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Sims 4 Plant Sims – Everything You Need To Know (Updated) 2023

Sims 4 Plant Sims

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to live as a plant? If you have, then you can now try being a plant virtually in the Sims 4 because it brings forth a unique scenario where your characters would act like plants and would need the same care as well. You won’t have to download any new DLC for this, so let’s know more about Sims 4 Plant Sims and what all it consists of.

What Is A Plant Sim In Sims 4?

What Is A Plant Sim In Sims 4?

To transform your character into a plant sim, you’d have to follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Create a young adult or an older character of any gender in CAS.
  • Now, choose a lot to live in. 
  • If you want, you can change the lot traits to Homey or Great Soil. 

After you’re done with the basics, there are specific requirements you must complete to finish this challenge successfully, and they are as follows – 

Eat the Forbidden Fruit of the Plant Sim

Eat the Forbidden Fruit of the Plant Sim

When players would open the inventory, they’d notice four forbidden fruits there, which their character must eat to transform into a plant. The effect of this fruit remains for five sim days as it offers you +1 happy moodlet until you have to eat the fruit again. Make sure that your avatar eats another fruit before the Wilted Moddlet vanishes after 18 hours; otherwise, you’d fail in this challenge. It’d be beneficial to plant forbidden fruits beforehand because it only bears 5 fruits, and if you run out of them, then your challenge would remain incomplete. 

There’s another way to become a Plant Sim if you don’t want to start a scenario, which is to max out your character’s gardening skill and buy the rare seed packets, and hope that you get a forbidden fruit seed from it. If not, then collect some magic beans from the rare seed packets and then arrange them in a unique stump from the build/buy mode. Water it to grow a tree, and you’ll find the forbidden fruit inside it. 

Make Your Sim Talk to Plants

Make Your Sim Talk to Plants

Go to the Buy Mode and purchase seeds to plant in your garden. You could also buy Starter Seed Packs from the buy mode, such as Starter Fruits. Once the seeds are planted, click on them and select the “Talk to Plants” option. Do this interaction 5 times to complete this task. 

Harvest from a Perfect Quality Plant

Harvest from a Perfect Quality Plant

There are five stages of plant growth: Normal, Nice, Excellent, Magnificent, and Perfect. When your character takes care of the plant and fulfills its needs, it’d be ready to evolve from one stage to another. The sparkling of a plant indicates that they are about to evolve. Your aim is to harvest from any 5 perfect quality plants, which is the highest level of quality. It’d be wise to grow plants that would sustain in every season because seasonal plants would return to the first stage as soon as their season ends. 

Satisfy Water Needs

Instead of the bladder need, your plant sim would have the water need, which can be restored by showering, swimming, washing hands, drinking water, playing in the rain, or any other activity related to water. Do any of these activities 5 times to finish this task. If you don’t restore their water needs, they will receive the Parched uncomfortable moodlet. 

Absorb Solar Energy from Plants

After your plant has achieved the second stage of quality, which is Nice, they’d unlock the option to absorb solar energy from plants, and doing this five times would complete this activity. It also replenishes your avatar’s hunger needs, but doing so would return the plant to a backward stage. For instance, a tree would turn into a plant again if you absorb its solar energy. So only absorb solar energy from those plants that you aren’t trying to turn into a perfect quality plant. 

Absorb Sunlight to Photosynthesize

This step also restores your plant character’s hunger needs by giving them + 2 energized moodlet, and they’d have to do this task 25 times to complete it. Those with the Seasons pack might not get sunlight in every season, so they’d have to travel to another world where they can do this activity or continue absorbing solar energy and let their plants lose all the progress they made. Your character’s water needs should also be full for photosynthesis to work. If they don’t photosynthesize, they will gain a Sun Starved uncomfortable moodlet. 

Care for Plants as a PlantSim

Care for Plants as a PlantSim

As a plant avatar, players would have to care for plants 99 times by weeding, watering, spraying them for bugs, and harvesting them. Fertilizing your plants using fruits, veggies, flowers, or fish. However, growfruit is the best fertilizer, but it takes time to obtain. Whenever you see the option to fertilize, use it, and also keep your plants indoors in the off-season if you have installed The Seasons.  

If any of these needs of your plants aren’t met, then they’d receive a negative moodlet, and their hair will also start turning gray from green. 

Things to Remember 

Now, this guide would be incomplete if we didn’t inform you about the things that are essential for you to keep in mind so that you play this scenario the right way. 

1. Plant Sims Have Been a Part of Previous Installments

If you think that Plant Sims is a new feature in the Sims 4, then you’re highly mistaken because they’ve been a part of the game since the first installment, Sims: Makin Magic, in Sims 2: Seasons, and Sims 3: University Life. In Sims 4, this is a limited time challenge, though. 

2. Be a Level 10 Gardener

Being a Plant Sim requires you to be at level 7 in gardening skills. Achieving level 10 would help you gain the rare plant seeds from the Build Mode, which cost 1000 simoleans. This would eventually enable you to get magic beans, which help you become a plant. 

