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Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Of Evergreen Harbor (Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Evergreen Harbor

Enter the vibrant and distinctive world of Evergreen Harbor, where urban industrial life mingles with a clear emphasis on eco-conscious living.

The innovative use of eco-footprints in this neighborhood sets it apart from the competition and gives the game a new depth as players work to promote sustainable living. Sims living in this area struggle with real-world problems, including smog, filthy streets, and the lack of green places.

What Is So Special About Evergreen Harbor Sims 4?

What Is So Special About Evergreen Harbor Sims 4?

Evergreen Harbor distinguishes itself as a distinctive Sims universe by combining an appealing mix of urban industrial life with a strong focus on eco-conscious living. Including eco-footprints, which give players an additional task outside of typical gaming by encouraging eco-living, is one of its distinctive aspects. 

Sims who live in this dynamic world struggle with real-world problems, including smog, dirty streets, and a lack of open space. Three separate map sections representing the neighborhood’s three main pollution tiers—from green and neutral to industrial—showcase the neighborhood’s range of pollution levels.

Community spaces are another noteworthy aspect that distinguishes Evergreen Harbor. These areas, which differ from traditional community lots in that they fulfill a specific function and come in three different varieties:

1. Community Space

The standard configuration for community spaces, offering a welcoming spot for Sims to congregate and engage.

2. Community Garden

This green area allows local communities to grow their own plants and perfect their gardening techniques, promoting a stronger bond with the environment and sustainable lifestyles.

3. Maker Space

Sims can explore eco-friendly DIY projects, participate in recycling campaigns, and pick up new pastimes like painting, producing fizzy juice, or manufacturing candles in this paradise for creative and crafts efforts.

The marketplace also gives Sims a place to sell their homemade goods or buy one-of-a-kind items manufactured by neighbors, fostering sustainable business culture. One of the most remarkable features of these community spaces is their independence. 

Sims residing in the neighborhood can vote to change their common area into one with a particular assignment. A community voting board is available for their use to promote this shift. Notably, the voting process is only open to Sims who live in a particular neighborhood. Beginning on Friday at 8:00 AM and ending on Monday at 6:00 PM, the voting period only takes place on the weekends.

Players are given an immersive experience thanks to Evergreen Harbor’s unique fusion of industrial urbanity and eco-friendly initiatives, which encourages them to think about how their Sims’ way of life may affect the environment. 

Sims who participate in worthwhile activities inside the community spaces help the neighborhood develop dynamically and promote a sense of responsibility for both the environment and one another. Players set off on a transformative journey, transforming the world following their views and ideals as they embrace the distinctiveness of Evergreen Harbor.

Grims Quarry

Grims Quarry

With a default green eco-footprint, Grims Quarry is the cleanest and greenest neighborhood in Evergreen Harbor. Grims Quarry chooses potential homeowners between two residential homes and two pleasant apartments on five well-designed lots, one devoted to community activities. 

Even though it has a reputation for being green, some pollution still exists in the area. The neighborhood still needs programs to encourage sustainable practices and increase public awareness of pollution as inhabitants settle in.

1. Rockridge Springs

A lovely two-story vacant house sits on a 30×20 residential property and offers a perfect chance for newly generated families from the Create-a-Sim (CAS) panel. This property is presently up for sale for a fair price of $17,433.

2. Miner Mansion

The Harris family’s beautiful two-story home, Miner Mansion, is situated on a 30×20-foot lot. The mansion, which has a magnificent backyard and an estimated worth of $72,966, is the most expensive home in the area.

3. Stonestreet Apartments #3

This colorful and inviting eco apartment has a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and one bathroom, making it a nice place to live. The lot trait, “Reduce and Recycle,” emphasizes the neighborhood’s emphasis on environmental responsibility. For those interested, the rent is $750 per week, plus a $750 security deposit.

4. Stonestreet Apartments #4

Stonestreet Apartments #4 offers a different enticing living area and is housed in the same building as Apartment #3. Like its predecessor, it has the “Reduce and Recycle” lot trait and charges a $750 security deposit and a weekly rent.

