61 Best Sims 4 Clothing Mods & CC (All Free) Download – 2023

Sims 4 Clothing Mod

Sometimes we wish to stray away from the usual path we’re walking on and delve into something new and unique. The same goes for your character’s clothes as well. You might have become tired of the same clothes included in the base game and might want to mix things up a little.

This is when the Sims 4 clothing mod comes into play because it offers several mods and custom content that you’d have never seen before. They’d make your sims distinct from others, and that is the ultimate goal at the end of the day, right? 

So this article would cover some of the best Sims 4 mods clothes and CCs that you’d be tempted to download right away. 

Sims 4 CC Clothes and Mods

Here’s a list of the most excellent clothes you could deck your sims in for every occasion. 

1. Burning Inside Summer Jumpsuit

Burning Inside Summer Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit adds class to your whole attire, making you look smart and confident. We all have unique sets of apparel with us, but a jumpsuit can change our daily look. This full body outfit is available in 18 colors and is perfect for a day out or night party because of the variety it offers. It accentuates your character’s figure in the best possible way, making heads turn as they walk by. 

2. Denim outfit

Denim outfit

Denim can never go out of style and this cc is proof of that. It features an overall outfit, which provides you with a more casual look. It is best suited for day outs, college, and even better for lounging at your home. It’s available in 3 different colors, and if you’re worried that it’ll make your character appear all retro and 90s, then don’t worry because this mod adds a modern touch to the whole outfit. 

3. Ripped Skinny jeans

Ripped Skinny jeans

We all have ripped skinny jeans in our wardrobes as it never goes out of trend and is all the rage right now. It’s the best pair of jeans your player can wear because it can be styled with anything, such as baggy tops, T-shirts, bralettes, and so on. The skinny jeans are subsequently meant for shaping your legs, but the slashes give you a casual look again. There are 15 colors to choose from, so pair them with any color of top you want. 

4. Yoyo let loose pants

Yoyo let loose pants

These pants are designed for male characters only and feature a pair of loose pants, which can complement any T-shirt or even shirt. It has a relaxed and cool look and makes your sim appear all trendy. You can choose from the 10 colors available. So get your hands on these lovely clothes today and see the number of compliments your avatar receives.

5. Athletic Sweatshirts

Athletic Sweatshirts

Branded athletic sweatshirts always make a fashion statement, and it’s the most common piece of clothing that men wear. Even in real life, you’d come across men wearing sweatshirts with the name of a famous brand, like Adidas, written across it. So, male gamers, get your hands on this mod to give you a more casual and sleek look. You’d undoubtedly love this piece of clothing, and it’s available in gray, black, and white colors. 

6. Kaliah Tops

Kaliah Tops

This sexy clothing item gives your avatar a hot look and is a must have in your wardrobe. They aren’t formal tops, but you can surely pair them with jeans or pants and head out for a party or to work. They are one of my favorite options in the game because of how stylish and gorgeous it is. There are 4 colors to choose from, so mix and match depending on the occasion. 

7. Aponi Corset

Aponi Corset

This is one of my favorite outfits of all time because of how pretty and dainty it looks on the sims. It’s a semi transparent, strapless corset with butterflies accentuating its beauty. The romantic colors available in it, such as yellow, red, pink, blue, and so on are perfect for every occasion. You could go for muted and subtle tones or vibrant ones depending on your mood and the purpose of wearing them. 

8. Cardigan


I think everyone owns at least one cardigan that they use during winter, so why should your avatars not enjoy this beautiful clothing cc as well? This knitted clothing item is available in two varieties, and the only difference is that one of them is plain, and the other has daisies on its sleeves. Choose from the four colors this mod offers, and you’re all set. Pair it with a cute top inside and let your sim be a fashionista.

9. Recolor Outfit

Recolor Outfit

Here’s another mod for both male and female avatars, which features a skirt, top, and jacket on top of it for females, and for males, it includes a pant, a turtleneck sweater, and a coat. So basically, this one option gives your character a complete look and is accessible in various colors as well. For women, there are 25 swatches and for men, there are 20 swatches to choose from.

10. Boho Dress

Boho Dress

The bohemian theme dresses are as fashionable as they say. These beautiful dresses with an off shoulder neckline, which gives a hint of cleavage are a favorite of simmers. It lets you flaunt your character’s collarbones and wear some silver jewelry to go with it. There are three beautiful colors, blue, red, and black to choose from. The detailing in these dresses is also next level, so download this dress cc asap!

