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Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod (Free Download + CC ) – 2023


Many enthusiastic Sims 4 players have been waiting on their beloved game to support multiplayer features, but there has been no official development. 

However, the wonderful community has developed mods that allow players to invite their friends to play the game together. 

These mods are famous and have regular videos of YouTubers using them.

How does Sims 4 Multiplayer Work?

The first thing is to ensure that every player has the exact version of the game installed, along with the same packs and kits (which can be disabled as desired), along with any mods or custom content. 

The mod supports up to 12 players.

Preparation to Play Sims 4 Multiplayer:

Before installing the mod, there are several essential steps: 

  1. The host can use an old save or start a new one. 
  1. They are followed by creating or downloading their Sims and moving them to a residential lot. 
  1. Finally, pause the time and save. 
How to use The Sims 4 multiplayer mod

How to use The Sims 4 multiplayer mod

Hosting a Sims 4 Multiplayer Game:

Initially, the host has to create a multiplayer session before players can join. 

For this, the host has to open the S4MP launcher, choose the save file we mentioned earlier and choose the “Host” option. 

You have created the room, and the host has a code you can share with players who wish to join. 

Joining a Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod Game:

Players that received the code from the host follow the steps given below to join your friends in their sessions:

  • Login to the S4MP launcher. 
  • Use the code you have and join. After this, the game will begin to sync among the players.
  • Start the game.
  • Now load the saved game file and enter the lot. 
  • If the launch is successful, each player will receive a notification. 

Exiting the game:

We recommend that the host be the last person to leave. 

Important Information

When playing the Sims 4 Multiplayer mod, we must follow certain limitations and guidelines to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  • Firstly, playing with Sims within the same household is possible. 

The Sims playing together need to travel together, while additional Sims can be left alone.

  • Additionally, we highly recommend that the host be the only one to save the game, as this will prevent any potential issues from arising. 

Connections made through a LAN (Local Area Network) do not incur any costs for the player. 

However, connections made through the internet will require a subscription to the S4MP Patreon.

  • Furthermore, everyone playing the game must have the same packs installed. 

To avoid any problems, specific packages can be disabled through the S4MP launcher settings. 

  • Using mods and custom content (CC) is also allowed with the Sims 4 Multiplayer mod. 

However, both players must download and install the same list of mods and CC. 

Not all script mods are compatible, so checking or testing beforehand is essential.

  • Lastly, communication with other players is possible by typing “ctrl + shift + c” and then typing “Chat [Your Message].” 

Only other players can see the message, allowing for a more interactive and collaborative experience.

Common Problems

The most common issue players face when they cannot interact with other Sims or objects. 

It is usually caused by firewalls blocking the application. 

Giving the game firewall access should fix this. 

Apart from this, players using a VPN should ensure a proper connection.

Another reason could be the mods installed along with your Sims game. 

First, check if the mod is compatible with the multiplayer mod. 

Secondly, if every player does not have similar mods installed, it can cause a conflict. 

We advise you to do a 50/50 if you need help figuring out the issue. 

Temporary Fixes

Players might have an issue with a black screen while traveling. 

S4MP recommends the host use the “Save As” option instead of “Save” to avoid this issue.

A potential scenario when this issue might occur is if a player travels from Home to a particular location, then travels to yet another location. 

Traveling back home before traveling to a new place is known to help avoid the black screen issue. 


SimSync is an alternate mod to S4MP that allows players to enjoy the multiplayer experience. 

It is entirely free and offers support for various mods such as MCCC, UI Cheats, and Slice of Life with no conflicts. 

It is simple to use and handles the enabling/disabling of packs depending on whether other players own it or not, as well as the download and automatic updates of mods. 

The server is hosted on the host’s device.  


How many Simmers can play in a save at once?

For the S4MP mod, up to 12 players can join a single session. 

The SimSync mod recommends having up to 8 players. 

Adding more players to the session will require a high-end device to handle the network traffic. 

What version of The Sims 4 is required?

All the players joining the session should use the same version of the Sims 4 game.

What are the requirements of using Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod?

Each player needs to possess their own computer/Pc. Each Sim needs to have its account.

What are the current limitations of S4MP?

The Sims 4 Multiplayer currently faces two main constraints. Issues with Build mode and untested functionality when adding new Sims or pets to a lot, including actions such as adoption or giving birth.

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