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Sims 4 How To Become & Play As A Ghost Cheat (Complete Guide) 2023

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Welcome to The Sims 4’s ethereal world, where the distinction between this world and the next is pleasantly blurred. The Sims 4 ghosts are a fascinating phenomenon that players are introduced to in this mysterious and ethereal area of the well-known life simulation game. 

These haunting beings add a distinctive twist to the gameplay, delivering a dynamic mix of emotions, interactions, and narratives that dig into the enigmatic world beyond the mortal coil. They are more than just unsettling apparitions. 

Join us as we explore the many experiences that Sims 4 ghosts provide to this virtual world, bringing an intriguing and occasionally spine-chilling layer to the simulation we all know and love. We’ll uncover spectral secrets, delve into the mechanics, and explore the various sensations that ghosts bring.

What Does GHOSTS In Sims 4 Mean?

What Does GHOSTS In Sims 4 Mean?

The Sims 4 is a virtual world that simulates some parts of our life, including ghosts. These ethereal beings have been a part of the game since its conception. They manifest as supernatural, transparent entities, especially showing themselves at night.

These apparitions move across the environment while maintaining their independence as non-playable characters, allowing users to include them in their narrative as playable characters.

Sims have a set amount of time to live, symbolizing the finite nature of living outside the game. Sims’ journey culminates as they move through different life stages; this inevitably results in death and a subsequent transformation into the world of ghosts.

Depending on the circumstances of their passing, this ethereal shift takes several forms: indoor deaths result in an urn, whereas outdoor ends produce a gravestone. 

However, in the game, death is not solely correlated with time. Tragic events can send Sims prematurely into the afterlife, where each ghost is as unique as their mortal counterparts.

This repository serves as a repository of occult knowledge to feed your curiosity regarding the processes by which Sims move into the afterlife, the techniques to direct their spectral acts, or even the tools to restore them to their original state. 

All the fascinating details about these supernatural inhabitants are revealed within these digital environments, giving you insight into these otherworldly inhabitants’ mysterious and alluring world.

How To Play The Sims 4 As A Ghost

How To Play The Sims 4 As A Ghost

In The Sims 4, there are several ways to turn into a ghost, each offering a different way to communicate with the afterlife. There are three main options: using the Gallery, inviting people to join the Household, and using hacks. 

Navigate to Create A Sim (CAS) and click the Light bulb symbol to open the Gallery to start on the beginning path. Enter “Ghosts” into the Search Box to bring up a list of ghosts within this repository. Individuals can select a ghostly figure from this collection and customize it to their tastes.

The second option needs both a time commitment and a reserve of patience. There are two ways to make contact with a ghost: exploring various Lots until one appears or being present when someone passes away.

For instance, spectres will occasionally appear if a family member dies and the players decide to keep their memorial item. Conversations and interactions during these meetings can result in the accumulation of friendship points. 

The option to “Ask to Join Household” eventually appears beneath the Friendly Category, allowing you to include the ghost in your Sim’s home. Random apparitions have been seen wandering around several Lots, including the Von Haunt Estate in Windenburg and some Spooky flats in San Myshuno.

The third and last option involves the use of tricksters. The following inputs are necessary for cheats to be activated;

  • On a PC, Ctrl+Shift+C
  • On a Mac, Command+Shift+C
  • On Console, press R1+R2+L1+L2.
  • The Xbox One’s four shoulder buttons

When you’ve completed this task, enter “Testingcheats True” or “Testingcheats On” into the cheat console to unlock The Sims 4’s cheat features. After that, click on the selected ghostly figure while holding:

  • Shift for Mac and PC
  • PS4 games X and O
  • Xbox One games B and A

A list of appropriate behaviours in this situation appears as a result. By choosing “Add To Family,” the chosen ghost is included in the home and is now subject to your orders, just like regular family members.

In the world of hacks, there is a second way to call Ghosts forth. The invocation “traits.equip_trait ghost_X” turns into the key to release spectral essences once the veil of ambiguity is lifted and cheats granted to the Simmer. “X” acts as the conduit in this mysterious formula, representing the mode of a Sim’s transition out of the world of the living. 

