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Sims 4 Homeless Challenge (Updated) – Guide (2023)

Sims 4 Homeless Challenge

The Sims community has been known for the fun challenges it keeps coming up with, and here’s another exciting Sims 4 Homeless Challenge by AISLYNNE, which was introduced in 2014; since then, many changes have been made to this challenge, and this article would cover all the features and rules that the updated version consists of. 

However, let me warn you, this challenge is one of the most difficult ones to succeed in because playing with a homeless sim isn’t an easy task. 

Sims 4 Homeless Challenge

Sims 4 Homeless Challenge 

The concept behind this homeless challenge is that your sim would have no money whatsoever to afford to eat, have a shelter, or any other amenity. Also, no one is ready to hire your sim and give them work. So your sim now resorts to gardening to sell the produce, fishing and going through trash cans. Here’s more about this gaming challenge. 


Your aim is to earn 5000 simoleans without a job, or shelter and stay alive as well. Once this is accomplished, your sim can build a house from that money. 


Read these rules carefully so that you don’t make any mistakes while playing this challenge. 

  1. You must create a sim, who is either a young adult or an adult, and give them clothes that make them look homeless. 
  2. Purchase an empty lot of any size.
  3. Set your sim’s balance to §0. To do so, click Ctrl + Shift + C and input “testingcheats true” in the dialog box. Now enter “money 0” in the console box and press enter to make your sim’s funds 0. 
  4. Your sim can’t move out of the house or marry someone.
  5. They can’t get a job.
  6. You can’t place any objects in the house except the ones that are found outside of the lot, such as seeds. 

Tips and Tricks to Earn Money

Since one of the rules of the challenge is that your sim can’t get a job; therefore, saving money is going to be a difficult task. In addition, it’s not easy to fill up your sim’s needs as well in such circumstances. So here’s how you can manage these things. 

To earn money: 

  1. Sims can gather fish, crystals, fossils, metal, frogs, and so on.
  2. They can garden and plant seeds on their lot.
  3. If your sim has the klepto trait, they can earn money by stealing.
  4. Once your character reaches level 7, they can ask their friends to loan them money. 

To fill up needs:

  1. They can visit friends or community lots to fulfill their social needs and to take a shower, eat, or find shelter. 
  2. Those with Outdoor Retreat can purchase a tent from the build mode and live in it. 
  3. Sims can turn a woohoo bush into their personal toilet. 

As your sim keeps earning money through these unconventional ways, you can change their outfits accordingly to reflect their wealth. 


If you’re planning on taking the Sims 4 Homeless Challenge, then this is everything you must know about it, to begin with. As you progress, more things will start becoming clear to you, but make sure you follow all the rules that are stated above; otherwise, you won’t be able to complete this challenge. Once you successfully finish this challenge, it will feel satisfying and worth all the time and effort.

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