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Sims 4 Seasons Mod | Weather Mod – Rain CC (Download) 2023

Sims 4 Seasons Mod

Weather and seasons greatly affect how we live in the real world. In the same way, in Sims, 4 seasons do matter a lot. They help make the game more realistic, but they also give you an idea of the time and events of the year. Seasons are a very important thing as they also bring a lot of changes into our environment. There are many mods in Sims 4 which give you many different types of seasons. There are also a few weather mods without seasons! With these Sims 4 seasons mods, you can now change the weather however you like.

Sims 4 seasons cc

In brief, you will get four different seasons in the Sims 4 weather mod. They are spring, fall, summer and winter. The control of these is completely in your hand. Therefore, you can change the seasons’ period, impact, regulations, etc. Throughout all of them, there will be rain, thunderstorms and fog. Seasons bring a lot of other things along with them too. As the seasons change, many different festivals, traditions and trends change. Therefore, your Sims can thoroughly enjoy this change of weather. There will not be many tragedies or casualties due to the weather except for a few minor ones.

Animated rain and snow feature

This rain mod and snow mod will shower you with the rain and snow. If you love snow and rain, this mod is perfect for you. You can completely control this weather mod. For example, you can make it rain wherever and whenever you want. All you need to do is place a sheet of rain or snow in the area where you wanted it to occur. 

Sims4 Season Mods

Arctic and Desert weather

This is like a summer mod and a winter mod combined. With the help of this season’s mod, you can make it extremely hot or extremely cold. You can change the weather to huge amounts of snowfall, or you can make it extremely hot whenever you want. Oasis Spring, Willowcreek and Windenburg are included in this mod.

The Fall mod

With the help of the cc seasons fall mod, you can give your game a completely warm and calm environment. This mod is extremely well made and has amazing graphics. It will make your game utterly beautiful. The creators have designed it with a lot of details. This package will get flower textures, Widenburn saplings, Myshuno plants, etc.

Sims 4 rain or hurricane mod

This hurricane mod mainly focuses on the rains and hurricanes. This mod is also like a tornado mod. There are many more added interactions about rainfall. You can search for rainfall and snow in the build mode under the fish fountain icon.

The summer vacation mod

Just like in the real world, in Sims 4, too, your child can get vacations during summer. Not just children but even adults and teens can also get some holidays. To make this vacation mod work, you can activate your holiday buff. As long as this buff is on your Sim will not go to school or work during the summer holidays. The game sets the holiday system to 2%. However, you can increase or decrease the percentage according to your wish. This also has a different spring mod.

Seasons challenge Sims 4

The seasons mod also offers you some challenges to make the game more fun, interesting and interactive. Your Sim will go through various troubles and adversity in the season’s challenges due to the seasons changing. In brief, you will have to protect your Sim by trying different means. You can use an umbrella, Jackets, raincoats, rain boots and warm clothes during the rainy season to protect your Sim. Consequently, if you don’t do that your Sim will get a fever. To protect your Sim from heat waves in the summers, you can make them take showers, stay in the house with air-conditioning, Visit the pool, Go to the beach, etc. Similarly, to protect your Sim from winter seasons, you can make them with warm clothes, turn on the heater, sit near the fireplace, etc. 

Season’s expansion pack

The season’s expansion pack includes features such as:

  • Weather that has an impact
  • Seasonal activities to enjoy
  • Celebration of the holidays
  • Taking your gardening career to the next level.

Sims 4 Weather Overhaul Mod

The Sims four weather overhaul Mod will make your season changes even more realistic. It will allow you to have a weather forecast. For example, just like in real life, we can check the day’s weather forecast to determine the weather. In the same way, you can do that in the game too.

How to download the Sims 4 seasons cc: 

The steps for the seasons mod download are as follows:

  • Firstly, install the mod files by downloading them from the official website.
  • Once you have downloaded your files, extract them.
  • After that, save them to your mods folder.
  • then use the following default path: User\ (User’s Account name) \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\ 

Sul-Sul weather app

Weather apps are a very important aspect of today’s world. In brief, they are the best way to help us check the weather. With the Sul-sul weather app, you can check the temperature using an app on your phone. Once you download the modification, the weather app will automatically download into your game. Once you do this, your Sim can check the weather before leaving the house. 

