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Tomb Of Annihilation PDF | Download – (Full) 2023

Tomb Of Annihilation PDF
Tomb Of Annihilation PDF

Tomb of annihilation pdf is a D&D’s board game where you embark on an adventure in the land of Chult, which has been inflicted by a death curse.

Therefore, with immense power, spells, and enchantment weapons, you should investigate the wilderness of Chult, where you will have to battle beasts, conquer traps and discover treasure just as you did in the Tomb of the Nine Gods.

This manual also holds different situations, dauntless journeys, and gameplay intended for a single player to a group of two to five people. The new snare and spell decks help make the gameplay better than ever!

What do you get inside the tomb of annihilation pdf free download?

In the tomb of annihilation pdf 5e, to defy the death curse that has been afflicting everyone that has been raised from death and which makes them weaker day by day, the heroes move to Chult at Port Nyanzaru from where they start their journey in the jungles of this dreaded land. And battle prehistoric creatures as well as warriors to find a way to break this curse.

Every player has to select a hero to delve into the tomb of destruction and unmask the cause of the death curse that has prompted the dead not to resurrect and others raised previously to wither and die. But before unmasking it be ready to face multiple challenges that will definitely shake you to the core.

However, that tomb, like the vault of the Nine Gods, is underneath the control of Acererak, an archlich of incredible power. So, will defeating him bring you closer to the truth? This is something that you’ll find an answer to when you start playing this adventurous game.

Exception Based

In like manner, the other Adventure System games, this is exception-based, which means the cards, powers, monsters, and Special Adventure Rules may contradict the base rules of this book. It is advised to follow the instructions on the exception even if it contradicts the rules whenever that happens.

Number of players

Moreover, the number of players that can play this role-playing game range from one to a maximum of five.

Running the adventure

To run this adventure, you need the D&D fifth edition core rulebooks:

  • Player’s Handbook
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • Monster Manual

You can also refer to Volo’s Monster guide as a supplement reading for this.

Chapters in the d&d tomb of annihilation pdf

  • 1: Port Nyanzaru
  • 2: The land of Chult
  • 3: dwellers of the forbidden city
  • 4: Fane of the night serpent
  • 5: Tomb of the nine gods

The book’s appendixes carry useful information too. Appendix A has character backgrounds, whereas Appendix B has a list of random encounters. Appendix C and appendix D has a list of monsters, NPCs and information on where you can discover magical items is mentioned in. Now, Appendix E has player handouts, and Appendix F has trickster gods of Omu.

Tomb of destruction monsters pdf – the creature loot

Have you ever thought that you could pick up items from the bodies of your fallen foes and use them to enhance your abilities? Perhaps they have a shield crafted from a bulette shell and a sword, an Ankheg leg after their battle with the Cult of Elemental Earth; all of this is possible with this extended monster-manual of the vault of annihilation.

The manual has information on items for all monsters, A to Z. Other things introduced in this manual are Basic rules of the creature loot, loot claim check, and ration amounts.

Some items are unviable until they have been crafted. So, the different terminologies for crafting have been explained too in the text.

Where can you buy this book?

While you can grab this book from a lot of places, our top-pick remains to be Amazon.

Below are the product specifications, which you can refer to while buying this book.

  • Release Date: 19 September 2017
  • Format: Hardcover


In conclusion, the tomb of annihilation pdf is laced with mystery and dark adventures like the other DnD system games. The sole purpose of wandering in Chult would be to find what causes the death curse and defeat it to save the ones risen from the ashes and end their misery. To discover other distinctive virtual games such as this one, stay and read some more on Gameizmo.com. So, have fun playing!

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