11. High Waist Shorts

High Waist Shorts

We all love to wear shorts in the summer, and this mod will provide you with the best printed high waist ones that will hug you in the right places. These shorts are never a choice you’ll regret later, but you will be more thankful for them. They can be styled in every way, as beach wear, for chilling at home, for a casual outing with friends, and so many more ways. In addition, the prints on it are fun and pretty, adding an even better touch to them. There are 4 options to pick from. 

12. Classy Crop Tops

Classy Crop Tops

The crop tops you will notice in this cc are the ones that perfectly fit at the waist and have long sleeves. The sound of it makes anyone want to download them. These tops would go best with baggy and skinny jeans or trousers. They are available in three solid colors and have a grainy texture to them, which makes them all the more beautiful. You can wear it for a party or for a casual day out. 

13. Button Up T-Shirt with Top

Button Up T-Shirt with Top

This is a go-to look of most people in real life with a checkered pattern shirt and a top inside, but now this combination has made an entry in the virtual world as well. They exude a relaxed and casual vibe and are suitable for both men and women. There are 10 different colors, and you can wear them the entire week even because of how excellent they look on your sim.  

14. Athletic Outfit Kylie shop

Athletic Outfit Kylie shop

Here’s an outfit inspired by Kylie Jenner; after all, she slays it all. This module gives you some basic athletic outfits, precisely like the ones that Kylie has. When we said this list would cover clothes cc for every occasion, we meant it because who said you couldn’t look cute while working out, right? This is your chance to style your Sim like Kylie in two colors. 

15. Mortimer Biker Pants

Mortimer Biker Pants

Now, these are one of the coolest and most powerful pants that you’ll ever come across in the game because they exude “boss vibes” like no other. If you want your avatar’s rebellious side to shine then this is the outfit you should choose. The pants appear like they are made of leather and feature numerous zippers for that biker look. There are several colors to choose from, so go download this cc right now!

16. Bailo Dress

Bailo Dress

Let me tell you, not a lot of characters might be able to pull off this outfit, so if your avatar is one of them, then you must download it. These dresses will make your avatar look like a cowboy girl. It comes with a waist belt, which is stylish and smart. You could wear it to work or even at parties. Choose from the five colors available and get your sim ready to rock the world because this outfit is pretty badass. 

17. Queen of Silk

Queen of Silk

Now, here we have a somewhat traditional outfit with a hint of modernism. It exudes an Indian vibe and boasts of culture and heritage. It’s quite a unique design, which might tempt you to download it right away, and why shouldn’t you? There should be distinct outfits in your character’s wardrobe as well that they wear for specific occasions only. It’s available in 7 swatches, so give them a try because you’d fall in love with the beauty and detailing on this outfit.

18. Easy Yoga

Easy Yoga

Don’t you have a tank top in your wardrobe? Not even one? Well, that’s a shame because there are some clothing items that you just cannot do without, and this is one of them. Get your character this tank top in 48 shades, which are ideal for a relaxing day, a day out, or for working out. If you can’t decide what your avatar should wear, then a tank top is always the answer.

19. Nike Athletic Outfits

Nike Athletic Outfits

Workouts are surely a new thing, followed by many after celebrities have started to flaunt their post-workout selfies and outfits. The branded Nike athletic outfits can be expensive in real life but not anymore in the virtual world. If your character has the athletic trait or you want them to try out this outfit just for the sake of it, then download the mod now to look like a celebrity. There are various colors to choose from, so take your pick and get workout ready. 

20. Scarf Collection

Scarf Collection

Scarves enhance any clothing’s beauty, right? From dresses to jeans and tops, you can pair a scarf with any of them, and there are different styles to wear as well. This collection offers you 4 kinds to tie a scarf, and each one includes 40+ swatches. So you’d never run out of designs or scarves any time in the near future. It’s suitable for both male and female characters. You’ll find these in various colors and patterns so that they match well with any outfit you pick for your sim.

21. Gradient Dress Leila

Now, this is a dreamy dress, which is perfect for date nights or some party evenings. They come with a slit that flaunts your character’s thighs, and as the name suggests, this halter neck gown offers a gradient effect. You could pair them up with heels and statement jewelry, and you are all set. You certainly cannot miss out on this beauty, trust me. 

