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19+ Best Sims 4 Neon Lights CC & Mods (Download) 2024

Sims 4 LED Lights

The Sims 4 has transformed virtual life in the ever-expanding realm of simulation games by allowing users to create and personalize virtual environments. LED lights have become a popular instrument for enhancing mood and allowing individual expression among the many functions. 

These virtual LEDs open up a new world of design possibilities, from lighting up intimate living areas to completely changing outdoor scenery.

Come along on an exciting adventure through the Sims 4 LED light landscape as we explore how players utilize these virtual luminaries to create aesthetically pleasing, immersive landscapes that reflect their individual preferences and personalities. 

Discover the techniques for crafting eye-catching in-game environments that spark the imagination and give your Sims’ worlds vibrant life.

Top 19 LED lights CC

1. The Alphabet of Neon Signs:

Alphabet of Neon Signs

The Neon Sign Alphabet offers a novel alternative for Sims gamers who like customized looks in their virtual environments. Players can spell precisely what connects with their Sims’ story using this alphabet, unlike pre-made wall decorations that might only partially convey the desired feeling or message. 

With this customizable alphabet, users may make unique, personalized signage without dealing with the time-consuming process of creating bespoke information, whether it’s the name of a recently launched shop or an inside joke among friends.



Sims’ homes are enhanced with festive elegance during the holiday season thanks to the Christmas Neon Set. This collection of eight unique designs with a slick, nerdy-chic neon-inspired motif was explicitly created for The Sims 4. 

Your Sim family will have a bright and joyous celebration thanks to these designs, which also give a warm and inviting feel to the virtual area and provide a range of possibilities to suit diverse tastes.

3. Lights with LUX:

Lights with LUX

The LUX Lights Mod Kit, made by well-known modder Arnie, is revolutionizing the Sims 4 community. With this kit, you may try out new alternatives like retro lightbulbs, LED lighting strips, neon lights, and modular lights. Its degree of personalization is what makes it unique. 

Players may fine-tune the hue and intensity of individual lights or entire groups using a specially designed pie menu, taking The Sims 4’s lighting capabilities to new heights.

4. Members Created by MMECROW: Across Strip Light

Members Created by MMECROW: Across Strip Light

The Across Strip Light is a horizontal strip of lights made by MMECROW intended to give your Sims’ living areas a soft, alluring glow.

Players can alter the game’s atmosphere by adjusting the color and intensity in-game, using a clean white gloss or preset color options. This light is an excellent option to give your Sims’ dwellings a more unique feel.

5. Light-colored strip lights:

Light-colored strip lights

The Medium Strip Lights are a sophisticated and adaptable lighting solution with a horizontal light strip with customizable colors or a white glow. These lights may be customized in-game for color and intensity, which makes them ideal for creating a unique atmosphere in different rooms.

6. Neon Set#3:

Neon Set#3:

Neon Set #3 offers ten unique signs in a collection that makes decorating easier. Despite their straightforward style, these personalized signs create eye-catching focal points for walls needing energy.

Players can choose signs with designs that reflect the characters of their Sims, from intriguing statements to skateboards. The intensity adjustment feature guarantees that the signs blend perfectly with the virtual environment.

7. Neon Signs in Korea:

Neon Signs in Korea

With just five signs, the Korean Neon Signs collection is small in number but excellent in quality. These colorful signs, bursting with color and influenced by Korean cartoons and patterns, are a sweet and lively addition to Sims’ rooms.

Whether your Sim speaks Korean well or enjoys K-pop, these signs provide a distinctive accent piece that makes a statement.

8. Leadership Child Neon Signs:

Domination Kid Neon Signs

The extensive selection in the Domination Kid Neon Signs collection is perfect for use in both home and commercial environments. This collection gives your Sims’ endeavors a vibrant visual element with its assortment of signs advertising different foods and services.

Players can have an immersive experience with various alternatives catering to varied tastes, such as Tarot Readings, Pacman, and Private Rooms.

9. Set of Neon Signs #5:

Set of Neon Signs #5

With some of the most distinctive sign designs on the market, Neon Sign Set #5 stands out. These personalized signs range from a charming heart-eye design to a humorous “Game Over” sign ideal for a game room.

This collection is a remarkable option if you search for unique and eye-catching signs to customize your Sims’ spaces.

10. Ambient Lighting for Beer and Cocktails:

Ambient Lighting for Beer and Cocktails

The Ambient Lights collection of Cocktails and Beer will enhance the nightlife of your Sims. Designed specifically for bars, these signs promote available drinks while adding to a genuine and welcoming ambiance.