5. The Quarry Building

The Quarry Building, the focal point of neighborhood activities, is a 40 by 30-foot building that provides lots of room for people to congregate and enjoy themselves. This community space, which has the “Natural Well” lot attribute, has two levels and offers plenty of space for various social activities and environmentally friendly projects.

Residents of Grims Quarry enjoy the benefit of living in a completely green community. Sims can actively contribute to improving the sustainability of their community by embracing eco-footprint and green activities. 

As they settle into the exquisitely constructed homes and apartments, they become a member of a neighborhood that values a harmonic union between contemporary living and ethical, ecological practices.

Sims are invited to participate in a dynamic, environmentally sustainable lifestyle in Grims Quarry, which is advantageous to locals and the environment.

Port Promise

Port Promise

Within Evergreen Harbor Sims 4, Port Promise offers a singular and revolutionary experience by providing a neighborhood with a distinctive industrial eco-footprint.

This region calls on citizens to rise to the challenge of having a good impact on the environment, making it the perfect home for aspiring environmental activists. Because Port Promise is dealing with serious environmental problems, be prepared for a grimy atmosphere with obvious dirt, pollution, and street waste.

Three of the five parcels in the community have been set aside for residential use. As a result of embracing life in Port Promise, Sims has the chance to engage in environmental advocacy and advance sustainable practices.

1. The Shipping Views

The Shipping Views is a distinctive and cutting-edge residence made from shipping containers that have been skillfully blended. It offers a two-floor home that can be purchased for $17,332. This home occupies a 30×20 lot and has two noteworthy features: “Reduce and Recycle” and “Off-The-Grid.”

2. The Portsmouth Promenade

The Greenburg family’s residence is on The Portsmouth Promenade. This industrial dwelling has two units and is located on a 30×20 lot. Knox Greenburg lives in one of the units, a crane, while Merry and Blossom Greenburg are housed in a large shipping container. This property, worth $42,444, is a monument to the neighborhood’s distinctive architectural styles.

3. The Old Mill

The Sterling Rico family’s unusual three-story home, The Old Mill, exudes a sense of solitude from the rest of the area. This home, which can only be accessed through a bridge and lies on a 30×20 lot, provides its residents with a tranquil and secluded getaway. The Old Mill, which is worth $76,211, is a symbol of Port Promise’s architectural diversity.

4. The Waterfront

The third of Evergreen Harbor Sims 4’s community areas takes up a roomy 40×30 place. It is a vacant two-floor lot that encourages Sims to vote in the community to decide what it will be used for. The Waterfront’s two lot characteristics are “Landfill Lot” and “Reduce and Recycle.”

5. The Caboose

The Caboose appears as a busy, 20×30-foot, two-floor bar. Sims can enjoy music, dance, and their favorite beverages in this energetic facility, a center for social events and nights out.

Port Promise personifies environmental awareness and the spirit of change. 

This area beckons with prospects for transformation and sustainable progress for Sims looking for a place to advocate for a greener future. Sims will be motivated by industrial difficulties to start an environmental advocacy journey that will have a long-lasting effect on the end of Evergreen Harbor.

Conifer Station

Conifer Station

Evergreen Harbor Sims 4’s Conifer Station, a charming community with a neutral environmental impact, demands increasing ecological involvement and careful upkeep.

This neighborhood, named after the ancient train station on its outskirts, has five lots, four of which are residential and one community lot. Accept Conifer Station’s unique character, where rubbish and other artifacts from the past coexist with the neighborhood’s efforts to create a greener future.

1. Canal Corner

Conveniently situated across from the train station, Canal Corner offers a charming two-floor property that begs you to make it your own. This tiny home, listed for $18,358, sits on a 30×20-foot lot with a small backyard.

Notably, the property features two crucial characteristics: “Reduce and Recycle” and “Geothermal,” which highlight the area’s dedication to sustainability.

2. Pigulock Manor

Known as one of the more abundant residential lots, Pigulock Manor dominates a 30×20 space and is a tall two-story building. It is home to the prestigious Thinker family and is worth an incredible $105,545.

3. Pinecrest Apartments #402

The first of the two residences offered in Conifer Station, Pinecrest Apartments #402 has two bedrooms and one bathroom. This apartment provides a cozy and cost-effective living alternative with a modest weekly rent of $600 and a deposit of $1000.

