Sims 4 LGBT Mod (Download) 2023

Sims 4 LGBT Mod

The Sims 4 has mods for everyone. The Sims 4 LGBT mod will give you many more LGBT interactions and functions. You can marry, date and have romantic interactions with all different types of people, no matter what their gender is. This helps to make the game more inclusive and realistic. With that said, here are some features of the Sims 4 LGBT mod:

Sims 4 LGBT mod

The Sims 4 LGBT Mod

Here are some of the best features of the Sims 4 LGBT mod. 


If your Sim part of the LGBT community, they will be given the option to stay closeted or come out. If they come out, you can decide whether you want homophobic Sims around them or not. This makes the game extremely realistic. The sexuality traits of this mod are:

  • Gay
  • Gender Fluid
  • Lesbian
  • LGBT Activist
  • Non-Binary
  • Pansexual
  • Transgender
  • Drag Queen/King
  • Questioning
  • Included in optional file:
  • Homophobic
  • Transphobic


When you click on a Sim, a menu will pop up, containing gay mod and LGBT interactions for your Sims. The interactions are as follows:

  • “Ask About Sexuality/Identity.”
  • “Ask About Pronouns.”
  • “Get Excited About Pride.”
  • “Encourage to Come Out.”
  • “Come out as….”
  • “Discuss Current LGBT Issues.”
  • “Ask to Donate to LGBT Charity.”
  • “Recall Encounter with Homophobic Sim.”
  • “Encourage to Be Open-Minded.”
  • “Research About LGBT Community” (Computer interaction)
  • “Write An Article About LGBT Rights” (Computer interaction)

These reactions and interactions are completely in your control. How you use them will determine a lot of things. Depending on your interactions, you will also get positive and negative buffs and moodlets.


Social Events

There are also a few events for the LGBT community to socialise and be part of society. A few of these events are:

LGBT Meetup

This is a free event where you can casually meet up with your LGBT friends and have a chat with them.

Coming Out Party

In this, your Sims can hold a party after they come out. This is just a small way to celebrate with their friends and family. You will also be able to earn money through this as a reward. This can also work as a coming-out mod

LGBT Charity Gala

Your Sims can hold a gala event to gain more donations for charities in this event. These charities are to help the people of the LGBT community and to help them earn money. This event will give you two new interactions. “Talk about Protesting for LGBT Rights” and “Ask to Join Cause” interactions. This will help encourage other Sims to support LGBT rights. 

LGBT Protest

With this event, you can start a protest supporting LGBT rights. You can ask a few other Sims to join you as well. All you have to do is click on your Sim and select “start a protest”. To use this event, you need to ensure your city is living on.

Drag Show

With this event, you drag kings or queens can put on a show. This show will also help them to earn more money. 

 Lot traits

LGBT HotSpot – This is like another world for LGBT people where only they can go and hang out.

Gay Hot Spot

This is a world for gay Sims to hang out. This is mostly focused more on the gay traits of the Sims.

Lesbian Hot Spot

This is a world for lesbian Sims to hang out. This is part of the lesbian mods.

Holiday Traditions

Pride Spirit :- With this, you can start a holiday tradition for LGBT people. This is a holiday where they can enjoy and express themselves to celebrate their sexuality. This is a tradition that you can maintain every year.


LGBT Activist – With this, you can spread more awareness about the LGBT community. For this, you will need to have city living. You will also need to be famous.

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