This set gives your Sims’ social areas the ideal finishing touch with customizable blinking lights and beer and mixed drinks options.

11. Static Neon Symbols:

Static Neon Symbols

The Fixed Neon Signs collection, made for businesses, gives your Sims neighborhood a little flair. These signs, which feature iconic athletic brands, are an intelligent choice for virtual entrepreneurs because they fulfill aesthetic and marketing functions, whether your Sim operates a sporting store or caters to a specific demographic.

12. Nightfall Cross:

Nightfall Cross

Elvis Sims’s NEON HAVEN CROSS CC transports you to a bygone era of nostalgia. With the help of this neon light kit, Sims may fully embrace the old style, sound, and mood, giving their virtual home a unique vibe. This neon lamp gives Sims’ living areas a distinctive touch and is perfect for those who want a little taste of the old days.



The NEON TUBES CC by Rumoruka Raizon, inspired by “Borderlands 3,” gives Sims’ lives a radiant glow. These neon tubes promise to be a solid addition to any Sim’s home, offering a lively and colorful lighting option that improves the entire atmosphere, regardless of the hue selected.



With 40 products in various neon hues and sizes, NEON BY SYBOULETTE gives players plenty of alternatives. Since every item works with the base game, players can customize multiple neon-lit settings to suit their tastes.

With the help of this large bundle, users may let their imagination run wild and create eye-catching environments for their Sims.

15. Neon Sign CC:

Neon Sign CC

The Neon Sign CC kit enhances the vivid and lively landscapes of Sims’ environments. With its colorful and unconventional designs, this collection promises to light up the night and infuse the virtual environment with vitality. These neon signs provide Sims’ environment with a vibrant touch, whether as statement pieces or ornamental touches.



NEON SCREEN, a piece of Sims 4 Neon Lights custom content, lets you create a vivid and vibrant atmosphere. With 15 vivid hues, this pack enables users to create a unique and eye-catching setting. Sims’ rooms will be dynamic and colorful thanks to NEON SCREEN’s aesthetic appeal and adaptability.

17. Tiny Strip Lighting:

Tiny Strip Lighting

Small strip lights are a versatile solution for mood lighting in gaming rooms or adding extra color to bedrooms. They appeal to the modern trend of strip lights. Players may strike the ideal balance by finding the perfect complement for their Sims’ overall color scheme thanks to the configurable color options.

18. Simile Indications:

Simile Indications

Simlish Signs add a distinct language to the virtual world of The Sims, adding a hint of mystery. Sims automatically interpret the signs’ meanings, even though gamers might not.

Simlish Signs, which come in various designs, hues, and intensities, blend in perfectly with any lot while adding a fascinating and culturally diverse touch to the surroundings of Sims.

19. Set of Neon Signs:

Set of Neon Signs

Designed explicitly for Sims who want a more feminine touch, Magnolia-C’s Neon Sign CC Set offers a collection with designs like flamingos, hearts, and flowers.

This collection, which combines neon aesthetics with a hint of femininity, gives Sims’ environments a distinctive and lively dimension. It is perfect for gamer girl Sims or those who enjoy a girlier aesthetic.


With LED lighting, The Sims 4 redefines virtual living and allows players to create custom landscapes. These lights offer various design options, from the festive beauty of the Christmas Neon Set to the Neon Sign Alphabet for custom signage.

With its revolutionary use of neon lights, LED strips, and retro bulbs, Arnie’s LUX Lights Mod Kit raises the bar for personalization.  Every light in Sims’ environments lends a different character, from the Korean Neon Signs to the Across Strip.

The top 19 LED lights’ custom content turns The Sims 4 into a canvas of bright expression and dynamic creativity, improving nightlife with the Cocktails and Beer Ambient Lights or taking Sims back to the ’80s with NEON HAVEN CROSS.


Does The Sims 4 have LED lighting?

No, there are no unique LED lights in The Sims 4. Still, the game offers a variety of illumination options.

In Sims 4, how do you acquire colorful lights?

The Build/Buy mode lighting settings in The Sims 4 can be used to create colored lights. Depending on the lighting object, you can use a color wheel or a menu to select the morning hue when installing it.

In Sims 4 Build mode, Why don’t my lights work?

There are a few possible causes of light problems in Sims 4 Build mode. Ensure your game’s custom content and mods are up to date. Try uninstalling any incompatible mods or custom content and see if the issue still exists with the default game lights if the problem still arises. A bug may call for a patch or update from the game’s creators if issues continue.

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