22. Summer love jeans

Summer love jeans

A basic pair of jeans in your wardrobe is a must and these skinny high-waist jeans that you can wear all summer are the perfect example of it. They come in 27 colors, so you don’t have to worry about them not matching your outfits. The best part is that they look excellent on all body types, so grab them before it’s too late. 

23. Male Jeans

Male Jeans

Now that we’ve talked about a lot of women’s outfits in the list above, there are some for men as well. These male jeans are regular summer ones that guarantee comfort and durability. They are the ones that your male avatar can wear anytime and for any occasion, and their texture is also pretty realistic. I’ve also heard that men can use a single pair of jeans for a long time, so this is it then. Male gamers should get their hands on them and enjoy the game in style.

24. Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace Wedding Dresses

How can we not recommend a clothing cc for your character’s auspicious day? After all, it’s the one day when you can’t and shouldn’t compromise on their outfit. Therefore, these beautiful white lace dresses are specially designed for weddings with great detailing. The lace pattern covers the front, back, and arms of your sims offering a delicate look. It will suit you the best and will make your day more memorable and grand. No one would be able to take their eyes off your avatar, and that’s how it should be. 

25. July 2022 Sims 4 Clothing Collection

July 2022 Sims 4 Clothing Collection

Let’s talk about this clothing pack, which offers not one, but 14 items, including 3 hairstyles, 4 bottoms, 3 tops, 1 dress, and 3 jewelry pieces that would all compliment your character. There’s so much variety from crop tops, dresses, skirts, and so much more. You’d fall in love with everything that this collection has to offer, so make sure to take advantage of it.

26. Dara Puffa

Puff jackets have gained popularity in recent times, and we couldn’t let your characters stay distanced from this trend. Therefore, give this jacket a try to keep your characters warm and also serve fashion goals when they step out. They are for female avatars only, though. It’s a necessity during winters, and since it’s base game compatible, it’s an added bonus. Pick from the 30 swatches at your disposal, and they suit females from teens to elders.

27. Jacob Sweater

Jacob Sweater

A sweater is the most convenient piece of clothing that you can buy for yourself and your character. It’s stylish and keeps your avatar warm and cozy. There are 20 swatches, patterned and solid colored full sleeves sweaters available to you, with an army pattern or little hearts, etc. So wear them all day, every day, because they fit in regardless of the occasion.

28. Elin Outfit

Elin Outfit

You’d be in awe of this outfit because of the unique style it offers the players with a deep plunging neckline top, bell sleeves, and a mini ruffle skirt in 8 gorgeous and subtle colors. Your character can go for a walk in the town or to a party in the club because you’ll fit right in. This ensemble is stylish and attention seeking, without a doubt. So don’t waste time, and download this cc.

29. You and I Lace Top

You and I Lace Top

When it comes to this option, it has the most number of swatches that you’d come across, a whopping 66 swatches. Can you imagine? This romantic and seductive neckline with lace highlighting it is one of the most excellent features of this top. The rest of the top is made of ribbed fine knit fabric and compliments anything you wear with it. It’s also base game compatible.

30. Retro Sweater

Retro Sweater

Nothing can beat a good ol’ sweater because the comfort and style it offers can never be compared. So how could we not feature it in this list, right? The flower embroidery and the turtle neck, along with the knitted texture, have our hearts because even if it’s a simple design, it’s one that would look fabulous on any avatar. It’ll keep them warm while also serving some major fashion goals. Try them in all 8 colors for the best experience.

31. Dollar Store Teez

Dollar Store Teez

Do you have a t-shirt in your wardrobe, which has a strange pattern or the name of a band you have never heard of, but it’s still your favorite one? Well, this option would offer your male character precisely that. There are 13 tees to choose from for teens to elders with random patterns and writings on them, which makes them look comfortable and relaxed.

32. Swak Sims 4 Bodysuit

Swak Sims 4 Bodysuit

Bodysuits are all the rage right now because of how convenient and stylish they are. This option features light colored bodysuits with shimmering polka dots on them. It’s an outfit that would accentuate your character’s body and give them a slimming look, not that they need it. With a feminine and deep neckline held with thin straps with a bow on top of the shoulders and 35 colors, is the perfect outfit for that chic and glamorous look. Pair it with a skirt or jeans, and you’re good to go.