The letter “X” is about to be replaced by various ethereal qualities while this mystical writing is being typed. Following is a compilation of these spectral transitions:

  1. The trait “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_anger” – Anger, with “traits.remove_trait anger” acting as a counterbalance to cut its ethereal ties. But you should proceed cautiously because this enchantment might have a temporary disruption mark from a patch that has passed.
  1. The trait  “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_animalobjects_killerchicken” – Death by chicken, an echo of the rural worlds of Cottage Living, is represented by the characteristic.
  1. The trait “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_animalobjects_killerrabbit” – Another mystery from Cottage Living: Death by a rabbit.
  1. The trait “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_beetle” – A symbol of the eco-lifestyle is the beetle.
  1. The trait “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_climbingroute” – Climbing Route fail, representing the icy adventures of Icy Escape.
  1. The trait “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_cowplant” – Homage to the Cow Plant, which serves as the Sims universe’s symbol of the paranormal.
  1. The trait “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_drown” – A drowning death in the water.
  1. The trait “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_electrocution” – A trait that describes an electrical discharge’s rapid discord.
  1. The trait “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_embarrassment” – The ghostly relic of a humiliating exit.
  1. The trait “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_fire” – An ode to fire, although one that is currently mired in a temporal mystery thanks to the touch of a patch.
  1. A trait called “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_flies” – A component of Eco Lifestyle’s ecological symphony.
  1. traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_frozen” – Frozen, reflecting the season’s chilly grasp.
  1. traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_hunger” refers to the ghost of Hunger, representing the most basic human wants.
  1. The trait “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_laughter” Laughter is a paradoxical gateway to the afterlife.
  1. Lightning, summoning the power of the elements as shown in Seasons, is represented by the trait “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_lightning“.
  1. A tribute to the mysterious Mother Plant from Strangerville, “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_motherplant
  1. traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_murphybed” refers to a ghostly residue of the Murphy Bed comparable to the cramped quarters of Tiny Living.
  1. A trait called “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_oldage” is The inevitable ageing process, a peaceful exit from the mortal coil.
  1. traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_elderexhaustion” reflects overexertion during old age.
  1. traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_overheat” – Overheating, evoking the varying temperatures of the Seasons.
  1. Poison, evoking the dangers of Jungle Adventure, is represented by the characteristic “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_poison“.
  1. traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_pufferfish” refers to the Pufferfish, a symbol of urban exploration in City Living.
  1. Rabid Rodent Fever, a humorous allusion to My First Pet, is represented by the trait “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_rodent_disease“.
  1. A trait called “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_steam” is A tribute to the energizing heat of relaxation in the sauna.
  1. traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_vampire_sun” refers to the ominous result of exposure to the vampire sun, conjuring the world of vampires.
  1. traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_vendingmachine” refers to a mysterious encounter with a vending machine, a souvenir from Snowy Escape.
  1. Spellcaster Overload, representing the Realm of Magic’s enchantments, is defined by the trait “traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_witchoverload“.

The Simmer wields a powerful wand, directing how spectral spirits enter the ethereal realm in the symphony of these mysterious texts.

However, the hand of time and circumstance may sometimes entwine, warping the fabric of this arcane embroidery, as it does with all spells.

The Sims 4: Ghosts and How to Deal With Them

The Sims 4: Ghosts and How to Deal With Them

The Sims 4’s ethereal world makes it difficult to encounter ghosts because of particular situations and enigmatic nighttime undercurrents.

These spiritual entities are still attached to the grave sites where their lives ended or their urns and markers now stand. Therefore, a location touched by death must communicate with these apparitions.

But pay attention to the rhythm of the night since these ghosts hide in the shadows and only materialize when the clock’s hands have passed 10 o’clock.

However, as dawn approaches and the clock strikes six in the morning, the colours fade and blend into the gloomy background from which they first arose. 

The likelihood of their spectral encounter increases when several deceased souls are in a location, even though their appearances are neither regular nor predictable. At the witching hour, wandering among the gravestones in a cemetery invites the possibility of seeing not just one ghost but a group of them.

The lore claims there is a way to call these ethereal beings at will for those who want a faster connection.

The Sims 4’s The Eternal Fate of Ghosts

The Sims 4's The Eternal Fate of Ghosts

The duration of these apparitions is a question that reverberates throughout the afterlife. The spirits might linger forever if the player’s will aligns with this story. Although they can live forever as spectres, their existence is bound to the player’s goals and interactions.

Herein is the mystery: Although spirits may stay in their ethereal state for a long time, their continued participation in the game depends on the attention of the living. They exist by default as unplayable characters, and if left untreated, their ethereal essence may gradually fade. 

The mysterious “Strengthen Connection to the Physical World” technique beckons to prevent this ethereal fading and maintain their presence. This activity, performed on their grave markers or urns, creates an enduring bond. 

The supernatural entity’s spirit is preserved by this binding, surviving inside the fabric of the world and ready to form new connections and participate in the whims of the living, as directed by the player’s aim.