4. Pinecrest Unit #404

Setting the bar higher, Pinecrest Apartments #404 is the more expensive of the two units, with a $1,200 monthly rent and a $4,800 security deposit. This apartment, which has two bedrooms and a bathroom, is ideal for anyone looking for a more premium living situation.

5. Sprucewood Square

The second of the three community areas, Sprucewood Square welcomes locals to assemble and participate in open events. This 40×30 concrete plaza, covered with green shrubs and intelligently positioned garbage cans, seeks community projects to improve its greenery and ambiance.

Sims is drawn to Conifer Station by its unique fusion of old-world charm and green ideals. Sims have the unique potential to contribute to the neighborhood’s evolution and positively impact the environment because they live there amid the neighborhood’s neutral eco-footprint.

Conifer Station’s commitment to ecological initiatives and sustainability fosters a shared sense of duty for a better future, so embrace the community’s attitude.

What Is the Difference Between Development and Eco Footprint?

Development and Eco Footprint

Each community in Evergreen Harbor has two unique states that define it: the development state and the environmental footprint state. These two states are independent, so a neighborhood may be environmentally friendly yet not have much development, or vice versa.

A neighborhood’s environmental impact and degree of cleanliness are reflected in its eco-footprint. The way locals conduct their daily lives in that place directly affects it. A green eco-footprint can be created by using eco-friendly actions like encouraging renewable energy sources and reducing trash.

On the other hand, some local Action Plans (NAPs) can promote regional growth while reducing their environmental impact.

On the other hand, a neighborhood’s development status has to do with its total infrastructure and visual appeal. This covers the state of the local roads, buildings, and other structures. Contrary to the eco-footprint, the development status is solely influenced by adopting particular NAPs.

The growth of a neighborhood cannot be improved by leading a green lifestyle alone. Instead, it necessitates deliberate efforts to introduce and support NAPs to strengthen development.

Residents can influence their neighborhood’s environmental impact by living sustainably. They may help create a cleaner, greener world by using eco-friendly methods. By putting in place the right NAPs, which enhance the neighborhood’s infrastructure and aesthetic attractiveness, the development status can also be upgraded simultaneously.

For Evergreen Harbor to become a prosperous and harmonious community, eco-footprint and development must be balanced.

How to Ruin Evergreen Harbor’s Eco Footprint in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle                       

Players are given unmatched control over their virtual world in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle extension, where living sustainably is prioritized.

Despite the emphasis on sustainable practices, one person chose to take a different route and tried to turn Evergreen Harbor’s verdant surroundings into a desolate industrial wasteland.

They started a fascinating adventure by learning clever ways to change the eco-footprint as they dug more into the workings of the ecosystem.

1. Understanding Ecosystem Mechanics:

The person discovered that, with varied degrees of responsiveness to industrial development, the ecosystem mechanics governed every residential world. They initially tried to pollute lots by stocking them with things known to cause pollution. 

But they soon discovered there were better approaches. Considering essential elements like building materials, electricity use, and water usage, they found that the game placed more emphasis on genuine gameplay impacting the environment than on taking short routes. They had to sabotage community conservation and environmental improvement schemes, such as green initiatives and modernization plans to succeed.

2. Using the Right Materials:

The person tried to hasten the transformation of the selected lots by switching to build mode. When they examined the building materials, they found that some choices—like concrete, different wall patterns, and tiles—had built-in industrial values. 

By strategically changing things and replacing environmentally friendly materials with industrial or neutral ones, the person quickly moved the eco-footprint out of protected areas. Additionally, they discovered several Eco Lifestyle products that aided in their mission, including doors, power generators, and other minor stuff.

3. Power and Water Use:

Analyzing power and water use became a critical next step in their quest to industrialize Evergreen Harbor. The person noted that while generators and water purifiers harm the environment, eco-friendly power sources like turbines and solar panels strengthen it positively. 

They purposefully boosted household power and water usage to accelerate the transition of the eco-footprint. The overall pollution was increased by leaving electronics always on and adding machinery to reduce the extra use.