You can also use cheats to achieve level 10 in this skill. Click Ctrl + Shift + C and input “testingcheats true.” Then type, “stats.set_skill_level_Major_Gardening 10” and you’re not at level 10. 

3. Plant a Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree

In the rare plant seeds, you’ll come across several seeds, and some of them might be magic beans as well. There are six magic beans, and they are as follows – 

  1. Red Angry Bean
  2. Purple Playful Bean
  3. Navy Sad Bean
  4. Orange Uncomfortable Bean
  5. Pink Flirty Bean
  6. Blue Confident Bean

Buy the magic stump from the build mode for 410 simoleans and plant all 6 beans in it. Water it once, and it’ll grow into a magic bean tree. 

4. Find the Forbidden Fruit

After the magic bean tree is grown, your avatar would have to find forbidden fruits in it as well. So every day at 10 a.m., enter the portal of the tree and teleport to a magical land. Now, find the forbidden fruit in there, and when your character comes out, you’ll receive a pop up notification informing you of what your sim did in the portal. Your character might have to go into the tree more than once to acquire the fruit. 

5. Plant the Forbidden Fruit

Even though your avatar has the option to eat the fruit right away, it’s always better to plant them first so that it offers you more fruits. It’ll take four days for the tree to grow, but once it’s grown, you can harvest forbidden fruits from it. 

6. Limited Time as a Plant Sim

As we mentioned earlier, your character only has 5 days as a plant after they eat the fruit, and if they wish to stay as a plant longer, then they’d have to eat the fruit again. They might also perish if you don’t fulfill their needs. A countdown would warn you of their deterioration, and if you ignore it, they’ll collapse and die. 

Also, it’s essential to stay in a world where there’s enough sunlight for your character to photosynthesize. Those who don’t have Seasons installed would not face this issue, though. 

7. DLC Alternative to Become a Plant

If you don’t want to go through this whole trouble, then you can just download the Cool Kitchen Stuff DLC because it comes along with an ice cream maker. When you reach level 8 in cooking, you can make plant matter ice cream. Consuming it would make your avatar look like a plant, and they’d receive a 4 hour green life moodlet, which would make them look all green and leafy. But there won’t be any special needs that they’d have. When your character transforms, they might have the urge to go out for a while. 

How to Become a Plant Sim Using Cheats?

There’s only one more way to become a proper plant sim, which is to use cheats. Here’s how to go about it. 

  • Enables cheats by clicking Ctrl + Shift + C.
  • Type “testingcheats true” 
  • Now, shift-click on your character and select the “Make into PlantSim” option. 
  • It’ll transform your avatar instantly. 

Another cheat is –

  • Enable the buydebugcheat, which is bb.showhiddenobjects.
  • Look for the “forbidden fruit of the PlantSim. “
  • Your character would instantly turn into a plant. 
  • You can also look for the magic beans tree by searching for “Magic PlantSim Stump” and the “Magic Beans” in buydebug mode. 

Can You Reverse Being A Plantsim?

Yes, you can return your avatar back to a regular character in three ways. 

1. Wait

The first way is to wait for the effect of the forbidden fruit or the ice cream plant matter to wear off. The fruit’s effect fades after five days, and the ice cream effect wears off after 4 hours. 

2. Cheating

The next method is to use cheats, which would remove the moodlet that enables them to become a plant sim. Input the “sims.remove_all_buffs” cheat, but it only works if you have the AllCheats mod. Also, this code would remove all the moodlets from the game.

3. Mods

Get the UI Cheats Extension Mod and then right-click on the Plant Sim moodlet to remove it. They’ll then transform back to their standard form. This mod targets only the moodlet that turns them into a plant. 


Is being a PlantSim permanent?

No, being a Plant Sim is not a permanent state because its effect fades away after five days. If you wish to stay as a plant longer, then you have to eat the forbidden fruit again.

How do you make a plant Sim in Sims 4?

To turn your character into a plant sim, make them eat the forbidden fruit by entering the magic bean tree portal.

What happens when you become a plant sim?

When your avatar eats the forbidden fruit, they turn green and leafy for five days. They’d become better at gardening, look like a plant, and would have different needs to fulfill.

Do PlantSims age?

Plant Sims do age but not in a usual way like regular characters. They go from being a toddler to an adult directly.

How do you grow a plant sim?

To grow as a Plant Sim, your character must eat the forbidden fruit, and for that, you’d have to plant the seeds and tend to it so that it grows into a perfect plant and then harvest it.


We conclude our Sims 4 Plant Sims guide here and hope that it gave you clarity regarding what it’s all about. If you’re interested in this scenario, which you should be because it’s pretty intriguing and unique, then try it out. If you think that it’s not your cup of tea, then you can not turn them into a plant again once their forbidden fruit’s effect wears off after 5 days.

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