Different Ways to Become a Ghost in The Sims 4

Different Ways to Become a Ghost in The Sims 4

Many paths can be taken to become a spectral entity inside the tapestry of The Sims 4’s supernatural world. Each ethereal essence possesses a similar air of unease, but the specifics of their personalities are inextricably influenced by how they died.

As a result, a symphony of spectral variations appears, demonstrating the individuality of each ghost’s origins:


The angry spirits created in anger. Anger-filled people radiate unhappiness, making even the living feel unsatisfied. Others are given a +1 moodlet for offence by their presence.

Beetle Juice:

In a playful allusion to the well-known movie Beetle Juice, quenching one’s thirst three times results in a tragic outcome: the drinker’s death.

Cow Plant:

Those who fall prey to the treacherous embrace of the Cow Plant have a lifelong grudge against flora. They have an odd interaction with plants that ranges from encouraging growth to causing wilting.

Consumed by the Mother Plant:

Those whom the Mother Plant consumes suffer an odd end. These ghosts move across the ethereal tapestry while emitting spores since they lack mortal care.

Murphy Bed Crushed:

A fanciful variation on the spectre’s essence results from a hilarious yet tragic death beneath a Murphy Bed: a spectral entity that feeds off the life force of the living.

Death by Stinky Capsule:

A self-deluded death makes for an eternity characterized by olfactory anguish as this ghost emits its eerie scent.

Death by Urban Legend:

The summoning of “Bloody Mary” in front of a mirror ensures one’s doom.


Phantoms that leave puddles in their wake as a testament to their watery demise represent the aqueous embrace of death.


Having electronics with a propensity for mischief and electrical doom leaves them with a penchant for mayhem.


A +1 embarrassed moodlet is given to others by the lingering shadow of embarrassment.

Falls From Heights:

A catastrophic fall from a tremendous height conjures an eternal fall, welcoming the earth’s embrace forever.


An explosive death creates a fiery afterlife filled with fire’s ghosts, a perpetual reminder of their burning mortality.


Ignoring trash results in a swarm of flies that kill people and leave behind a revolting stench.


These spirits have a penchant for chill due to the cold’s ability to bring about an ice death.


The spectre’s ravenous appetite transcends death, leaving empty refrigerators in its spectral wake.

Killer Rabbit or Killer Chicken:

Phantoms that bear hatred and vengeance toward these entities are taken from enmity with them.


Spirits with a sense of humour provoke a strange playfulness and bestow +1 moodlets of playfulness or happiness on the living.


A lightning strike signals the start of their ethereal passage.


As these souls suffer in the sweltering heat of an endless summer, the intense heat opens a doorway into the ethereal realm.

Old Age or Overexertion:

Calm phantoms look for rest, evoking the serenity of old age.


Risk-takers claim an extraterrestrial existence that reflects their mortal encounters with lethal substances.

The Pufferfish:

A Tragic Nigiri Meal These spectres are born from Pufferfish, a macabre ode to culinary disasters.

Rabid Rodent Fever:

They become creepy rats that embody the commotion of the fever as it embraces them.


These ghosts, who are perpetually dehydrated, can absorb water, a mysterious ability in the middle of their spectral presence.


When exposed to sunlight, vampires become spectres emitting inner luminosity.

Spellcaster Overload These spirits:

Once ardent spellcasters, now embrace the effects of overindulgence and shimmer with magic’s residue.

Vending Device:

A violent shake that claims life also produces odd spirits that are shackled to the workings of the vending machine industry.

Each Route to ghosthood reveals a different tale, making these phantom inhabitants mysterious and alluring.

The Sims 4: Restoring Ghosts to Mortal Life

The Sims 4: Restoring Ghosts to Mortal Life

While the spectral presence of a ghostly family member may be appealing, a desire to give these ethereal entities new life frequently develops.

A passion for restoration is motivated by various factors, including the heartbreaking sorrow of seeing the living connect with their ghostly relatives and the unsettling sight of an otherworldly spirit living among the living.

In addition, as souls and their living families navigate the intricate web of life, the possibility of resolution and rejuvenation beckons.

The Road to Recovery,

However, returning a spirit to its former mortal state is challenging. The procedure is evidence of the player’s everlasting dedication. There are two ways to raise one’s heart in the original game, as well as two more that are presented in extra content:

1. Amorous:

Ambrosia, a culinary alchemy, can bring ghosts back to life. However, it requires a Sim proficient to Level 10 in cooking and gourmet cooking, making it a task for culinary masters only. Among the sought-after and uncommon ingredients are a Potion of Youth, an Angelfish, and a Death Flower.

2. “The Book of Life”:

A Poetic Sim who has achieved the Bestselling Author aspiration can create The Book of Life using a computer after being awarded the reward trait. 