4. Smog Is Here to Stay

The person watched the eco-icon by the clock and watched how the neighborhood’s environmental impact gradually changed while the kids played. The successful transition was identified by patiently waiting for the yellow bar to get progressively smaller until it reached the graph’s extreme right industrial side. 

The person maintained the shift by ensuring their activities caused more problems than solved. They could cover Evergreen Harbor in smog in just a few sim weeks. Sims started coughing frequently, the air became more hazy, and acid rain started to happen often. Previously clean streets were now littered with garbage.

5. Aesthetics and Extras:

The person experimented with debug mode and used the live edit objects trick to accentuate the industrial setting further. They were able to alter the aesthetics of the world by having access to a variety of things, including garbage, dumpsters, and trash plants. 

They chose trees from debug mode to preserve the appearance of an industrial setting without harming the environment. Their imagined apocalyptic atmosphere was wonderfully complemented by the withered vines and leafless alternatives from the vampire’s expansion.

How to Make Evergreen Harbor in The Sims 4 Have a Better Eco Footprint

How to Make Evergreen Harbor

With various eco-friendly options and methods, decreasing The Sims 4’s Evergreen Harbor’s environmental impact is a doable goal. Players can turn their urban industrial area into a green and sustainable sanctuary by taking the following actions:

1. Implement the Green Initiatives NAP

To reduce your neighborhood’s environmental impact and promote ecologically friendly behaviors, implement the Green Initiatives Neighborhood Action Plan (NAP).

2. Use Green Construction Materials

Choose environmentally friendly elements and green construction materials when designing your home.

3. Plant a Thick Garden

You may help to create a cleaner, greener atmosphere by planting a sizable garden and including lots of trees and vegetation in your yard.

4. Use Dew Catchers

To collect rainwater for your household’s requirements rather than relying on city water.

5. Use Green Energy

Install solar panels and wind turbines to generate green energy for your home and lessen your dependency on conventional power sources.

6. Use Bio-Fuel

To encourage sustainable energy, biofuel from insect farms can fuel power generators.

7. Choose Eco Upgrades

Make eco upgrades to your home’s plumbing and appliances to reduce water and power usage or disconnect your house from the grid.

8. Cast a Vote

Make the area more environmentally friendly for a community garden by converting the local community area into one.

9. Steer Clear of Items

With industrial footprints, such as gas-powered fireplaces and generators, and instead choose those that run on biofuel.

If, despite your best efforts, your neighborhood’s eco-impact needs to improve to green status, consider looking at your neighbors’ houses. Their disregard for the environment is probably contributing to your carbon footprint. Promoting environmentally friendly living in individual homes can help alter the area.

The planet will reflect the improved environmental state thanks to the sun’s ray effect, one of the advantages of having a green eco-footprint. Sims living in such a place will benefit from solid and joyful moodlets brought on by the fresh air. 

On the other hand, Sims residing in industrial neighborhoods may experience uncomfortable moodlets and coughing spasms due to pollution. Brown smoke and foggy skies will also be present in industrial regions, emphasizing the adverse effects of pollution.

Players may enjoy the satisfying transformation of their Evergreen Harbor neighborhood into a green and thriving community by embracing eco-friendly habits and making thoughtful decisions, ensuring a healthier and happier environment for their Sims.


Evergreen Harbor is an exceptional setting in The Sims 4 that blends urban industrial life with a focus on eco-conscious living. Eco-footprints are a new gameplay element that encourages players to practice sustainability and consider the environmental impact of their Sims’ lifestyles.

Evergreen Harbor’s public areas are unique because they allow Sims to engage in eco-friendly activities while serving different purposes. Sims can sell handmade goods and help regional artisans because the marketplace promotes ethical business methods.

A diverse experience may be had in each Evergreen Harbor community, from the pristine and natural setting of Grims Quarry to the industrial challenge of Port Promise and the thoughtful approach of Conifer Station.


What is Evergreen Harbor Sims 4?

The Sims 4 game’s Evergreen Harbor Sims community blends urban industrial life with a heavy emphasis on eco-conscious living.

What Sims 4 pack has Evergreen Harbor?

The extra pack for The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle includes Evergreen Harbor.

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