How the Sims 4 weather Mod works

  • Firsly, you can click on your Sims phone and then go into the Sul-Sul weather app To check the weather. This app will be represented by an icon of the sun.
  • After that, , you can check the weather in any region in the world that you want. 
  • More about the Sul-Sul weather app:
  • This mod will provide you with notifications every 12 hours. These notifications will constantly give you updates about the current weather in your region.
  • The mod will also allow you to change the atmosphere to the one the app gave.
  • The app’s predictions about the weather will take some time before they get into action. It will take a few seconds for it to start completely working.
  • In addition, the weather conditions and temperatures will constantly keep changing every 12 hours.
  • Cheat codes

Here are a few cheat codes through which you can change the weather and seasons:

  • Firstly, enter the testing cheats on. 
  • Click in seasons.set_seasonX.
  • You can change X depending on the weather that you want. All the four different types of weather have other numbers. So you can change X to the number assigned to the temperature you want. You can change X to 0 for summer, 2 for winter and 3 for spring.
  • Weather. Request forecast (1-28) will show you the forecast for as many days as you choose. However, if you go to a new location, the entire calendar’s estimates will be hidden.

Overridden Resources

  • forecast_ChanceOfRain_Storm_Cool
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CampingForest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CampingForest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CampingForest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CityLife_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CityLife_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CityLife_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Jungle_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Jungle_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Jungle_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Newcrest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Newcrest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Newcrest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_NorthEurope_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_NorthEurope_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_NorthEurope_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_OasisSpring_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_OasisSpring_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_PetWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_PetWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_PetWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_VampireWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_VampireWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_VampireWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Fameworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Fameworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Fameworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Islandworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Islandworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Islandworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_WillowCreek_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_WillowCreek_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_WillowCreek_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Strangetown_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Strangetown_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Strangetown_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_UniversityWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_UniversityWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_UniversityWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CampingForest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CampingForest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CampingForest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CityLife_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CityLife_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CityLife_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Newcrest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Newcrest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_NorthEurope_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_NorthEurope_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_NorthEurope_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_OasisSpring_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_OasisSpring_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_OasisSpring_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_PetWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_PetWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_PetWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_VampireWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_VampireWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_VampireWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_WillowCreek_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_WillowCreek_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_WillowCreek_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Jungle_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Jungle_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Jungle_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Fameworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Fameworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Fameworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Islandworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Islandworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Islandworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Strangetown_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Strangetown_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Strangetown_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_UniversityWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_UniversityWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_UniversityWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CampingForest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CampingForest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CampingForest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CityLife_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CityLife_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CityLife_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Jungle_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Jungle_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Jungle_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Newcrest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Newcrest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Newcrest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_NorthEurope_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_NorthEurope_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_NorthEurope_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_OasisSpring_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_OasisSpring_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_PetWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_PetWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_PetWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_VampireWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_VampireWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_VampireWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_WillowCreek_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_WillowCreek_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_WillowCreek_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Fameworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Fameworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Fameworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Islandworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Islandworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Islandworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Strangetown_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Strangetown_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Strangetown_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_UniversityWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_UniversityWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_UniversityWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CampingForest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CampingForest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CampingForest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CityLife_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CityLife_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CityLife_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Newcrest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Newcrest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Newcrest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_NorthEurope_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_NorthEurope_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_NorthEurope_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_PetWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_PetWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_PetWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_VampireWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_VampireWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_VampireWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_WillowCreek_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_WillowCreek_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_WillowCreek_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Jungle_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Jungle_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Jungle_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Fameworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Fameworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Fameworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Islandworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Islandworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Islandworld_Late

How to stop raining all the time in your town?

To stop the rain all the time in your town, you will have to download the Sims 3 weather mod. If you want to download this mod, follow the steps below:

  • Download the mod
  • Click on city hall.
  • Follow this path:NRaas > Tempest > Weather > Summer > Default > Weather:Rain
  • you can change the value of this to your liking. For example, you can change it from 0 to 5, which means there will be no rain at 0, and 5 will mean that rainfall will be abundant. 

You can also decide and control the duration of the rainfall. You can make it rain as much as you want.

How to adjust Sunrise and Sunset Settings?

