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How to Cheat Needs in The Sims 4 ( PS4, Xbox One, PC & Mac) 2023

How to Cheat Needs in The Sims 4 PS4 Xbox One PC & Mac

One of the simplest yet overwhelming experiences is keeping your Sims satisfied. You must care for yourself diligently and ensure their needs are full. If not, they will pee their pants, fall asleep on the floor, and stink like garbage. Hence, it is crucial to ensure your Sims are well cared for. Since you cannot keep doing these things constantly and it takes time to fulfill their needs, you need help many times. And what better way to help you than using Sims 4 cheats? 

Sims 4 cheats needs in such a way that all your Sim’s needs are fulfilled. Whenever you see your Sim’s needs going suspiciously low, you can use the Sims 4 fill needs cheat PS4 and save time. These cheats will fulfill particular needs and allow you to meet all your needs at once. With the cheat needs option, you can probably also satisfy the needs of all your neighbor Sims or the entire Sims 4 world. This will probably finally make the world a happy place. 

Besides using cheats the conventional way, you can also use a few mods to make it easy. This will make your gameplay easy and smooth.  

These Sims 4 cheats needs trick that will not affect your game. EA has recommended using them in the same cases if you are too lazy to care for your Sims.


How to enable Cheats?

Like any other cheat, this also needs to be entered into the cheat dialogue box. These are quite easy to access. Before using any cheat for your game, it is essential to enable them. Hence, here is how you can access the cheat dialogue box:

  • For accessing it on PC : Ctrl + Shift + C
  • For accessing it on a Mac: Press Command + Shift + C
  • For accessing Sims 4 fill needs cheat codes Xbox One: Press on all four triggers

This will help you open the cheat box where you will have to type testingcheats  and press enter. This will enable all cheats in the game. After this, you can go ahead and type in any cheat you want. 

Here is a list of all the cheats you can use to cheat needs quickly. 

There are two types of Sims 4 needs cheats when using the cheat needs command. The first kind consists of those which can be accessed by clicking Shift-click, which are used after cheats are enabled. To do so, you need to hold Shift and then click on the Sims you wish to apply the needs cheat on.

  • To fill all of your Sim’s needs: Press down on Shift and click on your Sims. Following that, click on the option to make happy.
  • To stop your Sim’s needs from decaying: Press down on Shift and click on the Sim. Following that, click on disable needs decay.
  • To allow your Sim’s needs to decay again: Press and hold on Shift and click on the Sim. Then click on the enable need decay option.
  • To fill the needs of your entire Sim household: For this, hold down on Shift and click on the mailbox. Then click on alter needs, following which choose the option to fill needs(household).
  • To fill the needs of the entire world: press Shift and click on the mailbox. Then click on alter needs and choose the option to fill needs (world).
  • To stop your household’s needs from decaying: Press down on Shift and click on the mailbox. Later click on alter needs and choose to disable household needs decay.
  • To stop the entire world’s needs from decaying: Hold down on Shift and click on the mailbox. Then click on alter needs and choose the option to disable world needs decay.
  • Hold down Shift and click on the mailbox to allow your household’s needs to decay. Click on alter needs and choose enable household needs decay.
  • To allow the world’s needs to decay: Hold down on Shift and click on the mailbox. Then click on alter needs and choose the enable world needs decay option.

These cheats make it easy for you to use the cheats on individual Sims or the household. However, apart from this, there are other ways you can apply cheats individually to the game. These cheats will fill individual needs or either serve all your Sim’s needs. You can put these whenever you need them. Here are some of the cheats you can use besides the ones mentioned above:

