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Volo’s Guide To Monsters Pdf | Download – Full(2023)

Volo's Guide To Monsters Pdf
Volo's Guide To Monsters Pdf

The Volo’s guide to monsters pdf is a 224-page guide that focuses on monsters (like the name suggests) of the DnD world. Above all, this is an excellent addition to your collection as it offers a lot more than just information about monsters. It comes with several adventures, races, and the highest level of magic. Also, one thing that you essentially require for every adventure is the Dungeon Guide 5e

The most gripping part of this manual is the illustrations and the fact that you can create strange, engaging, and tricky villains with the parameters and ideas given in this book.

What do you get inside the Volo’s Guide to monsters pdf free download?

Monsters are the heart of this 5th edition book; you have the information on many different creatures, like beholders, goblinoids, and hags on how they behave, look like, where they live, how do they harm you, and how can you befriend them.

Volo is the short name for VolothampGeddarm; he is an incredible storyteller and a legendary wanderer. Now, his personality is portrayed so well that you might as well think that he is the “go-to-guy” in case you want to know anything about the realms.

Throughout the book, you’ll find observations and musings from two residents of the forgotten realms, Volo himself and the Archmage of shadow date. These words hold true in every DnD world.

The volo’s guide to monsters 5e pdf is further divided into three sections: monster mythology and lore sections, which have in-depth explanations about the anomalies like where they inhabit and how their habitat is, and generally how they are as a monster.

Chapters in the volo’s guide to monsters races pdf

The book has in total three chapters. These are:

Chapter 1: Monster lore

This chapter provides insight into monsters and their origins, dispositions, behaviors, and their lairs. Even several endowments of monsters are explained too in this chapter.

Chapter 2: Character races

This chapter supplements the race options in the player’s handbook and presents character races that are perhaps, some of the more distinctive race options in the DnD multiverse, like the goblin, the orc, and the firbolg.

Chapter 3: Bestiary

This introduces a host of monsters and their stat blocks. In addition to this, the bestiary helps to provide game statistics for more than one hundred demons. Hence, this section is a type of rule book which also holds many stories to explain.

Now, this manual’s appendixes also carry essential information, like Appendix A has a list of new beasts. Appendix B has NPCs to populate your DnD adventure, and Appendix C lets you look at stat blocks by providing you challenge rating, creature type, and environment.

Top Monstrous Player Race in the RPG

The five best races are:

  • Kenku:- Kenku has a short lifespan of 60 years. They are expert in mimicking sounds and voices. Most importantly, they are shrewd too and hence expert in committing forgery.
  • Aasimar:- They are good souls with celestial powers. An Aasimar can see through dim light up to a radius of 60 feet and have angel like healing hands to regenerate other creatures.
  • Tabaxi:- Tabaxi’s abilities might range from a cat’s keen senses, dark vision within 60 feet and flexible reflexes, and enough agility to double up speed. This is what makes tabaxi a powerful character.
  • Lizardfolk:- Lizardfolk’s characteristics features are holding breath up to 150 minutes and proficiency in the art of animal handling. They have tough and scaly skin serving as protection against the enemies.
  • Triton:- The history reveals that triton’s were warriors inspired by glorious duty and responsibility towards the plain of water. Moreover, Tritons are known for not allowing their enemies to escape.

Where can you buy this manual?

Now, there are several places where you can easily get this guide, however Amazon remains to be our top choice. The details of the product are:

  • Authors: wizard RPG team
  • Release Date: 15 November 2016
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Wizards of the coast.
  • Series: Dungeons & Dragons
  • Hardcover: 224 pages
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.6 x 10.9 inches


Therefore, Volo’s Guide to monsters pdf deserves to be a part of your collection as it stores all the information regarding monsters, lairs, backstories, powers, and psyche. To understand all of this and to enhance your gaming experience with other exciting endeavors, check out Gameizmo Have fun playing!  

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