Follow the steps below to adjust the Sunrise and Sunset Settings: 

  • Firstly, download a re-tuner. 
  • After that, get a computer from city hall.
  • Follow the given path: >NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>ByTunable XML>Sims3GamplaySeasons>Seasons Manager>Sunrise/Sunset Offsets
  • The sunrise usually happens at 6 AM, and the sun sets at 6 PM during the game.
  • In brief, the season’s manager setting is 0=sunrise and 1=sunset.
  • For example, you can change the setting according to your own choice. In any case, all you need to do is add and subtract the time through decimals. .25 = 15 minutes .5 = 30 minutes and 1= an hour in the game. 
  • For example, if you want your sunrise to be at 5:30 and your sunset to be at 7:30, you need to change the decimals as follows : 0.-.5 and 1. 1.5

How to get meteors?

To get meteors, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, download a re-tuner. 
  • Just like above, in the same way, from the City Hall, get a computer.
  • Follow the given path: NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>ByTunable XML>Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Miscellaneous>Meteor>kRandomMeteorChance
  • After that, through the telescope, you can adjust the chances of a meteor happening.
  • Lastly, from the city hall or a computer follow the given path:From the city Hall or a computer: NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>ByTunable XML>Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Miscellaneous>Meteor>RandomMeteorChanceUsingTelescope

Sims 3 weather mod

This was a very popular mod when it was released. From time to time, many gamers used this mod as it was very smooth and had amazing graphics. However, a few minor changes were to be made regarding the weather. 

  • Improved weather mod:
  • Willow creek: this has hot weather most of the time. It is also a swamp. As a result, the spring time over here is more humid, and the autumns have more rain.
  • Oasis spring: In general, the oasis Spring has hot weather throughout the year. During winters, the weather is a little less desirable. The overall temperature rises in spring.
  • San myshuno: The weather is cold over here. During winters, falls and springs, the weather is pleasant. There is a lot of rain during the springs and sometimes even thunderstorms. There is almost no rain during summers.
  • Windenburg: This place is usually Chill. Consequently, it has a few blizzards in winters and snow in early Springs.
  • Brindleton Bay: This place usually has a lot of rainfalls throughout the year. As a result, it has cold temperatures and a lot of storms. On the other hand, the weather is pleasant in summer. It is overall cloudy during late fall and has snowfalls during May. 
  • Forgotten hollow: The weather here is usually cool and present. During mid-summers, it is hot. There are harsh winters during autumn and snow chances in mid and late fall. You can also expect a few blizzards. It might snow during spring with chilly weather. The weather is more calm and warm during late spring.
  • Granite falls: Over here, it is hot during the summers. In brief, it is cold in the falls. As a result, there are chances of snow in late falls. You can expect snowfall and blizzards during winter. Flowering occurs during late winters and ends in late springs.
  • Selvadorada: This place is near jungles; therefore, the climates are slightly different. There will be rainfall in late springs and also in summers. There will be no rain in winters and springs. Similarly, precipitation can be expected in the fall. The temperatures are extremely hot during springs and early falls.
  • Newcrest: rains during spring are doubtful. There is a possibility of rain during early spring; however, there will only be hot weather during late spring. There are thunderstorms during late harvest and hot weather during summers. As a result, rainfall here is limited, and the weather is usually cloudy.
  • Del sol valley: The weather is warm here during fall, mid-fall and late autumn. There might also be slight rain. On the other hand, in December, the weather is cold and chilly. Thunderstorms will only occur during mid-spring.
  • Sultani: Firstly, there will be no rainfall from mid-summer to early fall. Only the temperatures during this time will be warm. There will be hot winters and also rain during winters. In due time, during early mid-spring, the weather will be extremely hot and will get cooler only by the end of spring.
  • Strangeville: In general, the weather here is extremely different and abnormal. In similar fashion, most of the days, the weather will be sunny except for mid-winters. Subsequently, weather will be extremely hot in late springs and early falls.

Britechester – In brief, the weather here is usually pleasant. The days are cool and breezy during spring, falls, and winter. Similarly, there will be snowfall in Winters.


Is there a seasons mod for Sims 4?

Yes, there is a seasons mod for Sims 4.

Can you make seasons longer in Sims 4?

Yes, you can make the seasons longer in Sims 4 by adjusting the duration of the seasons according to your wish.
We have come to the end of this article about the Sims 4 seasons mods. These mods are amazing and help to make your game realistic. It will also give you reasons to celebrate festivals and put you in different moods depending on the weather. If you love to experience different types of climates, then this mod is for you!

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