33. Party Collection

Party Collection

We’ve listed a lot of clothes in this list, but how can we not recommend some excellent pairs of shoes because they are what complete your character’s look? This party collection features several varieties of shoes, such as loafer pumps available in 5 swatches with brass buckles, sandals in thirty colors and dainty straps, platform pumps in 25 different colors featuring ankle straps, and so on. They would suit any and every outfit you pair them with, so it’s worth downloading this custom content.

34. Halloween Themed Sims Clothing Mods

Halloween Themed Sims Clothing Mods

Halloween requires special and unique outfits to fit the theme, so here’s a mod for you that gives you a chance to look stylish and on point with the theme of the day. This cc pack includes 24 hairstyles and several dresses in numerous designs, such as striped patterns, Bonnie short dress, and so on. They are perfect for Halloween as well as the autumn season because the colors it offers all welcome the new season with gusto.

35. Minnie Outfit

Minnie Outfit

If you’re looking for a feminine and adorable outfit for your character’s next date, or a brunch with friends, then this is the ideal fit. With an elegant crop top with puffy sleeves and a long flowy skirt, both covered with polka dots, exude a romantic vibe. There are 8 colors to choose from, ranging from ethereal green to a dreamy black color. It’s the perfect summer dress that you could ask for.

36. Bodycon Dress Set

Bodycon Dress Set

This bodycon set includes the sexiest pieces of clothing you’d have in your wardrobe with a ribbed fabric appearance. It features a tank top with a slim fit long skirt, a body hugging dress, a crop top separately, and a separate maxi flared skirt. You can wear the crop top, and the maxi flared skirt individually as well with another piece of clothing or as a combination; it’s up to you. It’s a plain design, which is simple yet gorgeous, and it comes in several colors.

37. Divine Dress

Divine Dress

As the name suggests, this divinely beautiful dress looks like it’s straight out of a movie. It’s available in 12 swatches so that you can wear it during the day or at night. It’s seductive and sexy as it hugs your character’s body and enhances its shape beautifully. This short dress with thin straps and a deep neck is perfect for date night, clubbing, or any occasion. Your avatar would be the center of attention and the limelight would be on them.

38. Una Outfit

Una Outfit

Your character needs a separate outfit when they’re going for a run, doing yoga, having a sleepover, or just chilling at their place, right? Well, this is the outfit for all these purposes with a full sleeves crop top and wide legged fitting pants that are comfortable and also fashionable at the same time. They are perfect for when your sim’s not in the mood to put in effort on how they look.

39. Gucci Skirt and V-Neck Blouse and Turtleneck

Gucci Skirt and V-Neck Blouse and Turtleneck

Gucci is a brand that everyone’s after because they’ve created a name for themselves. So even if you can’t spend money to buy Gucci clothes, your character in the Sims world can with this outfit, which is accessible in 18 swatches and comes in two variations; either go for the v-neck blouse along with the skirt printed with the Gucci logo or the turtleneck. Both the options would exceed your expectations, and your avatar can look like luxury.

40. Let It Be Me Dress

Let It Be Me Dress

Here’s another breathtaking gown, which would remind you of ballrooms and dancing as it features a gown made of silk, highlighting your avatar’s curves held on with two straps and a neckline down to their bust. The straps form a criss-cross at the back, and this entire outfit comes along with matching gloves up to the elbows for those princess vibes. It’s for those special occasions that happen once in a blue moon, tempting you to take out your finest piece of clothing.

41. Retro Blouse

Retro Blouse

You should also have some classic outfits in your avatar’s wardrobe because they can be paired with a pair of jeans, a long skirt, or anything really and look excellent. This cc offers two variations in this blouse, one with the waistband and the other without it, and is available in 32 swatches, with 13 solid colors and 5 with retro patterns.

The solid color ones feature embroidery with strawberries on the collar and tiny buttons on the front. The puffy sleeves complete the retro look with perfection, and it’s also compatible with the base game.

42. Bastien


This male sweater and pants combination is the definition of comfort and style. It’s something your male avatars can change into after they are back from work; to let loose and relax in these cotton and polyester mix clothing. It’s also a great fit for a workout. This custom content is available in 5 solid color combos, such as red and black, blue and yellow, all black, and so on.