This book enables a resurrection ritual when bound to another live Sim using the “Capture Epic Saga” interaction. Once tied to the book, a dead Sim can use it to bring themselves back to life and break free from the realm of spirits. (Note: The Book of Life’s author and ghosts cannot access the book’s binding.)

3. Wishing You Well:

The Sims 4: Romantic Garden item collection contains an enchanted Wishing Well that acts as a paranormal passageway to rebirth. Ghosts can communicate with the well by making the wish for “Life,” attracted to its supernatural attraction. 

A serving of ambrosia, the components needed to make ambrosia, or rapid resurrection are all possible rewards from the well. (Note: Making ambrosia requires skill levels similar to those needed for the Ambrosia technique.)

4. Dedeathify:

The Dedeathify spell, revealed through The Sims 4: Realm of Magic game pack, offers an esoteric path to resurrection and is wielded by adept spellcasters of the Master of Untamed Magic rank.

It is advised to determine the deceased Sim’s reason for death, readily available within their Simology panel, to bring the spectral back to the physical world.

It is wise to protect your game through meticulous saving as you travel this ethereal path because the realms of life and death are unstable, and the winds of fate can change suddenly.

Ethereal Hues and Ghostly Emotions

Ethereal Hues and Ghostly Emotions

Even emotions can travel between this world and the afterlife in The Sims 4’s ethereal realm. The ghostly echoes of existence known as ghosts wear their feelings like a brilliant cloak, an ever-evolving chromatic symphony that exposes the emotional currents underlying their ethereal exterior.

Each colour represents a particular emotional state and provides a glimpse into the otherworldly feelings that permeate its intangible essence:

  • Grey: A spectral composure tint that reflects serenity or boredom.
  • Green: Green echoes of happiness permeate their being, radiating a sense of contentment.
  • Blue: Azure colours convey a bold presence as they move with assured grace across the ethereal space.
  • Navy Blue: is A melancholy reminder of sadness and desire, an ominous indigo.
  • Turquoise: The colour turquoise symbolizes the ethereal world’s ability to inspire creative passion.
  • Red: Fiery scarlet, an echo of unfulfilled desires, shows their smouldering rage.
  • Yellow: Their spectral shape is cast in a bright yellow, with gossamer threads of humiliation woven throughout.
  • Purple: A regal purple envelops their spirit with focused determination, indicating their unshakable concentration.
  • Magenta: The festive spirit sparkles in magenta splendour, a bubbling celebration of the playfulness of the afterlife.
  • Orange: A temporary irritation that flickers through the ethereal tapestry is indicated by an orange aura.
  • Light Orange: The bright orange conveys tension, a momentary discomfort permeating their spectral appearance.
  • Dark Purple: Their terrifying moments are engulfed in a fog of deep purple, an enduring reflection of their primitive phobias.

A testament to the ongoing ties between the living and the ghostly, emotions appear as hues in this ethereal spectrum. These bright hues combine to create an emotional language that crosses the line, separating this life and the next, conveying meaning without using words.

Getting Around the Playable Ghosts in The Sims 4’s Ethereal Realm

Getting Around the Playable Ghosts in The Sims 4's Ethereal Realm

The physical and spectral lines are blurred in The Sims 4’s eerily compelling world where ghosts coexist with the living.

Although spirits struggle with motivations and engage in behaviours reminiscent of their living counterparts in the afterlife, this is an exciting yet perplexing aspect of their existence. As a result, the game’s depiction of these ethereal beings occasionally raises questions.

Although it may seem a little strange that the afterlife and this world of the living may coexist, ghosts do have unique connections and skills that give them a spirit beyond the grave:

In Possession of:

Possession allows these ethereal beings to inhabit a wide variety of things scattered across the environment, which is a quintessential ghostly ability. The object hovers momentarily with a lighthearted homage to old-fashioned ghost stories.

However, observers might not be amused because living Sims often experience terror when they witness possession.

Possibility to Break:

Ghosts may autonomously or consciously engage in possessive antics to cause object breaking, primarily focusing on plumbing fittings, driven by an innate impulse. It induces an entertaining cycle of repair and rebreak, a weird spin on ghostly mischief.

Ghostly repairs include:

The cosmic balance is upset as spirits desire to atone for their evil legacy. These kind deeds, repairing plumbing items with an otherworldly touch, give their ethereal existence a bizarre edge.

Ghost Scream:

Living Sims shocking them makes spectral creatures happy, a playful reflection of their ethereal nature. This persistent ghostly surprise shakes the living, demonstrating the long-lasting impact of paranormal encounters.


