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Sims 4 Tool Mod (Download) 2023

Sims 4 Tool Mod

The tool mod Sims 4 is a great mood that you can use in build mode. It will let you customise your builds and give you some amazing tools to do so. This mod can be a little complicated and difficult to use. However, it is a very important and useful mod. Read the following article to gain more information about the full mod.

T.O.O.L. Mod Download

Follow the steps below to download and know how to use tool mod Sims 4:

  • Download More files from.
  • Extract the files after downloading them and save them in your mods folder.
  • If you want to get placed in TOOL, then all you need to do is open your Tool Sims 4 dialogue.
  • You can also press shift + T.
  • You want to highlight objects; you need to click on shift + clicking surfaces. This will open a group box marker, which will highlight it for you. It can also highlight multiple objects at once.
  • If you want to Undo or redo anything, you can click Ctrl + z or ctrl + y.
  • This also works when your TOOL is closed.


If you have any old versions of the Sims 4 Tool mod, make sure to delete them as it may lead to conflicts

How to clone objects in Build Mode using the T.O.O.L.

TOOL features

  • Point & Click Move If you want to move any objects, all you need to do is shift-click on whenever you want to move. You can then mark your object as active and then move it.
  • When you move objects, there will be a 10×10 grid visualizer so you can move them more accurately.
  • To print new coordinates of an object, open the cheat console.
  • Hold down and drag an object when you want to move it.

How to clone objects in Build Mode using the T.O.O.L.

If you wish to clone objects, you can just press shift and alt on your keyboard. This will also allow you to select many objects at once and clone all of them together. This helps to save time. To clone an object, just simply click shift + T and then select your object; once you’re done selecting your objects, press shift + A.L.T. to clone it.

You can download this mod from either twistedmexi or Kate Emerald. You can also use a tmex tool along with the tool mod.

What is the tool mod Sims 4?

The tool mod is part of the build mod that allows you to move and clone various objects. This makes the task of building a lot easier.

What does the tool mod do?

The tool mod helps to move and clone objects.

With this, we have come to the end of this article about the Tool mod Sims 4. We hope that it was of help to you and made your experience with the Sims a lot easier and more fun.

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