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Sims 4 Get Unlimited Money Cheats (Complete Guide) 2023

Sims 4 Money Cheat

The Sims 4’s virtual world is thrilling, but managing your Sims’ cash can occasionally seem difficult. Here comes the Sims 4 money cheat, the ultimate game-changer.

This article reveals the techniques used to create the digital hack that makes you rich beyond belief and opens up countless opportunities. 

Learning the art of the money hack will transform your gameplay, whether your goals are to build the mansion of your dreams, start successful businesses, or live a life of luxury.

Join us as we explore the mechanics, moral issues, and inventive possibilities that this cheat opens up in the engaging world of The Sims 4.

How to Make Sims 4 Cheats Available

How to Make Sims 4 Cheats Available

It takes more work than simply inputting a code and waiting for the magic to happen to enable cheats in The Sims 4. Before diving into cheat usage, a basic explanation of the game’s intricacy is necessary. The cheats function within the game must first be activated. Depending on your gaming platform, the procedure varies.

For PC:

Hold down Ctrl, Shift, and C simultaneously to access the cheat console on a PC. It’s Command + Shift + C if you’re using a Mac. The cheat console will then be revealed. Type “testingcheats on” into the console and hit Enter. 

You can now enter cheats thanks to this action. To ensure the cheats work as intended, enter them precisely as they are written. When you’ve finished using them, you can turn off cheats by typing “testingcheats off” into the same console.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4:

On the PS4 and Xbox One, you must simultaneously press all the shoulder and trigger buttons to activate the cheat console. Press L1, R1, L2, and R2 simultaneously on a PS4 or PS5.

To use Xbox One or Xbox Series X, simultaneously press LB, RB, LT, and RT. The cheat console will then be visible, and using it is just like using a PC to enable cheats. 

To enable the cheat feature, type “testingcheats on”. It’s crucial to remember that using hacks on a console frequently prevents you from receiving specific trophies and accomplishments, so use caution.

Enter particular codes into the cheat console to use cheats. When you correctly enter a code, a notification letting you know the cheat is enabled will appear. The specific fraud you’ve activated will be mentioned in this notification.

Sims 4 Money Hacks for Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PC

Sims 4 Money Hacks for Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PC

By using several cheat codes in The Sims 4, you can guarantee a consistent flow of income. Enter the following codes into the cheat console to quickly accumulate wealth:

  1. kaching: Obtain 1,000 simoleons right away.
  2. rosebud: Acquire 1,000 simoleons (a humorous Easter egg still usable).
  3. motherlode: Accumulate a sizeable 50,000 simoleons.
  4. Money (precise simoleon quantity needed): Give your household the specified number of simoleons. First, enter the command “testingCheats True” to enable this option. When you enter the required sum, such as “Money 1000000,” your current balance will be replaced.
  5. FreeRealEstate On: Makes all lots in the world view cost-free by liberating them. Change “On” to “Off” to turn this effect off.

To quickly obtain a certain amount of money, you can also enter Money #. For instance, if you want 50 simoleons, enable cheats and type “Money 50.” Remember that this strategy does not add to your current funds but replaces them.

Best Methods For Quickly Making Money In The Sims 4

Best Methods For Quickly Making Money In The Sims 4

There are various well-known and practical ways to make money quickly and legally in The Sims 4 that you can take into consideration:

1. Go after a Career

Enrolling your Sim in a career is one of the easiest methods to earn money. You can do this by choosing a job on a PC or using mobile choices. The top three level 10 careers in terms of pay are as follows:

  • The Officer and Covert Officer branches of the Strangerville Military are available, paying $422 per hour with an 8-hour workday and five days a week for a total of $16,880 per week.
  • The Stylist branch of the Style Influencer career pays $500 per hour with a 6-hour workday and five days per week, for $15,000 per week. The base game includes access to this career.
  • The Interstellar Smuggler branch of the Astronaut career pays $413 per hour and requires a 9-hour workweek on four days for a total of $14,868 per week.

2. Gardening:

A more participatory approach to making money is through gardening. As your Sim’s gardening skills advance, you can cross valuable species of plants. The Dragon Fruit is the most profitable plant, especially with The Sims 4 Seasons addition pack.

It may be sold for up to $695 when in perfect condition. You can find a Dragon Fruit in different events or create one by fusing a Strawberry and Snapdragon plant.

3. Have a Retail Business:

Owning a store was made possible by the Get to Work expansion pack. You can open a store with a modest outlay of capital and markup the prices of the goods you sell.

Stock up on products from the build-and-buy mode catalog or objects you find to put in your store. Your Sims can approach customers to persuade them to buy anything, which could result in huge income.

4. Painting:

Increasing your Sim’s ability to paint is profitable. Paintings that are regularly created and sold directly might be good. If your Sim produces a work of art, it can fetch a high price.

You can mark up your paintings even more if you run a physical store. To boost your Sim’s chances of producing works of art, start by spending $350 simoleons on an easel and practicing painting.

Remember that each method’s investment and skill development level varies. Pick a strategy that fits your tastes for gameplay and your Sims’ objectives. You can efficiently make money with these strategies while enjoying The Sims 4’s many features.


Financial management can occasionally be complex in The Sims 4’s enticing world of virtual excitement. A game-changer that reveals unparalleled virtual wealth and limitless potential is the Sims 4 money hack.

This article explores the origins of this digital hack, providing insights into its conception, creative potential, and moral implications. 

Whether your goals are to build lavish palaces, start lucrative businesses, or indulge in extravagance, mastering the art of this trick could alter your gaming experience.

Join us as we explore the mechanics and moral implications to learn about the fresh perspectives this trick opens up for The Sims 4 world.


How do you get $1000000 on Sims 4?

The Sims 4 offers a variety of ways to make money, including pursuing well-paying occupations, cultivating priceless plants, creating and selling works of art, and running lucrative retail businesses. You can eventually amass the desired quantity by engaging in these activities consistently and effectively.

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