  • Fill all of your Sim’s needs: This Sims 4 fill needs cheat PS4 will fulfill all the needs simultaneously. You will not have to apply anything individually. Use- sims.fill_all_commodities
  • Fill your Sims hunger cheat: This fill motive cheat will fulfill your Sims hunger on the spot. Use- fillmotive motive_Hunger
  • Fill your Sims fun needs: This will ensure your Sims are always happy and excited. Use this mental health cheat to satisfy their moods. Use: fillmotive motive_Fun
  • To fill your Sims social needs: This will satisfy your Sims social needs. They will never get lonely if you take care of this need. Use- fillmotive motive_Social
  • Fill your Sims Hygiene needs: No one likes a stinky Sim. Your Sims will start thinking if this need is not fulfilled. Use- fillmotive motive_Hygiene
  • Fill your Sims bladder needs: Your Sims will piss in their pants if this need is not fulfilled. So it would be highly beneficial for you to use this Sims 4 cheat needs trick. Use- fillmotive motive_Bladder
  • Fill your Sims energy need: This energy cheat is essential for Sims. Sometimes you need to get stuff done, but your Sims take a long time to gain their energy back. Use: fillmotive motive_Energy

These Sims 4 cheats needs tricks that will help you a lot. Keep these cheats saved as you may need them desperately sometime.

How to disable Needs Decay?

Sometimes fulfilling your Sim’s needs can be very annoying. They take up a lot of time. Caring for a Sim may not be your cup of tea. It would be so much easier on you if they just never went to the washroom, bathed, or slept. It will give you so much more time to do other things. 

There is a simple solution to this. Turn of needs decay. For this, you will have to enable cheats to start using it. This has been mentioned in the above cheats list. Press down on Shift and hold. Then click on your Sim’s mailbox. Another section will open up where you need to select the alter needs option. Next, another option will pop up where you need to choose between disabling household decay or world decay.

When you select the option to disable the household’s needs decay, all the Sims which are a part of your household will never feel the need to use the bathroom, shower, or sleep again. This will free up so much of your time. 

On the other hand, when you select the option to disable needs decay for the entire world, no one will henceforth pee or sleep. You will have all the Sims available for you. Now no need to wait anymore. 

How to disable Needs Decay

Using other Mods for Needs Cheats

Apart from these cheats, there are other mods that you can use to make your life easier. These mods will replace typing out the cheats individually each time and will follow the hard way. Everyone uses two popular mods that are highly efficient for the game. These mods can be installed quickly and also are pretty easy to use. The two mods are:

UI Cheat Extension

The first mod is the UI Cheats extension mod. Essentially, this mod will allow you to click on the UI of the game and cheat. These cheats are pretty easily implemented. Click the left mouse button wherever you want on the menu bar. This will make it so that your Sim has whatever they need. 

When you right-click on the mouse, you will be given access to the scale. Via this scale, you can specify where you want your needs to be. This will be on a scale of -100 to +100. However, be extremely careful. If you put any need in -100, then it might kill them. For example, if you put the hunger need at -100, they will definitely die from hunger. 

With the help of this mod, it is also possible for you to change other things, such are skills, tasks, aspirations, and various other things. The UI Cheats Extension Mod works perfectly for cheats and makes your life much easier. 

 UI Cheat Extension

Mc Command Center

This is one of the most popular mods in the Sims 4 community. With the Mc Command Center, you can cheat anything in the game. However, for the players, it is not user-friendly when it comes to using it for cheating needs. 

When using the MC Command Center for cheating needs, click on your Sim and choose the MC Command Center. Afterward, go to the MC Cheats and select the Make Happy option. Thill will completely fill the Sim’sSim’s needs. 

You can use the MC Command Center for various other things. You can cheat on pregnancy tests, satisfaction points, or even the amount of money your household has. Sims 4 fill needs cheat PS4 is very easy now.

Mc Command Center

How do you freeze your Sims needs?

Sometimes it is much easier to freeze your Sims needs. To do so, shift-click on your Sim of choice. Next, type in the cheat Motive<Disable Motive Decay. This will freeze all your motives for the time.


Using Sims 4 cheats needs tricks are honestly a must-have in your game. These cheats will allow you to do much more than just care for your Sim. When you are not focussed on your Sim’s needs, you can spend much more time doing other things to improve your Sims. Have them do various activities without the need for them resting or asking for food. Save them from starvation and sleep deprivation. These Sims 4 cheats needs ways to help you have the most exciting gameplay experience. 

Happy Simming!

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