplified version of it. 

  • Firstly, you graft a cherry onto an apple plant to create a pomegranate. 
  • Now you graft a lily onto a snapdragon to make an orchid.
  • Finally, graft the orchid onto the pomegranate plant to make a death flower.

The same goes for Cowberry as well. 

  • Graft a strawberry cutting onto the snapdragon plant and create a dragon fruit.
  • Now graft this dragon fruit onto another snapdragon plant to make a cowberry. 

How to Create a Cowplant?

Unlike Sims 3, where the cowplant could be achieved via a specific career choice, in Sims 4, the cowplant is only obtained through the cowberry plant. Here’s how you can get one – 

  • Sprout Stage – When the cowberry plant is planted, tiny horns come out of the soil, which is the sprouts. 
  • Baby Stage – At this stage, you can see a tiny cowplant emerging, and you can only water it. 
  • Mature Stage – Now the cowplant has grown, and you can feed, pet, or even play with it. If your cowplant eats a sim, you can gain a special potion out of them. 
  • Death – If you neglect your plant for 12 in-game hours, it will die. 

You can also name your cowplant in Sims 4. 

Where to Find Plant Seeds in the Sims World?

The Sims 4 overworld is vast, and without knowing where you’d find specific plants, it’d lead to a waste of time and effort, and no one wants that. So here’s a list of where you can find the plants that you’re looking for.

1. Cherries

  • Oasis Springs: Caliente Lot
  • Oasis Springs: Landgraab Lot
  • Oasis Springs: Landgraab Lot (Down Clift)
  • Windenburg: The Shrieking Llama Pub
  • Windenburg: Munches Lot

2. Snapdragons

  • Willow Creek: Foundry Cove
  • Willow Creek: Courtyard
  • Willow Creek: Pendula View
  • Willow Creek: Sage Estates
  • Willow Creek: Willow Creek Commercial District
  • Magnolia Blossom Park
  • Sylvan Glade
  • Windenburg: The Island
  • Newcrest: Twin Oracle Point
  • Newcrest: Optimist’s Outlook
  • Newcrest: Midtown Meadows

3. Dragon Fruit

  • San Myshyno: Romance Festival Plant
  • San Myshyno: Spice Festival Plant

4. Blackberries

  • Oasis Springs: Desert Bloom Park
  • Windenburg: The Island
  • Windenburg: Countryside
  • Windenburg: Van Haunt Estate
  • Magnolia Promenade: Surrounding Area

5. Trash Plants

Whenever your sim leaves out trash in their yard, it’d grow into a trash plant, but they are of no use. 

6. U.F.O Plants

You can find U.F.O plants either in the Intergalactic Growth Pods or in the Romantic Festival of San Myshyno.

Gardening Cheats 

If you aren’t interested in going through all this effort of creating a hybrid plant, then you can simply use a shortcut and opt for a cheat code to do your job instead. 

Click Ctrl + Shift + C, and a dialogue box will pop up on the top-left of the screen. Input “testingcheats true” in it, and you can now enter the following codes there. 

  • To grow fruits – items.gsi_create_obj 0x1FA1C
  • To create a death flower – items.gsi_create_obj 0x10CAS
  • To get a dragon fruit – items.gsi_create_obj 0x205B90
  • For obtaining a cherry – items.gsi_create_obj 0x057C3HA5ATAH
  • For trash fruits – items.gsi_create_obj 0x51AHA59P

When you wish to turn off the cheats, simply type “testingcheats false” in the dialogue box. 

What Happens If You Graft a Money Tree Sims 4?

A lot of simmers are curious as to how to obtain a money tree through grafting, so here’s what you need to do. 

Firstly, you need to buy the money tree seeds from the reward store for 5000 points because the seeds are required for the money tree to grow. Once the money tree is fully grown, you can take a cutting from it and graft it onto another standard tree, which would lead to the growth of an actual money fruit, which you can continue replanting. 

Even if your money tree isn’t of good quality, once you graft it onto a perfect plant, it’d take its properties, and the money fruits it bears would also be of high quality. 


1. How do you graft in the Sims 4?

To graft in Sims 4, your sim would have to reach level 5 in gardening skills. Once you’ve achieved it, you can take a plant cutting and graft it onto another plant to create a hybrid.

2. How do you graft tomatoes in Sims 4?

To graft plants, click on the plant you wish to use as a base plant and select “cutting,” then click on the other plant and choose the “graft” option. This way, you’d either have a plant that yields two different types of produce or an entirely new kind of plant.


Here’s everything you should know about Sims 4 grafting because it’s quite an excellent and valuable feature that the game has provided the simmers, and it also adds a fun element where you can experiment in your garden with different plants. Who knows, you might even create a unique plant that no one knows about.

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