43. Jacket and Sweater

Jacket and Sweater

Winters force us to wear layers of clothing, but that doesn’t mean that we can give up on our style quotient, right? Therefore, this jacket and v-neck sweater combo is the perfect outfit for those chilly days when you have to stay warm but stylish.

Combine this with a shirt and tie underneath, and you’re all set to take on the winter season. The jacket exudes a cool vibe, making your avatar look smart and approachable as well. Get ready for the female sims to hit on them, though. Mix and match from the 7 swatches available.

44. Casey Cargo Pants

Casey Cargo Pants

Men cannot do without a pair of cargo pants in their wardrobe, and the same goes for your 

gaming avatars as well. The pants in this cc are detailed right down to the stitches and are made of durable cotton fabric. Take your pick from 8 solid colors and 5 patterned options because you must get these for your characters.

45. Domenico Outfit

Domenico Outfit

A formal three piece suit with slim pants, a vest, and a jacket is also a must have because this is an essential piece of clothing for occasions like a wedding, a corporate event, and so on. There are 9 solid colors to choose from, such as blue, yellow, black, red, etc. Your avatar would look dapper and stylish, and no one would be able to take their eyes off your character. It’s elegance personified.

46. Sole Swimwear Set

Sole Swimwear Set

Now that we’ve covered female and male sims let’s shift our focus to kids’ clothing as well. This two piece swimwear for children is available in two varieties; one of them is a long sleeve crop top with shorts, and the other one is a tank top paired with bikini bottoms. They make your avatar appear adorable and cute even more than they were. There are 9 color options available in this Sims 4 clothing pack.

47. Jersey Tee

This trendy outfit for your male kids offers a sporty look along with a cross body backpack. It has that vibe where your character is going for an extracurricular activity after school, such as tennis, swimming, etc. The vibrant and bold colors it includes and the fabric absorbs moisture and keeps your character cool, which is the highlight of this cc. They are perfect for kids because it brings out a fun and whimsical side of them.

48. Akogare Dress

Akogare Dress

Now, it’s time to talk about one of the cute Sims 4 outfits, which is a ruffle dress in 8 beautiful and bright colors. This satin dress cc with a slim fit sleeveless and knee high outfit is ideal for the summer and for all occasions. It’s pretty and elegant at the same time, so dress your kids in this outfit and take them out for a treat.

49. Taeri Dress

Taeri Dress

Here’s an outfit for toddlers to try, which is an adorably cute and tiny dress. It keeps style and comfort in mind, the perfect combination for them. The t-shirt top with a small flared skirt and two buttons on it are the most simple and toddler type outfit that you can expect. The cotton fabric ensures that it’s soft for your sim’s soft skin. Try any of the 18 colors available, from pink and blue hues, and watch your avatar’s cuteness go sky high.

50. Eleanor Outfit

Eleanor Outfit

Imagine your cute little toddlers in a formal outfit with a capri, t-shirt, and jacket in gorgeous vibrant, and subtle tones, such as gray, white, yellow, black, and so on. The light fabric is perfect for summer and spring time as it adds comfort and a fashion sense to your toddlers. They’d undoubtedly be the most excellently dressed at any event or party.

51. Yun Cuffed Jeans

Yun Cuffed Jeans

Tiny people jeans are so cute, and this cc features low waisted jeans, which are cuffed at the bottom, and a belt. They are pretty comfortable and are available in 8 colors. The denim look of these makes it compliment everything you pair it with, be it a sweater, a shirts cc, or any other piece of clothing. They exude a relaxed vibe, and we know how playful toddlers can be, so it allows them to have fun in it as well.


How to get clothing mods on Sims 4?

To access the clothing mods, you’d have to manually download the mod or custom content you want from the game menu. Click on ESC, then select “Game Options,” and then click on “Other.” Now, click on the “Enable custom content and mods” option and the Script mods allowed” option so that you can use the cc or mod you downloaded.


These were some of the most excellent Sims 4 clothing mod that you’d come across because they offer the cream of the crop when it comes to clothing cc. So explore the recommendations in the article above, and I’m confident that you’d choose more than 3 custom content to download because they are all so irresistible. So, get to work and choose the outfit you think would suit your avatar.


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