Ghosts enjoy the art of moving through live Sims to express their mischievous impulses, initially inspiring panic before eventually changing into fascination and encouragement.

Recollections of Life:

When ghosts get together in ethereal friendship, they indulge in nostalgia and reflect on their human lives. This standard connection transcends the line between life and death.

Remember Past Life:

Ghosts can grieve at their graves to remember their mortal history, accepting their transient life with a moving reverie.

Returning to the Underworld:

If the ethereal voyage ends, sending a ghost back to the underworld beckons. The player directs the spirit to a final departure by choosing their tombstone, an unreversible step towards oblivion.

Ghosts float and hover in this world of the ethereal, moving across objects and walls with a mysterious elegance. Yet control eludes them, as their chosen course frequently takes them toward doors rather than the solid embrace of surfaces. 

Remember that as you assist these supernatural beings in their adventures in the afterlife, their deeds will transcend the paranormal and weave a complex tapestry between the living and the ethereal.

Stopping the Ethereal Transition: Preventing Ghostly Transformation in Your Sims

The spectre of death looms large in the dynamic fabric of The Sims 4. Still, there are ways to prevent it from becoming a ghostly apparition.

Three different paths that each have a different result that affects Simly’s destiny can be used to map the mission to protect Simly’s existence from the spectral grasp.

1. A Time-Defying Elixir is Potion of Youth.

The Potion of Youth shows up as a saving grace when the spectre of ageing threatens to mark the end of a Sim’s existence. This magical potion may stop the unrelenting march of time and is available at the Reward Store for 1,500 reward points. 

This elixir allows an elderly Sim, on the verge of entering the world of spirits, to return to their youth. While extending the fragile hold of life, this reprieve provides little protection from unanticipated misfortunes or accidents.

2. Potion of Immortality: Resisting the Call of the Reaper

Masters of the arcane arts are aware of a profound secret: the Potion of Immortality, which the Realm of Magic expansion introduced.

This elixir weaves the threads of immortality into a Sim’s essence using the elusive Death Flower, Death Metal, and Zombie Carl. 

The potion makes them ageless and impervious to natural death, shielding them from the relentless march of time.

However, this immortality necessitates watchfulness because, to maintain its effects, the potion must be consumed every 48 hours. Otherwise, mortality’s hold could reassert itself.

3. Bargain with the Reaper: A Fatal Twist

Hope is still alive when a Sim is enveloped in death’s pallor. The desperate yet brave pleading becomes possible as the Reaper prepares to claim a soul. Any Sim can try to beg the Reaper for forgiveness, though success is not guaranteed, and the Reaper might be stubborn and bring about the impending death. 

The Death Flower, an enchanted flower that, when delivered by a living Sim in the Reaper’s presence, could persuade the Reaper to give up the soul, is another means to influence the Reaper.

Sims can control their future in this dance between the physical and ethereal worlds. The possibilities range from salves that resist time to entreaties that test fate. The Sims 4 universe is full of undiscovered secrets and opportunities, and the lines between life, death, and the afterlife are still open to interpretation.


Enter the ghostly world of The Sims 4, where ghosts provide a unique twist to gameplay and life and death merge. These spectral beings bridge the gap between the living and the dead by bringing emotions, interactions, and stories into the simulation. Ghosts disclose their inner sentiments by displaying a range of emotions in vibrant hues. 

Your decisions affect how they interact and are connected, muddying the boundaries between two realities. Sims 4 ghosts provide mystery and intrigue while exploring the dance between mortality and the unknowable, whether you summon them, interact with them, or bring them back to life. Embrace the ghostly and gorgeously hazy reality.


Are there ghosts in The Sims 4?

The Sims 4 has ghosts in the form of departed Sims who live on in the game’s afterlife.

Is it possible to call ghosts in The Sims 4?

Yes, there are several ways to call ghosts in The Sims 4, including interactions, cheats, and gameplay events.

How can you make ghosts show up in The Sims 4?

When Sims passes away—whether from old age or another cause—ghosts automatically manifest. Using a seance table or participating in interactions such as grieving might also call them.

In The Sims 4, can a ghost become pregnant?

Traditional methods are unavailable for ghosts in The Sims 4 to become pregnant or have children.

How can I cheat the ghost in The Sims 4?

Press Ctrl+Shift+C (PC) or Command+Shift+C (Mac) to enable cheats, then type “testingcheats on” to add a ghost Sim to your home. Shift-click the ghost after that, and then choose “Add to Family.”

How can ghosts in The Sims 4 be eliminated without the use of a tombstone?

In The Sims 4, ghosts cannot be eliminated without a tombstone. You can relocate them to a separate lot or out of the house to manage their presence.

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